Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
Midlothian, Illinois

This small abandoned, unkempt cemetery in the southern suburb of Chicago is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States.  Many different types of happenings have been reported here since the land was set aside as a cemetery.  The name came to be because of the large number of single men living around the area in the past.  No one has been buried here since the 1960’s, and has been neglected and abused much.  The site is popular for various groups that are involved in voodoo practices and Satanism, which I’m sure does not help in the peace of the souls still wandering around.  Some of the ghosts witnessed here include a farmer with his horse pulling a plow, this seems to come from a farmer who was drowned in nearby water, when his horse bolted into the water with the plow and farmer behind.  A ghostly farmhouse that appears with a fence and light swinging from the front porch, anyone trying to approach it, finds that it vanishes from sight.  One of the most prominent ghosts here is the White Lady, the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove. She appears during full moons, and is thought to be women who is buried here next to her young son.  One odd ghost seen here is a two-headed man; no one seems to claim why this person appears here.  During the 1920s this spot was a favorite spot for the dumping of murder victims from mobsters around the Chicago area.  Phantom cars have also been seen around this area on the roads.   

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