The Myrtles Plantation
      Located  seventy miles north of New Orleans.  The Myrtles Plantation 
contains some of the most interesting architecture seen in the south; lacy 
ornamental ironwork outside and plaster friezes inside the large airy rooms.  
The Myrtles Plantation also has been featured in such magazines as Life, 
Southern Living, The Wall street Journal, USA Today, Family Circle and many 
other publications.  Many T.V. stations have also done features on this 
house.  Not all publicity had to do with the architecture. According to the 
U.S. Tourist Bureau the Myrtles Plantation is one of the authenicated haunted 
houses of America.
        It seems the Myrtles Plantation of Louisiana has many different 
spirits that roam its beautiful landscaped areas outside and inside the manor 
itself. The most famous ghost would have to be Chloe, she was a governess for 
Judge Clark Woodruffe's children. The Judge also carried on a affair with the 
mullatto woman.  He soon tired of her and banished her from connection with 
the family.  He then caught her eavesdropping on a conversation of his.  In 
anger he decided to make an example of Chloe and have her ear cut off.  After 
that she wore a green turban to hide her deformity.  She extracted her 
revenge however, she asked to bake a birthday cake for one of the Judges 
children, a peace offering in a way and was granted permission.  While mixing 
up the cake she added a few choice ingrediants to the batter that wasn't in 
the recipe. She poisoned two of the judges children and his wife to death.  
She was hanged for her wickedness,  her corpse was then thrown in a nearby 
   The ghost of Chloe has been seen several times roaming around the mansion 
in the middle of the night.  Sometimes a baby's cry is heard when she is 
seen.  She also likes to disturb the sleep of the guests by lifting the 
mosquitto netting that surrounds the beds.  Some say she is still checking on 
the Judges children she used to govern.
Another spirit that makes himself known is William Winter who owned the 
Plantation between 1860-1871, his spirit is said to linger because of the 
strange circumstances surrounding his death.  He was called out on to the 
porch one night where he was shot in the chest,  he then staggered back into 
the house and managed to climb 17 of the 20 stairs where he died in his wifes 
arms. He is now heard climbing the stairs but he only makes it to the 17th 
   Other sketchy sightings at the Myrtles Plantation have included a pool of 
blood, apparitions of two little blonde girls peering through the windows, a 
mischievous child entity who likes jumping on freshly made beds, he is 
followed closely by a young woman in a maids uniform who smoothes the rumpled 
bed linens.  A confederate soldier marches across the porch, a man in khaki 
waits at the gate to warn customers away, no-one living is posted there.  A 
VooDoo preistress spirit is seen from time to time chanting over the still 
form of a young girl.  Legend has it she was unable to use her powers to save 
the girl from a fatal disease.
   All these spirits and more are seen, felt, and heard at the Myrtles 
Plantation. It really is a house of spirits...


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