Lemp Mansion
St. Louis, MO

Lemp Mansion is believed to be one of the most haunted places in St. Louis  
City, and in the top 10 of most haunted in North America. Located at 3322
De Menil Pl., across Highway 55, across from the Anheuser-Busch Brewery
in the Soulard Area. 

The Lemp Family seemed to be cursed with death and depression. 

It is believed the curse of the Lemp Family started with William Lemp Sr.'s  
son, Fredrick Lemp.  Frederick's death, believed to have been a heart attack  
from being over worked, caused William Sr. to fall into a deep depression,  
leading to him committing suicide in his bed room by shooting himself, and 
killing his dog. 

The next to commit suicide was Frederick's sister, Elsa.  Though not in the  
Lemp Mansion when she killed herself, her home is believed to be haunted as  

William Jr. later married Lillian Hadlan. She was a beautiful young woman.   
Her favorite color was Lavender and that is all she wore, thus her being  
nicknamed "The Lavender Lady" (There is a beauty shop 2 blocks away from  
Lemp Mansion called "The Lavender Lady").  They eventually divorce causing
a  great scandal all of St. Louis would talk about causing Lillian to go into  

There is a rumor that there was a child born around this time (possibly from  
an affair William Jr. had with a servant) supposedly this child was mentally  
retarded, and deformed in some way, causing the family to keep him a secret  
to avoid humiliation or disgrace.  They only know the child by the name of  
Monkey Boy.  There is no record of a child like this being born to the  
Lemp's, but he has let himself to be known by psychics that have toured the  

William Jr. eventually joined the rest of his family by shooting himself in  
the chest with a revolver, in the Office on the first floor of Lemp Mansion, now 
a dinning room!

In the 1970's the mansion was sold to Dick Pointer who started renovations  
on the mansion. Many of the workers started complaining of being watched by  
unseen, unwelcoming eyes, disappearing tools, apparitions of a gentelman in 
black, and eerie, unexplained sounds.  

Many of these workers left never to return to the site. 

Now Lemp Mansion is a bed and breakfast where many employees and guest  
report sightings of the Lavender Lady, a phantom dog barking, cold spots,  
the feelings of being watched, disembodied voices, even glasses being picked  
up from off the bar by unseen hands. 

Anyone is welcomed to decide for themselves. The next time you're in St.  
Louis, Maybe you might want to check out Lemp Mansion.   You can even  
reserve the room that William Lemp Sr. Killed himself in! 


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