The Hold Up


Throughout my life I've had some unusual things happen to me. And

usually it had to do with people who have passed on (like the "Last

Goodbye".) Except in this case. I never thought that I would have

premonitions because, although a couple of other family members have the

ability, I didn't think that I did.

About 2-3 years ago on a Sunday, my fiancee (I'll call him 'J')and I drove to

the Bank of Hawaii at the Ala Moana Shopping Center because he needed some cash.

Since it was the middle of the day on a weekend, there was almost no one else

there except one other guy at the first ATM. I watched 'J' walk towards the 2nd

ATM as another car (a Toyota, I think)pulled in to a stall three spaces away

from us. About a minute behind him was another car, an older model American car

and he parked next to us on the left. The first guy left and was replaced by the

Toyota owner at the ATM. The guy on the left looked like he was looking for his

wallet on the passenger seat when I noticed that 'J' was finishing up. As I

watched 'J', I felt the blood suddenly drain away from my face. I shuddered and

felt this overwhelming need to LEAVE THE AREA! As those three words boomed

through my head, I saw 'J' starting to walk back to the car. I got more and more

antsy as I wished that he would hurry up. At the same time, my vision seemed to

have clouded over until all I could see was just a pinpoint. As he opened the

door and I told him "Get in! We need to leave NOW!" As he jumped in, he asked

why . I said through clenched teeth (out of pure fear and not anger), "DON'T

question ME! Just get us OUT of HERE!" And that he did! As we tore out of the

area, my vision cleared and I felt such a sense of relief! And a little foolish!

'J' turned to me and and ask what the hell was that was all about. I told him

that I was as baffled as he was. He said that my face had been white and that I

had a glazed look. He said that he had gotten scared when he saw my face. We

kinda laughed about it and promptly forgot about it. Until Tuesday.

'J', who works for the same bank but at a different branch, called me and

said "Hon, you are not going to believe this. Guess what I just found out?

Remember on Sunday, when you freaked out for no reason?". I said "Yeah." He then

proceeded to tell me that the second guy that was standing next to him at the

ATM was held up at gunpoint right after we left! I was shocked! After he gave me

a description, I realized the gunman was in the car that was to the left of us!

He asked me if I knew because I saw the guy with a gun. I told him 'no' and that

the guy looked normal. Nothing spooky or mean about him. The only thing that I

noticed about him was that he had rummaged around his passenger seat like 'J'

would do when he was looking around for his wallet ('J' sometimes takes out his

wallet and puts it on his passenger seat with other stuff so that he has to

rummage for his wallet whenever he gets to his destination.).'J' asked if I was

sure and I said 'yes'. If I had known that the guy next to us had a gun, I would

have said so. I had only glanced at him. I couldn't really see into his car,

anyway, because I had been on the passenger side so all I could see was about

chest up.

I wondered later if the gunman was actually going to hold us up first.

Usually people park/sit away from others if there is a lot of space like in

theaters, resturant and parking lots. He had parked right next to us in a nearly

empty parking lot (it was only us and the Toyota). That might not have ment much

if we had been parked in the first row where the ATMs were, but we parked sorta

in the middle of the lot . Thanks to my premonition, we never got to find out!

Vacation House


My name is Danielle. My family and I rented a house in South Carolina

for a weeks vacation and we believe that it was haunted. First of all we

thought it was strange that the house was so much cheaper than other

houses in the same area, especially in tourist season. Not being able to

pass up a good deal we rented it. About the third day we were there my

mother was awaken by the sound of cans crashing against the cupboards

downstairs, we had bags of aluminum cans out because you have to recycle

there, they were being shaken and tossed about the room. My father

jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and everything was in its place.

Nothing looked as if it had been touched, So he returned to bed. Then

about an hour later both my parents heard the large and heavy curtain

that was hung across the downstairs front door sliding back and forth

continually. Once again he got out of bed and looked over the upstairs

balcony down onto the living room. There was nobody down there and the

curtain was closed. My father went back to sleep and a little while

later my mother, still wide awake, was in a cold sweat as she heard

heavy footsteps ascending the stairs then turn to walk down the balcony

towards her room she awaited the sight of whatever was coming but

nothing ever passed her door. Later that night there was a wild

scratching coming from the closet in my parents room. My dad practically

flew out of bed threw open the door and it stopped. It had appeared to

originate from the trap door that leads to the attic which is located in

the closet. The last occurrence happened to be the only one I heard.

Something hit the shower curtain, in the bathroom that adjoins my

parents room and mine, then scratched in the tub, and slammed the

cabinet doors. I was awaken by this and thought my mother was is the

bathroom so I called out her name, there was no answer so I figured

that, as mothers often do, she was ignoring me and I went back to sleep.

For the rest of the week my parents left all the lights on downstairs

and there were no more happenings. They did not tell my sister and I

what happened until we were pulling out of the drive to go home because

they were afraid that we would be frightened.

When we had our pictures developed two of them came out with some

odd features. The one has a white blur in it which when looked at closer

you can see little waves and to the right of the object is a black

darker smear. The other is a little white squiggle. Years later I went

to a psychic who read pictures and she told me that they were spirits,

without me saying a word about what I felt they were. She informed me

that it was a very old spirit and that it was an indian. She said if the

one squiggle would have further developed it would have been a feather.

Well that is my story.

Son's Ghostly Experience


In the spring of 1988, my family and I were

renting a rather dilapidated house in a bad part of Oakland, CA that had to be

fixed up before we could move in.Shortly after we did, we gave a party for one of

our daughter's nurses who was leaving. Everyone was pretty much congregating in

the kitchen around the refreshments when my son walked in from the back of the

house looking scared and confused.When I asked him what the matter was he said

that there was a man in my bedroom who had held up a finger to his mouth and

motioned him to shush. Patrick, who was only 6 years old at the time,

pretended he was playing with a toy on his sister's bed for a few minutes before

he nonchalantly got up and came into the kitchen to tell me.

He described in detail what the man looked like

and what he was wearing before my friends went in the back cautiously to see if

he was there.Other than my door being open when I kept it

closed, there was no sign that anyone had been there. And there was no way that

he could have escaped had he been human because my windows were so small, even

my children couldn't get through them. The only way out was through the

kitchen door of the room we were congregated in and he definitely didn't

come that way!Two months later we were packing to move when my

son came running upstairs from the basement where he was helping his dad to pack

with an old photo album in his hands and a picture of the man he says he saw at

our party.This is the one and only time our family has had

an experience with the supernatural ...that we know


Nothing There??


I have lived my house 12 years now. I bought it new in a new subdivision


Powder Springs Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. About a year ago I started

feeling that something was present in my house (just a feeling).

I have two ferrets that I keep in my room, and I have a piece of plywood


3 feet high resting in front of the bedroom doorway so that they cannot get


At 2am (on the dot) one morning I heard a loud bang and then another, it

sounded as if someone was at my front door banging on it. Then it did it

again, this time it sounded like the plywood at my bedroom door was slapping

against the door jam. I was lying on my stomach, and was afraid to turn


Then I started feeling pressure on my back like something or someone was

pushing on me holding me down. I said "who is there". No answer. I again

said "who is there", I could hardly get the words out I was so scared. Again

no answer. I finally got the nerve to turn over. I did so very quickly.

There was

nothing there. I got up to see if my ferrets had made the noise, but it was

not them

because they were fast asleep.

Ever since then for some reason I awake at 2am. I just wake up. It does

not happen

every night, but often. The area I live in is close to Kennesaw Battlefield

a famous

battle during the Civil War. I can only think that my neighborhood might

have been

built upon one of the sites where a skirmish or battle took place. Just a


Maybe there is a Civil War ghost hanging around.

I am in the process of moving now. If this follows me I will let you know.

'My Unknown Aunt'


It all started when I was about nine years old. One night I wasn't tired at

all and I had a feeling that I was being watched. At that time I was laying

in bed facing the wall. I turned over and looked out into the hallway (I

never slept with the door closed because I was scared) and saw a little

person about two feet tall dressed in black with red glowing eyes. He

turned and looked at me, grinned, and proceeded down the hallway and into my

brothers room. I then heard him scream, but I was too terrified to move. My

parents quickly ran to his room and found nothing. We talked about it and

came to the conclusion that it was not our imagination, for we saw the same

exact thing.

The house had been constructed sometime before 1910. It had been burnt

down by a fire that started in the attic. Then rebuilt. The house was old

and rotten so we decided that there was no reason to restore it because of

it's condition. That was when the strange things bagan to occur constantly.

Almost every day I would see a woman standing in the windows(this was

after we moved into a new house right beside our old one) It looke as if she

had just otten in a bad fight and lost. She was wearing a dark green dress.

It looked old and it was torn. But still It wasn't a dress you would wear

around the house.

One day me and two of my friends were hiking in the woods behind my

house, when we heard the sound of someone digging with a shovel. We followed

the sound and saw two men digging, while the girl I had always seen in the

old house was tied to a tree on her knees crying. The girl turned toward us

and simply said,"1980". The two men looked over at her and they all

vanished. I went home and told my mom, and she said it was just my

imagination. I left it at that and figured-three people's 'imaginations

couldn't be exactly the same.

For about a year I hadn't seen the girl, or any other ghost for that

matter. But one day I was looking through my mom's highschool yearbook and

there in the eleventh grade was the girl. I looked up her name in the

signitures in the front of the yearbook, and sure enough there was her

signiture, it said something about her wedding, and 'best friends wink

wink'. I confronted my mother about it ,and she spoke in a tone of voice

that I'd never heard before, but all she said was,"That was a long time ago,

I told you it was your imagination!Don't bother me with this anymore!".That

proved to me that that she knew that I was telling the truth the whole time.

I started seeing the girl again and decided that I should talk to my

grandmother and she gave me a wierd looking key and said, "The truth is in

the attic, don't look until I'm gone". A couple of weeks later she passed

away. I looked in the attic about a month later after I was a little less

shook up. I searched the whole attic and found nothing. But when I moved one

of the china cabinets, there was a door. I opened the door. There was a

child's room, it was perfectly clean and organized. There was a row of dolls

on a shelf, a dresser full of clothes, and a pink lacy bed, all made up.

There was a night stand with a small lamp, and a dresser full of clothes.

there was also a closet. I opened the closet door and a gust of cold wind

came out.there were a couple of dreeses hanging in a pole, and a trunk on

the floor. It had a lock an it, so I quickly pulled the key out of my

pocket and unlocked the lock. Inside were a pile of papers, a photo album,

and two pairs of baby shoes. I dragged the trunk down stairs, and looked at

the papers. They were adoption papers and a birth cirtificate. The name was

the same first and middle name of the girl in the yearbook!I looked through

the photo album and saw pictures of two little girls about four years old in

te room in the attic! I quickly drove to my mothers house and demanded that

she explain it! It turns out that my mother had a twin sister that her

mother had put up for adoption, she died the summer after graduation. It

seems her boyfriend killed her because she backed out of their wedding. My

mother said that she had seen her ghost too but didn't want me to know

because she didn't think I was ready.

The Lake


Several years ago, I was visiting a friend at his summer home. His

grandparents owned a beautiful house that looked out onto the lake and

since they were away for a few weeks, we had the place all to ourselves.

We decided to take his grandfather's boat out for a spin and take a tour

of the lake one afternoon. The weather was pleasant enough, but being

early spring, it wasn't too warm. The lake itself is huge and dotted

with several small islands that people have their cottages

on.......places for the rich to retreat to on the weekends. After

untying the boat, I remember reaching into the water to pull the rope

out......the water was so cold it hurt! It would be at least another

month until swimming season my friend explained as he fired up the

engine and guided the boat away from the dock. We cruised around the

lake for about half an hour when we decided to go dock at the public

boat launching area. After we grabbed a bite to eat, we decided to

cruise around the other end of the lake before going home. Here is where

things get a little strange. We were hugging the shoreline moving fairly friend pointing out various things of interest. Ahead to

our right was a patch of what is called "sea grass" looks just like

tall blades of grass jutting out of the water. Beyond the weeds I could

see what appeared to be someone standing in the water.I turned to Andrew

and asked if he could see the same thing I saw. He replied that he did

indeed see whoever it was. At first I thought it was someone

fishing....out in the water with those hip waders on. As we cleared the

weeds however, we saw it was a girl.........wearing a bathing suit. My

god, I thought to the hell can she be in the water when

it's so cold? What was so unsettling was that she stood stone still and

stared at the two of us with this strange smile on her face. Andrew and

I both called out to her, but she didn't say anything or move. Just

stood there grinning at us. I asked Andrew if he thought she was a

mannequin (????weird I know but you HAD to be there) But as we slowly

passed by.......she turned her head to continue staring at us. Andrew

called out to her again, but still no reply. As he tried to get the girl

to reply I noticed that unlike most of the cottages on the lake, the one

on the nearby shoreline was sort of run down and empty looking. Andrew

then poked me in the ribs and pointed.....the girl was wading out into

the deeper water until she went under. Thinking that she was in trouble

we edged the boat closer to where she'd been a second ago. Without

warning, she emerged just to the right of the boats among the weeds. Now

her back was turned to us, and I called out to her again. This time she

seemed to be going to answer because she turned towards us. Andrew and I

both gasped when we saw that where her eyes had been there was now just

two dark holes. Part of her cheek was torn away revealing her teeth; her

hair was entangled with weeds and mud. I leaned over and was violently

sick.......we were looking at a corpse that looked like it had been at

the bottom of the lake for years. Andrew slammed the throttle and we

took off . As we hauled ass out of there, I looked behind us and saw

that the apparation was slowly sinking beneath the waves. We didn't

speak a word the whole way home; when we got back we opened a bottle of

Jack Daniels and tried to drink the ghastly image out of our minds. The

next day after the hangovers had worn off, we both sat talking about

what we saw and trying to come up with a reasonable explanation. We

decided to drive to the run down cottage and find out if maybe someone

did in fact live there.......perhaps they could tell us something.

However, the place was indeed the looks of it for

quite awhile. There was a weather beaten for sale sign on the remains of

a wooden fence.....but who would want to buy a beat up shack like that

I'll never know. Suddenly, an old man appeared from the road and

demanded to know what the hell we were doing there. We told him we were

just seeing if anyone lived there. He frowned at us and said the place

had been empty for the past seven years. Andrew asked him who used to

live in the old cottage.The old guy told us a family used to own

it......came up every summer they did until one of the daughters drowned

in a boating accident. Seems she was out in a canoe by herself and

somehow fell into the water. The poor girl wasn't wearing a lifejacket

and drowned. The most tragic thing about it was that they couldn't

recover the body...........the lake is just too deep out that ways. We

went to the town's small library and looked at the old newspapers on

microfilm. There was a small article dated back to July of 1985, and

next to it a picture of the same girl we'd seen in the lake. This may

seem very far fetched and hard to believe and I don't blame anyone for

being skeptical, but I remember it in my worst nightmares. My friend

Andrew still talks about it and everytime I see him it comes up in

conversation. He told me he'll never go out on that lake again and he

was glad when his grandparents sold their summer home.

Everyday People


When I was 5yrs old which would be about 1972, my family and I lived in a

house in which the main part of was built in the 1800's. I remember waking

up out of a sound sleep one night and everything in my room had a strange

look to it. To this day I cant really explain the look, but lets just say

everythhing looked lighter than it really was, not exactly in color but

also in weight. I had a large closet and the doors had been left open

and a I looked around the room thinking that it looked different, I noticed

that all of the clothes in my closet were very slowly swaying back and

forth. Well, I got very scared as I guess anyone would have,and I got out

of bed to go to my parents room. I seemed to not be able to go very fast

even though I was in a hurry. Now, to get to my parents room I had to walk

down a hall which my room was at one end and my parents room was at the

other and in between the two rooms in the middle of the hall on the right

was the entrance to the kitchen. As I walked by I noticed different

figures floating through the air. I dont know what possessed me to stop,

but I did and I stood there for atleast a minute as the figures slowly

floated across the kitchen toward me. They moved slow just like the

clothes in the closet. They were people that seemed somewhat transparent

but they were only about 2ft in lengh and they floated sort of at the in

between point of the ceiling and the floor, but closer to the ceiling.

There were four figures, and they floated in pairs. The first pair, was a

lady and a man. The lady had on a beautiful dress that almost sparkled,

and it was the kind that flared out from the hips and went down to the

floor and she carried one of those pretty umberellas, The man had on a

suite and a top hat and he had a cane in his hand. Four or five ft away

was the other pair, also a man and a woman. They looked like every day

people. The man had on a button up shirt that looked like a flannel or a

work shirt and what looked like a pair of jeans. He was next to a woman

who was pushing an older style baby carriage. She was wearing an every day

house dress. Both pairs looked like they were out taking a walk. There

was no emotion on their faces at all. As they came towards me it seemed as

if they didnt know I was there. That was the only thing that had ever

happened to me there. We moved and in the next house which we were in for

about 5yrs I never had anything happen to me. Then we moved again into

another old house, I dont know when it was built but it was insulated with

newspaper if that helps and in this house things happened again. It was

different though. I would see shadows. hear noises and be sitting doing my

homework and hear my bed creak and I would look over and see a spot on my

bed pushed down like someone were sitting on it. I would think I saw

shadows but I never really saw anyone like in the other house. Well I then

grew up and got married and had three children. My husband and I bought my

Aunts house that her and my Uncle lived in for about 20yrs. Its a cape cod

style house and at the top of the stairs is a room that I decided to make

my kids play room. I was up there getting things situated and I stood at

the top of the stairs looking to see if everything was were I wanted it and

I felt a tug on my nightgown. I looked down expecting to see one of the

kids wondering how they got up the old creaky stairs without me hearing

them and noone was there. I had on sweat pants and a knee length night

gown, so I just figured that my gown got stuck on my sweats some how and it

felt like a tug.I thought nothing of it and stood there looking around.

All of the sudden it happened again and I couldnt mistake it for any thing

but a tug, and this time it wasnt one tug it was two. I got a little

nervouse and went down stairs. Then many other things started to happen,

noises, toys with no batteries starting to work in rooms noone was in, my

kids were always complaining that they heard noises or someone walking.

This time it wasnt just me hearing things, my kids my husband all of us

did. I finally decided to call a paraphsycologist that I found in the

phone book. Come to find out she was well known and has been on sightings

the TV show. She told us that there was someone there and everywhere where

some thing had happened or we saw things were places in the house that she

told me it went alot. I never told her any specific places things were

heard or happened at either. She told me that whoever it was for some

reason was attached to me but she didnt know why. She told me to put sea

salt in all the corners of my house and to play music and spend more time

upstairs make it a little more homey. We werent using upstairs alot

because thats where the kids rooms were and they became afraid to sleep or

play up there. Well I took her advice and did all she told me and ended up

having the worst night of my life. My brother in-law spent the night and

he was about 15yrs old at the time. I had music playing upstairs in my

daughters bedroom [not loud enough for us to hear downstairs] and we were

watching t.v. All of the sudden we started hearing these really loud

noises like stuff was falling or being thrown, we went to see what it was,

I had a fisherprice play house sitting on top of the tv upstairs with some

other stuff and I thought maybe it all fell, we got up there and nothing

was out of place, we had no idea what all the noise was. We went back down

and it happened again. Well this went on for awhile, the last time we

went to look the radio station I had on in my daughters room was changed

from a rock station to a religious station. We turned off the radio and

went back down stairs both of us, my brother in law and I were a little

nervous. We continued watching TV and we started hearing foot steps going

up and down the steps and each time it would come further down and go back

up. By this time we were scared, I woke up my husband and everytime I woke

him up to hear it, it would stop. It then started comming all the way down

the steps and into the livingroom. When my husband left for work at 4:30

me and my brother in law went in my room with my kids and all squeezed into

my bed and shut the door. You could still hear the floor and the steps

creaking and it started coming right outside the door. The next day I

called the parapshychologist and told her what happened, She said that

things like that happen often because phsychics give off alot of energy and

since she was here it got alot of energy and thats why there was so much

activity. Well after that things did quiet down but I can still feel

something here occasionally or we will here unexplained noises and things,

but never like that night!

New Home Haunting


Shortly after I moved into my home, I met my current husband.

When he moved in, alot of strangethings began to happen. Several times

we were awakened late at night (three a.m.) by loud knocking at our

door. When we got up, no one was there. One night we awoke at three a.m.

to the sound of footsteps. We both got up, looked all around the house,

looked OUTSIDE the house, no one there, yet we could both still hear the

footsteps. They stopped after about ten minutes. Later still, one

evening, we were discussing these events, when I said something like,

"Geez, if only we had some sort of proof of all this weirdness..." and

atthat moment, a large dark shadow flew out of a mirror we were sitting

by, making aloud fluttering noise as it flew through the house and out

the front door. My husband looked at me, I looked at him, we were both

afraid to speak. "Did you see that?" He siad it first. Welll, we both

saw it. I can't describe to you how weird it feels to see something that

can't exist with another person. I mean, it's disturbing. It really is.

The kids began to see shadow-cats. That is, cats in the house. At that

time we had no cat! I asked if there was a spirit in the house one day,

and a name popped into my head, but I never pursued that.We began to

affectionately address the ghost and treat it like it belonged there,

and graduallly these strange events stopped.

Something's Watching Us


Well, here's my experience, although it's not quite as fantastic as others!

Two friends of mine and I had recently moved into the historic 5 points

district in Jacksonville, Fl. Many of the buildings are of 19th century and

1900's vintage, and there are several historic renovations going on. The 3

story building we moved into is about 80 years old, and sectioned off into

several different apartments, our 3 bedroom penthouse apartment being a

converted attic.

Here's where the weird stuff starts...I don't know if it's just my

imagination, as I've always been interested in the paranormal, but nothing

of this sort has ever really happened to me. For the first few weeks, I was

the only tenant in the house, as my roommates travelled in their jobs alot.

I would see a form in the corner of my eye. Sometimes it would be a dark

figure, between 5 to 6 ft tall. Other times, it would be something akin to

a large black rat that would dart away once you directed your attention to

it. It couldn't have been rats, as the place was well maintained with

regular pest control visits, and I never once found droppings or evidence of

any sort. These forms never made any sounds. I kind of just figured that

maybe I was adjusting to the new place.

One night a couple of weeks later, I was slipping into a deep, comfortable

sleep when I was jerked awake by an enormous pressure upon my throat, like

two thumbs pressing into my esophagus..someone was choking me! I awoke

ready to kill or be killed, but there was noone on top of me...the pressure

was gone. I eventually went back to sleep, thinking I needed to lay off the

occult books.

About a week later, I awoke about 2 a.m. to an unsettling racket of heavy

foosteps on the hard wood floor of the living room area, like someone with

boots on was walking around frantically searching for something. I figured

it was one of my roommates home from their roadtrips, and after the

footsteps ceased, I went back to sleep...later that morning, I awoke to find

myself still alone in the house! Calls to both my friends at their

temporary residences revealed that they were in bed asleep hundreds of miles


After my friends moved in, I was sitting in the living room talking to one

of them, when he just all of this sudden broke out with "I feel like

something's watching us"...all I could do was nod. I'm not sure what

history this house has, but there's definitley something here!

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