Haunted Mansion

By: PDL147852@aol.com

On monday night I went to this haunted mansion with my friends and two of us
walked around with a hand held tape recorder asking the at least nine resident spirits
questions. I was mystified by the my findings. On the third floor where suppodely the more
evil spirits were banished the local minister you can barely hear
whispering between questions, no words just a whispering. I then went to the first
and stood on the exact spot where a murder took place and the tape is blank of
mine or any other voices the whole time I stood on that spot. I then went
to the downstairs kitchen where the light always turns itself on and a lady
in a cape is seen running through the walls and door. I started asking
questions in there when objects started banging and flying around. You can hear the
clamor on the tape until you hear me say lets get the F outta here and we
ran from the kitchen. Last stop the basement, me and my friends were hiding
down there until the caretaker left then we were goin to do some real
exploring. He wouldn't leave so we gave up for the night and slipped out the side
door. Almost the whole time we were in the basement the loud ticking of a clock
can be heard on the tape. My friend said it was the big clock one floor above
but I dont think so, too distinct. Did I mention there's supposedly a body
brried in the dirt floor of that basement? Once I get some copies made I'll try
to send you one even though its too long and sporatic for Ghost Sounds. I'm
also going to send you stories of my more 'In your face' ghost experiences of
which I've had over twelve. I'm also going to send a two stories that
happended to a former roommate of mine. One is of a cursed patch of land
on her father's farm, the other is when she saw a neiborhood boy walking the
streets late at night after his death.

A Special Moment

By: amy@farago.com

 I am going to attempt to retell and event that has had a long-lasting
effect on me. Unfortunately, my father passed away after a battle with cancer and
due to circumstances beyond my control our family home was sold and I
moved into a house of my own, a house that my father had never visited.
Fortunately, I  inherited a number of his personal possessions as well as
our family furniture.
It was about six weeks after my father had passed, and needless to say it
was a very difficult time for me. Well, my mother had also passed away and
being an only child my father was my hero, he was everything to me. The
only family I had left was my two grandmothers and my aunt. When an individual
dies there are so many things that need to be taken care of for example
the reading of the will. Thank God that my father's lawyer was a great friend
and was very serious about my future and well-being; for which I am
The particular event that I am about to describe occured late on the
evening of day our lawyer read my father's will. I was home alone, which was not
unsual because I lived alone. I was reclining in my father favorite
leather chair reflecting on my life, wondering where I would go from here, what
would I do? I could not help but think what would my father say, go back
to graduate school, get a job, I was so confused. Terribly frustrated, I just
stayed in the chair, it felt so good; my hands touching the worn leather
on the arm rests. Apparently I fell a sleep, and began to dream.
Suddenly, I was in the middle of a very bizarre yet comforting dream.
Unavoidably, I was very upset about my father's death and I had been
trying to deal with my step-mother and her needs, while supporting my
eighty-seven year old grandmother who had burried the last of her children. I recall
feeling very pressured by everyone, but being the person that I am; I was
very patient. In this dream the telephone rang and it rang. I remember how
I could not find the telephone, I could see the cord, but I could not get to
the phone. The ringing was very loud and seemed to resonate off
everything, almost like and echo. Finally, I got to the telephone, I answered it and
the voice on the other end of the reciever was my father's. The first thing
that he said to me was that he wanted to apologize for not always being there
for me and for becomming sick. He told me that he because he went into coma he
did not have a chance to tell how much he loved me, and how he would miss
being a part of my life.He told me that everything would eventually work
out for me, I would finish school and then I would move to the east coast and
get a great job. I did not beleive this at the time.
Mentally, I was so not ready for the pressures of school or for moving,
afterall I had just moved into a new house, why would I move again? All
that I remember saying to my father way that I loved him very much, but I was
so angry that he became ill, why him, why now? I remember a great feeling of
relief after hearing his voice, it was so soothing, he was no longer sick
and was now free from the confines of his disease. My father was now at
peace. As I awoke, I felt disorientated, for I had fallen asleep in the
recliner, and when I realized where I was; to my amazement I was holding
the telephone reciever in my right hand. There was no dial tone, and there was
 not that annoying beeping; like when a phone has been left off the hook,
it was just silence. The irony of this whole experience is that I did go back
 to school and recieved my degree in Art History, and I also moved away, to
 New York City. In some sense of the word I have achieved closure, just
 hearing his voice and knowing that he will always love me and that he
knows where he can find me.

The Ghost of Victor Lawson

By: Renoir1966@att.net

It's so great to hear some of these stories! They have either given me the
chills or touched me. I have a very small experience, I don't know if it's
"ghostly", but I believe it was something:
I live in Chicago at the Lawson House, formerly known as the Victor Lawson
YMCA. I first moved in due to unfortunate circumstances {homelessness},
and have been here for two years. This buliding was erectecd back in 1909 by
Victor Lawson, a prominent businessman here in Chicago back in the early
1900s. The building has now been refurbished, but it retains many aspects
of its original splendor: gold leafed moldings on the ceilings, original
fixtures, and rooms on the second floor that were the original
"gentlemen's"rooms and library.
I had met my friend Bill here, who started me off on what I believed to be
a little joke. Before building renovations began six months after I arrived
here, one of the elevators in the building would always stop on the third
floor. When this would happen, Bill would say "Oh- that's just Victor
getting off." As far as I know, Mr. Lawson never died in this building.
However,his offices were situated on the third floor. Possibly since this
building was his namesake, after Victor has passed on he just might have
come here to "keep an eye on things"? Bill most certainly believed it.
Little did I know I would soon begin to believe it.
     One night, I got tired of waiting for those rickety elevators, and
decided to take the stairs. As I was going up the grand stairwell from the
second to the third floor, I caught a blur out of the corner of my eye
that was coming down the stairs to the left of me. It was certainly man shaped,
in a dark suit that was most definitely antiquated. At first I thought
nothing of it, as it is common for many of this building's denizens to be
wearing ragged or out-dated attire. However, as I turned back for a second
look to see if I could recognize this stranger, there was noone behind me.
     I never saw anything again, and renovations continued. The elevator
continued its nightly ritual of stopping on the third floor until one
night it stopped. That night was the day they rededicated the building from the
Victor Lawson YMCA to Lawson House. I guess Victor believed his job as
caretaker was done!

Little Cemetery In Michigan

By: SMi1213286@aol.com

 I come from a really small farm community in Michigan called Sunfield.
There is this little cemetery, on the outskirts of the town, keep in mind this is
a really small town, and when I was growing up I heard all kinds of rumors
that their was a santanic church next to the cemetry, and witches and warlock
gather there every seven years to do human sacrifies.  I never once
checked the place out until this year, and I live in lansing now.
some friends and I went to check out the church in the daylight, and we
saw a  really small church, it looked kind of rundown, it was out in the middle
of a woods too.  We walked out in the woods part, and we saw a wooden cross,
and a pulpit outside, the whole thing really gave me the chills.
About a month later we went back there and we went to the cemetry right
next to the church.  It was about ten at night, so it was really dark.  About
five minutes before we got the cemetery I was getting some really weird chilling
visions.  We were shooting a movie out there, we park the car, then we
walked out to the grave stones to shoot the movie.  We had brought an ouija board
just for a prop, but we had left it in the trunk of the car.  While we
were out in the graves we saw light s glowing from some of the headstones, but
that might of been reflection.  We were there about five minutes and we hear a
 bunch of metal clinking, and I got really scared and I made every one
leave. We were on the road for about 20 minutes to a half hour later out of the
blue> the trunk of our car pops open.  We opened the trunk up and the ouija
board was still there but it had not moved, but the trunk came open for no
reason at all.

Haunted Mortuary

By: wagoncop@cei.net

 I have the unique prospective of having retired from the medical
examiners office as an investigator and being a licenced embalmer. Some
years ago I was working in a funeral home as the on call embalmer which
meant that I would be called out at all hours of the night. I lived in
an apartment upstairs from the mortuary and on my first night there I
went down to the chapel for something, I thought I saw a figure turn the
corner and knowing I should be alone went in search, never found
anything and put it off to being tired. Several weeks later I was alone
in the prep room with the body of a young girl who had been killed in a
traffic accident, my back was to the door and I felt someone watching
me, as I quickly turned I could see out of the corner of my eye the
figure of a tall man in a black coat turn, I went quickly to the door
but no one was around and since the outer door was closed he could not
have left without me at least hearing the door shut. In the next year I
came to understand that he only appearred when a young woman had died.
Finally I got the nerve to tell somebody about him and to my surprise,
others had seem the figure also but chose, until I spoke out, to keep
quiet. The man who owned the mortuary was there and asked what I had
seen, when I described the figure he went all white and said that I had
just described his father who started the funeral home years ago and
whom I had never even seen a picture of.

Looking for Answers

By: Anonymous

 I've written you before, and I've been kind of hesitant about telling
you or anyone this. I guess I'm not really looking for help but maybe
answers. First of all I am a christian and I believe that when we depart
this world we do not come back. It says so in the bible. I was raised in
a Catholic/Buddist home. My mother is vietnamese. Growing up she would
tell us all these strange stories about herself and how she realized
that she was sort of pyshic. Now she couldn't touch things to see into
the future , she'd look at the cards and what not. She claimed that a
young girl dressed in white appeared to her when she was around 9 years
old and has remained with her. She would tell my mother what to say to
these people. Now my siblings and myself grew up seeing people come in
and out of our home for my mother's help. It seemed normal to us. She
claimed that she would see the dead and that they would try to
communicate to her. Now as a child I was terrified of the dark because
of her stories. I didn't know if she was for real or if she needed to be
committed. She has told me that some people have surprised her and have
asked if the little girl in the white dress was her daughter. Claiming
that some people did see her invisible companion. I am not terrified of
my mother now, but I can remember living at home and always being
terrified of being alone. It seemed like something horrible lurking
around. Like the feeling you get anticipating something bad a heaviness.
We were not the Brady Bunch, there was alot of arguing and fighting in
our homes. I couldn't wait to leave home when I turned 16. It seemed so
depressing. Her stories haunted me through my childhood. She still reads
the cards to people and they always claime that she is right , I had her
read mine one time many years ago. No more. My parents lives are like a
dead end because they can never move up in life. And I am serious when I
say I feel a certain heaviness when I go home. It's almost like I'm not
really alone with her. As if this presence resents me there. I use to
think maybe I'm overeacting because of all the things she has told me.
Who knows. She once had this woman bring her daughter over to our house
because the woman said she was possessed by her dead husband. She brings
the girl and she stops dead at the entrance of our hallway because we
have a cross hanging on the wall. She would not enter the diningroom.
This account by the way came from my younger sister, the sceptic, but
the truthteller. Anyhow she said the girl looked almost demonic that my
sister refused to pass her to get to the stairs to get downstairs to our
room. We always left the room or the house if possible when my mother
was at work. And there have been other incidents but I have to go. But
mainly about this presence she talks about. She has brainedwash my
brother into believing all this that he claims that he has outer body
experiences. and he has to stay high or drunk to keep them from
occuring. Needless to say that 's one heck of an excuse to stay lit all
the time. I mean I believe there are ghosts but I don't think they are
spirits of those who once lived. I believe that they could be something
else using these people's images to play or toy with us. Who knows. But
thanks for your time. I've only talked to my siblings about this we were
always afraid to talk to others about it.

TV Experience

By: LEGALBABY@aol.com

         My stepmother told me this story, and I believe her.  She also has
two witnesses who say that what she says is true.  About a month ago my
step mom had an experience.  Her daughter April walked into her bedroom and
woke her up.  I was in Fort Bliss, TX, and my father was in Miss. for training.
We are both ARMY and we were out of town when this happened.  I live in
      Anyway, my stepsister woke my stepmother up and told her that she
thought that her TV was possessed.  My mom thought that she was crazy, and
done lost her mind or something.  So she thought that she would humor her
and go see what she was talking about.  Well, when she went in there the TV
was sure enough on and on channel 66.  She watched it and it went to 6 and
then to channel seven.  66- 6-  7.  She didn't tell me if it were 06 or 07.
Just that it would go from 66-6-7.
I am at this point all ready skeptical and looking for the punch line.  My
first thoughts was that the remote was in the bed or it was a trick on
her. She is the real skeptical.  Nothing scares her, she is a nurse.  So she
thought that the remote was messing up.  It was a brand new remote,
universal, and she thought that it may be messing up.  April told her to
pick up the remote and look at it.  It didn't have any batteries in it.
       That isn't the weird part.  My stepmother Sherry said it must be a
glitch in the TV and then it ran through the channels, all the channels,
really fast.  It then dawned on her to ask if it was her brother, her very
close brother who shot himself recently, and then the TV went to changing
channels like crazy.  My mom is not scared and still not a believer at
this point.  April however, is white as a, pardon the expression, "GHOST."
Then she ask the "TV" another question, it again went crazy.  She then said
wait and told the "TV" that they had to establish some commutative code. She
suggested that the "TV" GO UP A CHANNEL for yes and DOWN a channel for no.
It went to channel 8, then back to 7.  It stayed on 7, and moved from
there. When she asked it no questions, it would go to 6 and back to 7.  This went
on all night long.  I did leave one part out though, there was another person
in the room, a 5 month old baby who stared intensely at the TV the whole
I believe my mother, and she has no reason to lie and many witnesses.  Two
teenagers and a 5 month old baby.  She ask her "brother" if she would
"talk" to him again and he said "8 and back to 7" which she interrupted to a yes.

The Buddy Holly Ghost

By: Elvanic1@aol.com

 You can call me an obsessed fan or whatever, but the following story is
dead serious and I have never told anyone.  My grandfather was a huge Buddy
Holly fan, he had the records and the record player.  Infact he played it so
often my Dad got sick of it. Grandad died in 93 ( Ironically on Halloween ) and
his Grandson ( yours truly ) is know Holly fan.  Sometimes when I play my
Holly CD's I get this strange feeling, the old " someones watching me " and I
feel its grandad. The freaky thing is one time I looked in my mirror and caugh
a glimpse of grandad, I quickley tunred off the music and ran downstairs to
my parents.  To this day I still feel strange when I listen to Buddy Holly.

My Little Brother

BY: DWilliams@mail.intracorp.com

 Hi, I would like to share an experience of mine with you.  When I was 16
years old my younger brother died at the age of 15.  It was a illness
where he got sick on Tuesday and died on Sunday never did find out what did it.
Well anyway I had already been scheduled to have my tonsils removed about
2 weeks after that event.  At that time you went in the night before you had
surgery the next day.  So I had gone in the night before and all and about
midnight I woke and there stood my brother standing beside the bed.  I
guess I really just didn't remember where I was or that he was gone because it
didn't scare me or even seem strange.  He smiled at me and I smiled back
and I went back to sleep. I feel he was just coming to let me know that he was
okay and that I was going to be okay too.  I had a hard time with that
surgery and lost 16 pounds the next week.  Never have surgery after such a
traumatic event because it is really harder to recover because you are so
emotionally out of it.  I've never seen him again but it is almost like I
can feel him though and I feel he is my guardian angel.  Just thought I
would share that.  I really enjoy all the stories.  This was my only ghost


Saratoga Lights


 Many of you have probably heard of the Saratoga Lights located in Texas,
for they have been on several TV shows and featured in Readers Digest. The
skeptics claim the lights are nothing more than swamp gas. I can assure
you from my own personal encounters, this is impossible. I have visited the
site many times, each with something to make a believer out of me. Here is just
one of those visits.
At the time I lived about 30 miles from the Saratoga Road and hadn't been
there in 8 years. I was telling a friend of my husband about an experience
I had had when I was 18. He, being a huge skeptic, insisted we go together.
My husband agreed, having never been himself and thinking I was making it all
up. So, my husband {we are no longer married} whose name is Gary, myself
and our friend, Danny, took off for the Lights. Having been there before, I
was asked to give directions. I told them we were getting near when we pass
the old hotel on the left. Danny had lived around the area most of his life
and said he had no idea what Hotel I was talking about. Just then we passed it
and I told them it was the next road. Now no one saw the Hotel but me. We
turned onto Saratoga Road and drove it to the other end. The road is
straight as an arrow with no side roads off of it. Having seen nothing, I began to
take a lot of ribbing from those two. I persuaded them to turn around and
drive it one more time. As we turned the Chevy love pickup around I began
to shout, "Come on Light, they don't believe me. Show em what ya got." No
sooner were the words out of my mouth than the Light appeared about 100 yards in
front of us. No longer could you hear the sounds of the forest crickets
and frogs. Not a sound except the truck motor. Danny swore it was a
so Gary killed the truck to listen. Not one sound could be heard, yet the
Light was still approaching us. It stood about waist high to the average
person and moved ever so slightly back and forth as if it were a lantern
in someone's hand. Getting a little spooked Gary decided to start the truck
and get the heck out of there. The truck wouldn't start and I began to laugh.
I could hear myself laughing louder and louder but couldn't stop. Gary is
very much a redneck and never leaves home without his gun, a 22 rifle. My
laughter is getting worse and he insists I shut the hell up. Normally, I would not
have given him any reason to be angry and would have loved to shut up,
However, I couldn't stop. I literally had tears running down my face.
Well, this infuriated Gary, and he pulled the 22 out from under the seat and
threatened to shoot me if I didn't stop. Even that didn't work, if
anything it made it worse. Luckily for me, Danny had the wits about him to reach
across me and grab the rifle from Gary. I stopped laughing immediately.
   By this time we were all scared silly and just wanted to go home. Now
the light was about 25 yards away. Gary gave the truck another try and it
roared to life. It's a wonder he didn't blow the motor maxing out those Rpm's. We
headed straight for the light determined to run it down. Just as we were
almost on top of it, it disappeared. Looking behind us, it was now a good
50 yards behind us and coming our way. We turned the truck around to face it
and again it disappeared. Looking behind us we saw no sign of it. Gary was so
scared he couldn't drive and stopped to switch places with Danny. When he
got back in the truck I could hear him sniffling, but made no comment.
    We hardly spoke a word on the ride to Danny's. Pulling in his yard, we
bid him good night with nervous laughter saying we would definitely go back
again. Gary was behind the wheel sniffling and mumbling "The Light got me"
over and over. I was so shook up I didn't respond. That is until we got
home. Upon entering the house I flipped on the lights and saw Gary's face. His
nose was laid open to the bone and the sniffling I had heard was him sniffling
the blood running down it. I don't know how long I screamed, but Gary had no
idea why I was. I convinced him to look in the mirror and when he did, we both
began to cry. All he could remember was a cold sensation coming over him
when he and Danny switched places and the feeling that The Light was
responsible. His nose took 10 stitches by the way.
    Yes, we did go back and the next trip was even more unexplainable. As
for the mysterious Hotel, Danny researched it and took me there in the
daylight. It is nothing but a vacant lot where a Hotel once stood. It was torn down
after the family that owned it was murdered some years ago. I have no idea
why I see it, but everytime I have ever been I always know we turn right
past the old Hotel. I have since moved from Texas and have encounter other
things of this nature in my travels to other states.

The Old School House Children

By: the zoo crew

    Several years ago, I had moved into an old apt. building with my three young daughters. I had
just divorced, and had to settle for what I could afford.  The building was old, very old.  I had
moved into my new "home" in July.  My daughters were 8,7 and two months old.  With kids this
young, I had numerous toys throughout the apartment.  Every night, I would give the kids their
bath, pick up their toys, then get my bath and get ready for bed, as I had to wake up at 4:30
every morning for work.
One night, after picking up the toys, I went into the bathroom. I heard something hit the floor,
and went to check it out.  My daughters' Teddy Ruxpin was sitting in the middle of the living
room floor.  I kind of brushed it off, like no big deal.  Several nights later, after picking up
the toys, I was in bed, just about asleep. I heard the one toy "talking"--it was an electronic
ball, that when rolled, would turn the picture of an animal to the top, the ball would say "D-
Duck--the duck says Quack", or dog, cat, etc.  This continued several times.  I thought another
toy was pushing against it, causing it to repeat itself.  Being quiet, to not wake my kids, I
tip-toed to the living room.  The ball went rolling right in front of me.  I was so stunned, I
could not move. I thought I heard a Whoosh sound, but by this time, I didn't know what I seen or
heard anymore!
Several months went past, the toys would be placed through out the house, the Teddy Ruxpin would
play by itself all night long,  and things were just "different" in that apt.
One night, I was hearing the ball play over and over, and couldn't take it anymore. I got up the
courage, went to the kitchen and got a knife and a scissors, and placed one under each side of
the mattress.  I told my mom about this, and as expected, she thought I had gone Fruit Loops on
A few nights later, my daughter--then 8, woke me up screaming. She said "Mommy, make it stop!"
The light was on the other side of the room, so I went to her room in the dark. I  caught an
image out of the corner of my eye, and she said "why is my rocking chair moving in the air?
Mommy, my teddy bear is swinging in the air, and I want it to stop!"  The kids were all to young
to understand what was happening. I didn't mention a word about it in front of them.  I grabbed
all three of my kids and had them sleep on my bed, as I watched over them until daylight. I had
gone to work, told them what happened. The majority advice I got, was " GET OUT!"
I met a guy, who was staying the night the following night after the bear was break dancing in
mid air.  I did not mention a word to him, as I didn't want to chase him away.  He went to the
bathroom, long after the kids were asleep. He came over to me, woke me up, and said "the most
eerie thing just happened to me!"  He told me that a glowing orange light had surrounded his feet
, it was cold.  I told him he was crazy--the truth was I was now terrified! The very next day, I
found another apt. to move into.  Perhaps by mistake, we talked about moving into a new apt. IN
the  old apt. The toys were now being moved even during day light hours. The teddy Ruxpin was
moving its mouth constantly--but no sound emitted from it. My boyfriend said "thats easy to
solve--take the batteries out". I told him feel free to do so. He flipped the bear over, to
discover there were no batteries in it.  Needless to say, I was completely moved out that weekend
.  While I moved out in August, it was extremely cold in the apt.
Curiousity got the best of me, and I checked into the building. Here, it was like the second
oldest building in the old town, and it was once a school house!  I was told by someone that
since I was the first one to have children live in that house, the spirits "came out" .  How
lucky for me, huh?  I was also told that by having the kids move in, they felt that I accepted
children, and they felt safe by coming out in front of me.  The building has been rented out
several times over the past 7-8 years.  It is located in Robesonia, PA.
I lived in a few other places, and only had a few "odd" things happen to me.  That house was
enough for me!!!!  My kids often talk about the swinging teddy--they remember it well, even after
all these years!

A Haunted Childhood

By: laura8@primus.com.au

When our family moved from Western Australia to Queensland many years
ago, strange things started to happen when we moved into our new home.
Things never went well between our parents and my father left us. My
sister and I always slept in the same bed because as soon as we went to
bed strange and scary things started to happen. I remember one night my
sister and I were fighting with each other and mum had finally had
enough so she seperated us for the night. During the course of the night
I woke to hear a draging sound. I sat up in my bed and looked at the
door. I had a footstool against the door and it was moving to let the
door open. I was frozen in my bed and a woman walked in holding a
candle. I couldn't scream or move. All I could do was look and blink to
see if I was seeing things. She has a very long dressing gown on and she
glowed as she walked towards me. She must have been a matter of inches
from me when she disappeared. Finally I could move and I looked at the
door and it was open. I jumped out of bed and ran to my brother's room
and slept in his bed for the rest of the night. In the morning I
memtioned the nights events to my mother and her reply was I had to be
making things up because my sister had slept in her bed because of her
seeing a lady in a long dressing gown carrying a candle.

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