The White House

 It is not well known that Abraham Lincoln was very interested in 
parapsychology and seances in his later years. Another person in the White 
House was fond of seances as well, Eleanor Roosevelt. She has reported to 
have become friends with Abraham Lincoln through her many seances over the 
     Harry Truman once wrote about the maids in the White House were very 
disturbed at seeing what they thought was Lincoln's ghost. On one occasion 
Truman was trying to work, but was repeatedly disturbed by constant knocking 
at his office door. He commented to a friend "I think it must have been 
Lincoln's ghost walking down the hall."
     When a reporter asked Roslyn Carter about the Lincoln ghost, she refused 
to comment. But, when Jacqueline Kennedy was asked she stated she felt 
Lincoln's presence many times, and "took great comfort in it".
      Lincoln's son Willie has also been seen in the Grant and Taft 
administrations. He died in the White House when Lincoln was President.
      Many speculate that Lincoln's spirit stays on in the White House 
because of the trauma he indured while in office. Others feel Lincoln appears 
in times of crisis in America.


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