Grandfather's House


My husband and I were coming home from our honeymoon and we stopped by

his grandfather's home on the way back to our home. We stayed the night

because it was late. My husband and I slept in a second bedroom and his

grandfather slept in his own. We layed down and tried to sleep. About

ten or fifteen minutes went by and I heard a woman's voice. It

said,"Good-night Harold." My husband's grandfather is Harold. I laid

there for a few minutes terrified not knowing whether to say anything.

My husband then asked if I just heard something. I said "yes, did you?"

He said he heard a woman say "Good-night,Harold." In the morning we

asked his grandfather if he had an intercom or gotten a phone call or

anything or heard anyone the night before and he said that he hadn't.

We never told him what we heard. My husband's grandmother had died many

years before, was it her?

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Aunt Linda's House


Well, knowing that my family has had a rocky past with ghosts in

different places they've lived, it was no wonder that as soon as I

discovered this page my family would start bringing up some stories.

I found one that really intrigued me, for the simple fact that it was

my favorite place to stay during the summer, my Aunt Linda's house.

Her house was, at one time, a two family house, but when she bought the

place, they opened the house up. In the upstairs, there was a hallway

connecting the two halves of the house and a small room at the center.

This room, for a long time, was my uncle's bedroom, (her younger

brother). While cleaning up the house, they had found an old rocking

chair in the attic. He had taken it and put it in a corner of his room,

using it as a reading chair during the night. One night, after

basketball practice, he lay down on his bed, across the room from the

rocking chair and fell asleep.

About three in the morning, as he recalls, he woke to the sound of

squeaking. Turning his head ever so slightly, so not as to frighten his

sister, as he was sure it was her coming to check on him one last time

before she went to work, he caught the rocking chair in mid-rock.

Shaking his head and trying to clear the sleep from it, he slowly sat up

and watched as a smoky figure of a woman crossed from one doorway and

sat down in the chair, a foggy bundle in her arms. As she sat and

rocked, he began to hear the faint sounds of humming, singing.

He leaned forward, straining to hear what she was saying.

He smiled as he heard her say, "It's okay Johnny, mama's got you now,

sleep my little love." And fell back to sleep.

He later told his older sister about it and she nodded saying, "Yeah, I

guess some lady's baby son died of scarlett fever here a ways back. It

must be her rocking chair. We can get rid of it if you want." He only

shook his head no and said, "Nah, I thought it was sweet..."

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"Uncle Victor"


My wife and I grew up in a small town in southern Idaho. The place is

normally quiet, with the exception of migrant farm workers bringing in

some excitement in the summer and during harvest. At least it is on the


I had dated my wife in the mid-80s--we married in 1995--during that time

my wife's family lived in a house way out in the country. All the times

I took her home, she never invited me in. I thought it was me--might

have been--but there is another explaination. Before they moved into it

it had been vacant for approx. 3 years. Perhaps this is the reason why.

One morning as she awoke from spending the night on the couch. She got

up to use the bathroom and returned to the couch and laid down. She

heard bells tinkling, which seemed to be moving towards her. She felt a

presence in the room, a bad one, and she looked up far enough to see

what appeared to be the legs of her uncle Victor. The thing was being

mean to her verbally--only it was speaking extremely fast and

nonsensical, it was speaking in gibberish as far as she was concerned.

She ran to her parents bedroom and told them about the incident, and how

the thing reminded her of Victor. Her mother got on the phone and

called Victor in California to try to settle her down and show her it

was alright. Things weren't quite right for quite awhile in that house.

These encounters happened about once every five weeks for five years.

Always they began with the sound of bells. When she heard the bells she

knew she was in trouble. The entity seemed to get off on her fear. It

would enter the room and ring bells over her head, sometimes small

tinkling bells and sometimes loud cowbells. It would laugh at her in an

evil way. It got to the stage where it would touch her--pushing her

down into the couch with enough force to hold her there so she couldn't

move. One time she said it pushed the back of her head into the

couch--'til it felt like my face would rip'--and put something that felt

and sounded like a power drill into the back of her head. On one

occassion it tried to pick her up off of the bed. She felt arms go

under her neck and knees. She prayed like a maniac and it finally left

her alone.

No one really believed her when she told them what was going on. A

particular friend of hers didn't believe her until she spent the night

in the house. She woke up in the bedroom to the sound of bells and saw

three men at the foot of the bed laughing at her. She got up and ran to

her car and left the scene. She would never enter the house again. But

she believed.

One of my sisters in law was up early one morning making a lunch for a

school outing. She went into the other room to meat a bowl of cereal

and watch TV, but kept hearing a scraping sound. She thought that it

was one of the family in the kitchen and went back to doing her thing.

When she went into the kitchen, she saw that all the chairs had been

moved into the center of the room. She woke the whole family up--no one

was up at the time. She belived, too.

Most of the family recalls being in the TV room (where most of the

activity happened) and getting the feeling that something was in the

room with them. Sometimes everything was fine and then,all of a sudden

the room got a heavy, wierd feeling.

No one in her church would believe her either. She told them on several

occasssions, and the attributed it to the imagination of a seventeen

year-old. Finally, they ended up accepting the fact.

You see, there was another woman down the road about 1.5 miles that was

having the same trouble. The reason that they believed it from her is

because her husband saw the thing pick her up once. It seems that the

skeptics needed another witness. After the house was blessed, they had

no more visits from uncle "Victor".

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The Restless Calvary of the Confederacy


Lets see it had to be almost a year ago since it happened. My name is David

and for the past couple of years a group of friends and i began night

patrolling major civil war battlefields in central Virginia. We were hired

to watch out for relic hunters and things out of the ordinary on these

historic sites. Anyway like I was trying to say was in the first couple of

weeks into september of 1995 my co-workers and I were called out to do a

late patrol around the Five Forks and Cold Harbor areas. It was about 2:00

a.m. we got a call over the radio about figures in one of the battlefields

nearby so me and my partner take the call. We get to the entrance hop out of

my truck and look around. I guess we spent 7 minutes out in the cold, then

we heard the sound of people running of into the woods from the center of

the field. The sound was very clear considering there were no other sounds

being the dead of night. The figures appeared to us off in the distance and

we yell for them to stop. With no sign of their acknowledging us we radio

for help and it arrives instantly. We instructed them to wait at the

entrance while we drove around to the backside of the park to cut the

figures off. On the way to do so, we saw a white haze. Me thinking

thinking nothing more of than snow falling from the trees wanted to continue

but my partner who had become frantic by this point demanded for me to stop.

Not knowing why I killed the headlights and pulled into the side entrance

for park officials and killed the engine. It grew deathly quiet again and

it was like that for about five minutes then we saw yellowish/orange

flashes off in the distance I knew that they were musket flashes. Having

never seen them before only hearing local legends my heart begins to race

and I get out of my truck. My partner scared out of his mind gets out also.

The closer we walked towards the center of the field the flashes became

more and more. We began to hear deep rumbling booms(coming to find out later

that it was ghostly cannon fire). Just as fast as it had started it endend

and became deathly quiet again, a quiet I had never known up till that

point. Then we began to hear grunts, clanking metal, coming from the mist

and then we began to hear the sound of steps, many steps slow ones and quick

ones and we heard the snow crunch underneath them. As the mist grew closer

we could make out figures of mounted men dressed in gray of civil war

military dress. As one became visible more became visible and more and

more. They stopped moving. My partner and I were witnising a calvarly of

spirits before our eyes. We looked at them and they looked at us and we

could not move. Then someone called on the radio for me from the front of

the park and as I went for it one of the spirits yelled "stop right there!"

so I did. Nearly to the point of craping all over myself five of the

figures ride up to me four of the spirits stayed back about fifteen feet and

one rode directly up to me. He climbed off of his horse and approached me.

He looked me straight in the face and glanced at my partner then looked back

at me, peered over the left shoulder of my jacket which a had confederate

battle flag patch sewn on the sleeve. The spirit looked back up at me,

mounted his horse and rode back to the others along with the four that rode

over to us with him. The spirit looked back one last time and the calvary

rode off and vanished. We walked over to where they were and not hoof or

footprint was to be found and so ends this story.

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A Neighbor's Ghost Story


We are a young couple who recently moved to New York City to attend

school. Upon moving into our apartment at 120 MacDougal St (#19), we met

and became surprisingly quick friends with our neighbor, Shashi, who lived

across the hall from us. During one of our many dinners together, he

commenced to tell us of the true events that happened to him, the summer of


A little history on the layout of his apartment - like so many

buildings in Greenwich Village, ours was constructed sometime during the

1700's. Shashi has been fortunate enough to have held this apartment in his

family for the past 30 years but, subsequently, it has not been refurnished

in quite a while. The walls are exposed bricks ,and the toilet is old

enough to still have the tank mounted on the wall several feet above the

toilet bowl itself. The apartment is basically a 1 bedroom, with the wall

separating the bedroom from the main room having been torn down in the mid

'70's. The story begins.

Shashi told of being in his bedroom last summer and, along the

course of about 3 weeks, being basically tormented by these "ghosts." The

only reason I put ghosts in quotes is that the tormenters were not always in

human form, as I always imagine ghosts to maintain. He told of a greenish

light floating outside of his bedroom window (we live on the 6th floor of a

7 floor building) For safety reasons, no one is allowed onto the roof, but

the light freaked him so, that he went to the roof and peered over to where

his window looks out to other buildings, and saw nothing. When walking back

to his apartment, the light was there again.

Shashi told of waking in the night to hear voices arguing, only to

notice two dwarfs fighting with each other. Apparently, when the dwarves

found out that they had been discovered, they seemed to include Shashi in

their arguments: they would run over him while he tried to sleep; they would

try to take his pillow out from beneath his head; they continually pulled

his hair, so much to the point that friends of his would ask what happened

to his head, that a lot of the hair was gone from a certain area.

Shashi told of waking several times in the night only to discover a

progression of what seemed to be circus animals walking through his bedroom.

They seemed to come from some part of the main room, and exited through an

indention (that normally does not exist) near the window of the bedroom.

The animals were one of the most real parts of this whole scene, for he

could actually feel the movement of air and their fur as they passed by him.

Shashi told of hearing sounds, incredibly loud sounds that seemed as

if someone had composed a tapeloop of nonsense words strung together. The

loop that played most often had something to do with animals, but he

couldn't remember exactly what it said. These tapeloops played for up to 3

hours every night and got so bad that his next door neighbor called the

police screaming at the top of her lungs because "the noises wouldn't stop."

Unfortunately, she would never talk about anything else she might have seen

or heard.

Shashi told of watching television late one night in complete

darkness. He moved to turn the bedroom light on, and what he described as a

"greenish hazy cloud" jumped at him, forcing him back into his bed, and

eventually out of the apartment for the next 2 months. When he returned,

everything was as it had been before these events, and nothing has happened


Have you heard of anything like this, specifically relating to the

whole circus scene? Shashi said that it was as if some animals had been

tortured or held illegally in his apartment some time ago. I know that the

Village, being one of the older sections of New York, has some good folklore

and ghost stories, but I haven't read of any relating to animals of any

kind. Anything you have to say on the matter would be much appreciated.

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The Upstairs Hallway


Okay, I'm not very good at this, so bear with me. My house is haunted.

To put a finer point on it my upstairs hallway is haunted. When I was young

I slept in a bedroom upstairs but I have since then moved to the basement

because it terrifies me to walk down the stairs from my bedroom to the main


When I was young I thought for sure that Dracula was standing on the

upstairs landing staring at me as I went down the stairs. It was like he was

silently threatening to jump on my back and suck all the blood from my body

and leave me dying and watching in vain while he killed the rest of my

family. That's the closest I can come to explaining the feeling decending

the stairs gave me. But what was I supposed to do? My bedroom was up there,

I suppose I could have slept on the couch but I still would have to go

upstairs because the only bathroom was up there. So my only solution was to

go down the stairs with my back to the wall so I could see both ways.

One night when I was about 13 years old I awoke to see a either a woman

or a man with long blonde hair sitting , just chillin, on the floor with his

back to the wall opposite my bed. I closed my eyes, and opened them again.

The figure had vanished. This time I wasn't scared at all.

My father tell me about a time when he was sitting in the living room

reading. It was about 3:00 in the morning and everyone else was asleep. My

dad said he felt a sudden freeze come over his body, he couldn't move. Then

he heard a shrill scream coming from the top of the stairs. At this point

he must have blacked out or something because the next thing he remembers he

is waking up the next morning...IN HIS BED UPSTAIRS.

When I was 15 my family renouvated the basement so I could sleep down

there. I left the upstairs with a smile on my face, never to return. But I

get the feeling that whatever is in my house (at least part of what's in my

house) has moved to the basement with me. This is okay with me though

because as of yet whatever is down here has not scared me at all, it even

makes me feel safe sometimes. The reason I think that something may have

followed me downstairs is this, a) My room is next to the laundry room,

there are two entrances to the laundry room. One is through my room, and the

other is next to the stairs leading to the main floor. THE DOORS TO THE

LAUNDRY ROOM ARE ALWAYS OPEN. I'll close one, walk ino the next room, come

back, and the door will be open. The only time they (as in the ghosts) will

allow the door to remain shut is when I am sleeping. And even then it is

only the door in my room that stays shut.

So tell me, what in God's name is in my house? Why do they focas their

attention on me? How do I get rid of them? What happened in my house to

warrant such activity? Help me?

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Haunted Apartment

by 2501@johnny

Although the address above is Larry Perkins, this contribution comes from

his roommate, Terrie Wallace.

About five years ago, I was living in a small studio apartment in

Pocatello, Idaho located at 431 South 9th Avenue #3. I lived there for

eight years, and all in all it was enjoyable. It had been an old house,

that had been converted into apartments, and in its youth during

Pocatello's younger years, had been owned by a well to do family- my

little abode had been the maid's room.

The building had four apartments, one downstairs, one up, and two on the

side, plus a small house in back. It was very much in a college

neighborhood, and so new tennants were frequent.

One night when one the basement apartment tennants were moving out, they

had taken a load of things over to their new abode, and came home to find

the lights on, and a mop in the middle of the living room- which hadn't

been there before they left. The house had had some plumbing problems,

and their basement apartment had had some water during one of our

SouthEast Idaho winters, however at the time of the move, during summer,

that problem had also been fixed. The former tennants came roaring to my

door wanting to know if I had heard anyone going in downstairs or seen

anyone. I not only hadn't, but there were no sounds of footsteps emenating

from the downstairs apartment whatsoever.

Several weeks later after the apartment had been vacated, and re-rented, I

went to bed and later that night was awakened by the sound of footsteps

downstairs. The new tennants weren't home, and later there was a sawing

sound. I was petrified, and told one of the other neighbors about it who

had some reservations about what I had told them. The next night I heard

it again. I didn't believe in Ghosts at the time, but that was a little

close for comfort. The second time, the sound was right underneath my

bed. I turned the light on, it stopped, I found myself even calling the

local police department thinking someone had gotten in, as well as the

neighborhood watch people in my area- a citizens crime control group-

thinking it might be juveniles or something. Later on, I began to receive

phonecalls with no one on the other end, came home from work to find

favorite jewelry broken, and being a Christian believer, also found a

couple of religious oriented things I had, including a special little

cross on a neckchain I had gotten from a retreat I went to gone.

The entity, whoever, whatever it was then proceeded three years ago to

make itself known in a very pronounced way one late fall night. I had

been at home watching TV, and my cat, a very lovely black Tabby/Persian

with gorgeous long hair began to act strangely. Suddenly Gabriel's eyes

went red, and he pranced back and forth in front of the couch on which I

was sitting, moving backwards, and forwards meowing in highs and lows as

if trying to tell me something. I went to calm him down and he grew

very aggressive. I was alone at the time,and rather frightened of being

scratched badly, so backed off in fear. I was going to call the neighbors,

and the second the thought entered my mind, he began to calm down, coming

up and purring, and rubbing against me. He was not an agressively

tempered cat, and very loveable. This only happened once, then he was back

to his normal easygoing, well-tempered mannerisms. The entity chose never

again to make itself known via poor little Gabby- thank heaven! Shortly

after that, two weeks before Halloween, I happened to let Gabriel out to

play and he never came back. There are teens in our area who engage in

occultism, and I can't help but think that was what had happened. I told

these things to a friend out of town who has read about paranormal, and

studied it a little, and was gently told whatever was going on wasn't the

result of any juvinile delinquent, or someone in the neighborhood- and

that the harassment I seemed to be encurring was from someone... dead!

The hair on the back of my neck went straight up, and I about fell in a

dead faint while I was on the phone! However during that time, I also

noticed some changes in my own behavior- I became rather edgey of course,

and people who knew me also said I wasn't the same person they knew-

almost paranoid, and at times it was as if I was in contact with

something- which bothered me no end- it was almost like ESP or alot of the

other things I don't believe in at all. I sought the help of a minister

who wondered about what I was telling him, and even went to a psychologist

wondering if it was all me. In the psychologist's view- I had indeed had

some traumatic experiences, but I was fine.

One night I went to bed to hear sounds downstairs again- this time right

under my kitchen sink like pipes being knocked on. I got up, checked the

window of the downstairs apartment which was right below mine, and to my

horror found no one at home. This time, however after my conversation

with the friend I had had, and alot of frustration of telling people what

was going on and only getting nowhere, with the exception of my friend, I

took matters into my own hands. I took my hand put it on the door of the

cabinet located under the kitchen sink and said "In Christ's name, whoever

you are, whatever you are, leave." The sound stopped, and I didn't have

problems again with that particular one. I began to delve even deeper

into my Bible, and also put a few little things up on my walls I had found

at the Christian bookstore- focus points on Christ if you will, it all

seemed to help, and the sounds seemed to disapate a little, much to my

relief. I was however after that plauged by the persistant entity by

things I would read standing out to me as if something were trying to

continue to communicate. At that time, I would usually quietly start to

do Breath prayer- a one sentence prayer one develops by visioning Christ

standing in front of them asking what they most need at that time, - i.e.

in that case, "Lord, thy peace," after doing this the things standing out

while I was reading the paper, or whatever seemed to cease a little.

Later my landlord, who had obtained a Realtor's license came by during the

time I was chatting with her, she began to tell a little of the house's

history. Aparently, as I mentioned it had been owned by a well-to-do

family in Pocatello's early history. It had also caught fire when the

gentleman was in bed with a cigar, and had been rebuilt. Several times

after I had come home in the evening I smelled... Cigar Smoke. As she

went on, things suddenly began to click, and several things that had

happened soon became a little close for comfort. The disapperance of my

cat, and the red eyes, broken jewelry, a neckcross missing, I still don't

understand, but the cigar smoke, the footsteps, the sawing sounds- all

seemed to make sense. I felt something there several times as well, but

it never felt threatening- except the incident with the cat.

the current house I am living in also has had a couple of things happen.

I found out that once an elderly gentleman lived here who had a

heartattack and died in the basement. We have a renter downstairs who has

a sleeping room and one day he said he thought he heard a scraping sound-

I heard it too and low and behold it sounded as if it were coming from

where the current gas furnace was. My roommate and I had taken the coal

furnace out, and put a gas one in. I later found out the gentleman had

had the heartattack while cleaning the furnace, and was found by his wife.

Once or twice I sensed something in my room, a cold, unassuring presence.

I have since then put a picture of Christ on the vanity, and it seems to

have dissapated- much the same as the Author of the Webpage did when the

Bible was put in view, and the house blessed. This too sent me scuttling

from a Staunch Methodist, to an Episcopalian, where I grasped onto things

like House blessings, Icons, Christian Meditation, etc., which Methodists

never partake of, and have also deeply felt their healing!

Thank-you for allowing me to tell my own story-

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Camp Zama

by anonymous

During the 1980's I was stationed as a Chaplain Assistant

at the US Army Post of Camp Zama Japan. The army post is

a small one, 25 miles South West of Tokyo. Before being

an American Army post, it was a Japanese Army post. For

a brief period it was also contained the Emperors horse

stables. At the end of WWII, in order to "save face" many

Japanese officers committed suicide on the post. Also,

the emperors horse stables burnt down killing all the horses

and the caretaker and his wife. The American military, who

won the war, came in and rebuilt the post - including the

American Army chapel. As time went by, this history of

the post was forgotten.

I worked in the chapel. We had five Chaplain Assistants,

four Chaplains, and 4 Japanese nationals working in

the chapel and adjacent offices. We never "saw" what was

haunting the chapel - but you could definately feel the

hatred toward us Americans. The Japanese nationals said

they never felt anything, and would work by themselves

in the building. The Americans were always feeling someone

standing next to them with hatred directed towards them.

Or we would be working at our desk and "just know" someone

was standing there watching us, wanting us to go away. It

wasn't until some of us decided to look up the history of

Camp Zama that we learned of all the suicides and deaths.

ALSO when the Americans won the war and started sending troops

over to Camp Zama, the troups brought their families. There

was no room for the families to build houses, so the Americans

moved a Japanese cemetary and built American Housing at the

American Military housing complex known as Sagami-hara.

Numerous times people saw "lights" moving between the houses

and heard invisable people rummaging around their houses.

It would seem that the dead Japanese Military from WWII don't

like the enemy who won coming onto their military posts

and Americanizing things. The invisible hatred directed

towards some of the Americans was very real. The dead

Japanese also don't seem to appreciate having their final

resting places moved. I can't blame them.

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Plagued by Ghosts


I , myself, have been plagued for years by ghosts. I saw my first ghost

when I was five. I was sleeping and woke up to find a lady in a green gown

with long red hair looking at me. She said"Shh... it will be alright." A

few weeks later I almost died from anemia.

I have now, in my home, something I call Annie. She likes to throw

things at me, hides things(only to have them turn up where I left them

days&weeks later). We see a green glowing mist, and hear voices of

children, whispering to each other in the hall.

I have moved a total of five times and Annie is still with us. Next

year, we will move again and I know she'll come too.

My dead ex-mother-in-law has even decided to pay me a visit. Once on

the night she died(just last April). And once on New Years Eve (1995). The

night she died I heard a scratching outside the transom window of the

bathroom. The window is seven feet off the ground. The next morning I found

out she had been found dead in the bathroom at the time I heard the

scratching. On New Years Eve, me and my daughter were playing with modeling

clay, when I sensed my dead ex-mother-in-law. I knew it was her because I

get this feeling around certain people. And since she and I were not on

good terms, I got that feeling like a fight was going to start. I knew she

just came back to see her grandchild and really couldn't begrudge her that.

We have expierenced what is known as "The ghostly arrival". The night

my step daughter came up missing, my husband had to go to his mothers to

make all the phone calls to the cops and his lawyer. Me and my friend

Melinda were waiting for him to come home. We heard his car pull up in the

drive way, heard him walk up the steps and open the door, but he wasn't

there! Ten minutes later it happens all over again, but this time he was

there! I even had dreamt of my step daughter disappearing two days before

it happened. A year later, I find out that her mother didn't run off with

her on a bus like they said, but had gone by plane, just like in my dream.

At the time I told my husband of my dream, and he didn't put to much

emphasis on it. But had he called the airport like I told him to, we would

have found my step daughter the next day, instead of two months later.

I am a believer in the supernatural. I also respect this thing they

call ghosts. I also believe that we can all see ghosts and expierence the

supernatural if we go into it with an open mind.

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Girl in the Corner


I trust you will find this short story interesting. In its self when

told to others there is not a great content. You may from your own

experiences find that people treat the subject with either shock horror

or dull disinterest, lacking any lasting and meaningful wonder, which in

my case has lasted twenty years and will no doubt continue throughout

the remaining of my life.

The occurrence center around the one house we lived in some twenty years

ago, in the rather ordinary suburb of Wood Green in North London.

Neither before that time nor since has there been any repeat or

different phenomenon.

While sleeping with my wife I was awoken by a pressing presents that

came from the window corner of the room. Upon opening my eye I could see

the presents of a young teenager girl of about eighteen with black hair

and very beautiful. The striking effect was in fact the party style of

dress, which was an incredible translucent blue. The image did not move

but seemed to belong there. There was never any fear or panic just a

wonderful sense of beauty. As I was watching I felt that the time was

not following a normal passage but somehow held on the moment.

My wife was now also wake and I ask her could she see it, which she say

she could. My wife later describe the color but not much other details.

That is about it, the image faded and we went back to sleep but I shall

never forget the experience which was out of the normal sense of being.

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Ghosts at the Cemetary


Now, a cemetary is an obvious place to look for ghosts, but this is a

sighting none the less. Last winter I was visitng relatives in a

different town. My family and I were driving from my aunts house very

late one night. The city we were in is up in northern Canada so it was

absolutely freezing out. We were chatting and listening to the radio

like any family does during a car ride. We turned onto a long street

that lines the whole graveyard in this city, when all of the sudden my

sister noticed the speedomiter was going haywire. The dial on it was

spinning around continuasly for no reason what so ever,and there was

nothing actually wrong with the car, and we were still driving at the

same speed. We were all very puzzled at this when I spotted something

out of the coner of my eye in the graveyard. I looked and it was a woman

just standing in the graveyard starring at the road. The woman didnt

seem to be illuminated but I could see her very clearly in the darkness.

She was short, had shoulder length hair, and was wearing just a dress

despite the bitter cold. We finally passed the graveyard and the

speedomiter went back to normal. We have never had any trouble with it


Now your probably thinking the woman in the graveyard was just

a visitor, or perhaps a caretaker- but her presence did not make any

sence because no visitors are supposed in the graveyard late at night.

The gates of the graveyard were closed tight, and I did not see any

vehicals parked in the driveway. The final reason for me to think her to

be of the supernateral was because she was wearing just a dress in the

freezing weather. But what I really wonder about is why this spirit had

strayed, had something terrible happened to her? Was she trying to

communicate with us? I guess I'll never know because no one has seen her


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College Ghosts


Hi. My name is Chris Hardwicke, I am a senior at Southern Oregon

State College, and I am currently living in my parents' house in Klamath

Falls for the summer. I have had the feeling that ther were forces at

work in this house as far back as my freshman year in high

school(1989-90). It didn't really seem to have much of a physical form

until more recently. If you all know what I mean, it was just a

"feeling" for a long time. It often seemed as if someone was looking at

you, and you had to constantly look over your shoulder, or I would wake

up at night unexpectedly with the bad feeling that I was being watched.

These forces seemed to manifest themselves more physically as the

years went by. I have never actually seen anything, but I have heard a

lot. The most notable time was when I was downstairs by myself at about

12:30am one night about a year ago. I was watching some TV when I

started to hear knocking on the wall behind me. I dismissed it for a

bit, but it kept happening. I started to get concerned, but tried to

keep a level head. Then I started to think to myself "If it's really an

intelligent mind doing this, it will do something I recognize." About

three minutes later, I heard the classic door knock behind me. You know,

KNOCK-knock,knock,knock-KNOCK. This utterly freaked me and I decided to

get out of there. I since heard more knocking, but no more knocks I


Just recently, I discussed this with my mother. She says she has

experienced similar things. We both agreed that the store room behind my

bedroom is a focal point for this energy, if you will. We have not

decided it it's really good or evil. We really don't know. After

reading this, tell me what you think. Is my house really haunted? If

so, is it good or evil?

Interesting post scripts to this story also. I have SEEN ghosts

at my college. Some of the buildings there are very old, one of which

used to be an old dormitory. There are documented cases of deaths in the

house as well. It has been decided by many supernatural experts that the

house contains an evil, tortured soul. We saw it one night when we were

walking the campus. We walked to the back of the house to peer into the

only window that had some light coming out of it. It was a light green

light cast by one of those exit signs. Well, we looked through this

window for a few minutes, and before our eyes, a sort of "3D-shadow

figure" stepped in front of the window and peered back out at us. We all

saw it and later described it. It had a rough outline of a human being

but it moved slowly and laboured. This is my only real sighting of a

spirit, and this one was DARK, believe me. Anyway, it is an experience I

will never forget.

To sum up, ghosts do exist. It is a subject that we as a race

may never truly understand. We must simply respect it, and know of it's

existance. And for those gifted enough to peer into that world that not

all of us can, spread the word. Teach people. I tell my stories, and it

has turned a few heads. Take care.

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