Children and Ghosts
by Tina (

The existense of ghosts has been debated for centuries.  It is only in modern times with technology having advanced to it's current stage that we may now capture on film and audio what many believe to be images of the supernatural.  The questions of why some can and yet others cannot see or sense the presense of these entities has been contested with numerous theories both for and against the subject of spirits.  One such cause for speculation is do our children see and sense what many adults either cannot or will not see?
   One theory is that children have not had years to adjust their thinking and have not had the time to train themselves as to what to accept or not accept as reality like adults have.  Adults program their thinking and consequently refuse certain images, noises, and feeling as real simply
because in our minds we cannot accept impossible or unproven science.
   Some parents unknowingly start to teach and train their children at a very young age to block these images.  They do it out of protection and misunderstanding of the situation.  How many parents have tucked their little ones back into bed with the words that they thought were reassuring; there are no such things as ghosts, you just had a bad dream, it wasn't real, it
was just your imagination? I think most parents are guilty of this including myself.  How many parents are guilty of telling their children that their imaginary friend is not real, maybe not realizing that not only is that friend real but a ghost?  I am sure it has happened before. Do you ever wonder if any of those bad dreams, those images seen in the night, those imaginary friends how many may actually be ghosts that for whatever reason have shown themselves to a child?
    When we tell our children it was just a bad dream we may inadvertently teaching them to mistrust what they may have actually be seeing.  Eventually training themselves to block what they have been taught cannot be real.  Where as the opposite side of this theory; the parent who teaches their children that sometimes for whatever reason, a spirit may linger after death,
is leaving a space in that child to be able to accept the vision, the noise or the feeling of the supernatural.  Could this be why some people are able to accept the supernatural with an open mind and yet others cannot? Does the door get shut at childhood or can it remain open?  This is just one of the may theories used to explain why children see more of the supernatural world
then adults do.  Comments are indeed welcome!

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