Lizzie Borden Home

   Now a bed and breakfast located in Fall River Massachutes.  As children we 
all heard the poem.

Lizzie Borden took an ax,
She gave her mother 40 whacks,
When she seen what she had done,
She gave her father 41.

   Of course Elizabeth Borden was the prime suspect in the murder of her father 
and step-mother. But she had a good lawyer and was aqquitted.  Her house now 
turned Bed and Breakfast is very active with spirits.
   The marriage between Andrew Borden and Abbey Durfee Gray was not exactly a 
love match, but one of convenience.  Andrew needed a housekeeper and mother 
for his girls Lizzie and Emma.  And Abby's prospects for a husband were 
dwindling and although a miser, Andrew was a rich catch.
   There was no love lost between the girls and Abbey, before the murders the 
grown girls had been referring to Abbey as Mrs. Borden, and refusing to be a 
family.  They basically lived all together in the same house as strangers, 
the girls secluding themselves behind locked doors.
   The day of the murders the only people around the house were Lizzie, 
Andrew, Abbey and the maid, who was outside washing windows and gossiping 
with the neighboring maid. Lizzie claimed to be outside also, eating pears 
underneath the pear tree during the time of the murders. Abbey was killed in 
the guest bedroom while changing sheets on the bed.  Andrew was killed about 
90 minutes later in the sitting/living room while napping on the couch.  
Lizzie was later seen by the maid burning a dress in the back-yard.
   Much controversy surrounds the murders and many different theories are out 
there about the murders. Is it any wonder the house is reportedly haunted.
  Cold spots are felt in many of the rooms.  Abbey has been known to climb 
into the guests beds sometimes with them, other times in plain view.  She 
also has been seen dusting and making the beds in many of the houses rooms.
   People who work in the house say they hear voices and opening and closing 
of doors.  Other people have heard arguements between two female voices, and 
women crying.  While still others tell of unexplained footsteps.  The history 
and mystery of the house would certainly make this house a prime candidate 
for a haunting.

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