Chase Crypt, Christ Church, Barbados

Often called the case of the moving coffins, the Chase family crypt in Barbados was the location of an unusual haunting.  During the years of 1812 to 1820, the six solid  lead coffins were found thrown around the sealed solid rock crypt after people  reported hearing strange sounds coming from the crypt.  Each time the crypt was  opened, the coffins put back to their original locations and sealed again. 

This case was investigated by Lord Comberemere, the Governor of Barbados at  
the time.  In July 1819 Lord Comberemere conducted a test.  The tomb was opened  and the locations of the coffins were sketched (picture above).  The crypt was then sealed and an additional slab of marble that took 4 men to lift was put in the entrance.  In April of 1820, noise were again heard from the sealed crypt.  The  crypt was opened and the coffins were found moved about the inside of the crypt.   After examining this, Lord Comberemere ordered all the coffins removed from the crypt and buried separately on the grounds of the cemetery of Christ Church.


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