The Crash At Roswell, New Mexico

Autopsies of Aliens at Roswell?   with pictures

Recent US Air Force press release #1

Recent US Air Force press release #1

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The Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage

Astounding Still Frames from the 90 minute 16mm film

This film was taken by a high security government photographer, in the summer of 1947, when the most thoroughly documented and witnessed crash of a flying saucer occurred in a remote desert of New Mexico. (see the book, The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell, by Randle and Schmitt)

After filming the amazing events, including the crash site and two autopsies, the cameraman turned over 300 minutes of 16mm black and white film to the Pentagon. He still had 90 minutes of film left to develop at his private lab. Incredibly, the Pentagon never retrieved these remaining reels from him. He ended up taking them home with him in 1952, when he went on to civilian work. He secretly kept the film reels in his house, under his bed, for over forty years.

The footage was sold by the cameraman (now 80 years old), last November, to London producer Ray Santilli, who is preparing to release this important film to the public in the near future. A number of U.S. Senators and Representatives recently saw the autopsy footage, and it appears that an investigation is in progress. We may soon know how much has been covered up by the military all these years.

It seems that those who have said we are not alone in the Universe were right.

So far, this does not appear to be a hoax. If it is a hoax, it is an incredibly elaborate one, costing a fortune. Prepare yourself for a shock. Below are several still frames from the film.


Air Force Says UFO's Were Dummies

Date: 97-06-23 18:27:58 EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a report meant to close the door on a long-running UFO mystery, the Air Force said space aliens allegedly sighted in the New Mexico desert in the 1940s were actually dummies used in high-altitude parachute drops. Philip Klass, publisher of a UFO skeptics newsletter, said the Air Force concluded that reports of alien bodies at a crash site near Roswell, N.M., in 1947 were actually mistaken recollections of dummies used in Air Force drops in the 1950s. Klass said he saw the report, which is being officially released on Tuesday. Air Force public affairs officers refused to discuss its contents in advance, although word of the conclusions circulated widely in the network of UFO buffs. Karl Pflock, a UFO researcher who does not believe the Roswell incident involved either a spacecraft or alien bodies, said Monday he had not read the report. He questioned the Air Force's theory, however, that those who claimed to have seen the crash debris and the alien bodies could have mixed up the crash, which was in 1947, with dummy parachute tests that took place as much as a decade later. AP-NY-06-23-97 1819EDT

Copyright 1997 The Associated Press.

Air Force: 'Aliens' Actually Dummies

Date: 97-06-20 15:19:49 EDT

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A new Air Force report concludes that the ``alien bodies'' that were supposedly covered up along with the crash of a flying saucer in Roswell in 1947 were actually crash-test dummies used in parachute experiments, a UFO skeptic says. Air Force spokeswoman Gloria Cales said Friday that a follow-up report to the 1994 debunking of the so-called Roswell Incident will be released Tuesday, but she refused to discuss details. However, a publisher of the Skeptics UFO Newsletter said he has seen the report and it concludes that dummies used in high-altitude parachute tests in the late 1950s were the basis of reports of alien bodies. ``The theory is that some of these reports of alien bodies might have been mistaken memories of some experiments that the Air Force conducted in New Mexico in the late 1950s, 10 years later, using dummies to test high-altitude parachutes,'' said Philip Klass, publisher of the Skeptics UFO Newsletter in Washington. Klass said he has spoken at length with the report's author, Air Force historian Capt. James McAndrew. McAndrew refused to comment. UFO believers dismissed the report's suggestions. ``I'm sure I saw those aliens,'' said Frank Kaufmann, 80, a retired government intelligence agent. He and several military colleagues were sent to investigate a falling fireball and found a crashed spaceship and five dead aliens in July 1947, he said. ``One was thrown out, it was up against the arroyo, one was half-in, half-out, and the other three were inside,'' Kaufmann said. Deon Crosby, director of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, said the explanation is an ``insult to humankind.'' People don't confuse decades, she said. Kaufmann said the bodies were hairless, with ash-colored skin, and were no taller than 5-foot-4. The Air Force report said the dummies ranged between 5-3 and 6-6. ``If you want to keep costs down, would you go to the trouble of having eyebrows and wigs put on the dummies?'' Klass said. The Air Force's 1994 report concluded that the alleged flying saucer debris was the remains of top-secret high-altitude balloons. News of the new report comes two weeks before the 50th anniversary celebration in Roswell, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors. The theory that an alien spaceship crashed there has drawn widespread attention and figured, among other things, in the hit movie ``Independence Day.'' AP-NY-06-20-97 1513EDT Copyright 1997 The Associated Press.

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