The Crescent Hotel
Eureka Springs, AR

 The Crescent Hotel is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It is known localy as the "Grand Old Lady of the Ozarks”, the hotel has served as many things over the years, from a mental / cancer hospital, a summer home of a ganster,  to a hotel now.  The hotel was built on the crest of West Mountain between 1884 and 1886. The construction of the hotel, and development in the area, was a big selling point due to the natural spring.  Many felt they where healing waters.   

It is believed the first death was a workmen fell from the roof during the construction. His body landed in the second floor area where Room 218 is now located. His ghost bangs on the walls and turns off and on the lights and TV.

Room 218 is not the only haunted room, Rooms 202 and 424 are also said to be haunted. Outside of the Recreation Room, the ghost of Dr. Norman Baker has been seen.  At first visitors assume it is a lost guest because he is  looking confused. The history of him is he ran a hospital and resort there during the 1930s. The Rumor is he had NO medical background.   There are reports of an apparition of a man who hangs out at the lobby bar or stands at the foot of the staircase. A nurse has been seen on the third floor. A woman in Room 419 says she is a cancer patient then vanishes.

In the Crystal Dining Room visitors have reported people in Victorian clothes sitting at the tables or in the mirrors, only to be gone the next moment.

Visitors to this place have reported catching orbs, a small blue child in Victorian clothes, faces, and many other oddities on camera.

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