Haunted Through the Generations

By Tina Carlson (tinacarlson@theshadowlands.net)

While most families have one or two supernatural experiences happen to their family in a lifetime, some families are prone down thru generations to witness experience after experience.  This is not common but it does happen.  There are stories on the Shadowlands that state my mother could see spirits or my grandparents lived in a haunted home.  

Is this because we live in the same houses as previous family members so we are seeing the same spirits as seen before by the passed generations? Or is it because there is something in our genetic make-up that attracts spirit energy to us.  Both theories are probably true.  A haunted house is a haunted house and unless something and unless something changes and the spirit crosses over, then the property will remain haunted.  The spirit may become dormant or get the notion to move on by themselves.  If the haunting is residual than it might not ever change but continue to play out the same scene over and over again down through many different owners.  
If a spirit is attached to the house or property in a different way a haunting could change just by the emotional change in a home.  One example of this could be…

The 1st generation owns the house, they sense cold spots, and feel like something is watching them.  It is not a bad feeling.  

2nd generation inherits the home and decides to remodel the kitchen.  The haunting then changes, items start disappearing and noises are heard throughout the house. The feeling of being watched intensifies with the added emotion of disapproval.

3rd Generation inherits the house.  These new house owners are unorganized and very untidy.  The haunting gets worse.  Bad odors are smelled throughout the home. Doors open and close, lights go off and on and apparitions are felt and seen.  Uneasiness is felt throughout the house.  

4th generation moves into the house.  They restore it to its original condition; they love the house and put their love into keeping the home happy and clean.  The spirit settles down to just the cold spots and watching over the family.  This would be a haunting of a house or property where the spirit was very attached to the home and wanted things to stay the same with no compromise.  

Another scenario

1st Generation- a loved ones dies with the promise that they will always look after the family.  After the funeral, family notices feelings of being watched and protected.

2nd generation- Woken by some unknown noise that disturbs the whole house.  After looking for the source of the noise it is discovered there is a gas leak or some other danger present that might have been dangerous had the family not been woken in the night.

3rd generation awakened by knocks on the wall only to discover an intruder in the home. And so on down through the generations.  This would be a family being haunted by a loved one who has promised to look after their families.  This has also been called a guardian or protector spirit.  
Here is another situation…

1st generation sees entities hears them and lives in numerous locations throughout their entire lives with spirit so frequent they become commonplace.  Never or rarely the same entity twice to their knowledge.  2nd generation being taught from a very early age that spirits do exist and if treated with respect, are nothing to be fearful of.   

This sensitivity to the spirit world seems to be passed on down family member, after family member.  This family seems to have something about them that allows them to experience the afterlife generation after generation.  Maybe it is because of their open mindedness to the supernatural, or maybe it is hereditary.  Then again maybe it is the spirits that sense something about certain families that they don’t even know about themselves.  Until more is known about the spirit world all we can do is speculate why some families just seem to be haunted.  

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