Mary Sticham


There is said to be a witch named Mary Sticham....In Layfette OH....She

was killed in a witch trial from what I know...She haunts the graveyard in a

little little town...there a few tombstones...and them there is a hill below

with more stones...they are so old...u can bearly read them...But a friend

of my fathers use to go out there and party ...they would try to see her...When

they killed her they cut her head off :( and buried in a another

grave....Said to be at midnight she goes looking for her head....Well they

were out there partying that night...and my Dad;s friends was walking down

the hill when he got hit with a apple some girl that was with them through

at him....and he woke up the next morning next to a grave with his last name on

it....He totally freaked....cause this is a small town and everyone knew

everyone...and noone had his last name....he couldn't find any info about

the grave...but he is still freaked....also they have got spooked out there

...and couldn't start their bikes...but could start them after they got down

the hill....said strange lights are up there...we have a video of the

graveyard with the man telling the tale...pretty he lived with

ghosts in his house....hope everyone likes e-mail me if u know about this

graveyard or u wanna chat...

I'll Never Forget...


I had an experience a few years ago that I'll never forget...I stayed in

a three level house in an older section of the city. This section is a

regal type of area but the houses date back to the beginnings...

The house had 2 living rooms, a small kitchen ,big verandah on front of

house and 1/2 bathroom on main level. The second floor had 2 connected

bedrooms and master bedroom with another verandah which ended up on top

of veranda on main floor. There was a full bathroom on this floor also

with, get this, a hanging type of verandah that led off from the

bathroom. Nobody used this verandah which went to the back of house. On

the 2nd there was a small spiral staircase that led to the 3rd

floor...there were 2 bedrooms here...this is where I stayed...

It was a hippie type of setting in that there was a bunch of friends

living together...mind you this happened in the early 80's. About the

3rd night of my being in my new surroundings I began to feel quite

depressed to the point that I felt suicidal & I didn't know why. When

comparing stories later with another person that had lived there with

me, I found out that I wasn't the only one to experience suicidal

thoughts. Along with my suicidal thoughts that night, I had another

strange thought go through my head right then, "There's a girl in here

right now." I wondered what I was doing thinking stupid like that. You

see, I left this house before anyone else and I was the last person to

find out that a strange girl(and she was also malicious) was being seen

by the ones who weren't smart like me to move out earlier. I basically

kept to myself while I was living there and I was given my space. Life

in that house got spookier...One night as I was washing my hair in the

sink (2nd floor), and the doornob behind me, which led to verandah,

began to jiggle and make a sound like someone was playing with the

doornob. Of course I was spooked. I would stop and look at the

doornob,with soap running down my face, and wonder what was going on. I

mustered enough courage to open the door to see who was in the

verandah...nobody. So I thought I must be imagining things & then

proceeded to finish my hair. The doornob jiggled again. I would stop

washing my hair, look at the doorknob, and then the jiggling would stop.

I tried the more to hurry up with my hair. Everytime I started to wash

my hair the jiggling would continue until I looked at the doorknob. I

was quite scared. I only got my hair done that night because I got a

friend to talk to me while I did my hair. In the meantime different

people were having their own experiences. On one of the rare occaisons

when there was hardly anybody in the house, one of my friends was about

to ascend to the 2nd floor when a pillow came rolling down the stairs.

She began to question whoever was around if they were the prankster. At

that time I was on the 3rd floor reading a book and she questioned me

also. We didn't say much more to each other about the odd incident but I

know people living in this house were beginning to talk and compare

their experiences. A bad habit of mine at one time was to stay up watch

TV and drink coffee all night. Just once I tried to do this in this

house. I found I couldn't do this because when I did attempt to enjoy my

favorite pasttime, I felt such an such a feeling that someone was

watching me and I knew that I was the only one up. I also felt so very

scared that I just didn't dare stay up any longer. I quickly trashed

that idea. I would find out later from my other friends who tried to be

up alone that they would experience someone calling their name in a

whispering voice. I'm really glad that didn't happen to me...Finally I

couldn't stay there anymore because I was so depressed. I felt like

everybody was friends but me (depressing thoughts). I asked my mom if I

could come back to live at home. I was glad when she said yes. I didn't

bother to let anybody know my plans to leave...I just thought I would do

my friends a favor before I left and that was to leave the house

spotless & clean. So on one particular day, when no one was around, I

began to clean. I even made myself a pot of coffee. I got my clothes

ready. Meanwhile I was feeling more & more jumpy. I was even scared to

leave my packed clothes on the 3rd floor and get them when I left. I was

that jumpy and I still didn't think the reasons were that the house was

haunted. So I took my clothes and propped open the front door with them.

I managed to finish cleaning one living room when suddenly an

overpowering feeling of fear overtook me so that I dropped everything

that I was doing and literally ran out the front door grabbing my

clothes as I left. I got outside and took a long look at the house and

walked away. I'll also never forget the feeling of relief & peace I felt

as I got further & further away from the house. I was never on too great

on talking terms with some of the people there afterward because I was

quite depressing to be around when I was living there. One night I was

visiting an one of the old friend's when all of a sudden the sound of

many rushing feet came throught the door. Here it was the good ole gang.

They had fled that house in fear because they were beginning to see the

spirit of a girl there beginning to manifest itself exactly about the

time I left there! I'll never forget...

Interesting Story


I have had no choice but to believe in the "other side" from as early as

I can remember.

My first and only visual confrontation with a spirit occurred when I was

between 2 & 3 years old.

My mother had put me in a crib in her room for a nap while she went

downstairs and continued her housework. No one else was in the house

but her and I.

I remember waking from my nap and holding on to the rails of the crib

while yelling "Ma, come get me". The house was very large, and I could

hear her walking about downstairs. I felt very impatient about getting

out of the crib and remember sizing up the railings to decide whether or

not to climb out.

I continued to yell, "Ma, come get me" and out of the corner of my eye

I saw "something" glide off of my mother's bed and materialize into a

grey, shape. It precisely glided forward, and then towards me and

extended its "arms" out to me! I backed away from the rails, and

uttered "No, not you!" I didn't know anything about spirits, but I knew

that witnessing this was shocking.

The figure immediately retracted to exactly where it had come from,

including flattening back out on my Mother's bed.

In a matter of seconds, my Mother appeared in the doorway. I told her

that "something" else had tried to lift me out. She looked frightened

for a moment and then told me that I was dreaming, but all of this had

occurred while I was awake and waiting for her. I didn't understand,

then, why she hadn't given more credance to such an unusual event.

My grandmother had passed away when I was age 2, I later learned. I

believe that her spirit had tried to show me kindness, however I never

felt comfortable alone in an empty room of that house.

In the next ten years my own mother passed away. My brother, father.

and I all experienced strange occurrences of one kind or another.

My father told me years later (when I was in my late 20s) that he too

believed that the house was haunted and it was only when he gave away my

Grandmother's bedroom set and her giant framed photographs, that the

unusual goings on had ended.

I am not sure that they have ended. I haven't lived in that house for

28 years, but often wonder.

Litchfield Mn

By: "Jackie Moore"

Okay, I've always thought about ghosts but it all started when I moved to Litchfield, Minnesota.

We remodeled an old farm house that had 5 fires in it. One day I was cooking in the kitchen and

all of a sudden the towel caught on fire. It was terrible. That wasn't even the worse of it.

One night I came home from work and my brothers wouldn't go to bed so I sent them up stairs. All

of a sudden there was pounding on the walls upstairs. I went upstairs and outside to check and

at that time my brothers were down stairs crying. So I called my boyfriend first and then my mom

who was at work too. I was crying so she came home instantly and we prayed. That hasn't happened

since. Then I was taking a shower one morning and on the mirror was DIE. I wasn't too afraid cuz

I thought it was my siblings but no one was home. So I was afraid. Another incidence is this

little t.v. we have doesn't stay on. I'm convinced that I have ghosts and it really scares me.

Lately I moved to Hutchinson and I experienced something else that I found unexplainable. One

night I was just watching television and the fire alarms in my apartment went off. They aren't

battery operated either. Freaky huh. Well there are my stories.

My Friends Experience


Recently my friend was in bed when she saw a figure in the corner of her room. It was a little

girl with no face (It was grey with no features except two black holes for eyes) but the rest of

her body was visable. She was wearing denim dungarees and her hair was in pigtails she also

discribed some sort of small hat (quaker's style) but wasn't sure. The girl slowly came towards

her but then disappeared when she shouted loudly. We are trying to find some sort of explanation

for this and we would be grateful if you could help.

My Ghost "SAM"


I have lived with "ghosts" every since I can remember. The house I lived in

while I was growing up is haunted by a blonde child (boy I think). The only

way you can see this ghost is out of the corner of your eye, you never can

see him looking straight ahead. He runs up and down the hall (which ends

into the kitchen). You can see the hallway/kitchen entrance from the

livingroom and for years I would see him run by, but I always thought it was

my little brothers (who were the same height and blonde). Until one night

my parents were gone and my four brothers and I were sitting in the livingroom

with the lights off watching T.V. and I saw him run from the kitchen and

down the hall, I sat there for a minute wondering what my little brothers were

into. Then I realized everyone that was in the house was in the livingroom

with me. I always knew the house was haunted, but I never thought I had

ever seen the spirit until that night. Then I realized I had been seeing it for

years. I told my brothers about it and we all decided to call this spirit

Sam, because we didn't know if it was a girl or boy and Sam seemed


It seemed to be attached to just me, cause I was the only one who could see

it and my room was the region of its source somehow. My room was always the

coldest room in the house no matter what time of year. I grew up in

Oklahoma and the summer's out here aren't very nice, but my room was always cold.

Cold to where I would need a comforter and blankets every single night!

Some nights Sam (I hope that is who it was) would shake my bed and wake me up

in a fright, leaving me there wondering if the bed was really still moving or was

it just my heart pounding. I was too scared to move or open my eyes to see.

Some nights he would turn on my radio waking me up and wondering if my

little brothers were being brats again only to find them sound asleep in their


There was one night that I was not quite asleep yet, I was lying on my back

with one of my arms up resting on my forehead, when I felt this cold breeze

on my arm and then something just threw my arm off of my forehead and onto

my chest and then the radio came on. It was so fast I didn't know what had

happen until I thought about it. Soon after, I moved out and in with my

sister (who really needs to submit her stories), when I was 16. My parents

moved a couple of years later, but they still own the house. When I was

24 I had gotten a divorce from my first husband and moved back into the house

with my two children. I made the room that use to be mine into a toy room, I

really didn't need them to sleep in there. Then I meet my second husband

and he moved in with us. The next thing I know Mark (my second/present husband)

is asking me if anyone has every died in the house. I told him that I

really didn't know and asked him why. He told me that the toyroom light keeps

flicking on and off. It freaked him out really bad. I explained to him

that there was a spirit in the house and we have always called him Sam and if Sam

freaked him out too bad to tell him to just go to bed. Then Mark was able

to see him, only out of the corner of his eye, running up and down the


It would freak him out pretty bad and he hated it when it would happen while

I wasn't home (he feels safe when I am at home even now, because he says I

know how to handle the spirits! I'm just not afraid of them is all). But

soon he got use to telling Sam to go to bed, when he would say that the

happenings would stop for a night or two and then start up again. We lived

there for two years and then moved out. It is empty right now, until my

parents sale it, for some reason everytime they try to sale it something

happens and it never sales. Well there is the start of my little

adventures. I have more because that is one of my hobbies "Ghosts Hunting"

is what my sisters and I call it. I will have to submit the story about the

one that followed me home one night, but that will come later. Hope you

enjoyed. Not quite scary, but adventful.

My Great Aunt's House


My great aunt Marion had 3 sons; Murphy, Peter and Victor. Peter was the

oldest, and when he was in his early 30s, he killed himself in her house.


was staying with her while going through a divorce, and he was very

depressed. One day while my aunt was at work, he took all the pills in her

medicine cabinet (and there were a lot - Marion had a heart condition) and

drank most of a bottle of vodka. My poor aunt found him dead on the floor in

her den when she came home that evening. Then, within a few months, Murphy,

who was in his late twenties, was diagnosed with some rare kind of cancer


died of it within 6 months. A few months following that, my grandfather

died, and grandmother went to live with Marion, her sister. A few months

later, my grandmother died of a stroke on Maron's living room couch. (Poor

Aunt Marion, you'd think all that shock and grief would have finished her

off, what with her already having heart problems.) All these deaths happened

in the time span of about year. The next Valentine's Day rolled around,

and when Marion came home from work, her housekeeper told her she "couldn't

get the hearts up of the carpet in the den". She didn't understand what the

lady was talking about, so she went into the den to have a look. There were

hearts, in a pattern like footsteps, leading from the doorway of the room to

the place where Peter was found. In that space was a great big heart, a

couple of feet wide. It was like someone had brushed the nap of the carpet

in the opposite direction to draw the heart shapes into the carpet. The

housekeeper told my aunt she'd vacuumed over it numerous times, and done

everything she could think of to get rid of them, but they wouldn't go


Marion got down on her hands and knees and tried to brush the hearts away

with her hands. But they just wouldn't go. They finally called the

University of Maryland, who promptly came out and investigated. They

confirmed it as an actual psychokinetic phenomenon. As far as I know, the

hearts are still there today. Marion thought it was a message from Peter; a

valentine to say he loved her and that he was sorry he killed himself (and

for doing it in her house). My mother thinks it was grandmother, because

"she was so sweet and that's just the sort of thing she would do -send a

valentine to her sister". Other relatives thought it might be Murphy for

some reason I can't remember, but I think it was Peter, because the "foot

steps" lead to the big heart that was in the place where they found him.

The whole thing clearly says Peter to me. Spooky, huh? Definitely. But also

kind of neat, because to me, it's more proof that there is life after


And it's also neat to know that they can communicate with us, and that maybe

our loved ones who go on before us get to watch over us, or at least come

back and visit us sometimes, even if we aren't always aware of it.

My House is Haunted


My name is Albert ,I am 12 years old. My house is very haunted. I know

that on the website you must have many stories about people living in

haunted houses. However my story is truly unique. My grandmother would never come

into my house because she knew it was haunted. She never said anything about

it but I knew. She can tellthe history of a house by just taking one step

in. She would either like the feeling or dislike the feeling of the house. She

is afraid of my house.

It all started back when I was 8 years old. Me my brother and my pop-pop

were outside looking for arrowheads. We found two. When it started to get

dark we went inside for bed. In the middle of the night I awoke and I did

not know why. So I went and got some water. a came back to my room and found a

tall green man walkingacross my room and through the wall. I was in the

state of shock. Isnapped out of it a few minutes later and I slept in the living

room. When I was ten my favorite cat died. He was black and white and always

slept on my bed. I had a dream one night that he had come back from the dead

and was running around the house terrorizing me and my family. When I woke

up I was covered with black and white cat hairs.

Everybody thinks that I should get my parents to move somewhere else but

I won't. Because if it is haunted what will happen to the next family who

lives here? I'm not leaving until I find out what's going on.

My Story and a Little Advice

By: Emily N Wallace

Hi. I read your story about your encounter with the ghosts. I do believe in ghosts because when

I was a little girl I lived in a haunted house. I don't believe in human spirits bound to the

earth however. I only believe in demons. When Satan was thrown out of Heaven he took angels with

him. Those became demons. I believe sometimes they take human form, just as I believe God's

angels do the same. Anyway, they are not usually a pleasant thing to have around, whatever they

are. Here's my story.

The house that I lived in for the first four years of my life was haunted. It was not haunted

when we left. I'm not sure how old I was when the demons were driven out, but I think I was about

18 months old. I don't remember any of this. The entire account has been told to me by my family

. My father was a pastor of a church that was on the same lot as the house. The house and the

church were, literally, 5 steps away from each other. What makes this so odd is, the house and

the church were both haunted. There are so many stories from different people that heard and

saw different things, this story is going to be very choppy. I know that it already is. Just

bear with me. My dad would be working in his office in the church and hear noises. Footsteps,

doors banging, and he got strange phone calls some times. My sister, who would practice the

piano and singing in the church also heard these things. A lovely old women at the church said

that she heard demons laughing and playing in the church. In the house, or the parsonage, as

we called it, there were many more strange things. The door bell would ring constantly for no

reason. My aunt was sleeping on the couch one night and thought she heard something. It sounded

like ladies having a prayer meeting. She got up to look around to see if a TV or radio was on,

and nothing was. She went back to sleep. She woke up again and saw a woman standing near a

window. She went back to sleep. (My aunt has seen such things before, I don't think it bothered

her.) A friend of my parents staying with us saw the same thing at a different time. Neither

my aunt or this friend had spoken with each other about this. An evangelist and his wife were

staying in one of our bedrooms. During the night a hand started choking the wife. The only thing

she could do was squeeze her husband's hand to wake him up. He woke up and told it to go away in

the name of Jesus. It let go of her.

Now you have to understand my father was not one to get into the ghost thing. Neither was the

friend who saw the woman, like my aunt did. I would never expect him to admit our house had been

haunted but he did. I didn't hear all of this until I was much older and it shocked me. Anyway,

everyone at church must have found out about all this activity. At some point they all got

together and prayed through the church and through the house. No priests needed, no rituals, or

holy water. Just some good ole church folks praying. After they prayed, all the activity stopped

. You see, they told those demons something very important. To go away in the name of Jesus. That

name is very important. It has authority. It is the only thing that can drive them away. The

only thing.

My advice to you or anyone you know struggling with a ghost problem is to find someone who goes

to a Pentecostal church to help pray the problem away. I say Pentecostal because those are

people that know about spiritual warfare. I go to the Church of God of Prophecy. I know you

must think I'm some kind of religious nut rambling on here but my story is true. I believe your

story because I know that if you tell a ghost to go away it will quit bothering you. It probably

did stick around though. And I also know that it is a bad thing to call a ghost back. They can't

be helped. These aren't people who need rest. These are fallen angels who are damned. They don't

shy away at crosses or any other religious relic. They only respond to a person who is saved by

the blood of Jesus and rebukes them in the name of Jesus. No demon is afraid of any human. That

includes priests, or any other kind of minister. Remember my father was a very wonderful

minister and we had demons in our house. The only person they are afraid of is Jesus Christ.

Call on Jesus, and let Him remove the spirits.

I'm sorry this e-mail was so horrendously long. I do hope this helps you or someone else in some


My Ungodly Experiances

By: Anonymous

When I was about 3 in 1987 me and my mom lived with my moms best friend in Gibraltar ,Michigan.

He was a mean old man but helped my mother out with tremendlessly,but what she didnt know is

that he was malesting me while he watched me . I was to young to know it was wrong so of cource

I never told her. About a year later we moved in with my cousin cause her friend " Lester" lost

the house. I'd say 2try later my mom got a call from him asking us to come live with him again,

so we did. He passed on 2 yrs later. In his car out in front of the house, he had a heart attack.

He left everything to my mom even his GHOSTLY car.

It all started one day about 2 or 3 years after Lesters death, We were at my moms friends house

and was getting ready to leave and I when out to the car to warm it up and listen to the radio

( in the car he died in). I looked up to see if my mom was coming yet and I looked back at the

radio I seen something out of the corner of my eye, so I looked it was him laying there

motionless with a mist all around him, I got out of the car and ran in the house and told

my mom what I had seen, she tried to tell me it was my imagination. But I knew what I saw.

It was calm till I turned 12 thats when most of it started. One day I got ready for bed, and I

had to slam the door and pull on it to make sure it was shut and lock it cause it was old , and

thats what I did. So I was laying on the couch right beside the door when it opened forcefully

and slammed against the couch. I shot off the couch but thought it was my mom back from work ,

she is the only one with a key ,but her car was no where and no one was at the neighbors so I

was stunded cause I knew I shut and locked it.

Then it occured to me it was him. That was probably the worst thing that happened. But glasses

would fall off the dish drainer and brake, tv would turn off and on in the middle of the night

along with the stereo, walls would shake when they are as sturdy as a brick, I'd hear glasses

hit in the kitchen like a cheers or something,washer would turn on and off by its self. The worst

was when I'd be sleeping and I'd feel something grab my arm. My dog would look at things that

but I seen nothing .

Well now I have moved out of that house and have no things happening .So thank you for listening

to my story.



While reading others stories I felt that I would like to share my own.

When I was a little girl I had a Nana, my mothers grandmother , that adored me and I was her

constant companion. She used to tell me stories and give me treats even though dinner would be

cooking and she wasnt suposed to..(thats what Nana's are for) she used to say to me.

At the age of 7 I was sleeping in my bedroom when I woke up cold and decided to shut my bedroom

window.As I got up to go to the window I noticed my Nana sitting in my rocker in the corner of

my room. I was a little shocked that she had come over to our house but I was also excited

because I Loved her and when Nana was there I could usually get away with murder,,LOL

She looked at me and whispered for me to HUSH, in a realy strange husky tone is the only way I

can describe it,thats all she said over and over was HUSH BABY HUSH , so I went over to her to

sit on her lap like I always do but she was realy cold and that kinda scared me a little .SHe

told me she loved me and that I was a small peice of her heart that would go on and on . I didnt

understand what she meant but sometimes she would say those sort of things so I wasn't concerned

.She told me to go back to bed that shed see me tommorow .So I did.

The next morning my mom woke me up to tell me that Nana had died peacefully in her sleep that

night ,I told her that was impossible cause she was at our house last night,unfortunately though

it was true she had died in her sleep but I think she had come to say goodbye to me before she

left for the next world.As promised though I did see her the next day while laying on the sofa

in our living room I looked up at the mirror on the wall opposite the couch and saw her

reflection smiling back at me. That was my experience with the paranormal my Nana loved me so

much that she came back from death to say goodbye to me and I love her all the more for it.

For the skeptics who don't believe me well, who says LOVE doesnt conquer all including death?

Safe House


I just wanted to share a short story with you about what happened to me

on 3-19-97.My husband and thre children lived in an ols house dated back

to before civial war.Anyways we lived there for 3 years and small stuff

would happen like things falling off the table and rolling across the

room.I use to hear foot steps going up the stairs and the basemen door

would be open every morning and the light on.I was never afraid of what

it was and i felt safe in the house.I had a dog that would run up and

down the stairs as if she were plying fetch.But on the day we were

packing to move I had a sad feeling about leaving the house.I was in my

kitchen packing dishes and my husband had steped out to laod the van

when I got a really bad chill and I felt very sad.I looked up to the

hall and there stood a young women about 25 years old.She had on a white

gown and had long hair.her face was kind of hard to make out and she

spoke to me and said good bye and went up the stairs.I coud hear her

foot steps.When my husband came in the house he asked me why I looked so

sad.I told him I was sad because I was leaving a good friend behind.I

have been back to the house and no one was living in it yet.The new

owners were remodleing the place.



I have another experience for you. When my grandmother was raising my dad and uncles around the

50's they heard of a ghosts that might live there. When they were doing there homework downstairs

they heard someone yell Norma. (that's my grandmothers name) They thought it was my grandfather

but he was at work. About thirty years later when I was little my grandma and grandpa had dogs.

They would be the only ones there and they said the dogs would stand at the end of the stairs

and just go crazy. Now I am 15 and I stay there and sleep downstairs on the couch. A couple of

times when I was there I could have sworne I've felt a presence and once I did hear something

like someone was moving around, maybe I'm just going crazy. Thank you for listening.

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