Great Grandmother Visits


September 22, 1973 brought much sadness and happiness to my family. That was the day

that I was born and my Great Grandmother was buried. I never knew anything of my Great

Grandmother until I was 4 years old. I remember the visit like it was yesterday even

though I meet her so long ago.

I was asleep at my Grandparents house (my Great Grandma lived there too before she

died)and for some strange reason I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with a

feeling that someone was looking at me. I opened my eyes and I saw an old lady looking

at me. At the age of 4, I was scared out of my mind. I remember her telling me not to be

afraid and that she was only there to look at me because she never got a chance to. I

started to yell and just before my Grandmother came into the room to check on me the old

lady disappeared. I told my Grandma what had happened and she told me that it was just a

bad dream.

The morning when I got up, I saw a picture of my Great Grandmother in my Grandparents

bedroom and I told my Grandmother that that was the lady who visited me in the middle of

the night. And that is when I found out the story about her dying 3 days before I was

born. And deep down I know my Grandmother believes me and that I was not having a bad


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Poppa and the Pastry Frog


This is a very true tale. Two years ago my father in-law died of cancer

of the throat. He died early in the afternoon at home in his own bed,

just as he wished. That evening I sat in my bedroom grieving for him. I

heard a cough and I thought to my self, "God, that sounds like Barry."

Apart from my 2 teenage daughters (his only grandchildren) I was the only

one in the house. When I turned to look in the direction of the cough,

there stood Barry. He looked just as alive as you or I, with one

differance, he was not thin or ill looking.

He said these words to me which at the time made no sense whatsoever to

me, "Would you please tell Caroline (my youngest daughter) I am very

sorry I did not buy her the green frog? When I was alive I didn't have

the time and when I was dying THAT took up all my time. I have lots of

time now and I would buy her one, but I seem to have left my wallet at

home." Then he vanished.

The next day I duly gave his message to my daughter and asked her if it

made sense to her. She burst into tears and gave me this explanation.

When they were young children they would visit their poppa every sunday

for a few hours. He would take them to a cake shop and buy them a pastry

in the shape of a green frog. Since I was not eager for my kids to

consume treats, it became a tradition that I was not let in on.

The week before he died Caroline had been visiting him and holding his

hand, his mind was wondering and he apologised for not buying her a frog

on her 14 birthday. She had asked for one but he said she was too big a

girl at 14.

For some reason this was still bothering him in the afterlife.

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Ghost in the Basement


Today you hear many stories of ghost and the supernatural. I never

paid much attention to ghost stories until my sister and her boyfriend

had an experience that almost makes my skin crawl. They both saw a

ghostly spirit in the same place on the same eerie night.

My sister, Andrea, and her boyfriend, Mitch, were staying at my

fathers house in Evansville, Indiana. It is an older house, I would say

about fifty years old and the basement was the only place in the house

that had room for Andrea and Mitch to sleep. The basement is old with

concrete floors and has no ceiling. When you look up, you can see the

water pipes, and any other kind of piping the house has. It is really

kind of creepy. The smell is musty and it feels damp. There are only

four rooms down there: a junk room, which is never opened up, the washer

and dryer room, a bedroom which has a wooden door with vents, and just an

old den that has no use now. When you are down there, you can hear

everything going on upstairs, and you can hear the furnace kick on and

off which is kind of spooky.

One cold winter night, Andrea and Mitch were going to bed. They

went down the stairs and into the bedroom. They made sure to shut the

door behind them, so that if someone came down to do laundry the door

would keep some sound out. They crawled into bed and slowly drifted off

to sleep. Andrea recalls about three hours later thinking someone was

standing over her; she rolled over onto her back and opened her eyes.

Much to her surprise stood an old man with overalls on and an old farmers

cap standing by the bed staring at her. She started to kick the covers

off of her because she wanted out of that room quick. She was frightened

so bad that she couldn't scream or make any kind of sounds. She says

when she started kicking the man just stepped back to the wall, but was

still staring at her. She ran directly passed him, opened the door,

went upstairs and got our dad. My dad came down to check it out, while

in the meantime Mitch slept through the whole situation. When my dad

flipped on all of the lights there was no one in sight. Naturally, it

took my sister a while to be able to go back to sleep, but she finally

did. Well, about an hour later, Mitch woke up and rolled over towards

the door, which was shut, and he saw a woman's figure. He thought the

woman was our step mom so he spoke out, "Sherry, what are you doing down

here this late?". The figure just floated off into the vented door. He

then realized, the figure was not our step mom, but a ghost. He woke my

sister up, and told her what had just happened. With no hesitance, they

both went upstairs and slept at the foot of our father's bed.

The only thing we can figure out is that these lost spirits were

looking for one another. Maybe they had unfinished business to do when

they died, or maybe they never got to tell each other good-bye and they

are stuck between worlds. You never know, but I do know that I believe

in lost spirits now. I believe that if someone passes away in a sudden

death, they do not really realize that they are dead so their bodies

float around trying to take care of things that were left undone. I

believe when the lost spirit or ghost is at peace with himself, he will

pass to another world.

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Ghost in the Mirror


Hello. My name is Chris. I am 14 years old. My parents and I went on a trip to Maine

to visit some of their friends. While were staying there, we had rented a small single

family house. The house was built in 1935 and it was outside of town. My parents don't

believe me. But while I was in the bathroom. I saw and apparition of just a face. No

body. Just a face. I saw it in the shower. Scared me to death. After that I would

only go to the bathroom during daytime. My parents went into the bathroom all the time

wether it be night or day after I saw the apparition. One night after I saw it a month

ago, I got up to go to the bathroom and I thought it couldn't be real. So I went

in...and I saw it again. It freaked me out so bad, I told my parents that I am not

staying in the house for the rest of the summer. So I went and stayed in a motel with

my big brother john. They stayed at the house a while afterwards and they saw nothing.

Why was I the only one to see it? Well, that's my real life encounter with a "ghost"

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I used to live in a house that was about 90 years old. The only people that had ever

inhabited the house were members of my step-fathers family, and nobody had ever died in

the house.

When I was about 10, my mother used to tell my sister and I that she had heard somebody

walking around the ground floor of our two-story house....neither my siter( who is two

years younger than myself ) or I had been up the previous night. No explanation could be


When I was 14, my youngest sister was born, and this is when what I call the haunting

really intensified. Both my 'older' younger sister and I heard somebody walking around

the house, both on the stairs to the second floor, as well as the stairs to the basement.

During this time, we both had bedrooms on the ground floor. We never actually heard

anything on the ground floor, just on the staircases to both of the other floors.

Not long after this, I was laying in my bed, trying to get to sleep one night. My

'older' sister had a bedroom opposite my own, with a bathroom in between us. There was a

door from either bedroom into the bathroom. I heard the door on her side open,

footsteps, and then the door on my side open. I also heard very distinctive footsteps on

my floor....the floor ALWAYS creaked when anybody walked across it. I assumed that my

younger sister had a nightmare or something, and had come into my room to sleep as she

had done many times in the past. I heard four or five footsteps, then nothing. I

waited, and waited, and waited...fully expecting her to say something to me along the

lines of "I can't sleep, can I sleep in here?". Nothing came. I finally rolled over,

and saw somebody dressed in a flowing white gown standing about 15 feet from my bedside.

I have poor eyesight, and at the time wore glasses exlusively. I still assumed this to

be my sister, and said something to the effect of, "What? You can't sleep? You can stay

in here if you want to.". I then waited, and the person said nothing to me, just stood

there. I thought that my sister was either sleep-walking, or didn't want to wake our

parents by saying anything, so I rolled over again. I waited about a mintue, then rolled

over, and there was nobody there. I heard no footsteps leaving the room....I got out of

bed, walked over to my sisters room, and found her sound asleep in here bed and she was

NOT wearing anything even remotely close to the what the figure I saw in my room had been

wearing. Needless to say, I did not sleep very much the rest of the night.

Once my youngest sister was around one, I volunteered to move into the basement, while my

older sister remained on the ground floor. My youngest sister took over the room that my

older sister had been in, and she in turn took my old bedroom. Not long after this, my

mother revieled to us that she had seen several green lights floating around my baby

sister's source for the lights could be found or explained. The footsteps

continued to be heard by all members of the family, and my 'older' sister and myself were

still being blamed for this. When my youngest sister turned two ( I was 16 at the time

), she started telling everyone that she wanted the man in her room to leave. Nobody

besides myself ( as far as I know ) ever saw ANYBODY in the house that should'nt be

there, yet my youngest sister constantly complained about the man in her room, and she

wanted him to leave.

One of the WORST episodes I ever experienced in this house is when I was about 17, and my

younger sister was 15. We were sitting watching TV in the living room, and nobody else

was home. The main entrance to our house was off of the kitchen, where you would walk

through the door, then through a pair of bar-style doors into the kitchen. We both very

distinctly heard the main door open and close, the bar-style doors swing open and close,

then somebody walk across the kitchen floor into the dining room. The entire ground

floor creaked when you walked on it....there was absolutely no mistaking somebody walking

on the ground floor. We both assumed it was our mother coming home that eveing, and both

of us called out "Mom?". No answer. Again with "Mom?", and again no answer. We then

walked out of the living room into the kitchen, and looked around. Nobody to be seen. I

then walked to the front door, and the chain-lock on the door was in place and the door

was locked. Still, nobody anywhere in the house. My sister was still in the kitchen

when I went into the aforementioned bathroom between the two bedrooms on the ground

floor. I turned on the light, looked around, found nobody in either the bedrooms or the

bathroom, then turned off the light....only the light would not turn off! The lights

dimmed to about 50% luminosity even though the switch was completely off. The lights in

this bathroom never did this before, nor did they ever do it again! My sister and I,

finding nobody in the house, decided it was probably a good time to leave and got out of

the house as quickly as possible.

Now, the WORST episode in the house came when I was 19, my younger sister was 17, and she

had a friend living in the house of the same age. Her friend had a Ouija board, and for

fun, they pulled it out and asked who the cause of the haunting was. The board came up

with the answer of "Brad", our step-father. It also, on it's on ( and without prompting

), said "Get out". Very short, very simple. We moved out of the house not long after

this episode, and the house and grounds have been sold and buldozed. There is now a

major hardware store sitting on the site....I can't wait to here what anyone who works

there has to say.

Everything I've told you is 100% accurate, and I would swear on a 100 bibles and 100

polygraphs to the accuracy of this....even as I was typing it, the hair on the back of my

neck is standing on end. I had NEVER believed in ghosts until we moved into this house,

and I thank my lucky stars that we moved a looooooong way away from it, and have left

Brad behind! I have absolutely no explantion for this haunting. The one thing I can

tell you is that I experienced a lot of things in this house that I wouldn't wish upon my

worst enemy, and hope to NEVER experience again.

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The Cowboy


When I was five years old, I was befriended by a cowboy. Our house

was built on land that was formerly the "Hastings Ranch" in southern

California. My cowboy had red hair, wore a red bandana, plaid shirt,

blue jeans. I cannot say how old he was, because I was so young at

that time. But he seemed at least as old as my father. I do not

recall seeing his feet. In any case, he just appeared one day while I

was outside enjoying our swing. He told me he would be my friend and

I gladly accommodated him. I loved horses at the time and he always

had many, many horse stories to tell me. He would tell me when I had

to go back inside to eat dinner, when I could go across the street to

visit my girlfriend. It soon became a big joke in my family, and in

the neighborhood, that I had an "imaginary friend." I recall once my

older sister teasing me about my imaginary friend and he was standing

right beside her. I asked her, "but can't you see him?" She said,

"No." I was the only one who could see him.

I was so enthralled by his horse stories, and accounts of his cowboy

days! One day, he told me if I dug in a certain spot, I would find an

old cowboy boot. Excitedly, I started to dig where he indicated the

boot would be. I first uncovered some rusty barbed wire, but then I

uncovered the boot!! It was brown, rotten leather and I could hardly

contain my excitement as I showed my mother the prize my cowboy had

given me.

"Get that filthy thing out of the house and wash your hands after you


I reburied the boot where I had found it. It is probably still there.

As I grew older, his appearances became less frequent. Once, I hadn't

seen him in a few weeks and I was getting concerned. I went into the

breezeway area of our house and, to my delight, he was standing right

there. "There you are!" I said, "I've been looking for you."

I cannot recall what he told me that day. But I do recall that

finally, one day, he told me I would not be seeing him anymore. I

remember that it was just before I was to start first grade. After

that, I never saw him again.

The cowboy was the nice ghost. But our house was filled with other,

malevolent spirits that filled my younger sister and I with fear. For

instance, we shared a bedroom together and often heard the footsteps

of heavy boots tramping on the roof from one end of the house to the

other. My older brother and sister never heard these footsteps on the

roof, even when they were tramping over their own bedrooms. Once, at

our insistence, our father went out in the dark and checked the roof.

Of course, he found nothing.

My younger sister and I also heard the clicking of slippers going down

the hall of our house, which passed the children's bedrooms. Again,

none of our siblings heard these slippers.

Finally, there was the blue bathroom in our home. It was always

inordinately cold and always had a spooky feeling to it. One evening,

during dinner, I left the dinner table for reasons I cannot recall.

Again, I was five or six years old. I got up on the counter to look

at my face closely in the mirror. As I was doing so, I saw movement

behind me. When I looked down, I saw a bizarre creature behind me, a

stocky, brown, tree-trunk like figure, reaching up to grab me with

long branch-like arms. I scooted across the counter, but could not

avoid it and it pulled me down onto the floor. The next thing I

recall is being on the floor, crying, with my whole family standing

around me. When I told them what happened, they did not believe me.

Still, as an adult, I have nightmares about that blue bathroom.

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The Resturant


I have many ghost stories to tell but I will just tell you about two of my

experiences. I was about 18 years old at the time working as an assistant chef in an

old house that was turned into a restaurant. I have seen ghosts and felt presences

since I was very young so I wasn't shocked when I had my most exciting experience. I

started having dreams of a young women who always looked the same. When I would go to

the cellar to get some food I could hear a women calling my name. I didn't know if I

was going crazy or if it was real. When I went back up stairs into the food prep room

with my back towards the door. I heard someone calling my name expecting to see my boss

I turned around and seen an image of this lady that I had been dreaming about. The hair

stood up all over my body. I turned around to continue working when two containers flew

off the shelf, one hitting me and one going across the room. Later I found a picture of

the lady standing in front of the house dressed in the exact same dress that I seen her

in. I knew then that I wasn't crazy.

My second story concerns animals. I have a very deep connection with my animals. I

worked at a horse stable and when I was cleaning out the stalls I would hear a horse

with shoes on walking on the concrete on the other side of the barn. Thinking one of

the horses got back in I went to investigate. I walked over to the other side of the

barn and I seen a near solid horse vision standing in a stall swinging his head up and

down. I was curious of why this horse would continue to stay around. I questioned my

boss who is also a believer in the ghost world about this horse I see. I fully

described him explaining that one day he was sick and the next day he was well again.

She told me that it sounded like a horse that was put to sleep because of a condition

known as the heaves where one day he was sick and the next day he was okay. Eventually

I seen less of him until his visits stopped.

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The Woman in the Mirror


My family had just moved into this house from a different part of town, it didn't seem

strange just driving by. Once I came and got settled in I began to hear strange

noises as if someone were walking around the ceiling in my room. The entrance

to the attic was on the outside of the house, so I thought that it was probably

just an animal that had wandered into the opening. The next day I went up to

get whatever it was out so I could get some sleep the next night. I didn't

really believe in ghosts before this event occurred, but since then my ideas

about the supernatural have changed drastically. As I walked up the stairs

a got really cold and the scent of antiquity became more apparent. This

surprised me because it was the middle of August and in definately isn't that

cold in the south. I heard a voice and it told me that it wanted my family to leave.

I thought it was just my imagination and tried to find the source of the noise, that

had kept me awake. I came upon a large wooden mirror, in it I could see my length

and the rest of the room behind me the cool feeling came back and I felt a

cold clamy sensation on my neck I just stared into the mirror and behind me

appeared a woman, she was very beautiful, but she held a look of sadness that

I had never seen before. I wasn't afraid she then spoke to me saying we

had to leave before her husband came home. I told her that the only man

here was my father. Then from out of no where came a sudden gust of wind and

a dark cloud. I turned to look at her again, but she was gone.

I encountered her several more times and each time she told me the samething.

Never was I afraid of her, but each time she left the same dark cloud came and a bad smell.

I was out in the garden one night with a few close friends when she came running from the house

I was sure of my sanity then because everyone else saw it as well. She was

wringing her hands and opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

I did some research at the local library. It turned out that our house once belonged

to Richard and Elizabeth Montgomery in the early 1900's . Richard murdered

Elizabeth and then shot himself. He thought that she had an afair with his

brother and anger got the best of him. To make a long story short we had the

house blessed and every once in a while, I still get a visit from her, but she seems

happier now. The evil spirit is gone, I hope she can find peace now.

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The Basement


when I was 15 or so,I had the experience I only want to live once, we

lived in a city called wyandotte,michigan.lived in a 2 story house that

was located in a pretty nice area of town.My parents went out to there

normal Friday get together, at there friend house, I was babysiting and

my brothers and sister were trying to find things to do. well we all

said lets have a seance just for the fun of it,we got candles ,a box for

the table and we sat aound the box with our hand held together in a

circle, well, we were laughing carrying on having good old fashion

fun,at least that what we thought,we said a lot of things like if there

are any ghost in the house come get us ,things of that nature. well of

course nothing happened,at least not that night. A couple of weeks later

things started disapearing not big things, small stuff like portraites

of family members,small items that were'nt very important.well as time

went on so did the stuff that was happening to me and my sisters ,it

started with me ,i was babysitting my brothers and sister,when i laid

down on the couch to go to sleep [I slept on the couch when i babysat

,so I can hear my folks come in ]I was laying there when I heard the

door handle , then i heard footsteps going down into the basement,but

when they reach the bottom I heard the cow bell that was on the kitchen

counter that we kept for decoration, start to ring not easy ,but hard.

At that time we had a great dane , from the time it started to the time

it ended all that dog did was hide behind me and stare at the door

leading into the basement,I personally was to scared to move.when my

folks came home I asked them if they had come home and left again last

night ,of course they did not then came the dreams,not your

normal dreams but dreams of being thrown around the very room you slept

in ,not being able to see your attaker, It's not very often that I

remember a dream for more than a couple of hrs after i wake up, to this

day that dream felt so real that i just could not forget it.but when i

woke myself up from that dream which happened on more then one

occation,i would be under my covers looking thru the knitted mesh type

blanket my mother had made for us and seen a figure if you will or a

shadow right beside my bed . you can't believe the chills i am getting

,right this very moment as I describe what had sister got

kicked in her bed,my younger sister heard foot steps going from one room

to another the eery feeling of being watched everytime we went upstairs

or in the basement,I always felt that feeling in between my shoulder plants that never grew but stayed dorment.What i"m about to

tell you ,was the straw that broke the camels back,I was laying in bed

not yet asleep, when my bed started shaking as if someone was trying to

wake me up,I pretended i was sleeping but the shaking grew more

intense,I sat up and yelled stop it ,the shaking stopped ,only to start

up again after a few seconds, I yelled get the hell out of here and the

bed stopped.well I could go on forever but I stop for now, but on

closing,I just wanted to let you know thatit was'nt untill a few yrs ago

I am now 37,that the same stuff was happening to my brothers and sisters

in detail,It was if we all read the same book ,the things that happened

to me happened to them, and I did'nt even know it .I dont even think

they told the folks. for all i now, it happened to them and there not

talking about either.I now and then go by the house wondering if it's

happening to the peaple that is living there now.I would go and ask but

I"M afraid the ghost following me home, If that is at all possible. well

i'll stop for now ,hope you enjoy this ,I know I lived it long enough!22

yrs ago and remember it as if it was yesterday, have fun reading .

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The Ghost on Willis Drive


My story starts when I was nineteen years old. I started dating a guy who

was in the US Navy attached to a submarine stationed out of Norfolk

Virginia. He was one of the nicest fellows I had ever dated at that time.

He treated me like a lady and I fell in love with him and we were married

within the year.

The first time he took me over to his house (which actually was owned by

his parents who lived out of state) he had been to sea for a couple of

weeks,the house being closed up for that length of time. When he unlocked

the door and walked in he said " Hello, house, I'm home!". Now, I never

thought he was strange, but at that moment I thought he had lost his

mind! I asked him why he had said that and his response was that the

house was haunted and he wanted to stay on the ghost's good side. I,at

this point didn't know what to think.

The story he told about his first experience was interesting. He had been

out partying with some friends and came home a bit in the bag. He went to

sleep and later woke up hearing something breathing heavily. He thought,

Okay, I've been drinking and I am probably hearing myself breath or maybe

I was snoring. He then held his breath for a minute, but the breathing

did not stop! He jumped out of bed, threw his clothes on and drove the

hour or so to the Norfolk Navy Base to spend the night on his submarine.

He later returned home, thinking that it was because he had been drinking

that he had thought he had heard the breathing. Not so! Things started to

disappear and turn up much later in the strangest places. Sometimes he

would get a feeling of approval from somewhere if he was doing something

domestic such as sewing hash marks or patches on his uniform. I know that

sounds strange, but I believed him. After all this man had a mind like an

engineer. You know they don't believe in anything that they can't see or

touch. He never would have even mentioned it if he wasn't convinced that

he had a ghost.

Anyway, to get on with my story of the house! Really nothing happened at

first that was unnerving. I thought that maybe it really was a figment of

his imagination. However, when he went to sea for the first time and I

was alone in the house, I found out differently. First let me say that I

never saw anything weird in the house. No ghosts floating down the hall

or standing over me. There were however, several cold spots in the house

that were so cold that it was like stepping into a freezer.

I would go to sleep at night and leave a brush or a teacup on the bedside

table only to awake in the morning and find them gone. This drove me nuts

because I knew that no one else was in the house with me. The only time I

was really frightened was when the power would go off during a storm. I

would get on the phone with anyone who would keep me company until the

lights came on again. One night while I was on the phone with my

girlfriend's mother (my friend wasn't at home and I decided that her

mother would do just fine keeping me company) I heard the ringing of

small bells coming from the other room! My husband's parents had 2 small

poodles and when they came to visit had left the dog's toys behind. The

toys consisted of a woman's stocking which had been knotted with a small

bell attached to it. The dog's loved to play with these. I had just

cleaned the family room that day and while dusting had seem the toys

sitting on an end table. I know that I left them there. When the lights

came back on, they were on the other side of the room on the floor.

The strangest thing happened one night when I had invited a friend and

her boyfriend over for dinner. She and I had known each other for years

and had never had problems communicating. It turned into one of the most

strained evenings I have ever had to get through. She and I could hardly

talk to each other. I kept wondering what I had done to tick her off. Her

boyfriend was also very reserved which was not at all like him. I decided

to muddle through the evening and hope that I could figure out what the

problem was later. The next day, she called to "See if I was alright"!

She said that while she was there that she felt something evil or at the

least angry about the house. This was the first time she had been there.

I guess I should say that the house was only about 10 years old at the

time. Strange age for a haunted house. She had gone home that night and

had a awful feeling that something bad was going to happen. She even

called her boyfriend to see if he was alright. He was just about ready to

call her to see if she was okay. She was so upset that she carried a

weapon (knife) with her for about a week, not understanding what her

premonition meant. She finally admitted to me that she would never come

into that house again and that I shouldn't stay there when my husband was

at sea. I thought she had lost her mind since I really had never felt

threatened except when the power went out at night.

My husband came home from sea and we found out that I was expecting our

first child. At first nothing really happened but then it started.

Fortunately, my husband never told me the things that were going on until

he convinced me to move to our own apartment. I kept thinking, why should

we move from a 3 bedroom home with everything I could ever want and move

to an apartment. His excuse finally was that his parents wanted to sell

the house and we would have to move. Once we moved, he would never let go

back in. I finally found out why!

When he was home from sea, he would get up very early in the morning to

get ready to go to work at the Navy Base. I would stay in bed. He finally

told me that when he would get up in the morning, that he would go into

the kitchen to turn on the coffee. He looked into the dining room and all

of the chairs which had been pushed up to the table would all be

rearranged all over the room. He of course would put them back where they

belonged and not tell me. He also would find eggs broken in the sink,

things that had been put up the night before were again out on the

kitchen counter, also things were rearranged in the family room. The

strange thing to him was that everything that was rearranged were things

that I had owned when we got married. Nothing of his or his parents, who

had graciously furnished the house, was moved! This worried him since

none of this had started before I got pregnant!

After we moved, we would go back to check the house. Again, he would not

let me go into the house! The house was on the market and the furniture

had been left there until it sold. He would find everything in disarray.

The realtor would call from time to time complaining that she couldn't

get into the house. The key wouldn't work. She wanted to know if we had

changed the locks.

To make a long story shorter than I might if I keep on rambling, we did

some research on the house. Now, remember that the house was only about

10 years old. What we found out was the original owner's wife had died

from some sort of cancer that she had been battling for years. This

cancer evidently prevented her from having children. We were told that

she had wanted a large family. My husband thinks that when I became

pregnant that this woman's ghost was jealous and somehow would have

injured me or our son if we had stayed. I had my doubts since I had never

really felt threatened while in the house, except when the lights went


I found out later that my husband had premonitions that came true! He

told me one day that he was going to die young. He took out extra life

insurance so that our son and I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Six months later he was dead from a freak accident at work that could not

have been predicted. I still wonder if he was right about my being in

danger because I was pregnant. Did she want our child or did she want to

prevent the birth of our child? I will never know the answer to that

question. I keep wanting to go back to the house and ask the present

owners if they had experienced anything strange in the house. I have

never had the nerve.

It has been 25 years since I lived there and sometimes I think that it

was just an over active imagination and then I remember what really took

place there. I haven't told all that happened because of limitations on

time and of space, but I have given the basics. I hope never to live in a

house where there is a vindictive spirit.

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