Seeing Ghostly Eyes: What Does it Mean?
By: Dawn Colclasure (
It’s not something you can easily find information about, but the stories are there: People who see floating or ghostly eyes. Sometimes the eyes are red, sometimes they are yellow.
One empath who contacted me had this story to share:  
“I been working on raising my empathy abilities to help me with any spirits. I have been, for past 6 months, seeing ghostly eyes watching me when I’m outside at night. Odd thing is, they’re not human eyes. I asked other psychic friends to help me get an ID of these beings, but all they could come up with is animal spirits. But I was already thinking that cause they look more wolf-like, but not jumping the gun on that. I need to see their form. These are higher level spirits, so kind of blocks any empathic visions. But wolf keeps popping up in my head. I will try get correct ID on these spirits.”
Later, after several months, Harry gave me an update on his visitors. “I’ve been seeing ghostly eyes of about 10 spirits. Started with just one pair of eyes, and grew from there. Not looking human.” He describes these eyes as a “kind of yellow iris and outer lining and under the eyebrows.” He added, “These look animal-like, like wolves. Well, now I hear howling, so now I know that’s who they are. Watching me, and following me wherever I go.”
As rare as information about this ghostly occurrence may be, rarer still is the ability to tell which kind of entity they are, or what their intentions may be. In Harry’s case, as an empath, he was able to figure out the nature behind his visitors. However, he is yet to understand what their messages could be. “I try everything to communicate with these spirits, but all they do is stare and blink.”
Another story about this situation came to my attention recently. “I have seen what looks like floating eyes before,” Millie C. said. “I was only able to tell they were eyes because of the eyelashes. I was laying in bed and was wide awake and saw a shape of someone’s head, and then the eyes came more into focus but looked really blurry and then they started blinking kind of a lot, and I could tell they were eyes because of the eyelashes. The eyelashes looked extra long. I remember thinking it was (a friend’s mom) standing there, but the person seemed light-haired and I realized that it was just a deranged figure. I asked (my friend) the next day if her mom came in the room last night and she said ‘no’ and I told her what I saw. She said my eyes were probably messed up form playing video games. I don't know what kind of video games could make me see that.”
As someone accustomed to seeing ghosts, Millie was unprepared and perplexed by this occurrence. “I hadn't forgotten because I had never seen eyes before on ghosts,” she said.
Other reports of this happening can be found on the Internet at these links:
(a case of seeing red eyes)
The good news is, there is an explanation behind these visits. Martha Jette ( and, a Canadian author and editor who’s written books such as Talking To My Angel, Glimpses: True Stories of the Paranormal and Glimpses 2: It Could Happen To You! Has spent many years researching and investigating stories of a paranormal nature. “First of all, the entity wants those who see it to focus on the eyes and not a whole body or ethereal form,” she said. “Secondly, red means anger, so I would imagine that the entity is very angry about something that was done to him/her and glaring with those red eyes gets the point across. From stories that I've read, this would correlate with the fear that such a sight instills in those who see such a thing, as well as the drastic drop in temperature that is usually evident as well.”
When asked about the possibility that Harry’s visitors were animal spirits, Jette concurred. “I would tend to agree that yellow eyes are likely that of an animal spirit, such as a cougar or mountain lion. It could be that it was the person's totem animal and they didn't realize it in the case you mention here and it is quite likely that there was some message the creature was trying to relay, if not just to let the person know of its presence (a frightful as that might have been).”
If no messages or images are received by the person seeing the eyes, perhaps the best thing to do is to give it some time. Perhaps there are too many mental blocks impeding mental communication or emotions disrupt the ability to receive any kind of message from the visitor. In any event, people who see the floating/ghostly eyes can rest assured they’re not necessarily “seeing things” and that the eyes are there for a reason.