The Springville Inn

The Springville Inn caters to four very special and unique guests. They are
residents who have watched over the Inn for almost 100 years. They are not
demanding or critical, they never offer their opinion on how to run a
country inn, they are not malevolent, they do not disturb the quiet of night
and their enjoyment is not derived from scaring people.  But, there is a
definite presence about them. These bodiless, ethereal and lustrous
creatures are The Ghosts of The Springville Inn.

For nearly 100 years, The Springville Inn has been a treasured part of local
history and has stood the test of  time as she has lovingly watched over
Springville as one of the old guards to the High Sierra - newly proclaimed a
National Monument by Presidential order.

Our ghosts predominately inhabit the original 1911 main building formerly
known as the Wilkinson Hotel. They have never been seen or their presence
felt in the hotel which was added on in 1972. Nor, have there been any
experiences with them in the Grill Room which was added on to the main
building in 1979. They exist as they have throughout the
years in the main building, known as the Wilkinson Hotel in its heyday.

Local historian, Jeff Edwards, has told us that there was no coroner or
morgue in Springville, so upon ones untimely demise, their bodies were
placed in the upstairs rooms of the hotel on ice to await transport by
stagecoach or train to Porterville.

We can only speculate as to the true identity of our four ghosts as
historical records are vague and incomplete. We do not know their given
names but we refer to them lovingly as the Young Man who looks
to be a handsome logger in his twenties who was likely working in one of the
numerous mills of Mountain Home. The Little Girl who looks to
be near eight years of age is appropriately clothed in a turn-of-the-century
dress. The Woman, beautiful and elegant with flowing blonde
hair in a long dress is seen floating on the balcony surrounding the
Penthouse or wandering the second floor hallways in the main building. The
Old Man, who seems to keep to himself in the kitchen with a watchful
eye has the most frequent contact with past and present employees. He
generally only appears in the main kitchen of the Inn or the upstairs
service kitchen. He is usually seen staring up or down into the dumbwaiter
joining the two kitchens. He is not shy as he frequently makes himself seen
by our chefs and kitchen staff.

According to sightings throughout the past and present, the Young Man moves
fluidly with purpose around the bar and up what was the original grand
staircase which brought guests from the lobby straight upstairs as you
entered the building. He is known to be a flirt with a habit of
brushing up against women to make his presence known. He is said to be a
logger who was shot outside the Inn, in the streets of Springville.
According to legend, guests carried him into the Hotel where he bled to
death. Occasionally he has been seen walking hand-in hand with the
Little Girl, but not recently or by any current staff members.

Numerous employees and guests of the Inn have experienced the ghosts - some
of whom appreciate their wanderings and some whom would rather not have an
encounter with them. A past employee washing dishes in the kitchen quit
after witnessing the Little Girl watching her in the
mirror which hung in the dishwashing area. The owners quickly removed the
mirror. The Little Girl has not been seen since.

Do you believe in Ghosts? Spend some time at the Inn and you just might meet
one of our eternal guests...


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