Serious Karma


This may not be one of the more exciting tales that you've heard, but I

assure you that it's true. My name is Lindsay and I am 16 years old. My

best friend has claimed to be a bit psychic and has proven his abilities

several times. He enjoys freaking me out by reading my mind and knowing what

I am doing while I talk to him on the phone. He told me that he used to have

"guardian ghosts" when he was little that only appeared by his bedside when

he was woken up by nightmares. However, as I do not know the whole story

behind his ghosts, I am writing about a different instance where his "powers"

came in handy. One more note on him: he can astral-project, meaning that he

can send his presence places while his body is sitting comfortably at home.

He has only done this with me once, when I was upset and crying while I was

on the phone with him.

Now for my experience. I was on the phone with my best friend, as

usual. It was about midnight and we had been having a very serious

conversation. I was getting very upset and was curled up on my bed with the

phone. We had both been silent for about a minute when I felt a presence in

my room. I said, "You're here, aren't you?" thinking that he had projected

himself into my room. He told me that it wasn't him. Suddenly I was hit

with a feeling of pure hatred and evil. Though I couldn't see anything out

of the ordinary, I knew exactly where the thing was. I huddled into the

corner of my bed as I slowly became hysterical, saying, "There's something

here, get it out, oh, it's here and it's bad!" He told me to block my mind

and that he would help me. I kept saying "It's here, it's in here" until he

almost yelled at me "No, it's not, Lindsay, it's here!" I've never heard him

say anything that angrily. We were silent again for about 2 or 3 minutes,

until I worked up the courage to ask him what happened. He said that it was

gone; that he had fought it off, whatever it was. We decided that our

serious conversation had probably just opened up a window to some bad karma

and it had manifested itself in an almost physical form. For the next few

days, I avoided my room as much as possible, and we decided to keep the

serious conversations to a minimum for awhile.



I have had several experiences with entities mostly I believe evil. They

seem to be "attracted" to me. When I was about 5-8 my sister had a poster of

E.T. that I was deathly afraid of. Its eyes would follow me and on more than

one occasion I saw it wink! I think it might be a spirit working through it.

When we moved from that house I had the guts to rip it in half. Incidentally

my sister told me last year that she was deathly afraid of it too but kept it

because it scared me.

Then when I was ten I had just turned out my nightlight and was starting

to snuggle under the covers when I felt someone tucking the blankets around

me. I was real sleepy so at first I thought it was my mom but the second I

realized she went to bed hours ago, I flipped on my back and two disembodied

hands started choking me! My spirit left my body (this *is* possible) and I

ran down to my parents room screaming to help me. When I realized I wasn't

there I was back in my bed. I was not dreaming because I had marks on my

neck and I remember the time exactly when I turned out my light.

Then when I was thirteen in my house I now stay in one night I was

meditating and when I was down I went to blow out my candles and I looked out

the window I saw a short man all in black with glowing red eyes!! I couldn't

move and I was petrified until finally I ran to the bathroom. Soon afterward

I could feel a presence in the room and I had horrible nightmares. I packed

all my stuff up and moved to the empty room next door. I went back later and

blessed the room in the name of my Goddess and haven't felt it since.

When I was sixteen me and my friend, her boyfriend and my boyfriend all

went to this graveyard one night because if you went through this clearing

you can jump on top of the crypts and hang out. (It was the boyfriends idea.)

They were talking amongst themselves and me and Tiffany were quiet when I

heard a little girls voice directly underneath say help me in a whisper. It

kept on for a while every couple of minutes and kept getting louder. I

noticed that everytime it happened Tiffany was looking around and I asked her

if she heard it. She said "Ya it says help me" The guys never heard it.

A little time after that I was riding in a truck with friends and a

big swirl of fire leaped across the road. It looked almost like a tumbleweed

the way it swirled. I wasn't on drugs or anything. Neither of my friends saw


Then sometime this year (currently 19) I was riding along with a

friend when I looked out the window and I saw this thing running along the

side of the car. I thought it was a large black dog and I watched as it

moved ahead of the car and then darted in front! I screamed "Watch out" but

it disappeared. My friend thought I was crazy. I wasn't just a shadow

because I saw four legs moving. But if it was the ghost of a dog it was huge

one. It was almost the size of a baby deer.

If anyone has had similar experiences especially with the hands and a poster

please email me @ Thanx and blessed be!

I'm here...Listen


I have a ghost her name is Maggie, she comes when I am sad...or need

help...From what I can understand from her...she died in a train accident in VA.... I'm in FL...why she's here I still don't know...i talk to

her through esp....I see many spirits...but don't talk to all...I have my

friends....Maggie doesn't like my bf when he acts like a jerk...or makes fun

of me about ghosts...he doesn't anymore...we have seen figures on

windows...doors flying open...ect...but she is very very old...looks about

65....wears a white dress really long....long white hair....lots of

wrinkles....sometimes shes faint sometimes bright....she is very sweat ...i

have others I see....I would like to know how I can get into classes and

groups...I get visions and have seen my whole life...I would love to get in

with a bf also so bright lights in his car the other night going

wild...he said he was the only one on the rode and no street lights...he felt

pushes on his shoulder...and he liked it...get back to me when u get a

chance...thanks Angelica

Gettysburg Reenactment Offices Ghost


I am, by nature, a believer in ghosts, UFO's, and that type of thing. My mom

works at Gettysburg's Regimental Quartermaster in Pennsylvania. She has a

bunch of friends there, and they're all moms. I know everybody there, every

inch of the store and offices. But when Mom said that she'd seen a ghost, I

was highly skeptic. My mom loves to make up these types of stories, so I

didn't believe her. (My mom's side of the family rules for campfire tales and

legends.) My mom's friends, all of them, have also claimed to see the ghost.

Before my mom worked there, she was a skeptic, but know she is a true

believer. My cousin came to town from New York a few weeks ago- he's 30, and

I'm 13. He wanted to go to Gettysburg, so we decided on bike riding all over

the battlefield. We covered 11 of the 17 miles of a tour road around the

battlefield. We thought that before we'd leave, we'd say hi to mom. It was

about 9 pm as we got there. I saw, outside, and man in a carpenter's outfit,

red shirt, belt with tons of accessories, ya know, hammers, etc. We went

inside then, and said hi to everybody. While my cousin became engrossed in a

chat with my mom and her friends, I went over to the door that seperates the

store from the back offices and upstairs offices. As I looked into the closed

store, I saw the same guy from outside, working and hammering the floor, but

he emitted no noise. Then, the door creaked a bit, he turned, looked at me,

and turned again, and walked up the stairs to the upstairs offices. I looked

further in, and he walked through the front door! My mom's reaction, simply

to my story was, "Oh, you saw him too?"

Ghosts Follow Me


I'm 17 years old I lived in many different places and every house I've

lived in has been "haunted." But theyr'e friendly ghosts, I mean they play

with our heads just to let us know that they're there. They never hurt

us. They move things, play with my 2 year old brothers toys. I believe that

their is two ghost, one that we named bob, he's been around since I was

little. But recently my little brothers twin died at birth and he plays

with toys and my little brother that is alive will just sit there and

carry on a conversation with no one. Me and my mom believe that he talks

to his brother and only he can see him .

Ghost Car Crash???


This story happened to my dad and my step-mom.

In the middle of the night about 5 years ago my parents were in there

bedroom sleeping.A huge sound woke them up.They realized that sound sounded

like a huge car crash right right outside.They could here the glass breaking

and everything.They got there robes on and ran outside.when they got outside

they saw nothing!no glass,no crunched metal.NOTHING!

The next morning they went outside to look around.they still didnt find

anything.not even a skid mark!

When they told me the story I thought it was just to weird!I couldnt

figure out what happend.

My Paranormal Experiences


Following this last encounter I decided it was time to seek council from

someone more familiar with the paranormal in an effort to make some sense

out of what was happening to myself and my family. I was fortunate

enough to have become friends with a fellow service member whose wife had

worked for a time at The Whaley House in southern California. After

relating to him some of the details of our ordeal he assured me that she,

too, had experienced encounters with the paranormal and would be most interested

in hearing what I had to say. I made arrangements to meet with her

at her earliest convenience.

Cheryl was a very warm, gregarious women and put me at ease immediately.

She encouraged me to be open and honest about everything that I had experienced

and convinced me that she would believe everything I had to say.

She had always been sensitive herself she said, was well versed in the

use and interpretation of Tarot Cards, and had participated in a great

number of successful seance and Ouija sessions. I began my tale.

After I had finished Cheryl immediately suggested that she and my wife

and I make arrangements to meet the following weekend for a Ouija session

at our apartment. She advised me not to purchase a board when I told

her we did not own one. She claimed that they were dangerous and

that she would create a "disposable" one when she arrived. As I left

her I was both anxious and apprehensive awaiting the weekend.

The following Saturday evening Cheryl arrived as planned and she immediately

asked for a tablet of paper, a felt tipped marker, and a roll of adhesive

tape. She proceeded to create her Ouija Board, fashioning it out of individual

squares of paper and taping them to our kitchen tabletop. She then

asked if we had a wine glass, which we gave her, and this she placed upside

down in the middle of her unique creation. She instructed us to lightly

place two fingers each on the bottom of the inverted wine glass and, shortly

after we did as she instructed, she began asking questions to "our spirit".

The results were immediate and amazing.

The wine glass became animated and moved so swiftly that we literally

could not keep our fingers upon it. It initially traveled just inside

the perimeter of the board in ever increasing circles. As Cheryl

asked questions, it would spell out the answers and then continue on it's

frenzied, circuitous journey as before.

Judging from the answers we received during the course of our questioning

we all surmised that our ghost was actually "my guardian spirit" and had

been with me since birth. She was, according to the answers we received,

responsible for every paranormal experience I (and my Mother) had ever

witnessed. Her name was "Rachel" but she indicated that she preferred

that everyone other than myself refer to her as "Z". When my wife,

during the course of our questioning, addressed "Z" by her given name,

my "guardian spirit" became highly agitated as the wine glass suddenly

shot out from beneath our fingers and struck my wife in the collar bone.

Cheryl suggested that we immediately terminate the interview at that point.

She proceeded to remove all of the paper squares used to create our

makeshift board from the table and burned them in our kitchen sink. Following

this, she took the wine glass we had been using as an oracle/planchette

and poured a liquid into it that she had gotten from a container in her

purse. She mumbled something, drank the liquid from the glass, washed it

in the sink and returned it to my wife.

Cheryl then sat down with us and explained that in her estimation "Rachel"

evidently considered me to be her property, so to speak, and was extremely

jealous of any other female that challenged her authority in that regard.

She stated that "Rachel" was also very empathetic to my emotional state

and would tend to "display" more often when I was ill at ease or in a state

of emotional distress or confusion. She suggested that my wife's and my

recent reconciliation following a brief separation and my upcoming release

from the service were likely contributing factors to the frequency and

intensity of our recent experiences with her. She was somewhat concerned,

she said, about "Rachel's" blatant hostility toward my wife but felt that

as our lives returned to normal "Rachel" would follow suit. She was right

for the most part. Until shortly after we moved.

Following my release from the service we returned back to the Midwest

and lived for a brief period of time with my in-laws. During this time

my wife gave birth to our youngest son and our experiences with Rachel

became nothing more than an unbidden recurring memory. By May of

1977 I was gainfully employed again and by the following month we were

able to secure a townhouse which we leased for a year. Shortly after

our arrival in our new home Rachel decided it was time to become reacquainted.

She began innocently enough. Intially the T.V. just began changing

channels by itself again. Then we noticed that the water taps would shut

off by themselves as we washed dishes, bathed or showered. Usually it was

the hot water that would be slowly extinguished, leaving us to wash in

icy cold water. Unless, that is, Rachel was upset with us for some

reason. Then it was the cold water, scalding us until we realized

what was happening and could defeat her efforts. The faucet knobs would

visibly turn to the right and be shut off. It took us awhile to notice

this but we eventually did. We became accustomed to keeping an eye

on the faucets so we could thwart her attacks. I should stress here that

while I say "we", and I did witness many of these occurrences, I was not

subject to them personally. When I say "we" I mean my wife and extended

family or friends that came to visit us. I should also note that

Rachel never harmed or attempted to frighten the kids. I did,

however, feel the effects of the furnace when it began turning on by itself

during the summer months and the air conditioning turning on in the winter.

It got to the point where my wife and I trained ourselves to subconsciously

listen for the almost imperceptible click of the thermostat control so

we could react quickly and accordingly. As odd as it sounds, these daily

interruptions to our lives became almost commonplace and second nature

until they were brought to our attention (sometimes hysterically) by our

houseguests. At which point we attempted, as rationally as we could considering

the circumstances, to explain the phenomena. We were, for the most part

able to assuage their fears. That is until my friend Dave spent the


Dave was a life long friend of mine who called me unexpectantly one

cold wintry night and explained that he had been physically evicted from

his apartment by his wife, under threat of death should he attempt to remain,

he claimed. He desperately needed a place to stay until she calmed down

and became rational so I, of course, invited him over immediately.

He arrived at our townhouse shortly thereafter carrying a sleeping bag

and an overnight case containing what little he was able to stuff into

it as his wife chased him around their apartment. He filled me in on all

the juicy details of their latest argument and then, reluctantly, I was

forced to bid him good night as it was getting late and I had to get up

for work very early the following morning. He was settled in his sleeping

bag on the living room couch watching T.V. as I headed upstairs to bed.

I didn't see Dave for a very long time after that.

>When I awoke the following morning and headed downstairs for my coffee

and car keys I immediately noticed that while Dave's sleeping bag, shirt

and shoes were still laying on the floor where he had left them the preceding

night, he and his pants were no where to be found. Somewhat alarmed I immediately

went to the kitchen window, looked out into the parking lot, and noticed

that his car was also gone. Had his wife called him at our house and begged

him to come home? With a phone in our bedroom we would have surely

been awakened by it's ringing. And Dave had assured me that his wife had

no idea where he had gone. Had he called her perhaps? If so, why

then hadn't he dressed before he left? Especially considering the

extreme cold and with a foot of snow on the ground. There had

to be a reasonable explanation. Or so I hoped.

Returning home from work that night I immediately attempted to contact

Dave by telephone at his apartment. The operator informed me that

his line had been temporarily disconnected (I later learned that it had

been ripped from the wall during he and his wife's argument). Growing more

concerned I then called his brother and was relieved to hear that he had

indeed returned home to his wife the previous night. The circumstances

regarding his sudden, half nude, departure from our house however was going

to be left for Dave to explain. But Dave made no effort to contact me at


Two weeks to the day later I was finally able to contact Dave by telephone

at his apartment. He assured me that he and his wife were doing fine

again and then, oddly, asked me if I would personally return or mail to

him the belongings he left at our house that night. I suggested that

he stop by for them one evening and fill me in on the details surrounding

his sudden departure but he emphatically refused. In fact, he stated

that he would never again set foot in our house if he had anything at all

to say or do about it. I was extremely perplexed at this point and it took

me two months and a 12 pack of beer to finally pry the story out of him.

During which time I held his possessions hostage.

It seems that shortly after I had gone to bed that night Dave decided

that he should also get some sleep. He told me that he gotten up

from the couch and turned off the television and then slipped back into

his sleeping bag. Almost immediately after he had settled in, facing

the back of the couch, he said that someone tapped him on the shoulder.

Assuming it was me, he turned over to face where he thought I would be

standing and saw only the darkened living room. As my Mother had

years earlier, Dave said he came to the immediate conclusion that I was

messing around with him and simply rolled back over to go to sleep. As

soon as he did , he said, came the shoulder tapping once again. He

claimed that he jumped up and turned on the lamp at the end of the couch

hoping to catch me as I ran to hide and was surprised to find the living

room, once again, empty. Somewhat unnerved but, again blaming me, he turned

off the light. This time deciding to face the living room. The tapping

now came from behind the couch. He ignored it. It came again. He,

again, refused to acknowledge it.Suddenly, he said, one end of the

couch, with him on it, was propelled approximately three feet into the

air and dropped to the floor. He struggled out of the sleeping bag

and bolted straight upstairs to where my family and I slept. He stood,

he said, outside our bedroom doorway for almost ten minutes, torn between

awakening us or fleeing. After calming down he decided to go to the bathroom

and return to his sleeping bag, having rationalized that what he had experienced

could be attributed to that nights activities with his wife. He returned

downstairs and headed for the half bath located directly off of the kitchen.

As he approached the bathroom doorway he said that the bathroom light suddenly

turned on by itself and then the door slammed shut directly in his face

missing him by only fractions of an inch. That was the final straw.

He grabbed his pants from the floor near the end of the couch (he would

have left them too he said had it not been for the fact that they held

his car keys) and ran for the outside door. As he ran through the snow,

struggling to get into his pants, he claimed that as he looked back toward

the apartment windows the bathroom curtains parted and then the light went

out. Dave held true to his word and never returned to our apartment again.

I delivered his belongings to him personally as he requested.

Still more to tell, soon.

I Believe Now!


I have been staying with my boyfriends mother and

her husband for a week now. They told me that they had spirits in the

house but I never come to belive them until Wednesday night at 11:00

p.m. I was sitting in the computer room typing and we have a type

writer in here and a lamp beside it. The typewriter clicked on and then

the lamp but the odd thing about it, the typewriter was still off. I then

decided To go into the livingroom And then our touch lamp came on by it's

self. I did not believe until all of this started happening. Thank

you for your time.

Haunted School


This story is about a haunted school my dad worked at called Prince Edward

Grade school . My Dad is a janitor there. One night, my Dad took me and

my sister along with my cousin to work with him. He had the night shift.

We were in the staff room when the lights begin to flicker. At first we

thought it was a storm. My sister looked out the window, but there was no

sign of a storm. And then, my Dad told us there was a ghost at the school.

The story goes like this: As a new janitor with the school system, you

must work for at least two months at Prince Edward School. This school is

haunted by a ghost, and as a result, no one wants to stay there and work,

especially at night. After that, you can choose a different school to work

at. My Dad, decided to stay there after his two months, going on three

months now.

The lights continued to flicker, and we were getting more and more scared.

So my Dad was going to take us home. He was used to strange things

happening. Many times he would be cleaning a classroom, and even though

the doors and windows were all shut, heavy things would come flying off the

shelves onto the floor. Also, he was used to the lights flickering on and

off. Before we left that night, my Dad told us to shut off all the lights.

My sister went into the music room to shut those lights off when a tuba

fell onto the floor. No one else was in the room but her. Next, before

she could get out of the room, the drums played for a second. So she ran

out of the room and down the stairs. As she was running, she heard

footsteps behind her. When she reached us, the footsteps stopped. after

that, we left. Enough ghosts for us!

Shadow in the Closet



I have written in some other"experiences" but this is the first one I

can remember. When I was about 7 or 8 we moved to this little town and

into this really old house, I hated it. As soon as we moved there our

cat started acting strange, she'd jump up on tables and

counters(something we'd NEVER let our cats do) Then she ran away and we

never seen her since.Anyway we had a hard wooden floor and me and my

younger sister would play a game of rolling marbles back and forth it.

But sometimes right in the middle of the floor in mid roll it would stop

and roll back to us like someone was sitting in the middle of the floor

and was rolling it back . But that only happened a couple of times and

we just thought the floor was uneven or something. Anyway the way the

house was built me and my sisters room was way down a long hall all by

ourselfs, in our own little wing,.I always hated that, It creeped me

out, the whole house creeped me out. So at night I would always have the

light on in our closet, The way our rooms were there was a long walk in

closet connecting me and my sisters room and the closet doors had almost

wooden blinds little slots so you could always see in the closet(that

freaked me out too)

my bed was facing the closet door, and with the light on in the

closet(there was

a light bulb in there)so I could see right in from my bed.Anyway one

night I was sound asleep and all of a sudden for no reason at all I

suddenly woke up (or maybe I just dreamed all this)anyway as soon as I

was wide awake I could see a silhouette in my closet, I was terrified

but I tryed to calm myself down by asuring myself it was just a jacket

or something, but then the silhouette walked across the door stopped

faced towards me for a moment and continued to walk into my sisters

room. I was so terrified

I was scarred it would do something to my sister, but I just layed

there, scared to death,..

After a while I told myself it was a dream and I finally got to sleep..I

know it sounds like I made it up but I SWEAR it's true or an incredible

dream.Since then we moved

but I was good friends with the people who moved into the house, all I

know is they ripped out the closet , I'm not sure if they've experienced


I've Seen One


When I was little my family just moved in to a house in Des Moines and the

first night we stayed there I had to sleep on the couch in the living room with me being

the oldest in all. Well lets get on with the story, okay here's what happened

I got up to go to the bathroom [in the middle of the night] I came back and

the last thing I saw was my covers and my pillow I shut my eyes I opened them

up and I saw a man right in front of me he almost looked like an Amish guy

after that I just froze then I put my head under my covers and screamed mom

dad!and after that the ghost never came back.

The Orange Cat-among other things


I lived in an old rock house built earlier in the century, occupied most

of the time by an elderly lady, till her death, then the house became a

rental. My family and I lived there for about a year, there was my

parents, myself, and two brothers. I was 17-18 at the time and occupied

two different rooms of the house while I lived there. Within the first

week of living there we noticed an orange cat going into a bedroom-later

to be mine-from the kitchen. We did own a lot of cats-13 to be exact,

but none were orange. We didn't feel threatened at all-after all it was

just a cat. It always went into that room-never anywhere else. A later

observation was made-when we let any of our cats into the house-they all

immediately ran to that bedroom and wanted to stay there. In that room

later on in the year-the chandelier began to swing rather violently one

night while I was occupying the room. I made a quick check of the

windows and the outside door-they were all closed-therefore it couldn't

be the wind. It suddenly stopped just as it had begun-and it was

automatically still-it wasn't a slowing down process-one minute it was

swinging so fast I was sure it would hit the ceiling, the next it was

still. In this same room there were two doors connecting to adjacent

rooms. Because of the age of the house and the humid weather, the doors

were quite swollen and most of the time one had to kick them to get them

open. One night one of them started to swing open and shut by itself. I

watched in disbelief, thinking surely someone was doing it-but there was

no one. I hollered out-"I know your there." I had been told ghosts only

wanted to be acknowledged-it was the only thing I could think of to

do-after that I just covered my head and waited-it stopped. The only

other thing that ever happened like that was to my oldest brother. He

was alone in the house one day and heard knocking on the wall in the

bedroom next to his. A female voice calling his name followed the knocks

and he assumed it was me calling to him. He went to the bedroom and

found it empty. He searched the entire house and found himself still

alone. I came home about 2 hours after the fact and he was still pretty

shaken up. None of us ever felt threatened or felt oppressed. Whatever

was in the house was not evil we believe, we aren't sure what it was,

but we never felt like running scarred. The house is still being rented

last I heard.


Man In The Suit


My name is Lisa-Marie and I am 13 years old. My story

started when I was about 3. I woke up on day and saw a

man wearing a suit stood in my room. When I got up the

next day I asked my mum who had been to my house.

No-one had visited that night. I kept seeing the man

every now and then for the next few years. I once

asked who he was and he said "John". When I was about

11 I went to my local library and looked at the old

papers. I found out that a guy called john had died in

my room about 30 years ago. I have still seen him

since then, normaly in my room or on the landing.

A Story from a Friend


This is not a personal experience, but that of a friend. Her mother had been

recently divorced, and decided to buy a cute little house for herself, and

her two daughters to live in. The house was that of an elderly lady, who was

confined to a wheel chair. Before they moved in, the place need a good

cleaning, and some of the carpets need changing. Most notably the one

upstairs which had been the woman's bedroom and where she painted with oil

paints, because there had been a worn path from the wheels on her wheelchair

through the upstairs room where the lady had spent most of her time. The

girls took the upstairs room and there mother was downstairs. In the

beginning my girlfriend would hear noises during the night, but would think

it was either the house settling, or her imagination. Then as she started to

smell paint for no apparent reason, with or without the windows open, breeze

or no breeze, night or day. The sounds then became more defined, and would

happen more often. She told me that it sounded as though someone was moving

around her room, she would hear the squeak of wheels and the smell of paint

was strong. I never had the impression of fear from her, she often joked and

said, "It was her room before it was mine, and she has every right to be


In the three years they lived in that house, before they moved out of state,

the carpet in her room had to be changed three times because the same worn

marks that had been there when they first bought the house kept coming back.

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