Raynham Hall 

This ghost, just in case you don't know, is known as The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The photo was taken in the earlier part of this century by two photographers who went to Raynham Hall for a photo shoot for the cover of their magazine. One of the photographers saw the apparition and screamed for the other man to snap the picture--he did,and that's what came out. Before that the Brown Lady had been seen many times before. Her portrait was in one of the rooms and that room was said to be the most haunted room of the place. A man volunteered to sleep there as an experiment one night, and not seeing anything, walked down the hall to another room with two younger boys and they talked about guns that they owned and then got on the subject of the alleged ghost of The Brown Lady. They laughed and shrugged it off, then agreed to walk him back to his room for the night. While in the hall, they stopped when they saw a tall lady float across the hallway towards them, holding a lantern. They froze and watched as she floated across from them. Then she turned and looked at them with a look so full of malice and hate that it chilled the man staying in her room. He jumped out and aimed his gun at her, shooting her. The bullet went right through her and at that moment she disappeared. She wasn't seen again for nearly half a century. She is a very famous ghost and her picture is quite convincing. Two little boys have also spotted her.  
by kpyatt@net-link.net

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