A Broken Heart?

By: jackie@lavelle.com

My husband and I moved into this small upstairs 2 bedroom apartment shortly after we were married.
It was a beautiful old Victorian house and the owner (a widow) lived downstairs in the rest of
the house.  We only lived there for about 1 to 2 months.  A few weeks after we had moved in, I
awoke one night and was completely petrified.  Absolutely Terrified!  My heart was in my throat,
pounding like it would jump out of my chest.... Of what?  I don't know, I can only describe it
as an over whelming feeling of evil.  I saw nothing.  I woke up my husband and told him we had
to leave the house.  Right Now!!  He looked at me like I was crazy of course, it was around 2 or
3 o'clock in the morning! He must have saw the urgency and seriousness on my face, because I
wouldn't even talk about what I was feeling...I just held on to him and insisted that we leave
and drive somewhere... anywhere before I said a thing.  Which we did.  I then explained to him
what happened.  He believed my feelings were sincere...but I had no details...just an over
whelming feeling of EVIL!  Well, we moved out shortly after that. But I wasn't crazy....
Almost 3 to 4 years later, still living in the same town, a girl came to work at the company that
I worked for.  She was the daughter of the widow who lived downstairs of that creepy apartment.
Oh, what a small world, etc, etc. We chatted along nicely.  Then I told her what happened that
night and jeez wasn't it goofy!  She looked at me ... her face went pale and she swallowed hard.
"What month did you say that happened?"  she asked me.  "June... why?"  She then proceeded to
tell me about her brother.  Her brother had committed suicide many years earlier, in the bedroom
that we had slept in.  It was over a girl, he had shot himself with a rifle... and it had been
a June night.  It still gives me the creeps when I think about it.

Have a Great Day!

Can't Get Rid of Them...

By: Marie-Claude.Peloquin@microcell.ca

It is with a lot of passion this morning that I went over everything on your
web site. I finally did the move of searching the web for people who had more
experiences then I do with ghost manifestation. I have to say I'm mixed on
this matter, from one end it is fascinating and from the other it is the
cause of great anxiety and frustration. let me give you a briefing about my
experience, who's content is not just feeling and haze like you find in
My room mate moved from one place to another and almost always had
experiences. The first place was build over a jew cemetery. The second one,
where I was living also was haunted more because of some death that occur a
while ago in the building. In this building. They was blood traces appearing on
the floor and disappearing from time to time. A lot of ghost were there women
and men which we saw clearly. My dog was waking us up at night making tnis strange
noise almost human. So we moved tired and full of hope that our next places were
to be calm and "ours" alone...
Everything went well for a couple of months. So we had a good rest. But
lately. A new ghost arrived. I think he's now alone exept for the dead grand
mother of our neighbor which is passing in the apartment on her way to
relatives  .The new gost is a young man he's probably just trying to get
attention from us especially at night. I have a hard time sleeping now, I'm
tired at work and angry. I just want to get rid of it. I think I tried
everything from trying to talk with him to yell at him to praying. ( I didnt
do that for 15 years) ect...I dont talk about it to a lot of person but
really no one couldn't help me giving me advise or else. I'm frighting
people. And so I am. I'm thinking about moving again, . What can I do since
I dont understand what he wants, ca'nt have a conversation, no reason no
meaning, yesterday all evening I har him simulating washing window,(sounds
like that) he also succeeded in saying Hello near my bed after but I didnt see
him....I feel this one is there just to bother. Anyway, I will do anything
to be in privacy again and to feel that my home belong to me  Can you help
me ? There must be a way to kick a ghost butt...

Landlords Wife???

By: One4me819@aol.com

I am only writing now that I have moved into a new house. I have lived in 2
houses were I have had things happening. The first house I lived things would
disappear, as soon as you put it down you would turn around and it wouldn't
be there. I would be home late at night by myself and the phone would keep
ringing, when I went to answer it no one would be there. After about a half
an hour I would usually unplug the phone, well one time when I did this it
still continued to ring all night long, only once did I have the nerve to
pick it up...dead silence.
  The other house I have lived in, the most recent I had a lot of things
going on there. When I first moved in I was doing some stuff around the house
and decided to put some shelves into a closest that is in a bedroom in the
basement, will I was hammering I could hear someone/thing knocking on the
wall. This wouldn't have been so bad if I know there could be someone on the
other side, but being down in the basement I knew it was on foundation and
after that a lot of dirt. It just keep going knock..knock..knock, always in
threes. Needless to say I ran out of there, when I went back down the next
day it had luckily stopped and never happened again. Most of the things that
have happened in that house were usually in that room and I unfortunately was
the only one who ever had any problems. I would go down into the room, which
eventually became my bedroom, and would smell cigarette smoke, as though
someone had just been in there smoking. No one in my house smokes, I could
have put it off as one of the kids sneaking one, except it had happened a few
times when I was home alone. I would get woken up in the middle of the night
by "someone" shaking the bed or picking up a corner of the bed and letting it
drop. One night it felt as though someone was under the mattress and sticking
their finger up, pushing the bed up. The worst stuff though started happening
when the landlord was considering moving back into the house. I would wake up
and feel terrified, it is hard to describe just how scared I was, but I have
never felt more scared in my entire life. I wouldn't be able to move only my
eyes and I would never see anything around me, just the normal shapes that
were around the room. The worst night though happened on the night we were
supposed to have left, I woke up to a growling noise and what felt like an
arm being pushed down across my neck. I have since found out that the
landlord's wife passed away in the house, though I don't know what the
basement room had to do with it, that was added on after she died. I am lucky
enough to have gotten moved out without anymore things happening and am
praying that the new house is "entity free". Thanks for listening..


Strange Event

By: DnEfick@aol.com

I hesitate calling this a 'Ghost' story because I don't know what it was. It
could have happened by normal means, but they would have been odd
About four or five years ago I was walking down Harbor Boulevard in Costa
Mesa, California. Harbor is long and is one of the streets that borders
Disneyland, but the section I was walking along was almost exclusively
commercial. I passed a woman with a bruised face and a 'Universal Studios'
baseball cap with the logo in shiny silver letters walking the other way. A
few blocks later I passed her again, going the other way. I think I may have
smiled at her this time. A few blocks later I passed her a third time, still
walking the other way.
I should point out that I was just walking, I never stopped to look into a
store or restaurant, I was maintaining a steady pace. While I am no race
walker, I have about an average walking speed, I am not extraordinarily slow.
After the third time I turned around. I don't want to exagerate, I didn't
whirl around by any means, I probably kept walking about another ten steps,
saying to myself, "This is kinda weird..." and maybe stopped for a brief
moment to think about this. When I turned around she was gone. There was a
Pollo Loco restaurant right there, I went in there and saw no sign of her. I
went and looked down the nearest cross street, again, no sign of her.

As I say, I don't claim this is a ghost story, I just claim this is a weird
event that happened to me which is possible to explain through natural
causes, but would be an odd circumstance. Yes, she could have gotten a ride
or driven, but in that case why would I have passed her on the sidewalk each
time, wouldn't she have driven or gotten a ride exactly where she was going
rather than a half a block farther?

If you have any light you could shed aupon this, I would appreciate it.

Family Experiences

By: jewelsb@bigfoot.com

Over that past 50 years or so many members of my family have had interesting
ghostly experiences. None of them have been particularly frightening though.
Here are a couple of those experiences. (These take place in the Vancouver,
BC area)

About 15 years ago my grandmother was chopping cabbage up for supper one
evening and accidentally cut her finger with the knife. As she was running
her finger under the cold water tap she distinctly heard a voice saying
"I've told you to be careful with knives Kitty!" The voice was that of her
Auntie Nell who had died 40 years previous. She was always scolding my
grandmother for something or the other.

Another experience happened to my Aunt. 20 years ago she and her family
moved into a gorgeous 4 bedroom house in a wonderful area. The house itself
was about 2 years old. After a while she would find things missing. She put
a brand new packet of knitting needles on the kitchen shelf and when she'd
go to get them they'd be gone. But anything else on the shelf was then on
the floor. Her daughter was at school and her infant son was way too young
to climb up there. The knitting needles turned up in the bath of all places.
It was then she thought there was a spirit in the house. She was even more
convinced when she heard singing up in her daughters room. She went up there
and found no one. That night my cousin refused to sleep in her room. A
little while after that Auntie went upstairs to check on the baby as she
looked in the cot where Andy was fast asleep she swore she saw a woman's
hand gently stroking his cheek. She calmly told the ghost "He's asleep.
Please don't wake him up". The ghost left. The ghost also likes to "crash"
my Aunt's parties. If guest were over shed come downstairs and join in. The
only people who knew she was there were my Aunt and my Grandmother. I had
only one experience with the ghost. I was babysitting one evening and was
watching TV in the family room. All of a sudden the dog perked up and
started wagging his tail. I knew it was her. I said "come in and sit down"
and continued to watch the TV. There were several other things that
happened, but fortunately this spirit was friendly and harmless. When my
Aunt moved out she found out that the property where her house stood was
once owned by the native Indians of the area and sold to the government in
the early 1980's. My Aunt thought that her ghost had darkish skin. Funny
thing is that my Uncle never saw or heard the ghost at all.

There are many more stories to tell..but they'll come later.

Ghost Maybe

By: ceppag@attitude.com

About 2 weeks ago we were in bed watching t.v. (it was around 9:30 - 10:00)
when we heard feet steps, kinda like our kids had gotten out of
bed......well, I got up and checked the kids, but they were still in bed
sleeping.  I went back to bed.  About 5 minutes later, it happened again,
this time it sounded like it was running down stairs.  My husband grabbed
his gun, I went in the kids room, and they were still sleeping.  Vince said
everything was locked up, so no one was in our house.  We couldn't explain
what had happened, so we went to sleep.  5:45 in the morning, my daughter
who is 7, came in mummbling to me until I told her to calm down.....she said
it felt like someone was at the end of her bed and pushed her mattress, and
in doing so, she heard her springs go up like someone was on the bed with
her.  She was looking for our cat which was asleep in our room.

Now, we have been in our house almost 4 years now.  Our house is a brand new
home of about 5yrs old.  I started thinking about somethings that has
happened in our house that I mentioned to my husband.  I told him, remember
a couple of times we had been gone all day, and when we came home, I smelled
a mans cologne,very strong in some places.  I alsoo told him it wasn't his
cologne.  So here I was thinking that someone had been in our house.

Yesturday, Sept. 22, 1999, I was home by myself watching t.v. downstairs, it
was about 11:30 a.m., and I could of sworn my son, who is 6, was home in his
room walking around, but he was at school.  No one but myself was home.  I
went upstairs, nothing was there.  Today, Sept. 23, 1999, I got home around
10:30 a.m., went upstairs and there was a smell.....I'm sorry I cant descibe
the smell, but all I can say is it dosen't smell good.  Now, this smell
tipped me off today, because we have had this smell prior from today.  The
strange thing about it is it only happens once in awhile. And it usually
smells strong in the hallway and my daughters room upstairs.  you would
think a pungent smell like that would smell up the other rooms, but it never
does.  Everytime I try to find were the smell comes from, there is never a
pin-point spot.

Does anyone have any comments that they can help us with?  How can we
acctually tell if we have some kind of paranormal activity going on in here.
What we have experienced right now seems strange and unnoormal.

Family Camp

By: Anonymous

  I would like to remain be anonymous.I'm going to be
telling my friends story .I believe her because she
told me about it then we found your website and it
matched alot of others peoples stories.

     My friend was at her family camp in
Kokadjo,Maine.This camp was built about 100 years
ago.It is set was way back in the woods, in fact it
used to be ,the only way you could reach was by
boating across the lake.It has no electrcity either.My
friend was up later than ever one else and was
listening to her walkman by lantern light.She was
looking around at the time and noticed what looked to
be like steam coming between the cracks in the
wood.But the thing was it didn't move like steam,it
did not rise,it slide in and formed sort of a ball.The
ball rose and hovered near her sister's bedroom
door.She lost it for a second ,then found it again ,it
was near the skylight and it seemed to disappear out
the skylight.

    My friend wasn't scared at this sight and neither
she or her family ever saw,heard,or felt anything
thing before.Another weird thing was that even when
she saw it she never felt anyhting,and it never
appeared to be a ghost of a person or animal.

Ghosts or Angels?

By: PoetMstres@aol.com

I actually have two stories and I'm not sure I would call them ghost stories
or not.  Perhaps they are angels, but nonetheless they happened and are not
necessary related.
When I was in highschool I was madly in love with a guy two years older than
me.  I was a senior and he was graduated and in the Air Force.  He was my
first love.  Shortly before my high school graduation, I had made tentative
plans to visit him at his base in Mississippi. I called him with my plan. He
was less than thrilled.  It was during this call that I found out he was
seeing another girl and we broke up.  I was utterly devastated.  I kept the
pain to myself mostly, nobody really knew how terribly it had effected me.  I
was beside myself with hurt.  A couple of days after we broke up I was in my
bedroom upstairs.  I heard my mother call my name from the bottom of the
steps and she sounded very strange.  She said "Come down here.  You got some
flowers delivered to you."  I went to the kitchen and my mother looked
utterly baffled.  I was convinced they were from Dan and he wanted me back.
The bouquet was huge and beautiful with roses and exotic flowers and greens.
It was obviously a very expensive arrangement.  I opened the card and it
said:  "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a
butterfly."  Signed Anonymous.   I asked everyone I knew if they sent the
flowers.  Nobody owned up to it.  Nobody.  My mom tried to call the florist,
but the florist said that they only thing they knew is that it came in FTD,
which meant that it wasn't local.   To this day, more than 15 years later I
still don't know who sent those flowers, but I somehow like to believe that
they were a gift from an angel.

The second story happened this past year.  Both of my parents died this past
year.  Both unexpectedly and very young.  My mom died of a burst aneurysm in
her heart and my father died of complications of a heart by-pass surgery.
She was 59, my father was 62.   After my mom died strange things began to
happen.  The first thing was the night of the first funeral  home visitation.
 I was at that time at home writing a letter to my mother to be placed in her
casket to be buried with her.   My sister and my father were at my parent's
house getting dressed when my sister, who was ironing in the basement, heard
an extremely loud crash come from upstairs in the kitchen.  It made her jump.
 She said she had been thinking about my mom.  My dad, at the time of the
large crash, was standing in the bedroom trying to decide which suit to wear.
 He said that he was thinking "no, I shouldn't wear that suit, Yvonne (my
mom) wouldn't like that."  My dad and my sister went into the kitchen.  Above
the kitchen sink was a window that my mom had filled with crystals and
stained glass pretties that were suction cupped to the window.  My mom's
favorite was of  a blue stained glass oval of an angel praying.  It was that
glass ornament that had fallen into the sink and made the crash.  Those
ornaments had been there for years and NEVER fell into the sink.  But they
did this day.

Two days later I had to attend a doctors appointment.  My sisters and dad
were leaving to meet the funeral director and I was leaving for the doctor.
I stopped and said "shoot, I don't have money for the co-pay and I'm running
late.  I don't have time to stop at the bank."  My sister gave me the money
for it.  On the way to the appointment, I realized that "shoot I was meeting
a friend for lunch and I still don't have any money."  I thought to look in
the console of my car, but I knew there would be no money there.  I never
leave money in my car.   I looked anyway.   But when I opened the lid, there
sat a $5 bill.  Odd.  But I was so glad to see it.  I didn't think too much
about it until later when I though hard about it.  I didn't leave that money

That same day, my sisters and nephews went to my uncle's pharmacy and
Hallmark shop where my mom had worked also.  My mom always bought Beenie
Babies for my nephews from there.  My nephew was looking for a specific
beenie and had been unable to find it for months.  That day they found it at
the shop.  My uncle didn't remember ever seeing that one before and he took
care of the ordering!

A few days later I was sleeping.  I was exhausted from the funeral and was
taking time off from work.  Nobody was home, the window was open and I was
dozing peacefully when I heard quite clearly, "Carrie...Caaaarrrrrrie..."
I sat up and my heart was pounding.  I heard my mother.  She was calling me
as if I wasn't supposed to be sleeping.  Like she always used to do if she
thought I were over sleeping.  One of the things that my mom always did when
she was alive that annoyed me, was to yell my name from the bottom of the
steps. I heard it so vividly that morning.  I want to say it was in my head
but it woke me up and her voice was clear as day.

My bedroom was the entire length of the top floor of a cape cod house.  I had
my own smoke detector up there.  From that day on, whenever I would get
really upset about losing my mother that silly smoke detector would beep.
Beep, beep, beep, beep.  I changed the battery.  Beep, beep, beep, beep.  But
happen only when I was upset or thinking of her.

The crystals on the window began to fall off regularly, where they never did
before.   The phone in the kitchen, which had a speaker phone function would
click on of it's own volition when someone was on the telephone.  It happened
about five times.  That too had never done that before.

Suddenly, everything just stopped.  No more odd happenings.  Then my father
went into a coma.  Several friends from out of town were staying at the house
and keeping vigil with us at the hospital.  One evening, everyone was at the
hospital but a friend of the family named Jenny.   She had heard the stories
of my mom's "hauntings" and the smoke detector going off.  She was reading a
book, alone in the house, when the smoke detector in the downstairs hallway
started going crazy.  Jenny got up, walked into the hallway looked up at it
and said "Ms. Harley, we aren't ready to let Don go yet.  You can't have him.
 Is that okay?"  The minute she said that the smoke detector BEEPED one more
time and it never did it again.  It completely freaked her out.

Shortly after my father died all strange happenings ceased little by little.
They do not happen anymore.  I wish they would.  It was almost nice thinking
that my mom and/or dad were hanging around watching us.

Grampa's Ghost

By: ddonovan@the-bridge.net

  I am 51 years old now.When I was 6 years old,my grandfather committed suicide. My grandparents lived just down a short path through the woods from our house, situated on a high hill. I didn't
understand what had happened.just that a lot of grown ups were crying and I couldn't find grampa
anywhere. I looked in his raspberry patch, I looked behind his little house where he chopped wood, he was nowhere. That night,I had to sleep on the couch out in the living room. Long after dark,I saw grampa walk by the window which was along side the path,then he walked in the door,
sat on the edge of the couch,smiled at me and was gone.I never saw his spirit again

Imp Experience?

By: OpaqueOphelia@aol.com

Last night I saw... something.   I don't know exactly what it
was, but the nearest I can guess it was an Imp of some sort.  I
was out driving with my boy du jour, at around 3 am, on a
winding road near where I live.  The whole are is full of trees,
bushes, all of it very green and lovely, but the area has a
reputation as a satanists frequent haunt, but I never really
gave it a lot of thought.  I am someone who believes in faeries,
ghosts, and nearly every other type of paranormal entity, so
I've often gotten the feeling that the area is charged with a
sort of non-human energy.  The feeling is neither completely
good nor completely bad (these things normally aren't that
polar), and my feelings on whatever I saw last night were of
much the same duality.  I will include as much detail as
possible.  Some of it may be completely superfluous, but in the
interest of being thorough, I don't want to leave anything out.

   The time, as mentioned above, was around 3 am.  We were
driving on this windy road in my car, which is a 1996 Pontiac
Grand Am.  Last night the moon was full.  I remember this
distinctly, because earlier that evening I had noticed it huge
and slightly yellow in the sky and had pointed it out to my
friend.  I had pointed this out the evening prior as well, and
he asked how the moon could be full two nights in a row, to
which I responded that the moon is actually considered full for
three consecutive days, but that tonight it seemed to be at its
apex.  The street, called West Road, has very little in the way
of lighting, most of it coming from motion sensor and garage
lights of the houses that line the street.  We had the radio on,
but not very loud at all, and were talking.
    We came around a curve, and thats when I saw it.  At first
I attributed it to my imagination, but from past experiences
with apparitions and other paranormal happenings, I've learned
to trust myself more.  I have never taken drugs of any kind. For
3 am I was well rested, as I am a night person by nature.  I
didn't feel tired until 7am that morning, which is when I
finally turned in.  I know it was not my imagination, and the
probability of me hallucinating is slim, because there was no
cause for hallucination.  I don't know of anyone who
hallucinates without a distinguishable cause.
   It had a form vaguely reminiscent of a human body, but it
looked to be approximately 2 1/2 feet tall and very slim.  It
jetted across the street with an agility I have never seen,
human or animal.  I am reluctant to use this comparison, but it
vaguely reminded me of the little flame characters I have seen
in cartoons, the ones who sort of take on a vaguely human form.
Picture on of those animations, only solid black from head to
foot.  It gave off no reflection from the headlights of my car,
but it was both darker and more substantial than any shadow I
have ever seen.  At the time, I noticed especially it's eyes,
but as I recall the situation now, it had no eyes to speak of,
just a solid black, featureless face.
    When I saw it, a noticeable chill ran up and down my spine,
though I can't say I was terrified.  I was both disturbed
(though I can't put my finger on why), and incredibly curious.
    I consider myself a very rational person, so my first
thought was to anylize the situation and try to find a rational
explaination.  I eliminated the possibility of a hallucination
as previously stated.  I know it was not an animal because I am
familiar with the area.  I have lived here for 19 years, and
have travelled that same road frequently for the duration of
those 19 years.  I have seen squirells, skunks, opposums, birds,
deer, dogs, cats, and one lizard.  Never have I seen anything
that even remotely resembles the thing I described above.  Never
have I seen anything that could match the swift agility in which
it ran across the road.  And if my feelings on the subject are
correct, it was running *from* something.  I trust these
feelings, because I've never been wrong of the situations where
I've been able to confirm my gut instincts.
    I don't feel any particular menace or danger from the
situation as a whole, but I have this nagging curiosity to know
what it was that I saw.  If anyone has any information, or cares
to relate any similar experiences, by all means please do so!
My email address is: OpaqueOphelia@aol.com ~ please put "Imp" in
the subject line so I know its not more spam.  Thank you

Little Megan Just Wants to Play

By: Moore0531@aol.com

          My friemd Carl's house is haunted by many ghosts. I have seen alot
of them myself. The first one I ever had experiences with is a little girl
who's name is Megan. One of the nights when I stayed the night at his house,
I was sleeping in a room by myself and I started to feel a little tap on my
leg. The next day I asked Carl if he was playing a prank on me that night and
he said, "Megan wants to play with you".I was kind of confused because he has
a little sister who's name is Megan too. After about 10 seconds he told me
about a little girl ghost who's name is Megan. He told me that  about 50
years before they moved in, there was a fire in the house, so she hid in a
closet and when the fire got into the closet, she was stuck in it and died.
He said she was about 7 years old when it happened abd that she has been
haunting the house eversince. Hopefully you believe this story because it is
all true. Thanks for your time.

Mrs. Hamilton

By: debora.parker@wcom.com

I grew up in Washington D.C.  We had so many abnormal happenings in our
house, we actually named our ghost Mrs. Hamilton.  One very early morning,
just before dawn, my mother and two of my sisters were in the downstairs bed
together.  The room that was made into a bedroom was situated where the head
of the bed was against a wall and the foot was toward the stairs. It was
probably five feet between the foot of the bed and  bottom of the stairs.
The stairway was walled in whereas you couldn't see anybody going up or down
unless they were on the very last steps.  When you get to the bottom of the
step, there was the walk way at the bottom that led past the bed into the
living room.  Anyway, my mom and sisters all woke up at the same time to see
a light on in the stairwell.  Neither knew that the other was woke.  They
assumed it was my aunt coming down. Then they noticed that the light was
getting brighter.  My mom said she thought my aunt had a candle in her hand.
When it reached the bottom of the stairs, they all said they saw a woman in
white.  They never heard a footstep.  When the woman came around the foot of
the bed, they saw that she was around 6 inches of the floor.  She floated
into the living room. After much crying and hugging each other, needless to
say, they stayed up until full daylight and checked the living room and no
one was there.  A few years later, my sister and I were in the same room,
different bed, and woke to hear the dog barking towards the living room.
The dog's hair was standing straight up on his back, and he was growling and
running just to the door leading into the living room and back to us.  When
my sister calmed the dog, we heard a shuffling sound in the living room as
if someone was walking in a circle without lifting their feet all the way
off of the floor.  We were terrified that a burglar was in the house.  My
heart was in my throat.  My sister gave the dog the 'sic em' command, but
the dog would not go into the room.  We weren't sure that it wasn't my
brother playing tricks, but our dog would not respond that way if it was.
We finally cut on all of the lights downstairs and peeped into the living
room and no one was there.  The windows were locked and the door was bolted
on the inside.

Eventually we moved into a larger house a few doors down.  Our ghost, Mrs.
Hamilton, moved with us.  Once the same sister (strangely, I have three
other sisters but weird stuff always happens with the oldest one)and I was
upstairs in the bedroom with the door closed looking at TV.  The light in
the bedroom was off, but the light in the hallway was on.  The bathroom was
next to the bedroom.  At the same time, we both looked toward the bottom of
the door and saw the shadow of footsteps going into the bathroom.  There
were six kids and two adults living in the house at the time, but we
instantly knew it was not a living person.  We waited a few minutes to see
if anyone would leave the bathroom, but know one ever came out.  We both
looked around the bathroom and the other rooms and no one was there but us.
Another time we heard glass break downstairs (same sister again).  Again, we
thought someone had broken into the house.  We were so scared we had
considered climbing out on the roof and jumping into the backyard.  When we
finally got up the nerve to go downstairs, we assumed the window was broke.
There was no glass to be found downstairs, upstairs or anywhere.  There was
however, a substance on the floor that looked like it could have been blood.
Again the doors and windows were locked.  Sometimes when I came down the
stairs in that house I always felt that someone was coming down behind me.
I use to just RUN down the stairs. I wasn't scared a lot just being upstairs
or just being downstairs, it was the coming down the steps that had hair on
the back of my neck standing up.

Strange things always happens around this particular sister.  Even in our
grown up lives, (she is in her late forties) she still generates
supernatural phenomenas. Strange things happen when she is around.  Once she
walked past a can of beer and it flipped completely on it's top.  She can
walk past a picture and it will fall off of the wall.  My other two sisters
shared a house that they claimed was haunted.  And it was, particularly when
my oldest sister was there.  I truly believe she has that certain energy
that attracts the supernatural and/or disaster.  When stuff start falling
apart around her she just shrugs and says "stuff happens".

My family is full of ghost tales and I have many more to tell at a later

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