Picacho Peak California

By:  angelp@primenet.com

Picacho Peak is part of the chocolate mountians in southern
California in Imperial County. All up and down these rows
of mountians there are old gold mine that are not in opperation
and some that are still in opperations. At Picacho Peak there
was a gold mine that I worked at that has been in opperation
off and on for hundreds of years. While working there I experience
,along with co-workers, very strange, and I mean strange events!
Every thing that we experienced out there happened at night after
sunset. One night while walking out on the ora heap both my
co-worker and I started to hear a very loud whistling tone
which I did not know coming from right behind us. Just think
walking on this heap (2 to 3 football field size long) in the
middle of the night and hearing this sound coming from right behind
you. It scared the holy heck out of us. the bad thing is that
were 30 to 40 Miles from the closest town and we were the only
people out there at night. There was another time I was working
out there by myself when I locked up the Plant up, the building
which I was working out of in the mine site, to go check the
heap for any busted pipes or any unusal thing happening. when
I returned to the Plant I found that the front gate was open
and that the water to the fountian was on. the scary thing about
that was that I had locked the gate before I left with a master
lock and the only key to open it was on my possession.There was
another time when me and my co-worker were using the headlight
from the company pickup truck to work on a broken pipe on the
heap, when we both saw a shadow from one headlight to the other
as if someone was walking in front of the truck walk through. As we turned
to see what it was, we saw nothing. Another time on a different night as I
was standing outside the plant by the pickup truck I felt someone
tap me on the sholder. when I turned around there was no one there. My
co-worker felt the same thing a couple of hours later. Another night as we were
driving threw the mine site I saw what seemed to be a old time looking
miner holding a lantern just staring at up as if he was telling
us to get off his claim. The last thing to tell you is that
both me and my co-worker experienced this like about 12 times.
Every time we would drive through this certain area of the mine
we would see this bright light from behind us. This light
was so bright that we would be able to see our shadows in front
of our truck with the truck highbeams on. The light would be so
fast, by the time we would turn around it would be gone.The light
would be as if some one was using the flash of a camera. Well
there is alot of more storys I can tell you about this mine site
but Im going to have to stop. Thank you!

Beaver Township

By:  Tammy0304@aol.com

Beaver Township,Mahoning County,Ohio-I wanted to let you know about this
cemetery in Mahoning County.  It sits right beside the turnpike in fact
some of the graves have had to be moved when the turn pike was constructed.
 Several friends of mine and I have heard the sound of a small child crying
and screaming in the middle of the night out there.  There are also one
grave in particular the has a whole that goes straight to the grave from
the hillside it belonged to a child about 5 years of age.  The tombstones
are very old and hard to read but all of them date in the 1800s.  We have
also had problems taking photo's in this grave yard both at night and
during the day.  Those taken during the day come out way to dark even
though the light meter registered optimum lighting those at night taken
without a flash came out too bright even with a good light meter reading
...We used 3 different manual none computerized SLR cameras and out of 7
rolls taken on 4 different days or nights only 3 pictures came out ....
One of which we had to over expose to in the
final print to get the picture to develop.  This one is the one that
interested me the most and is the reason I refuse to go back to the
cemetery at anytime of day.  After Taking the picture and writing down
which tombstone it came from and what my shutter speed and F stop were as I
always do because at the time and currently I am a photography student at
Youngstown State University.  I developed the picture having several
difficulties but eventually getting a good print of the negative The dates
read March 4.1893 and death date of Feb. 12 1894 now to any normal person
this would mean nothing but to me this had meaning the date I was born
(excluding the year appeared as the birthrate and the death date (excluding
the year) was my fathers date of death ......Noticing this and not
remembering realizing this before I checked my notes.  My notes read May
15, 1856, and Death July 28, 1896.  I went back to check the stones to see if
 I made a mistake and wrote down the wrong info or
wrote down the info off the wrong stone.  Much to my dismay not only were
my notes correct on the tombstone I wrote down about but no other tombstone
in the graveyard had the dates in the picture.  The exact location of this
graveyard is in Beaver Township on Rt. 7 if you are heading south from
western reserve rd it will be on your right in the woods near the turnpike.
 There is a small field between the road and the woods the graveyard is
visible from the road there is no parking area and I had always parked at a
closed down restaurant called the Stagecoach it is just before the cemetery
and also is on the right.  You do require permission from the owners of the
graveyard to be there without hassled from the local police.  Most of the
time they just want to know what you are doing especially if you visit it
at night.  I was unable to locate the owners due to limited research time
about the place. But I do know it is privately owned but I am not sure by who.

Zech Road


My name is Bill.  I am 20 years old and from Miamisburg Ohio. While searching for information on
Sleepy Hollow I found this page with the story about Zech road.  I flipped out about this because
 Zech road dead ends on the west end into woods and the east into Union road where I live.  One
time when I was about 18 or 19 me and a group of friends had a party for a friend of mine who was
joining the Navy. We got a little drunk and decided to walk down Zech road to the house of a girl
we knew Zech road is nothing but woods and fields until you get to the west end where there are
about six houses.  Half way down the road my friend Drew and I heard laughter and felt like we
were being watched.  We ran back towards my house, we got to Union road and headed south towards
my house we passed a little old church called the Ark.  we stopped at a farm in between the
churchs graveyard and my house.  We were standing on the driveway to the farm which is lined
with trees and talking to each other.  It was about three in the morning and there are no lights
out in the country where I live I knew someone was standing beside me and assumed it was Drew.
We were talking about what had just happened when I got the strange feeling that the person one
tree down from me wasn't Drew.  Drew must have gotten the same feeling because we both turned
towards each other there was one tree inbetween the tree I was under and the one Drew was under.
  What I saw scared the #### out of me.  It looked like a man in mechanics coveralls or something
 of that nature he was completly black I couldnt make out much because of the lack of light but I
 know he was wearing a hat and had a beard.  Drew says that he was smoking a cigar.  I dont know
for sure but he might have been. Where we were standing there was no way for him to have snuck up
 without us seeing. drew was on one side facing my house and I on the other facing Zech road.  I
 also know that when I first got there he wasnt there because I had glanced over as Drew came
running up behind me.  We didn't say anthing to him we just took off in a dead run for my barn.
  I know every neighbor I have from Farmington to lower Maimisburg Road and I know he wasnt
anyone who I had ever met before.  The Johnsons, the owners of the farm where we had stopped
running, are friends of my fathers and none of them wear a beard.  The only neigbor I had that
ever had a beard was Mr. Brewer and he died, but this man didn't have his build anyways.  I don't
 know who or what was in between me but I spoke to all my neigbors and no one knew either from
the description I gave.  Mr. Lee who is 73 and has lived here longer than anyone else I know said
 that zech road was haunted but untill finding this page I had never heard anything more about it
.  I don't personally believe in ghosts all that much but I know what happened to me and I know
it was very real.  It may not seam that scary but let it happen to you.  I don't care much if you
 print this or not I would just like to hear your take on it.

Park Place

By: jtomblin@mail.nctimes.net

On Manhattan's Central Park South stands the Helmsley Park Place Hotel,
one of several (including the Empire State Building) structures in the
"Big Apple" owned by Leona Helmsley.

On my first visit to New York with a close friend of mine, we were awed
like a couple of gomers by the overwhelming size of the city, a
consolidation of massive memorials to the entrepreneurial egos that
created it, and continue to do so.

Upon checking in to Park Place we settled into our room on the 37th
floor with a view overlooking easterly Manhattan and environs, where
countless skyscrapers disappear into the horizon.  While unpacking, we
heard at least three children running down the hallway, laughing,
yelling and slamming the door, several times, to the room at the end of
the hall (located immediately next to ours), after which it would become
very quiet (which was fine with us).  We both knew the parents must
really have their collective hands full with those kids with them on

We left the room to see the sites of the city, staying out well into the
night.  We returned to our room sometime after midnight, and exhausted
from our excursions, and fell into a sound sleep.  Until we again heard
the children next door again running down the hall and into their room,
slamming the door.  "What are they doing up running around at this
hour?" we asked ourselves, then drifted back to sleep.
The next morning we continued our self-guided tour of Manhattan, Park
Avenue, and Central Park, and ignoring advice we received from others
before our trip (it's dangerous!), went on the subway to travel down to
see the Statue of Liberty.  On the way back, we changed trains - or at
least one of us did - I stepped out just before the subway doors closed,
and like a comedy bit I've seen in more than one movie, was left at the
platform while my friend sped off in the train.

While I was making my way back to meet her at the hotel, my friend had
already gotten back, waiting for my return.  And again, she heard the
noisy kids running down the hall and slamming the door.  In no mood to
hear any more of this, she phoned the hotel desk,  and a security
officer shortly appeared at her door, and she told him of the noisy
neighbors.  He knocked on the door in question as well as the door
directly across from us, with no response from either.  He used his pass
key and found no children anywhere; both rooms were empty.  He came back
to our room and told my friend that no one was there, and that he had
been informed by the front desk that no children had been checked in
anywhere on that floor.

I finally arrived back at the hotel, and she told me of what had
happened regarding the kids in the hall while I was making my way back,
and halfway jokingly suggested that they must be ghosts.  Later, we went
out for dinner, had a few drinks and a good stogie at a cigar bar (where
we saw the Mayor, who dropped by with several men in trench coats), then
went back to our room, again ready for a good nights sleep.

Around 2:30 am we were both awakened by an eerie sound neither of us had
ever heard before in our lives.  It was that of an elderly man, making a
noise not quite a groan or a moan, in short staccatos; something weird,
almost inhuman, as though his jaw was wired shut, maybe being tortured,
maybe trying to say something, but nonetheless a sound that literally
make the hair on the back of my neck stick out, and chills run down my
spine.  It was indescribable, seemingly emanating from the area near or
in the bathroom, from within the walls.  It continued on, almost like a
tape loop, going on and on.  I just wanted it to stop.  My friend, a
caregiver for almost thirty years, has cared for elderly patients with
many different types of conditions - yet she'd never heard anything like
After this little episode there was no doubt in either of our minds that
this place was haunted.  And downright creepy.  Our vacation was drawing
to a close the following day, and while there's more of this Great
Grandparent of all American cities we intend to visit, we'll be lodging
elsewhere, thank you.

Little People in my Room

By;  shekinah65@webtv.net

I about fell off my chair when I read your story. It brought back
memories I would rather forget. I have never told this to anyone other
then my mom,who I use to wake up nitely because I was so scared of these
things, she said I was dreaming and to sleep with her. After reading
your story I am sure I wasn't dreaming. MY experiences were a little
diffrent.I was around 7 yeas old when this happened, at that age I
didn't know how to describe to my mom what it looked like and I told her
it was like little bears. I remember the clothing the best, robes with
long wide sleeves and floppy hats that were long and hung down on
shoulder and the front of the hat covered part of the face. I don't know
if the face resembled an animal or what because I don't remember it now.
What I don't forget is the fear and the mental image of not one but many
of these things surrounding my bed, their haeds could hardly see over
the mattress and they had tools of some sort in their hands. I felt like
if I moved or tried to get out of bed they would hack me up. As an adult
now, this is the part that scares me most,I slept in an upstairs bedroom
and these things would somehow make me think if I stood at the top of
the stairs and steped off I could float to the bottom,I couldn't tell
you the number of times I stood there thinking about trying it. They
never spoke to me, it was just like ideas or knowledge would pop in my
head. At this same time our neighbor died and I got the idea from these
little pests that I could go with Sam if I jumped out my wndow, so here
I was sitting in my upstairs window and ready to jump when somehow my
mom showed up and pulled me out just in time.I don't remember seeing
these things come or go and I don't remember when it stopped but when I
was a teenager I decided to sleep upstairs and I would be ready for the
little devils now that I was older,but nothing happened. I honestly
think they were trying to kill me. Although my parents are now divorced
my dad still lives in the house and everyone there complains of seeing
what I call shadow men, but as far as I know no one has seen these
little men again. I would never tell anyone this if it were not for the
fact that my mom knows what I told her as a child and she saved me from
that window. I would appreciate it if you know of anything like this
happening to anyone else to please let me know. I know it happened
because I sit up in my bed wide awake and terrified many nites and with
all the kids killing kids these days, could it be possable that there is
an evil force behind some of it. It seams like these little pests focus
on children,have any adults ever seen them? If you don't think I am
looney or have a wild imagination feel free to print this, maybe it
could bring peace of mind to someone as your story did for me.

My house

By: Fuzball56@aol.com

Hey it's Jeremy from St. Augustine Florida well St. Augustine it self is a
pretty old town so there are spots in St.Augustine that are really haunted
but of all the spots in St.Augustine my house (which is only 3 years old)
to be haunted anyway I was up real late one time and I was out in the
livingroom with my brother and all of a sudden the light that was next 2 me
started to turn on and off all by it self at first I thought it was a power
problem but then I saw the switch move by itself and then I knew it wasn't
just the power and soon in the middle of the night everything started to
on by itself (toilet's flushing coffee maker turning on light going on and
off etc.) my dad said the woods that are across the street from us were an
ancient buriel ground and I said I wouldn't dought it!

My Little Story

By:  kannibis@webtv.net

First off, I'd like to say that my story is absolutely true as far as I
am concerned.  There is no doubt in my mind as to whether or not I saw
it.  What it was, I do not know and can only speculate.
I am a big fan of railroads and such and several years ago, it was my
hobby to frequent the railroad tracks near my house to watch the trains
go by.  Where I live, (Somerville, MA) most of the freight trains come
through in the early morning hours of 1am to 6am.  One particular night,
I was walking the tracks alone trying to kill the time before the nest
train would pass.
I had just passed under the Central St bridge and was approaching the
School St bridge when I turned to look back over my shoulder.  It was
then that I saw something under the Central St bridge, about 50 yards
behind me.  I wanted to dismiss it as nothing but as I stared at it, it
would simply not disappear.  Very nervous now, I approached a little bit
closer to have a better look.
When I did this, I saw a glowing shape approximately the size of a
person, transparent and floating above the ground next to the train
tracks.  I had no idea what to make of this, but I should say that it
sufficiently scared me so that I would not approach any further and I
quickly exited the area.  About an hour later, I returned to the site
and there was nothing to be seen and no evidence of what I did see.
Now I have always believed that most stories about ghosts are made up or
are tricks of the mind.  All of my logic cannot exlain to me what I saw,
and has me convinced enough that I have decided to look into this
further.  If I do find anything new, I will be certain to write back.  I
want to know what I saw more than anyone.

 The Swirling Mist

By: Anonymous

This event took place in the mid 1970s in the San Fernando Valley,
California. One night my friend and I were visiting my sister. The area
where she lived in was semi-rural with horse ranches and citrus
To get to her house, you had to drive up a winding road for about a mile
and a half. her house sat on a ridge that overlooked the San Fernando
Valley - at night the lights of the valley were beautiful from her
On this particular evening we had turned out of her property and onto
road. When we rounded the first bend my headlights illuminated a rapidly
swirling white mist-fog in the middle of the road. It was about the size
of an average person, but there was no real discernible shape to it - it
just swirled around into itself very radiply. as we approached it I
slowed down and it moved straight up in the air off of the road. I actually
drove under it and stopped a short distance away. my friend and I looked at
each other in astonishment; we had both seen the swirling mist and had no
idea what it was. Simultaneously, we turned around and looked through the
back window of my car, and the swirling mist moved back to the road and
continued to swirl rapidly. My friend and I were somewhat shaken and, or course,
leftthe area immediately. I have to add that it was a warm summer evening,
with clear skies or no wind - nor was there a manhole or any other man made
object in the immediate area that would have produced this event.

Several years later I was visiting another friend who lived on the same
road as my sister. he lived across the street on the next ridge. We were
in his front yard talking and he pointed to the house directly across
the street from his house. He told me that the house was haunted; a person
had committed suicide in the garage several years bofore. the house was
eventually sold and the new owners began experiencing strange events
with their phones, house lights, strange voices, and foot steps. He told me
that one night a teen age boy who lived in the haunted house came to his
house terrified and asked for help because he was hearing footsteps on the
second floor and the telephone was ringing constantly, and even continued to
ring after he picked up the receiver. The boy was alone in the house as his
parents were out to dinner. the swirling mist that my friend and i saw
that night ten years before was directly in front of the house my friend was
talking about! I had never told anybody about my previous experience,
but when my friend told me about the haunted house I just had to tell him
about the swirling mist. I showed him the very spot where it occurred. This
bothamazed my friend and helped to explain what my friend and I saw that
night ten years before.


By: Anonymous

Well, it all started when we first moved into our new house.  I had trouble
sleeping in my new room I always felt like someone is watching me.  A few
weeks later I wasn't feeling to good, so I was laying down.  My radio is on
the other side the room, and all the sudden my door flew open and I felt a
cold breeze, then my radio turned on to some old 60's sound music ( I had it
set on an alternative station!).  Then a few weeks later, it was about 11:51
PM.  I once again had the feeling someone was watching me.  But I was facing
the wall trying to sleep.  My TV had been on and the sleep timer was not on,
and all the sudden my TV shut off.  I then turned around very suddenly and I
saw'll what I believe was the ghost of a lady standing beside my bed in a
long cream colored dress.  I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I
thought I was seeing and the lady was gone.  Sense then I have had my light,
and only the lights in my room turn on and off.  The lamp shade to my lamp
has acutely started swing back and forth, then all the sound in mid-swing
stop and return to it's normal position.  I have also had my windows rattle,
and asked my family members if the saw'll or felt that and they said no.  I
have had my refrigerator spit ice cubes out at me also.  I believe we have a
sprit living with us.  Sadly we moved three weeks ago, and haven't seen
anything since

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