Hotel Del Coronado
Coronado, Calf. 
The Hotel Del Coronado,  was completed in 1888 was and still is a showcase of 

Located at the western most  periphery of San Diego Bay, its tall spirals and 
stately countenance can make a person take a respite when first viewing it . 
In the last nine years it  has undergone extensive renovation, which has 
enhanced it magnificence with the installation of updated  convinces. Even 
still it hold on to its old world charm, which attracted the only the most 
noted  celebrities the likes of King Edward  VIII, Marilyn Monroe Charles 
Lindbergh and so many others . 

On a November day during the Thankgiving holidays in 1892, a well dressed 
woman registered  at the Hotel Del Coronado and was shown up to room 3312. 
Her name was Kate Morgan and she was there to meet her husband. Their 
marriage was not going will and even so, she had become pregnant  and this 
meeting at the hotel was an effort on her part to rectify the estrangement 
between her and her husband.  But reconciliation was not to be, her husband 
did not  meet with her. Sometime after the time that Kate Morgan had hoped to 
meet with her husband, she was found dead on the beach which is adjacent to 
the hotel from a bullet wound to the head. The incidence was declared a 
suicide by the authorities, but  soon after the rumors started to the 
contrary and persist to this day.

Allege to be haunted by Kate Morgan, is room 3312 and room 3205 have been 
over the years associated with paranormal phenomenon  .  The billowing of the 
curtains with the windows closed and unexplained noises have been reported by 
staff and guests.

Does Kate Morgan walk the Hotel Del Coronado ? Has she made rooms 3312 and 
3205 her home?  Maybe the rumors were right it was not a suicide ? And what 
about the children do they become lost souls also? Maybe it her child that 
haunts the Hotel Del Coronado ?

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By Bernard W. Kelly Sr. (

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