Windsor Castle

Known as one of the primary residences of the English monarch, Windsor castle plays hosts to many different ghosts some of which include:

Elizabeth I- Her spirit has been seen by many (including members of the current royal family) in the Royal Library. The sound of her high heels are heard on bare floorboards, people have seen her walk through the library and into an inner room.

George III- For the last 10 years of his reign, George III was often confined due to bouts of insanity, his face is often seen with sad features looking out of the window where he was confined.

King Henry VIII- has been seen walking the hallways of Windsor castle. His footsteps, along with agonizing moans, have been heard by many guests of the castle.
King Charles I- has also been seen in the royal library as well as in the Canon's house. Even though he was beheaded his spirit appears whole, it is said that his apparition looks exactly like his portraits.

In 1873, a night-time visitor to the castle noticed an interesting new statuary group had been erected near St. George's Chapel: three standing figures, all in black, and a fourth crouching down. The central standing character was in the act of striking with a large sword. The sentry knew nothing of this artwork and when the visitor returned to re-examine it, it had gone!
Herne the Hunter became the favorite huntsman of King Richard II when he saved the monarch from being mauled to death by a cornered stag. Being wounded in the process, he was later healed through witchcraft and the wearing of the stag’s antlers. Unfortunately though, his subsequent friendship with the King and skill in the field, bred jealousy in his colleagues and he was framed for theft. Shame led him to hang himself on 'Herne's Oak in the Home Park and, with a Wild Hunt, his spirit has since been seen many times careering across the Great Park searching for lost souls.

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