Ley Lines

by  charla@TheShadowlands.net

From ancient times we have found many relics buried deep in the earth's soil, mountains, lakes, and caves.  However,
there are relics that are once again being discovered that lie on top of the earth's soil across the mountains,
ravines, and through caves and other empty cavities.  These relics are called Ley Lines and are found all over the

Thousands of years ago our prehistoric ancestors left for us this system of networks that define paths of energies and
forces that can not always easily be seen.  These systems are energies from the earth and are identified by landmarks
and patterns.  Some ley lines are straight paths and others form circular patterns that grow larger as it moves
outward.  Some believe that these patterns can be mapped through the use of a dowsing or divining rod. Infrared can
also be used to detect and determine the extent of this phenomenon.

There are two types of ley systems: Straight leys in which the energy flows straight and cup marked leys in which the
energy flows in a circular pattern with the energy close to the center being strongest and radiating outward growing
less strong.

In France, cathedrals and other places of interests have been placed in a straight ley line system.  The ancient
Greek alignments were found to be very complex.  Not only through straight line alignment but also in equal
distances!  The distance between Delphi and Thebes, Delphi and Athens, Sparta and Olympia, Sparta and Athens, Epidaurus
to Sparta, and Epidaurus to Olympia are equal.

The tiny village of Alaise located in the foothills of the Jura Mountains of eastern France is a highly complex
system.  Think of a pie cut into 48 pieces ? this is what the ley line network looks like with Alaise in the center.

The forces that use the ley lines are natural and supernatural.  Some of the strange and supernatural events
and forces associated with ley lines are The Wild Hunt, phantom animals (Black Dog), moving lights, ghosts, fairy
processions, and as a flight path for witches.  It is thought that the creators of the ley lines in each area may
have used the ley lines in connection with astronomy, rituals, or calendars.

In some cultures the ley lines were to be used specifically for the dead to help them make their journey into the next
life.  In ancient times, people believed in the survival of the human spirit and it is believed that the ley system
proves it.  In Honaluba a small girl found herself alone on a known spirit path.  She heard marching footsteps but when
she turned, no one was there!  Suddenly, she felt a hand push her from the path.  Her parents explained to her that
the path was for wondering souls and if she had remained in the path she would have died.

Ancient burial grounds were placed on ley lines.  In Germany these are called Geisterwege (spirit ways); in Holland they
are called Doodwegen (roads of the dead); and in England they are Dod or Dodman (dead man).   One ley network
involves the Foulford Inn Stone which is encircled by burial grounds connecting two cup-marked leys with a straight line
through a man made cave and over a body of water.  The Stone was placed above a major fault on the highland fault, north
of Scotland.  This is where Scotland pushes against the rest of the United Kingdom.  This fault supplies the cup marked
stone with its energies.

Another system involves a standing stone called the Phadruig (Patrick) near Balquhidder Church and is known as a very
powerful cup marked ley.  Tradition dictates that whenever someone dies, the mourners would have to carry the dead
across the land to the stone where the coffin would be laid upon it so everyone could rest.  In addition to this
tradition, coffins were frequently carried along ley lines with hopes that the dead would find their way down the path.

For years, many have tried to solve the ley system to discover its purpose, why it exists, and who created it.
This is difficult to discern as there is very little recorded about the ley system and few people seem interested
in researching it scientifically.  In the 1960's for example, the ley system became associated with UFO's.  Even
with the amazing discovery of the Nazca leys, very little has been done.

It is believed that the Nazca Indians of Peru created the intricate and unique ley system on the desert surface.  The
lay of the land did not affect the leys that were created there.  Barely discernable on the ground, but shockingly
visible from an aerial view!  One will see markings upon the desert floor that resemble various geometric shapes, a
humming bird, a whale, a monkey complete with fingers, and a spider that was unknown to that area thousands of years ago!

Why the intricate designs that one can not see on the ground?  Flight thousands of years ago was unheard of so why
would anyone design such an artful breathtaking design that no one would see?  Were the Indians hoping to please God?
Spirit markers for the astral body?  Or was it for a communication to or directions for alien visitors?  We might
never know since the Nazca Indians disappeared and very few people today are working to unmask the mystery.

What is the real purpose of the ley lines?  Who created them?  Are these ley systems boundaries of other dimensions
that co-exist within our world?  Are they fairy paths?  Do they help our dearly departed dead continue their journey?
Are they communications to possible aliens or are they the communications FROM aliens?

I don't know the answers.  However, I can safely say, these ley systems were not an accident and someone very
intelligent created them.


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