How Do I get People to Believe Me!
by Tina Carlson (

We all have our own beliefs and disbeliefs. To try and convince someone who is a non-believer that you saw a supernatural event is very hard.  The job becomes easier if you have the documentation down as to what, when, why, and how.

Skeptics and non-believers play an important part in the supernatural world. They help us to be rational about our experiences.  They also help us by trying to find natural causes for events that may seem unnatural.  They bring up serious points that we may not always think of ourselves and help us to keep our feet on the floor.

The questions that a skeptic asks are questions that we should ask ourselves and think about when the events are occurring.  The gathering of information needed to answer these questions will help us determine whether there was an actual supernatural occurrence or just a series of coincidences that led us to belief that supernatural forces were at work.  It is also best to keep a record of events and how you followed through with them to prove they were

If you feel a cold spot check for possible drafts.  Write down or try to remember when and where it happened to see if it is a regular occurrence or just a fluke. If you see a shadow orb or mist check for any tricks of light,
reflections or smoke that might have caused the sighting.  Again keep an record of time and place to see if there is a pattern. Don't assume it is a spirit when you misplace things. Keep records of what was missing, where and
when it turned back up and where you thought you left the item to begin with. Same with unexplained noises. Keep a record of what was heard, where , and what time.

Always try to find a natural cause. If you don't a skeptic or non-believer will!  Sometimes the truth can be stranger then any supernatural cause. I once heard a story about a woman after having some work done to her house,
kept hearing voices in the basement. It was really scaring her.  She heard it for a few days when it abruptly stopped.  She of course thought that whatever it was in her basement must have moved on. Turns out a workman
when pouring her new cement floor had dropped his portable radio in the cement. Rather then try to dig it out. He had smoothed it over and left it there. The radio had been on a talk radio station.

So the point to all this is to become your own skeptic, investigate what you feel may be unwanted company so you have the information available to answer the questions from skeptics, believers and non-believers alike.  Also there will always be at least one non-believer in your life that no matter what evidence you present will not believe . Sometimes it takes them to have an experience of their own to believe, sometimes not even that will sway them.
These are just my opinions. I welcome yours in email, or on the message board.



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