The Alamo
San Antonio, Texas
      This very famous, historical landmark which remains a prideful part of Texas history, is said to be truly haunted.  Not a suprise, due to what has conspiring here in 1836.  The Alamo was orginally a small chapel built by Franciscan monks here in 1718.  Later it was expanded as a mission and a fortress, used by Texas as a stronghold against the mexicans over land rights.  In March, 1836, the president of Mexico General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana and 4000 troops laid siege to the Alamo.  The 11-day battle resulted in the deaths of most of the 188 defenders of the Alamo.  The Loses for the Mexicans were over 1600.  General Lopez de Santa Ana ordered the bodies of the slain Texans dumped in a large grave and the Alamo torn to the ground.  But when the men started tearing down the walls, ghostly hands protruded to stop them and they fled in fear.   The Alamo has not forgoten the cries of those that perished on that day.  Today the Alamo still stands in the heart of San Antonio.  Tourists staying in a nearby hotel have reported seing grotesque apparitions coming from the wall of the old Alamo.  There are also other reports of a ghost on top of the Alamo, walking back and forth trying to find an escape.  Other reports of screaming and yelling coming from the Alamo after hours are also heard.  I feel that most of the hauntings are actually residual hauntings, meaning that they are actually playbacks of past events somehow traped within time.

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