Thought  Forms

<> By Dave Juliano  (


Today I got a fortune cookie and the fortune inside said “Change your thoughts and you change the world.”    This reminded me of something we all deal with regularly and more so as paranormal researchers.   When I teach my various classes and discuss the type of spirits/ghosts you may encounter or types of negative entities the topic of thought forms is one that most surprises people.    Thought forms can be seem like actually spirits affecting the way a person feels or acts.  Where do they come from?   Simply put, they come from our thoughts and emotions.    Just imagine when you were the angriest you have ever been at someone.   Your thought and emotions are generating real energy that does always dissipate and vanish.   Energy by its nature cannot be destroy so this energy of anger or hate towards someone often heads right for its target, the person you were directing that anger towards.   People who are being “attacked” by a bombardment of these negative emotions can show many symptoms similar to a spirit attachment, oppression or possession.   Their health may be adversely affected.  There may even be physical manifestations, especially of bruises and scratches.    When investigate a case that has these kind of signs you need to dig deep into the interacts this person is having with others in the home, at work and anywhere else where they may have someone who is angry at them and not letting go of it.

 <>Thought forms can be blocked by using a variety of psychic protection techniques which can include anything from physic shielding to crystals to cutting both physical and emotional ties with the person who is the source of the energy.  <>

I know this is not something that most ghost hunters or paranormal researchers are aware of but do not just dismiss it because we all deal with this in our personal lives from time to time so it inevitable that you will encounter it on a case as well.    One downside to thought forms is that this negativity being sent to an unsuspecting person can sometime get the attention of a real negative spirit or low level entity and then you can be dealing with much more than just someone having a personal issues being vented towards them.  The Law of Attraction states like attracts like and it’s real so people under this kind of attack need to have the problem rectified as soon as possible.    If you haven’t already realized, there are people that understand all this and intentionally send thought forms to someone with the intent of doing them harm.   I speak from personal experience with this and it did end up with my wife and friends taking me to a well-known paranormal researcher and the Priest he worked with to have an exorcism performed on me to break off the double sided attack I was then under.  

Remember we deal with unknowns in the field on a regular basis so just file this info away and hope you don’t need it but in case you do at least you may be able to help someone in need quicker and more completely by understanding how the power of thought and emotions can directly intersect ghost hunting and paranormal research.




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