Rural Graveyard


This story was told to me by a friend who lives in Coshocton County, Ohio,

it concerns the haunting of graveyard in a very rural location. I am

originally from a neighboring county and i have lived in Florida for the

last 26 years and met this friend while on vacation at Daytona Beach 6yrs.

ago and after discovering that we knew a lot of the same people and land

marks a discussion came up about this graveyard. It is a very old cemetary

with headstones way back to the mid1800's(I went there with my friend

several yrs. back on a trip back to my hometown)and most of the graves are

from the Stockum family from that era in Coshocton County. It is located

very far from any civilization in an extremely remote part of the county,

and has been used as a party place for daring youths as the story or legend

is widespread amoung the youth as well as oldsters that I talked to. I

talked with people my age(baby boomer), my parents age, my grand parents

age, present teens , and younger, and got the same general story. It centers

around the supposed execution of a

woman named Mary Stockum for practicing witchcraft in the late 1800's in

Coshocton County. She was supposedly be-headed and buried at the location

with her head and torso in seperate graves, and she is seen at the witching

hour looking for her head. This is the main theme of the story, although

there is a plethera of individual stories of chilling proportions from my

friends' experiences and many other people i talked to. Now the people I

talked to would swear on any polygraph machine that what they told me was

true, but the ironic thing is that a similar story from my home county is

around about a warlock that was executed at around the same period of time

and is buried in a remote cemetary in Tuscarawus County that I have also

visited. Also decapitated with same burial and looking for his head at

mid-night. Coincidence or the real deal????????

Majestic Theater

By Anonymous

I prefer to remain anonymous. (The Majestic Theater is in Reading, PA)

When I was in high school, a friend of mine was chummy with some of the firefighters that ran

with the Mt. Penn Fire Company (whose quarters used to be next door to the Majestic). At any

rate, we cut school a few times to hang out with her friends at the fire company, and at the


One day, while we were hanging out in the office adjacent to the projectionists booth (this would

be one of the firefighters, my friend and I), there was a tremendous THUD from the backstage area

We three went downstairs, and the firefighter went backstage to check. He came back a few

minutes later to inform us that the only thing that could have fallen was a stack of boxes; said

stack of boxes was undisturbed.

Another time a bunch of us were hanging out downstairs shooting pool and listening to music (the

turntable was located in the projection room upstairs) when suddenly we were treated to the

horrible scratching sound of the tone arm dragging across the record.

Needless to say, we hauled ___ out of there very quickly.

I believe the Majestic is now a day care center, but a few years ago it was a reception hall,

and a dear friend of mine had her wedding reception there a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the guests were barred from visiting the balcony.

Castle In Canada


Victoria, BC. Dunsmuir Castle. Built in the 1800s by the scion of a local coal mining family who

were big in the early years of the province, it is an bulky, imposing Victorian structure. The

coal and the family dwindled out, as they do, and the last surviving member of the family was

the wife of the builder. She had had the misfortune of outliving her offspring. Mrs. Dunsmuir

willed the building and the grounds to the Canadian government. For many years, it was the site

of Royal Roads Military College. The "castle", as it was known, was the lone surviving structure

from the Dunsmuir days; a series of nondescript concrete boxes were erected to house the school

and the cadets. The castle became the administration building. The fourth floor, where Mrs.

Dunsmuir had died in her room, was bricked off and remained unused. The rest of the building was

divied up into offices. Being the military, everything was under lock and key - except on those

evenings when Mrs. Dunsmuir was walking. There was word that a light could be seen moving along

the windows on the fourth floor, and the next day, every lock in the place would be open. It

became common to blame mislaid items on Mrs. Dunsmuir. The only living sole in the place at night

was the duty officer, a senior cadet who spent the evening in a small room on the ground floor,

with the responsibility rotating among the cadets. While working there as a cook in the early

'80s, I asked one of the cadets what the policy was regarding the duty officer and Mrs. Dunsmuir.

This young strapping military man looked at me and said, "You go into that room and you don't

come out, no matter what."Royal Roads closed a few years ago. As I have not lived in Victoria

for about 10 years, I am not sure what role the place has now.

Flood Town


Back when the St. Francis dam broke, the flood waters passed straight through the small town of

Bardsdale (about 25 minutes east of Ventura) and from what I know, most of the town was drowned

as it was right in the path of the flood. Its almost all orchard now, with maybe a hundred

houses spread around, but there are countless ghost stories involving the church and several of

the houses and roads. I myself have come across a couple of them. The first being a huge figure

charging through the trees toward our car. I didnt get a good look at it, but my friend who was

in the car with me swears that it had red eyes. I asked around, and have found that its

supposedly a demon that roams the area, though im not so quick to buy the demon bit, something

was certainly coming at us. I hauled ass out of there. My second encounter was nowhere near as

sinister. Another friend and I had pulled up at an intersection, and in stopping, I noticed

movement to my left. I turned to see a woman in all black with a shining white face and hands.

I got no feeling of dread or horror from her, but an overwhelming sadness. I watched her until

she came within a few feet of the car before I lost my nerve and took off. There are hundreds

more stories about Fillmore, Piru, Bardsdale and the surrounding areas. Might be worth checking

out sometime, though- and I know this sounds hokey- I would not recommend touring Bardsdale on

foot at night. Its nice enough during the day, but at night there's just too much bad energy,

especially during a new moon.

The Hotel Vendome


Prescott, Arizona. Room 16 in the Hotel Vendome has had rumors of hauntings for years.

Hearing of this, I visited the Vendome, rented the "haunted" room for the night (with a friend),

and thus began my adventure. Throughout the evening, we heard sounds - like someone across the

hall was having a party - clinking glasses, the murmer of conversation. But, when we opened the

door to listen in the hall, the sounds stopped and all was quiet. We joked about the ghost and

were laughing when the pipes in the bathroom exploded with noise - as if someone were banging on

the pipes with a sledgehammer. At the same time, the temperature in the room dropped about

10 degrees, at which point we fled the room, gathering our things quickly. I reached into the

closet to retrieve my bag and we ran down to the lobby. Later, I told my friend that I left

something hanging in the closet, as I was certain that I had seen something hanging there when

I got my bag, but it didn't "register" until later. I went back to the room and checked, but

there was nothing there. I'm still certain that I saw a dress or something hanging in that

closet. Later questioning revealed that many others had reported strange phenomena in Room 16

- the crying of a cat, the image of a woman, the television and the lights going on and off.

The front desk switchboard would often register that the phone line from Room 16 was being used

when there was no guest in it. Investigation turned up no evidence of the phone being used,

but strange long distance charges would appear on the bill. Guests have been known to leave in

the middle of the night, have complained that the television won't stay on the same channel or

keeps turning off, or the phone rings with no one on the other end. A group of amateur researchers

supposedly contacted the ghost, who identified herself as "Abbey."

I did some historical research in an attempt to identify the ghost, but turned up nothing,

as many old records were missing and previous owners could not be located.

Cemetary Experiences


Wales, New York: Gutleburg Cemetery on Gutleburg Rd. The cemetery is home to many victems of

illegal abortions (both mother and baby) from the turn of the century and legend says that if a

visitor experiences three signs, something bad will happen to them; hear a dog barking

(not unusual), hear train whistles (no train in the area), and see strange glowing lights

floating in a farmers field across from the cemetery. Although I have not experiences all of the

signs, I have seen the lights that appear where only corn grows. I went back in the daylight to

investigate and saw nothing to explain them. I know people who have broken bones in the cemetery

after experiencing the three signs and people who had strange mists following their cars upon

leaving the cemetery. Others have seen faint glowing objects in trees (seen by two different

people in two different parts of the cemetery) and two other Bozo's experienced STRONG wind

gusts whenever they tried to use a Ouija Board on an otherwise calm night. One strange thing

that did happen to me there was that and some friends and I were going to meet there one night

at a certain time, we were there at that time but they weren't and we waited a half an hour to

go in to the cemetery (which is very small, I have some pictures). We finally went in and left

after fifteen minutes. The next day when we saw the friends that we were supposed to meet, they

swear that they were waiting for us in front of the cemetery for a half an hour at the time we

were supposed to meet. There is only one entrance and the cemetery is only about 75 feet wide on

an old country road.

My Daddy Is there to Stay!


I lived in Alabaster Alabama. I was raised there. before we moved there a man hung his self in a

bedroom. so that makes one ghost. We moved there and my daddy got killed in the house,so my

daddy is haunting the place, he will turn the radio to WZZK everytime you try to listen to a

differant station. He has also replaces things. like me and my sister was looking for a record

one time and we looked everywhere and it wasn't know where to be found,and we looked around and

it was in the middle of the bed where he slept. My sister was giving me my 13th birthday party,

and I had a crystal heart ring holder sitting on the dresser in my bedroom. it flew up and hit my

bestfriend in the head. so anyway he never realy bothered us enough to move. but the houser is

still haunted til today,and weird stuff keeps going on. Me and my mom sold the house back in 1994.

and who ever moved in there I talked to them, and she was telling me that window's keep opening

stuff keeps getting missed placed. So I told her about the ghost of my daddy and she doesn't

believe in what I say, but she will find out sooner than later...

Scariest House I Ever Lived In!

By: amy39_99

Jamesville Ave Syracuse Ny, First let me give you a little background on the house.The house was

built on a family plot long before we even thought of buying the house.I really am not sure why

that plot was picked but we had seen no reason to let that stand between us and the ownership of

the house.The house we had bought was beautiful, it was a ranch style house with the front door

facing a cemetry diagonal from our house. We found out later that the house was positioned like

this as to disturb as few graves as possible. After learning that I have come to the conclusion

that most of the graves around the house were simply left there as to make the building of the

house less costly, well anyway an instance that will probably burn on my brain forever would be

that of a Friday night. Me and my husband had just come home from dinner and both our daughter

and teenage son were sleeping. We went through our normal nightly habits and said good night to

our kids but when we reached our daughters room she was not there. I panicked for a second but

was relieved when my husband found them both in my sons room wich was downstairs in our basement.

I woke both of them up to ask why they were downstairs when I heard the door at the top of our

stairs slam shut. I was startled for a minute but then realized my husband was coming down the

stairs. I continued to ask if my children were ok. My daughter in an obviouse panic told me of

a scary boy in wich case I was alarmed and imediatly awoke my son. My son after helping me calm

down his sister went on to tell me that before he went to bed he locked all the doors in the

house as he was instructed to do by my husband and I. He said that as he was locking the back

door wich led into our garage when the front screen door slammed shut repeatedly. He thought he

had left it open so he went to close it and it seemed to still be locked and secure. He was on

his way downstaires again when he heard the door slam again. He said that he then asked his sister to check and when she opened the door she said there was a boy outside who complained he was cold. My daughter seeing no threat let the little boy in to warm up. She then told my son what had happened. My son said that he felt something was very wrong and when he went to investigate the situation he said the the young boy had explained that he used to live in the house and had led us to what he claimed used to be his room. The room he had pointed to was the door next to our bathroom, wich for us was only a storage area. My son said that he acted very nervouse in the room. My son then asked if he wanted my son to walk him home. The child stated that he wanted to stay my son decided it was ok for a little while. Later that evening my son was ready to put my daughter and himself in bed so he asked the child where his parents were. The child seemed to be ignoring him. My son then asked where his house was and the young boy was seemingly irritated with my son and ignored him again. My son then decided to call

around the neighborhood to see if anyone would know where this kid lives. By the time he had

reached the phone my daughter ran up to him and said that because my son made him mad that he

was playing with the lights. My son went into the room and said that he froze in place. The

little boy was in the middle of the room as the lights flickered on and off. My son then decided

to call the police to find his parents and as he reached the phone the lights went off, the

door slammed and after a few seconds had passed the lights were back on but the boy was gone.

After hearing this I ran up the stairs to get my husband but it felt like something was pushing

on the door, after I had pushed my way through the door I had found nothing on the otherside.

I told my husband about this and he said that it was my childrens imagination and that calmed me

down a little bit. I later calmed down enogh to attempt to sleep and went through our house and

locked all the doors. As I locked the front door I heard a noise behind me and turned around. I

still cannot believe what I saw. There was a young boy standing between my bedroom and my

daughters bedroom right in front of the storage room staring at me. I screamed but when I opened

my eyes he was gone. After that we had alot of strange things happen but not as intense. My

daughter swore she saw the little boy almost nightly and eventually we deserted the house. After

moving to our present house my husband had recieved an envelope from his lawyer which contained

an article about our house and explained how a man was paid to move the graves from one plot of land to another but in the middle of the project the man who was to move the graves had a financial dispute with the land owner and decided to abandon the job. The paper went on to tell of what had happened and then I felt a chill up my spine and started to cry. The bottom of the paper went on to say that most of th!<BR>

e graves were removed but some still remained and discribed how the man woked enough to move the

graves of mr. and mrs. Stien but had decided to stop work without moving the body of thier 8

year old son Charles J Stien. We also found out that if the body was still on the property it

would be directly underneath a wood stove that sat in our backyard. I don't know if the house

is still standing but it was truley the scariest house I have ever lived in.

The University of Idaho


Many buildings on the campus are haunted. I used to work as a Security

Guard at night, checking the dorms to make sure they were locked. Over the

5 years I worked there I saw and heard many strange things. In Borah Hall

on night I was walking down the hallway, from the other end a deep moan

started, then came racing at me, I felt something pass around my body, (It

felt like shaving cream does on your fingers, but it was cold.). The

moaning continued passed me, down the hall to the double doors where I had

entered. When it got to the double doors I heard a loud bang and the moan

just stopped. I decided it was time to go back to the office for awhile.

>Another time I was walking up a flight of steps to the 4th floor of an old

dorm. At the 2nd floor landing I could hear someone walking up the stairs

behind me, the foot steps sounded like they were one floor below me, but I

had not heard the door to the stair case open or close, and I know that I

had not passed anyone on the stairs. I continued up the stairs, the

footsteps followed behind me, always one flight below. I decided that I was

hearing the echo of my own foot steps, so when I got to the top floor

landing, I expected the echo to stop too. They did not. I heard the foot

steps continue up the stairs. When the foot steps reached a landing half

way between the 4th and 3rd floors I expected to see who had been following

me, but there was no one there. The foot steps continued up towards me for

about three or four steps, then ended.

Alot of stuff happened in the frat houses. I'll try to remember which

stories go with each house and pass it on later. I do remember that Ed and

Lorain Warren stopped at the U of I one weekend and explored several

buildings and houses on the campus. In one of the frats a girl's cross she

wore on her neck suddenly levitated away from her body and was held

motionless at the end of chain, it looked like someone was holding it and

looking at the cross. The cross then fell back to her chest. She asked a

couple of her friends to take her back to her room right after that. The

local legend of the frat house was that it was haunted by the spirit of a

brother who had died during spring break and had liked the house so much he

had returned to it. Ed and his wife had the remaining people gather in a

circle and concentrate on the energies in the room. Lorrain stated after

awhile that whatever was in the basement was not the spirit of a human

being, nor anything that had ever lived.

House In New Jersey


I lived at this residence from1979-1990, from the time I was 7 years old, till I was 18. Too

many events occurred to list all of them, but a few significant ones are: at the age

of 9, my father had a friend over, and had sent me to my room, which was in

the attic. While the light was still on, and while saying my prayers, I

heard a thumping noise from behind the wall. The noise grew louder and my

father yelled to me to get in bed and quit making all that noise. At that

time I yelled down that it wasn't me, that there was something behind the

wall. At that time, the panel on the wall started violently banging and

shaking off the wall. My dad got frustrated and started coming up the

steps, but before he got to the top of the steps, the panel came completly

off the wall and hit the ground. No sooner than it hit the ground, it

sprang back up into place. At that time, my dad had made it to the top of

the steps and had started yelling at me, but then realized that I was in bed and petrified.

I pointed to the panel in question, my dad pulled the panel off the wall, which was still

nailed, and it revealed a small cubby, approximately 4x3, which had

apparently been previously used for storage, and was now covered by the

panel. On another occasion, I was awakened by a ghostly figure which

appeared to be female with matted hair and a long white gown. I couldn't

see the face, only a sillouette. I went downstairs and slept on the couch.

I was 12 years old at this time. The next morning I told my dad, who

laughed at me and said he would start sleeping up in the attic. About a

week later, when I woke up, my mom came in holding a notebook behind her

back. She asked me if I could describe again what I had seen in the attic.

At that time, she showed me a picture that she had drawn and I said,

"That's it!! How did you draw it??" she then told me that that was what my

father had seen in the attic that night and she had drawn it from his description. There are

many other small things that happened, T.V.'s and stereo's coming on in the middle of the night

by themselves, a bird cage was unhooked from the ceiling and dropped to the

ground while we were all asleep one night. One night one of my friends

were over and observed a bowl spinning in the middle of the table. In

1997, I went back to the house for a visit after living in Virginia, I

spoke with the occupant who was reluctant to talk to me at first. After we

spoke for awhile and she realized that I had lived there and was familiar

with the house, out of the blue, she asked me if anything strange had ever

occured while I was living in the house. I didn't go into great detail,

because I didn't want to scare her, but she had mentioned about cold spots

in the house, her feeling like she was being watched, and about lights and

electrionical equipment coming on by themselves.

Road to the Convent

By: Seterah

Well my friends were begging me to come down this road with them thats near New Bedford MA

so, I'm like, ok what the heck... let's do it. So they're telling me the story as we drive to

the road. So it was about this nun, there's a convent on the road and one of the nuns was raped,

so she thought she was unfaithful to God so she went and hung herself on a tree.

Sso now, lots of weird things had happened to the convent. The Mary statue outside the place, her

hands are cut off at the wrist not broken off... its as if someone sawed them off, or if she was made

with out them and when you drive past, she seems to turn her head and watch you. So we drive

past the convent, and sure enough, she seemed to turn her head and watch you pass. The convent

itself supposedly has had lots of hauntings, or crazy people running around in it. So then you

go a little further down the road and theres a field and you can see white figures moving through

it, looking for the raped nun and there is a father like guy with a white balloon, and a fire

extinguisher (don't ask) and one time they went down there, they saw a fire extunguisher out on

the road, and the man with a balloon, but he wasnt there the night we went. So you go further down

the road and you see these small boulders saying, in discoloration, not paint or anything

"go back, the nun is dead" and then on the trees, there are more discolorations like a black

square and one in the shape of a nun, with a white head, and a black dress. Then you get to the

part where the nun actually hung herself so we pulled up under the tree, and turned off

everything, and got really quiet and you're supposed to hear scratching and thumping from when

she blew around in the wind, banging against the tree, and I'm telling you I heard pounding and

it wasnt an internal sound, it was actually outside the car from the tree. So then we got freaked

out, and drove furthur and there are some houses, and their cars are behind chains, because at

night sometimes they roll out onto the road, and there isn't a hill. Nothing could possibly move

them and sometimes they turn on and flash their lights. So we drive past, they look normal, they

didn't do anything special, but they are behind the chains. Then we get to a more residential

part, and the road is pretty much over but the weird thing is the road always is on a slight

turn to the right,but you don't end up east (because you drive up it north) or south, and you

don't end up west Ii forget but... anyhow when you get to the end of the road (this is stupid)

if you turn around and drive back as fast as you can, you supposedly go insane but you really

don't. They tried it once and they're *um* normal.... its a road to New Bedford

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