Borley  Rectory

brick floating in mid air

The Borley  Rectory has been described as the most haunted house in England.  It was located  near  Long Melford, Suffolk .  

According to Harry Price, the rectory was built in 1863 by the Rev. H. D. E. Bull.   Ghostly  footsteps were reportrd in the rectory in 1886.  H. D. E. Bull died on May 2, 1892 and H. F. Bull became the rector of Borley.  On July 28, 1900, Mrs. Bull saw the ghost of a nun on the rectory lawn.  In November, 1900, Miss E. Bull saw the ghost of a nun on the lawn. 

Many other ghost sightings were reported for several years and on June 10, 1929, the noted ghost hunter, Harry Price was invited to investigate. The  Rev. G. Eric Smith, who had moved into the rectory in October 1928, left
in July 1929 because of the ghostly activity.  Poltergeist activity was reported.  The Rev. L. A. Foyster and his wife moved into the rectory on October, 16, 1930.  More ghostly activity happened in spite of an exorcism by two priests.  Mrs. Foyster was given a black eye when struck by a poltergeist. Bells were rung and strange noises were heard. In August, 1931, the Foysters held a seance in an attempt to stop the haunting. In October 1935, the Foysters moved out.  Harry Price rented the rectory for one year in order to conduct  investigations  in May,
1937.  Many strange superatural things happened.  In December, 1938, Captain W. H. Gregson took possession of the rectory, which was renamed Borley Priory.  On February 27, 1939, the house was destroyed  by fire. 


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