Chillingham Castle
North Umbria, England 

It has not been many years that Chillingham Castle has been reopened to the public. Since then, the neglected building and grounds have been improved considerably. 

In the castle there are several interesting rooms : the Great Hall, the Torture Chamber (some of the instruments shown there have once been in use). You'll readily be told about the history of the castle - including many 
spooky stories. There are even displays with both old and relatively new newspaper articles about the haunted castle. 

The castle garden has been restored and although it is quite small it has been laid out very neatly. 

It was Chillingham Castle that started the famous False Alarm that made the entire army leap to its feet, because someone had mistaken some charcoal fire for signs of the attacking enemy. 

There can be few buildings in England with more ghosts than Chillingham Castle at least two of which, the Radiant Boy and the Grey Lady, are based on historic facts. The Radiant Boy is said to come from the fireplace 
in the Pink Bedroom at the castle, often in a blue flash, which people mistake for an electric fault. Years ago, when the fireplace was being enlarged, the bones of a young boy were discovered there. The Grey Lady is 
said to be ghost of the wife of Lord Grey. He ran away with her sister and in despair she killed herself. Her ghost is believed to still walk the castle corridors looking for her husband return. There are frequent ghost 
watches organized at the castle, especially at Halloween. Few people go more than once!


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