Ghosts of the Living
by Dave Juliano

Often we hear of cases in which a person sees an image of a person they know while they person is really miles away at the time, alive.  That's correct, alive and breathing.  This type of apparition is called a crisis apparition and it is often studied by ghost researchers due to the similarities in these apparitions and ghosts of the deceased.   This phenomenon can also manifest in the person hearing a voice of a friend or loved one with some message or warning while the person who is heard speaking is no where near and totally unaware that this has occurred.   Most of these crisis apparitions occur when a person is in some form of danger or pain.  It appears the person in danger makes psychic contact with a loved one miles away to let them know something is not right.  The person in crisis is not aware that they are doing this.  Here are a few examples of phenomenon:

December 1943:  Mrs. Violet Almond was awakened by an apparition of her husband that floated above her for a few minutes.  She learned later that her husband, who was on a battlefield in North Africa, was being shelled heavily and was praying to God to save him so he could see his wife again at the exact time she was seeing his apparition in their bedroom.

1951 - Helen Crone saw an apparition of a close friend who was alive miles away.  The agitated apparition instructed her to go check on her baby.  When she did this she found her child had managed to open a drawer full of sharp knives and was about to play with them.

These crisis apparitions may help us understand how and why we see ghosts., especially deceased human ones who are earthbound or just visiting.  The person in crisis some how projects an energy to another person.  The receiver's brain translates the energy into a human like figure that resembles the sender.  Is this the same energy that is left behind or accompanies a deceased human spirit?  Some people who are more "in tune" with a particular spirit's energy may see a full bodied apparition just like in many crisis apparitions.  Others may not interpret the energy the same or at all and just see a light, a mist, or nothing.  We can apply this theory of the spirit energy interpretation to spirit photos as well.  The majority of photos are not full bodied apparitions but what researchers believe are spirits energy that the camera translates into the form of orbs, mists, vortexes and light rods.    I view crisis apparitions as more proof that there is a part of us that can leave the physical body or live on without it and still make contact with others, accomplish tasks and operate as an intelligent entity.  I think this is what we call the soul.

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