A Note about Contacting the Spirits

By Dave Juliano

I just wanted to reiterate words of caution to new investigators and old alike about methods used to contact spirits.    Remember that there are many methods that have been used to contact the spirits over the years that include Ouija bards, séances, pendulums, EVP and ITC, EMF meters, etc.   While many of these methods can be used successfully to make contact with spirits, they can also be dangerous to many investigators.   People who are aware of how to properly prepare and protect themselves can use some of these methods while reducing the risks but there are many people who feel they do know everything they need to or don’t see any danger are the ones that need to heed this reminder.    When you reach out to any spirits, there is always the danger that there may be other spirits, human or non-human, that may also be within “earshot” and decide to answer. You have no way of knowing what the nature or personality of the spirits may be.    Without the using the proper methods and using protection it is as if you are walking blindfolded into a room full of strangers and calling out for one to answer.   You may not like the response you get in this situation and it is the same when trying to contact spirits.    In addition, being confrontational and mean-spirited when trying to make contact can also attract the wrong kind of spirit to you.   Steer clear of methods of contacted spirits that you have no training in and exercise some common sense when addressing spirits.   I’ve seen people ask ghosts to give me a sign that you are here and I’ve seen others yell at a spirit and challenge them to prove they are present.   I have one comment to say in these cases, be careful what you ask for.    Sometimes the response you get is not exactly what you wanted and often times you get to go home after the investigation and the people who are there everyday have to deal with the repercussions of anything you may have upset or angered.    I know that you may have seen some of these things done on a variety of TV shows but keep in mind that most of these people are trained in this field and have a lot of experience so they understand the upside and downside of what they are doing and many know how to guard themselves the best you can.     That part of the process usually doesn’t make it to the show once it is aired.     To sum it all up, be careful and cautious when dealing with the dead, just as you would when dealing with the living.