My and My Sons Experience


I was never really told how to believe in ghosts or spirits if they were real
or not.
This started when I moved to Missouri with my family in 1995. The first house
we rented when we arrived something was very uneasy about it. I not only felt
it but my eldest son did also.
One evening when the 3 sons were in bed and my husband was working late. I
was up watching TV late. When I decided to go to bed (I had left a low lite
light on in my bedroom) as I was walking down the hallway past my sons rooms
there was a blur. I thought it was because my eyes were tired and there was a
mirror on the back wall of the hallway. But as I continued walking my left
eye got real blurry and I felt a cold chill go through me.
There is a basement to this house. I had my washer and dryer down there, I
also had my kids Sega game there. I felt very uneasy everytime I went down
there. My eldest son heard something pounding on the Sega controllers. He
said at one time he saw some kind of figure down there. The figure was bent
over, blurry blackish gray and it had no real face or features. He said it
stood there shaking it's head. He would be downstairs playing and hear
someone come down the stairs and no one would be there. My son was very
uncomfortable when he first walked in, he said he felt sick to his stomach.
When he saw the figure he felt sick also.
We have since moved, same town. We have moved into another house that has
been lived in by many people but not for long periods of time. Someone told
me that the reason nobody stays in this house very long is because it is
haunted. Again me and my eldest son has been the ones noticing everything
that has been happening here. I hear feet scooting across the floor at night
but no one is there. My son has seen a bright light flashing in the corner of
his room, it is in the upper corner of his room where no lights shine on the
wall (I have also seen this myself). He has also seen 3 lights spinning
lights beside his bed. There was also a time that he felt his bed shake. My
son has cancer and he had been going through a time that he could not sleep,
it was right around this time that he felt his bed shake. We do not have an
uneasy feeling about these experiences, they are quite comforting.
I had an Uncle that was killed in a head-on accident when he was riding a
motorcycle, hit by a drunk driver. This was around 20 years ago. I think of
him very often. I just wondering if it was him that was here with my and my
eldest son during this time that he (my son) is going through this cancer. We
are not scared of his cancer even though it is a rare. My Uncle was a very
spiritual man, I feel that this is his way of letting us know that my son is
going to be all right we get through this year and his cancer will be done.
I have 2 other sons they have not experienced anything neither has my
husband. I told him and felt foolish, I felt he thought I was crazy.


My Brother Came to Visit


Hi Dave!  I am a 21 year old female in Atlanta, Ga. who has had a few of
my own experiences to add to your interesting collection.  It all began
soon after by brother, Granger, died in March of 1990.  Since that time
i have felt and seen his presence at my parent's house on several
occasions.  And the funny thing is, is that I am not the only one who
has!! Here is one of the best accounts I can think of right now.....

     One evening Chris, one of my brother's friends from 12 years ago
and now my boyfriend, was sitting in my parent's living room watching
television with my mom. Chris was stretched out across the couch with
his head n my lap and my mom was sitting at the other end of the sofa.
Suddenly I felt as if I needed to take a deep breath when I felt a cool
breeze float across my foot. I tried to shrug it off until I began to
smell my brother's "personal smell". Just a few seconds later I felt the
same breeze float across the back of my neck and around to the front of
my face. Chris noticed how all of the hair on my arms started to stand
on end and that's when I began to cry. I knew it was my brother's spirit
there to let me know he is still with us. I kindly asked him not to do
things like that again because it rather spooked all of us. Of course he
would never mean to scare anyone, and since has not attempted to "touch"
anyone else. I have several other accounts I would love to share with
you. I must admit the sensitivity I have towards the paranormal has been
handed down to me through 4 generations of women on my mother's side of
the family. It is rather a unique gift and all too often is
misunderstood by many. If you are interested in hearing more of my
accounts, I would be glad to share them with you.  In fact I have
several pictures of my brother's grave site and plan on locating them to
see if there is anything to submit to your picture gallery. Thank you
for your time!!

Experiences My Whole Life


    To start my story, I've had these experiences for a good part of my life,
it started long before I was born in a house that has been in my family for
almost a century. My oldest brother Mike was around 3 when he saw my dead
great grandmother in a corner in the attic of the house during a vist to see
our grandmother.
    The house is an old 2 family home, with a basement and an old apartment
attic that had been dismantled in the 50's.  My family moved into the house
in the late 80's.  Since the house has been in my family for almost a hundred
years the house has seen many losses and alot have occured inside the house.
    The attic had a very high spook factor, I guess you would call it.  The
house had a spooky feeling to it all over.  Alot of two family houses built
in the 1900's in the New England area I've been told had a door that lead
into the living room.  This door was for coffins to be wheeled into the
living room so the wakes could be done in the home.  Knowing this always
freaked me out.  The door way had been covered decades before my family moved
in, but the erie outline was still there on the living room wall.
    Now that I gave you a feel of my old home, I will explain my happenings.
I lived in the house for ten years. I have 3 older brothers.  My oldest
brother Mike heard and saw alot happen in the house.  He didn't always tell
the rest of us for I guess reasons of his own.  I started having things
happen 7 years after we moved in.  When I was younger I thought they were
just nightmares.
    June of 96 for my birthday I received a dog.  August of that summer my
parents were staying in our summer home and my brothers and I were home. My
oldest brother Mike and I were laying on my mothers bed when all of the
sudden my dog went wild.  She went from a dog that never barked or growled
into an attack dog, she started barking and growling at the wall, and when we
pushed her towards the wall  she cried and wimpered and shifted herself back
towards us.  I being brave stood in front of the wall and tried to beckon her
towards me.  She just barked and kept at her growling. My brother Mike and I
were convinced we weren't the only two watching TV and left the room.  My
brother Mike and I kept what happened to ourselves and later that night my
brother Joe came home and slept in my mother's room.  I slept in the living
room and my brother  Tom was watching TV in the room with me.  At 4 am Joe
and I heard my mothers sliding bedroom door open and shut 3 or 4 times.  The
dog started going nuts again, and Tom jumped up and ran to see what was going
on.  Joe sat straight up in bed terrified by what he had seen.  That night
the three of us slept in the living room.
    Mike and Joe and I  have heard voices of two men talking to one another,
I've heard the doors open and shut and when I went to see who it was noone
was there.  Mike once saw  who he thought was Joe, (Joe looks just like my
uncle who died in the house),  Mike said hello to the figure and went to his
room. When he came out of the room to talk to what he thought was Joe the
figure was gone, and when he finally saw Joe again, Joe told him that he was
just getting home from work and hadn't been home since that morning.
    Mike slept on a bottom bunk of bunkbed he had in his room.  Joe use to
sleep on top but long since slept on the couch in the living room.  Mike
swears he could hear someone shifting on the top bunk.  Even when none of us
where sleeping on top.  Mike would hear two men conversating on the top bunk
also, but he could never understand what they were saying.
    These are just a few of the experiences we've had.  My mother father Tom
and I moved out of the house in 97.  Joe and Mike still live there. They
still experience things happening at the house.  I lived with them from Nov
98 till July 99 and I had no experiences.  I visited them 2 weeks ago and
stayed over night. I slept by my grandmothers on her pull out and something
almost jumped at me. I cant even explain what happened.  It was pitch black
in the room and my mother was next to me.  I turned my body and opened my
eyes and an almost flash of light but with a dark figure behind it leaped at
my face and disappeared.  I got so startled I started crying.
    I think whatever what was in that house has followed me or something is
in my new home.  When I leave my room sometimes or even when Im sitting in my
room, my stereo will turn on and my Jewel CD will come on.  Last time I came
in the room the song Adrien was on.  If you know Jewel its a song about a
young girl who has a child who becomes disabled.
    I have no pictures or sounds bits to share.  Just what me and my brothers
have experienced.  I know its long, and some of my things may seem a little
wild, but what I am typing is nothing but the truth.

My Father Loved my Husband


My father passed away 4 years ago this coming Dec, My father loved my husband
like he was his own son, he died of cancer 8 days after he was told he had
it. It was a big shock for the whole family. The week before he died my
husband and i went to see him he was home and he seem to be OK, just alittle
out of it. he was a strong man, he never complaint about anything and my
mother was his whole life he was always worried about her (she has had 3
heart surgery's) anyway my dad gave me a little hug good bye and when my
husband went to shake his hand he gave him the biggest bear hug (let me said
that my father had 8 girls and no boys) so my husband was like a son to him
and he loved him very much.

That day was the last day my husband saw my father alive. I went back to see
him the following week (they live over a 100 miles away) The day I went back
the hospital was bringing him home to died, By this time there was no hope
for him. I was helping the hospice people bring him up the back stairs into
the house and I got this weird feeling that something was wrong, I just
looked at him and knew he was gone, He died on the way home from the hospital.

My husband does not believe in ghost  or any thing that has to do with them.
About a week after my father passed away my husband woke up feeling like
someone was in the room with us. He looked at the foot of the bed and saw my
dad standing there (he always stood with his thumbs in his pockets)thats the
way he was standing at the foot of the bed, My husband thought he was seeing
things, he said he kept moving around it the bed hoping my dad would leave,
My dad just stood there looking at him. I believe this was his way of saying
good-bye to him, He was like a son to him and he loved him very much. Now and
then he comes to see us, i have seen him sitting in my spare bedroom,

I was close to My Uncle


       All of my life I've always believed that ghost and things of that
nature existed. Unfortunately, I hadn't had any experieces of my own,
until last october(10-1998.)  My uncle had died of lung cancer
in may (1998). We where quite close and his death was a very difficult
thing to endure, for the whole familly.
The incidence occured at my fiancee (sp?) house. The neighborhood is
new and his house is only 10 years old.  One day after
work I had planned to meet him at his house. It was around 6:30 in the
eveningand quite dark outside.  When I arrived there was no one home.
When you enter his house, there is a powder room directlly off set of
the front door. I switched on the hallway lights and then proceeded into
the powder room. At this point nothing out of the ordernary was
happening, until I opened the door! Having stood there for a few
seconds, drying my hands, this cold breeze comes from nowhere! It goes
around my head like a hand stroking my hair! Looking straight in the
direction of the wind, I could see no source of origin!  I was
completely  stunned ! Whatever it was, was very close to me and I felt
as if it were staring right at me and enjoying the feel of my hair.
Having stood there several minutes, and being surprised yet scared, the
thing or whatever was gone. Or so I thought!  At this point I
figured, I couldn't stand there all night, so I made my way into the
familly room, about 50 feet away. And turning on every light along the
way. I sat down on the couch, thinking that nothing else would happen.
Oh how wrong I was!  Once again the cold breeze brushed over me!
This time I was completelly scared to death(no pun intended!)
Shortly there after, my fiancee room mate came home, and it was so nice
to see a warm body!  And I just want to add that there were
vents near the places, where these incidences occured. I know that
whatever this thing was, it diffinately whated to get my attention,
which it did!

Same House Different Experiences


Dear Dave and all those ghost fanatics such as I...

My first experience with the paranormal came when I was about 7 years old.  Back then, I didn't realize it being such a tender age.
My grandfather's house in Bell, California was known for its ghosts.  My grandfather even had an article written up in their local papers about it.  I didn't know about that until I was much older.
My first experience started out when my family took a vacation out in California.  We moved to Minnesota when I was a baby and would travel once in a while to see our relatives.  I had to take a bath in my grandmother's downstairs bathroom.  I couldn't explain it to anyone but the moment I stepped in there I was truly petrified.  I remember crying and telling my mother I didn't want to take a bath because I hated being in there.  Well, as mothers go...we usually get our way!
I stripped down and got into the tub and my mother left me alone to take care of things.  The second she left, I felt as if someone was above me watching.  Needless to say, that was the fastest bath I ever took.  It scared me so much that I even remembered the strawberry bubble bath that sat on the corner of the tub.  Throughout the whole 5 minutes of my bath I could not take my eye off the corner of the ceiling!
After we left California, it would be a whole 11 years before I returned there on another vacation.
I had not heard about the ghost story until I was in my mid-teens.  However, by then, I was a firm believer because of incidences that began happening at our house when I was 10 years old and we began remodeling our home.
My next incident at my grandfather's house was when I was turning 18.  Only 3 out of 5 of us children had gone on this vacation.  My 2 oldest siblings were in college and having babies.
After we arrived at the house, my grandparent's put my 2 brothers and I up in her living room along with my uncle who was also 18.  Sure enough, when my 2 brothers fell asleep, my uncle and I shared another experience.  All 4 of us were laying on the floor in the middle of the room.  We were head to head laying like a plus sign.  My uncle and I were busy talking about Disneyland where we had spent that day at.  Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement.  Over by the corner of the inside of their living room; next to their window, was a dark figure wearing a long cloak.  I sensed such evil that I couldn't speak and had tears running down my eyes.  My uncle noticed my face and kept asking me what was wrong.  After a couple minutes passed, I finally told him to turn toward the window behind him.  When he did, he saw it also.  He said immediately to rebuke it and demand it to leave in the name of God.  I didn't know what rebuke meant.  After his fast explaination and a check to make sure I strongly believed in God, I finally said  "In the name of God I rebuke you and I demand you to leave!"  In that instant the ghosts jaw slammed shut and he disappeared.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well that night.
The next morning, my uncle Adam explained about the ghosts in the house.  There were atleast several; maybe more of the ghosts.  He had grown up living in the "haunted house" so by now he was quite used to it.  He claimed to have never seen the ghost  that we seen together until that time.  He also felt the evil coming off of it.  As I write this to you, It still has the same effect it did on me 12 years ago.  I am up at 1:48 am with the light on like a little girl again!!!
The experiences of this house has continued on with my sister, her ex-husband and their little boy.  More to come on my other experiences some other night!!!
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  It's not often where you can actually speak freely of some of this stuff without people wondering if your nuts or not!!!

Our Friend Walter


My wife and myself experienced what could only be explained as a very
playful and funny ghost. Funny because of one trick he played on us. My
wife bought the house we lived in brand new, so no one had lived or died
there. After we were married we begin to notice things appearing on
tables and counters that we had never before seen. We had no children
and  couldn't explain these items. Small things like canadian coins and
such. A tire from a model car kit turned up one day. The incident that
convinced us happened when we were on vacation. We had a small Hoover
canister vacuum. We cleaned the car and drove from NM to CA. When we got
home two weeks later we wanted to clean the car again, but the vacuum
was gone. It was always kept in the front hall closet. We emptied the
closet and the vacuum was not there. After searching the house we
concluded that we had left the vacuum outside after cleaning the car and
someone took it. We bought a new vacuum. About three months later I went
to the closet to put a jacket away and there was the vacuum. A vacuum
cleaner is not an item that you would miss seeing fo three months. I was
astonished and could not explain this. We figured the ghost needed a
name and decided to call it Walter. My wifes best firend has also
experienced strange occurances in that house. We have since sold it and
told the new owner about Walter. I don't know if she has met him, but I
hope so. He was a fun type of ghost.

Little Girl Ghost


In Hubbardston,Massachusetts, on a street called Wlliamsville Rd. Cutoff.
there is a stone in the ground.  On this tiny cracked road a girl died in
1818.  She was instantly killed after falling off a wagon.  Now I am serious.
 THIS IS TRUE  I am not crazy....I am a 13 year old girl....and maybe you
have to live in the community to believe it----ask anyone in HUBB MASS!......
but here is the story.
      Every year around the end of Sept. a partially invisible girl is seen,
very clear, simply running down the street, and then she is gone..  There are
even reports in Hubb. Mass about the sightings.  A friend of my family had
also seen her, claiming she was driving down the street....(No not
necessarily at night) and saw somebody running towards the back of her car.
She was a young girl who was in a long dress.  Then the girl jumped up onto
the car and leaped into the air........and dissappeared.

    After a few more of these sightings...people now actually hang around the
street to see this girl.  I really don't know what to believe.  I heard it
from 16 different people.......and most of them don't joke around.  People
really do start popping up in this tiny the end of sept.
   Maybe I didn't tell it interesting enough....but I myself take watch.



      This is the most current ghost story that I have to tell about.  I
guess that I must be gifted as a receiver or even possibly draw ghosts with
my energies to my homes.  This time though the ghost sightings seem to be
associated more with my husband.
     One night while my husband and I were watching t.v. in the living room
he got a really funny look on his face and asked if one of our dogs was under
the blanket next to me.  I asked him why but he said that he was just
checking.  The next day he told me he had seen a flash of white go down the
hallway into the kitchen.   We have three Dalmatians, and he thought it had
looked like one of our dogs.  But all three of them were asleep in the living
room with us.  This happened just over a year ago.
     A couple of days later I sat in that same chair and looked down the
hallway.  The doggy door was right in sight down the hall and I suggested
that he might have seen car lights flash through the doggy door as a car
drove down the alley.  Cars occasionally do drive down the alley but not too
often.  He looked as though he too thought that that car lights might have
been what he had seen.  That is until he saw the white dog again a few weeks
later running down the hall again into the kitchen.
     A couple of weeks after the second sighting I too saw it when I was
checking the back door to make sure that it was locked for the evening.  I
turned the handle to see if the door was locked and I pulled the door open a
bit.  As I opened the door the cat started to come in so I opened the door
wider so that he could get in.  The cat came in and walked past me into the
kitchen.  I even stepped out of the way so that he could get past me.
Something looked a little odd so I peeked around the corner.  The cat wasn't
there.  Nothing was there.  Our cat usually only comes inside the house when
there is a storm.  His room by choice is the front porch.  There was no storm
that night.  I knew right away that I had seen the ghost dog, let it in and
even stepped aside for it.  The animal appeared to be gray to me like the
color of our cat only a little bigger.  This was the only time I saw the
     Three times this ghostly dog shape had been in the hall, gone to the
kitchen and disappeared.  We wanted to figure out why it was here.  Our
oldest female, Mazie, has had two (unplanned) litters, one of 10 and the
other 9.  The youngest of her offspring would have been three at that time.
We figured that out of 19 Dalmatian puppies one could have easily died.
      We are dog people and take very good care of our dogs.  They are part
of the family.  The puppies had been very well loved and cared for.  We
figured that one of the puppies missed it's mom and it's first kind and
loving home.  We never get any bad feelings about the ghost dog.  It just
creeps us both out.
     My husband then saw it two or three more times, running down the hall to
the kitchen.  These sightings were a couple of months apart.
      My husband saw it again last month as the family was taking a Sunday
afternoon siesta.  He and I were resting on the bed watching t.v. and he saw
it run past our bed(next to me!) and into the hallway.  This was the first
time that he had seen it in the day.
     Two weeks ago he saw it again!  It was running down the hallway, veered
off and over our bed because my husband was standing where it usually runs by
down the hallway.  He said that it could have possibly landed on our bed.  I
stayed up late on the internet that night just to make sure that it had
plenty of time to leave before I went to bed.  I told him to tell it to shoo
before he went to bed.
     We currently are not sure about what to do about the ghost dog.  It
gives us both the eebie jeebies but doesn't really scare us.  It has reacted
to our presence a couple of times.  I do get a little fearful yet when I have
to lock the back door and it's been a year since I have seen apparition.
     We have thought about setting up a video camera in the hallway or just
taking some pictures.  I've been hearing about smudge sticks but I don't
really know what they are or how to use them.  The white light thing seems to
sound good too.   I can't ask it to leave in the name of my religion because
I had a terrible experience as a teenager when I tried that to get a ghost to
leave me alone one night.  That still scares me a bit.  I'll write about that
at another time.  I think that all of these things sound good while telling
it to shoo and go on to the next life.

Strange Lights


The experience I had, was about a month ago.  I don't think it relates to ghosts or anything of that nature.  But nontheless it was something strange.  I was out southeast of Waynoka Okla. watching over a new gas and oil well that was flowing back into a frac tank.  About 1:30 or 2:00 am, I thought I saw some lights streaking up from the ground, out of the corner of my eyes. I turned and looked to my left and could see several small blue lights moving about.  this was probably 40 ft. away.  I thought maybe they were fireflys, but they weren't blinking like they do.  What really scared me was one light that was real bright, then faded like a glowing ember.  I don't know if this was swamp lights or what, but I wish I really knew what it was.  Maybe you can give me some idea.  Thank you.



I dont realy know where to begin with my story. I have told very few people
about it for the fear they might think im crazy. I am glad to have found a
place where i can talk about it freely. I am 26 now and have not experienced
anything like this sence I was a small child,but it changed my life
forever.When i was around the age of 3 I was still sleeping with my mom and
dad. There were several things that happend around this time.I will start
with the worst first.One morning i had just woken up and I turned over like I
always did,but this morning i saw the most horrifying sight that no 3 year
old could even imagine,laying next to me was this terrifying demon,I know it
was a demon because of it's eyes. It had a human form of a woman and was
nude.It was about 10 feet tall,had thin boney fingers and the darkiest eyes.
It was like you could almost look through them .You could just feel pure
evil.It had the most wicked smile on it's face,like it was taunting me.I
srared at it for a few seconds then turned back over hopeing I was
dreaming,then I felt the boney finger pokeing me in the back(as if to say hey
you) I turned back over and it was still there grining that sickeing grin.I
watched it get up go to the window( witch was closed and about 20 feet off
the ground) it turned and gave one last grin and went out the window. It was
also around this time that I awake one night to see 3 demons,they seemed to
be like chidren,they were standing in the door way laughing the kind of
laughter like i've never heared before,this was the same room where I had
seen the other one. At the age of about 7 I awoke one night to my bed being
rasied and levatated in mid air. Neddles to say these things have disturbed
me all my life.I also saw my grandfather and his past away child after he
died,but that was a peaceful sight.I have not had any other experiences sence
I was a child.Oh they have always been noises that I could not explain,but
nothing like before.It was like the experience did something to me.I have
never had normal dreams not as a child or as an adult. Always strange dreams
and night mares.It's like I have some way of knowing when a spirit is near or
a house is haunted.Some people call it a gift,but I just wish i could
understand it and what happend to me as a child.     ( Thank you for letting
me share my story)

The Gentle Ghost


My ex-husband, myself and my 3 small children moved into a home that was
about 100 years old.   My husband and I were having problems during this
time, so the kids and I were alone in the house by ourselves quite
often.  After a rather bad fight my ex left mad and I was standing at
the kitchen counter crying.  I smelled lilacs, the smell was very strong
and somehow I felt somewhat comforted but alittle mystified as to where
the smell was coming from.  Later that evening when I put the children
to bed I was explaining to them that daddy would be back, and no we
still weren't mad everything was o.k. when the smell of lilacs and what
felt like someone tenderly patting my hair happened.  My oldest son ask
me what that smell was, and I asked him what smell and he said it
smelled like flowers.  I got the kids up told them we were going to have
a slumber party all together in the living room, which we did, because I
was scared.
Soon it became obvious that everytime my ex and I fought and he left I
would smell lilacs and someone very gently caressing my hair.  Since
nothing else ever happened the fear left after awhile and I just found
it very comforting.  One night I was awakened by my water bed sloshing
like someone had sat down or gotten up very quickly, since I was the
only one there besides my children I just thought maybe I had jumped or
something in my sleep, just as I was about to settle back down, it
happened again, now this time I was wide awake so I knew I hadn't done
it.  I switched on the light and looked around, I thought I smelled
smoke, I got up to look and the pipe from the woodburning stove had come
loose and smoke was starting to fill up the livingroom.  My ghost had
just saved our lives.
Years later after my 1st husband and I divorced I had remarried.  My new
jusband and I were riding around in the car enjoying a beautiful summer
day.  We were driving close to where this house was, and my new husband
told me abouting growing up in this area and his two bestfriends who had
been killed in and automobile accident.  Then he started telling me
about their grandmother who raised them and what a wonderful woman she
was and how she always wore lilac perfume.  When her 2 grandsons were
killed in a car accident she had killed herself in the house right after
their funerals.  By this time the hair on my neck was standing on end
because I just knew where we were going.  As we pulled up into the
driveway of the old house I had lived in so miserably years earlier, he
said,  when you were upset she would always stand beside you and caress
your hair, telling you everything would be alright and how she would be
there if you needed her for anything, and how he could remember that and
the smell of her perfume.

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