My Sisters Apartment


I just wanted to share what happened in August 97

at my sisters house, but first some background My moms

family has always been sensative and it was passed on to me and both

sisters. My ex-husband is a buddist and has many wards apon

him through religous training. That said we were at my sisters

apt. in Alameda, Ca, and just talking and my sister let us

know that she has two spirits that inhabit her 3rd story apt.

Well my ex-husband got a little weirded out and let my

sister know that she should have let him know before he came in

(we've visited off and on for 2yrs and she just thought she had

been just seeing things until my mom and sister said

something)because he doesnt know how a spirit would react to him. My

sister says there hasent been any weird reaction any other

times. so we talked abut it my sister reasuring me they

seam harmless just things disappearing and later showing

up where she had just looked or peeking arround the

hallway wall like a small child. Anyways my sister says"Oh,

ill just tell them its just Will, he's ok." and we talked

about his training and all, well about a minute after what my

sister said I felt a slight pressure on my chest and look at my

sister then it intensifies and we both look at the hallway, the

source of the feeling . we didnt see anything and the feeling

went away. we looked at my ex-husband and he didnt feel

anything. we let him know it was a feeling like oh thats ok.but it

was strange because I havent felt anything since I was pregnant

w/my 2yr old son.anyways it was strange. I dont know if her

apt is some sort of a way-station or what but her mom-in-law saw

a woman in white in her hallway.I wish I could have seen it.

thanks for listening.



Hi my name is jenny and I live in Irvine, California. Even though this is a pretty new

neighborhood (maybe 10 or 20 years old) it is not creepy, but interesting in its own way.

Now that you know where I live and can stalk me all you want, let me tell you the interesting

story I've got for you.

About three years ago, when I moved in, my neighbor's dog, Shasta, was really sick and in pain. I

helped take care of it when he wasn't home. She was always really friendly with me and whimpered

when I called her name over the gate. Eventually, my neighbor told me to stop coming because

Shasta was all better, which I thought was really rude because he knew I loved Shasta and she

was like my little buddy. Every day from then on, Shasta would howl 24-7. when I came to the

gate to soothe her, she whimpered of happiness. I heard her claws on their stone landscaping,

heard her panting, you know, the works. After I went home again, she would start howling like

crazy. Two weeks after my neighbor told me to stop coming to see Shasta, I decided that I would

have a talk with him and ask him to let me have Shasta since he was never home and made it

obvious when I was around that she only caused him problems. When I approached the door and

proposed my plan to him, he gave me a sad look and told me that Shasta had died two weeks before.

He said that he could not bare to tell me earlier.

That night, there was no howling

My Egg Headed Friend


I am just going to jot down a few experiences that I had as a child.

These aren't really stories, just things that have happened to me as I

was growing up.

I remember lying in my bed for a nap in the middle of the day and

something at the foot of y bed would jerk the covers off me. Not just

tug a little, I mean completely off. There was a time when I lived in

Germany and there was a man that would walk down our hallway and I

remember his head was shaped like an egg and he had no face. Later in

life he visited me once more in Texas by couching down next to the bed

in the middle of the night and looking at me. Not only did he scare me,

but caused my husband to experience the pain of broken fingers (2) when

I grabbed his hand. I have not seen my egg-headed friend in a long time


If anyone has info on ghost dogs, I would appreciate some help. I have

been followed by a white Great Dane/Greyhound cross since I was little

and lived in Germany. When he visits, he is always looking over his

shoulder away from me as if there is something behind him. My pets that

I have had over the years have never had a problem with him being there.

Just need some feedback.


Naresh's Story


My name is Diya. The story I am sending you is about 3 years ago happened to

my uncle (Naresh) in the eastern part of Nepal (lies between china & India).

About three years ago at around 7:30 - 8:00 pm ( it gets dark early there),

he was riding from one town to another town to go home after a work. He had

an old van. He was alone. At that time he just got married about a month

before. Between the town, there is a big forest and a stream. And also there

is a small camp. The camp is near the stream.

As he passed the camp, he glimpsed a sight of a young woman who was sitting

below the stream. She was dressed in a Hindu bride's costume (all red) and

she was weeping. He passed her but something his instinct told him he should

go back and may be give her a ride if she wants. He thought what could have

made her wanted to cry at this time and at this place.

So he went back, she was still weeping. And asked her why she was crying. She

told him it was her misfortune & if he could give her a ride. He asked her

where she was going. She said "Tarara". Its was the same town where he lived.

So he gave her a ride. She told him she would like to sit at the back seat.

He agreed. On the way he asked her how did she came in the middle of the

forest. He turned to look back at her but the mysterious thing was that she

was not there. He thought may be he was in a dream. But it was real. And

then again as he rode along, he again turned to look back, at this time she

was there. This process repeated again & again for about 20 minutes. She was

there, she was not there. He was petrified.

At last when he was about to reach his house. He turned to look back again.

At this time she was not there. He became glad & parked outside and ran to

the front door. His wife greeted him on the door. He told her "Something

really strange happened to me". She asked him what was it and why he looked

so black and blue. He told her the whole story and also told her she was

unseen again as he parked the van. At that point the wife said "Who is that

woman standing outside the gate"?. My uncle fainted and became sick for about

two weeks.

Another Ghost Experience From Jorcutt


Hi all. It's been awhile since I posted my last ghost experience to

Shadowlands, so I thought I'd give an update.

Since I posted on Shadowlands, I've moved to a different house. Ralph has

long since left me, but I've had some other interesting experiences in my

new house. I moved in with my boyfriend here in December of last year, and

even though he is definitely NOT into the paranormal, he too has seen and

felt some stuff. When we first moved in, it was just little stuff, like the

water faucet turning on by itself, or the closet doors in the back room all

of a sudden being open when we had just seen them closed five minutes ago,

or just the feeling of being watched. It never scared us, because the

presence didn't feel mean or anything. Well, I started not liking it as

much when I started having nightmares in our bedroom. The first one was

that ghosts were diving down at me from the ceiling, and although it doesn't

sound scary telling it, it was one of the most frightening dreams of my

life. I slept in the living room for the rest of that night. I didn't

think much of it (everyone has nightmares once in awhile.) But then I

started having nightmares about ghosts like every other night. And they

only happened when I slept in our bedroom. The dream that really freaked me

was that I was sleeping, and a lady (who I knew was a ghost) dressed all in

white woke me up. I was really happy to see her for some reason, and she

took my hand and started leading me towards our kitchen. All of a sudden I

knew that she was dangerous and evil, and since she was walking backwards,

pulling me with her, I made her walk onto our heating vent on the floor.

She burnt her feet (??? I know ghosts probably can't do that) and she got

really mad and left. After that, I convinced my boyfriend to turn our

bedroom into the computer room and we took over the back room. For awhile

while we were rearranging, we slept on a mattress on our living room floor.

For a couple nights in a row, our front door (which when shut is very sturdy

and doesn't just blow open) would open very slowly, creaking the whole time,

and then slam shut. My boyfriend and I watched it for quite awhile, and

also noticed that the whole time it was happening there was a dark blobby

blotch hovering above the door. I've also heard my name called and numerous

"Pssst!" when no one else was home, but other than that, things have calmed

down a little. But now my boyfriend and I have moved back into our old

bedroom because we have a baby on the way (due July 27th!) and she gets the

back bedroom. So who knows what will happen?

Our Ghost



I hope you don't think we are crazy, or making these things up. My husband

and I truely believe that we have a ghost living in our home. We don't

notice him every day, but there have been several instances over the past

few years that have convinced us that we are not imagining what is


We have been living in our home for 4 1/2 years. We built this home from

the ground up, and no one but my husband and my children have lived here.

We also have 2 dogs and a cat, so initially some of the things we thought

we heard were easily dismissed as one of the girls doing something or one

of animals in another room. What really gets eerie is when the cat hears

the same things we do.

I guess my husband and I started believing that we may really have a ghost

sometime last year. Our youngest daughter moved out of the house, leaving

just my husband and myself, and the noises we heard just couldn't be

explained any longer.

We live in a two story house. One night last year, shortly after Kellie

had moved out we heard a tremendous "thud" upstairs in the bedroom Kellie

use to occupy.

When Kellie lived at home she would drop her books from the bed to the

floor creating the same noise. It is an unmistakable sound.

I ran upstairs to the room, but of course no one was there and there were

no books or any thing on the floor. The floor was clear, and no

explaination of the cause of the noise. This was way louder than the house

settling or any other explaination we have tried to use.

The floors creak in several of the rooms when you walk on them. The worst

room is the master bedroom, and you cannot walk through it without the

floors making a creaking noise. You can hear it downstairs in the family

room. One saturday afternoon I had a headache and went upstairs to lay

down for awhile in the bedroom.

My husband heard the floors creaking in our room and assumed that I had

gotten up and went to the window to look outside. He actually could hear

the pattern of the footsteps walking over to the window. When he came

upstairs, of course I was still sound asleep. He immediately asked me if I

had gotten up, but I hadn't, nor had I heard anything.

We (my husband, myself and even the cat) often hear the doors open and

close, go to look to see if someone is there, and find nothing.

I have several other instances, but unfortunely I don't have the time to

share them now. I will try to contact you later. Some of the situations

involve the pets, and other people. Its a family joke, about the ghost.

Oh by the way I live in Tampa FL.

I will send more when I have time!!!!



You want a "ghost" story? Well, I'll give you one.

I've been working overseas for 15 years and along the way, I picked up a

Brasilian wife and we now have a 5 year old son.

Last Christmas, we all visited my 94 year old grandmother at her home in the

USA. Grandma had been very sick during November and quite frankly, we were

afraid that it would be her last Christmas. Naturally, we had the normal

comings and goings of family visitors and friends.

Of course, the living room is the main "gathering" place and everyone was

busy talking and watching football when my son asked me (in Portuguese,

thank goodness), "who is the old man sitting in that chair"?

My son was pointing to my grandfather's chair...Grandpa's been dead since


Oh yeah, Grandma's doing fine!!!

Ghost Encounter


There was this old house that was boarded up and my sister and I thought

that it would be neat to go inside and check it out. The first time we went

in it was almost dark and we felt a little bit weird, we just had these

weird feelings and we got a little freaked out so we decided to come back

the next day and when we did we brought our camera. While I was outside my

sister was checking out the house and there was this old chair that she fell

in love with that she was sitting in. While she was sitting there she said

that this was when she was encountered by the ghost. The ghost looked like a

young girl maybe 7 or 8 years old. My sister got scared and she satyed

completely still. As she sat in the chair with the camera in her lap she

tried to take a picture but she was too scared to move. She says that the

girl took the camera tooka picture of her and then through the camera and

disapeered. When she hurried outside to tell me I didn't beleave her. I said

that we should just get the film and see if the picture was there. We took

the film and got it developed suer enough there was a picture of my sister

sitting on the chair all crouched up with this look on her face, she wasn't

even really looking at the camera. To this day it freaks us out.

Family Ghost Stories


I have a few stories to relate to you, they are all very true and have all

happened within my immediate family. They were told to me by my mother and

aunt, two of them are first-hand accounts.

In the early 1960's, before I was born, my mother and my sister moved into

the house that they lived in when I was born a few years later. My mom was

recently divorced and raising my sister alone on a cashiers salary. She had

just met my father. Needless to say, she didn't have much money and couldn't

afford a telephone. They didn't even own one and there was not even one in

the house.

But yet, the odd thing was they would periodically hear one ringing in the

house. I asked my mom if maybe it wasn't one of the neighbor's phones

ringing and she said definately not; it was the distinct sound of one ringing

right there in the house. She said that she and my sister would hear it

ringing during the night and would lie in bed and count the rings. This was

in the mid 1960's, way before the era of answering machines or cell phones.

While she was dating my father, he often would hear the mystery phone ringing

in the house also, this would drive them nuts and they would search the small

house (which only had 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and one bathroom,

there was no basement and no attic) from top to bottom and find nothing to

account for this odd occurance.

When my mom and dad got married, they finally had a phone installed and never

noticed this occurance again. They moved out of that house the summer after

I was born, in August 1967. The house is still there, and I wonder if

anyone else ever noticed this strange phenomena??

Another family story involves my maternal grandmother, whom I never met, she

died tragically when my mother was just 9 years old. She already had 6

children when her 7th one was born. This was a son, who developed pnemonia

when he was only a couple of weeks old. This was in the early 1930's when

money was tight and they had no electricity, phone or running water. They

lived in the country and didn't have money for a doctor. One night, my

grandmother was awakened in the middle of the night by a small light in the

upper corner of the bedroom (remember, the house wasn't even wired for

electricity). As she gazed at this light, she saw a small "being" emerge

from the center of the it. She said it resembled a small baby with wings.

It flew around all four corners of the room, making a beckoning gesture with

it's finger, and once it completed one circuit of the room, it flew back out

of the illuminated corner and the light extinguished. My grandmother didn't

know what to make of this, and eventually went back to sleep. The next

morning, she found her baby was dead. From that moment on, she "knew" that

this was an angle who had come to call her son up to Heaven. She was at

peace with his passing and knew he was with God. Whether or not that was

what it was, she believed it in her heart and it brought her peace; that's

all that really matters.

Now, my final story. I had already told you that my mother's mother passed

when my mom was only 9. After her death, the 6 children were split up and

sent to different aunts and uncles to stay, as her father had cancer and was

too sick to care for the children. It happend that one night shortly after

their mother's death, my mother and one sister were staying with the same

aunt and uncle along with their only brother. They, too, were a poor family

with many children of their own and the kids all slept in the same room with

two beds. The girls in one and the boys in the other. That night my aunt

awoke in the middle of the night and looked around to see what had roused

her. She then noticed a lady at the bedroom window. She at first thought it

was her aunt and opened her mouth to call to her, when she noticed that her

"aunt" was hovering a good foot off the floor with no feet. The figure

turned from the window and "floated" over to the boys' bed, leaned over it

and looked at her brother, then it turned and "floated" over towards the

girls' bed. At this point my aunt became so terrified that she pulled the

covers up over her head and cowered closer to my mother, who didn't wake up.

When she dared to peek out again, the being had left. The next morning she

told her aunt about this, she "assured" her that it was probably only a

dream. I've heard my mother tell this story many times since I was a little

girl and heard my aunt tell it to me also; and untill the day my aunt died,

she swears that she wasn't asleep when this happened and it wasn't a dream.

In her heart, she felt it was the spirit of her mother who couldn't rest

until she knew that her children were alright....

Grandfather's Spirit


My experience with ghosts happened the night before my grandfather died. I was 12 years old

when he past away. My mother and I was spending the night at my

grandfather's house because he was in the hospital not expecting to live.

It was late at night and I woke up from a sound sleep; seeing a dark figure of a

man standing at the bedroom door. Immediatley I thought it was my

gradfather. I laid my head back down on the pillow and fell back

asleep. The next morning I went into the kitchen to see my grandfather

but, he wasn't there. I was disappointed to find out that he was still in

the hospital. That afternoon, my cousin came by to tell my mother and I

that my grandfather died. For many years I just figured that it was all a

dream until today, I was talking to another cousin of mine. We were

talking about my grandfather and I happened to mention my experience the night

before he died and she said that the same thing happened to her. The more

I think about it, I believe it was my grandfather's spirit and I think that he

was checking on his grandchildren before he crossed over.

Shaking Bed

By: Czifra_Cynthia@TECHMATICS.COM

About 12 years ago I had been seeing a gentleman who practiced Buddhism. We

saw each other for a month or so. He kept pressuring me for deeper intimacy

which I continually denied him. I just was not interested. We stopped

seeing each other and when we did he wrote me a letter saying how I would

grow to be old and lonely because I couldn't face my own sexuality... etc.

It was a very bitter letter indeed.

He had always told me that he had special "powers" with regards to the

religion he practiced. I really never thought much of it until one day I

was stopped at a traffic light with my then "future husband" in his new

truck. The old Buddhist boyfriend turns right in front of us and sees the

two of us together. As he passed I could see the red starting at his

shoulders up to the top of his head. It looked like he could explode from


That night my fiancée and I are laying in bed and the smoke detector went

off. It was between 10:00 and 11:00 pm. The time that the previous

boyfriend used to "chant". Anyway, my fiancée runs down the stairs to check

things out. The alarm sounded for only a few seconds. While he was

downstairs there was an oval shaped area between where he and I were laying

that was violently vibrating. I put my hand on the area and my hand shook.

I placed my hand on a different part of the bed and it was still. I was

very freaked out. When my fiancée returned to bed he said there wasn't

anything that he could see that would have set off the alarm. I then had

him put his hand on the "area" his hand shook as well. After a few moments

it subsided. Neither one of us could explain what had happened.

A Ghosty Story


Ok, this happened to me when I was very little, I

don't remember it, but my brothers and sisters

constantly remind me of it. Here's the story. (the

names are changed)

One day, I was playing outside, I was probably 3 or 4

at the time. Well, my sister says that I ran to the

corner of the yard, and started talking to someone.

They said that I said his name was Lance. He was my

'imangaiery' friend.

I would play w/ him constantly. I'd do stuff wrong,

and tell people that Lance told me to do it.

I started to light candles, and play weird games

with Lance, I'd tie up my two year old brother, and

draw things on his face.

my mom and dad were getting really worried, and then

one day, I was in the kitchen, doing one of Lance's

chores, when my mom walked in and screamed. She said

that she saw a white, 15 year old looking guy above

me. We moved and that was the end of the Lance.

Ghost...or Imagination?


First let me tell you about myself.....I'm a 14 year old boy,I live on

an army base with my Mom,Step-dad,3 brothers & 1 sister. People tell me

that I have a very wild imagination,so I'm not sure if this story is my

imagination or if it's really a ghost that likes to bother me.

You see I just moved down here from Oklahoma, and I have already had

what I think are expeiences with a ghost of some sort. It started about

the second or third week of living here.

It started when I was lying on my bed, all I was wearing was a pair of

shorts and with me living in Arizona it gets pretty hot (even at night.)

Well anyways I was lying down and all of a sudden I felt a cold spot at

my feet,the window was shut & the air conditioner was'nt turned on at

all, after a few minutes if getting used to it I just shrugged it off

and tried to go to sleep. After about another minute of having the cold

spot at my feet,it started to moveslowly up to my chest. When that

happened of I got scared and left out of my room and ran to the living

room. When I finally hot the courage to go back to my room....I laid

back down and tried to forget about the whole thing.

That wasn't the only experience that I've had with this "ghost". I was

in my room about a week later with my headphones on full blast. I was

listening to the loudest cd I could find, all of a sudden I heard

someone call my name. I looked around my room (my little brother likes

to hide under the beds) but didn't find anyone, after a few more minutes

of waiting, I went back to my cd. I kept hearing a voice call my name

like five times before got up and ran out to where my mom was. She

asked me what was wrong and I told her, but as I told you people say I

have a wild imagination,so she didn't believe me and said it was my

imagination. So I just forgot about it and slept in the living room.

My last experience happened when I was at the computer. I like to stay

up late (now that school is finally out) and talk to people in chat

rooms. Well I was in this one chat room when I was talking to a friend

who is always on. We were talking about experiences with ghosts and

everything when all of a sudden the screen flashed and it went back to

my homepage. I though that there was just some kind of bug in the

computer or something, so I ignored it. I went back to the chat room and

my friend asked me what happened & I told her. She told me that she had

a ghost that likes to play around and mess with the computer while she's

on it (especially when she's in a chat room.)

After a while the screen flashed again and it showed a website titled

"Vampires" and Ijust freaked and turned off the computer.

The last experience kinda proves that it wasn't my imagination but the

other 2 I'm not sure of.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Strange Experience


This happened about 8 years ago, to me it was very strange I happen to

live on a Indian Reservation in Southern Calif.

Well one night me and two of friends drove to the store and we only have

one road on our Reservation and must pass by a church that is on our

Reservation well on the way back from the store we saw a girl standing

under a pepper tree that is next to our church and she appeared to be

only wearing a long white t-shirt and she stood there motionless with

her arms crossed around her chest, when my friends and I drove past her

we did not recognize who she was and thought that she might be in some

kind of trouble so we turned around to ask her if she needed any help

but for some reason we got really spooked at the last minute cause the

closer we got to her she stil stood there motionless so we just kept on

going the funny thing was not one of us got a look at her face. Well

about I would say a half an hour a friend came walking up to our house

and asked why we didn't stop to give him a ride because we past right by

him at the church and we told him because we didn't see him and we asked

him if he seen anybody standing under the pepper tree near the church

and he said no he didn't but as he was walking past the church he could

hear a women crying for help some where around there. He said that he was going to

see where it was coming from but decided not to so we all decided to go

and check it out well we couldn't see or find anything or anybody we even

stopped to ask a person who lives near the church if they had heard

anything and they said that they did and also went to check it out and

found or seen anything, but this person said that this was not the first

time the crying for help was heard, so till this day I spoked when I

drive past the church at night

Who are YOU?


My fiancée, 'J' (I'll just call him that

here), and his family live in a home on the nursing home where his mother is a

nurse at. Because of this, I found it interesting that in

thesix years that we had dated, I noticed that they don't seem to have any

hauntings. But it could be because it's affiliated with a Catholic church

in the area. I'm usually sensitive about these things as I have mentioned

before and would know it quickly if there was any ghosts hanging

out. Well, wouldn't you know it, that changed last

year!I just stopped by 'J's home to drop off something

one warm afternoon and stayed for alittle while to chat. While I was

walking back to my car, I started to feel uneasy. The sensation got

stronger as I got to my car so I started to walk slower. I stopped in

front of my car and stared at it because there was this

overwhelming feeling that something or someone was in my car. I

peered in to all the windows...nothing... So I disengaged the locks with the

remote like I usually do and peered in one more time. The feeling was

intense! This feeling is always a strong pressure in my head

accompanied by the edges of my vision clouding a little.(I get this feeling

whenever a spirit is near.And I later found out, for premonitions of danger) I

slowly sat down in the driver's seat and looked over my shoulder. Nothing.

But...something. When I looked forward, I looked in my rearview mirror. Nothing.

But then something. My vision clouded a little more and then I started to see

her in my mind's eye. An older Korean woman, very stern looking with an

air of authority. Leaning forward at me. A little on the chubby side but

not fat. In her 50's.She was wearing a floral dress. Short tightly permed

black hair. Amazingly enough, I was calm. I should have been freaking out

but I didn't. As I started up the car and began driving toward the

exit (clouded vision and all!), I got the feeling that she was asking who I was

and what was I doing there. It was in an authoritarian tone like a person

who catches a stranger on their property and wants to know who it is

. I ignored her because I figured that if she belonged here, she would

disappear as soon as I passed the exit gates but she didn't. However, the

feeling did lessen its grip a little, just enough for me to see where I was

driving. She was still asking the same questions. So I said aloud in a calm

voice, "I have a right to be there. I was visiting. But you don't belong here

anymore. You are dead and you need to pass on." Abruptly the feeling was gone

and I hadn't noticed that the air in my car was thick until she left. The air as

well as my vision had become normal.That night,'J' and his sister came over.

Later in the evening, I nonchalauntly asked if anyone died recently at the care

home. He said 'no' but then his sister said 'Well, actually, the nursing home

director died a couple of days ago of cancer".I asked how old was she.

She said that the director was in her 60's. I asked if she was a little

chubby but not fat. 'J' said that she was skinny but that he thinks it was

because of the cancer. I asked what she looked like about 10 years ago. 'J' s

description of the woman matched my 'passenger'! They proceeded to go on

about what a stern woman she was and how she never seemed to cut their

poor, hardworking mother any slack, making her work all holidays and such.

Then he stopped and asked "Why?" I just turned away and went "Oh, nothing." When

he pressed, I turned and looked him straight in the eye and said "You don't want

to know." he knew not to press on because he was a chicken when it came to the

supernatural! I've been back countless times after that and

haven't felt her again. I hope that she did pass


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