My Grandma


My maternal grandma and I were not very close.  She was difficult to get
along with, she told crude jokes, and she chainsmoked like a fiend,
resulting in her eventual death from emphysema in December of 1995.  My mom
had been out in Florida taking care of her, and I was in Texas taking final
exams for my first semester in college.  I was studying at my boyfriend's
house that night.  I called my mom to see how Grandma was doing, and she
said, "I'll call you right back."
She called back about 5 minutes later and told me Grandma had died.  Even
though we wern't close, I was overcome with emotion and started crying.
Finally, I fell asleep.
The next morning, I grabbed one of my boyfriend's sweaters from his
mothball-filled closet.  As I pulled it over my head, I noticed that, for a
change, it DIDN'T smell like mothballs- in fact, it smelled really good.  I
sniffed it again, and to my shock, my grandma's perfume - Chanel No. 5- was
on it!  And I knew it couldn't have been my perfume that was on it- being a
poor college student, I was doing well to afford shampoo!  And the sweater
had just come out of mothball-filled storage.

My Story


    This is my own personal ghost story.  This happened when I was about 12
yrs old so keep in mind that 12 yrs have passed, but as long as I live, I
will never forget the details.  Here goes:
    I was spending the night with a good friend of mine, in a house that was
extremely haunted.  Stephanie lived in one of these houses that just seemed
to be an epicenter for paranormal activity.  Her aunt walked the basement
steps, an unknown spirit lived in the attic, and there was a tree out back
that just looking at it scared me to death.  I am really not entirely sure
why the tree scared me so much, but it rocked me to the bone.  It was large
and had an ominous presence.  Stephanie called it the "witch tree," but
really had no actual reason for doing so.  But nevertheless, the tree is not
my focus in this story; it just gives a little background information.  We
went to sleep that night, and about 2:00am, I woke up with a start.  I
thought it was just because Steph and I had talked about ghost stories until
we fell asleep, but then I had the feeling that I was being watched.  I
looked up and saw this large pair of blue eyes hovering over me.  I know this
sounds silly, but I am dead serious.  They just kept watching me.  Maybe
watching me is not the right word.  The kept glaring at me and all I could
sense was EVIL.  I felt so cold and I couldn't wake Stephanie up.  I thought
I might have been dreaming so I closed my eyes and laid there, but I looked
up every few minutes and the eyes were still there.  I had no clue what to do
to make them go away, so I just started praying to God (something I saw in a
movie), and never opened my eyes that night again.  I woke up in the morning
and told Stephanie about them.  She had never seen them before, but didn't
doubt me.  She of all people knew the history of her house.  I went on with
life as normal, forgetting about the eyes until about 2 months later,
Stephanie came to me and said she talked with her little brother, Aaron, who
was 8.  She said she didn't even mention the eyes to him, but one night they
were talking about the house and he asked her if she had ever seen a large
pair of blue eyes.  She stopped dead in her tracks.  Aaron said that to him
the eyes were friendly and never glared at him.  We just figured out that
they saw me as a stranger and focused evil on me.  I will never know for
certain.  All I know is that I never stayed in that house again.
In addition to that story, my sister and I were out driving about 9 months
ago.  I was about 11:00pm and we passed by Stephanie's old house.  She no
longer lived there, but I am pretty sure that her father still did.  I turned
to Lauren, my sister, and said "look La, there is that creepy house."  Now,
this next part will sound so bizarre, but I swear it is true.  All of the
sudden, a light shot up from the house, which was completely dark, and 2
other lights shot up from the other side of the road.  We thought they might
just be electrical charges.  That was, of course, until they started chasing
the car.  We had to get a mail down the road until they disappeared.  Do you
have any idea what those lights might have been?
Thank you for listening to my stories.

My Uncle Wayne


Back in 1996 my uncle Wayne passed away in a tragic auto accident on the
interstate near Neenah, Wisconsin (between Appleton and Oshkosh).  He had
been pulling a load of sod with a small pick-up truck that he borrowed from
a co-worker.  The truck must have been too small to carry the load because
the truck flip killing my uncle instantly.  Needless to say, my father flew
out to Wisconsin from our home in Pensacola, Florida to attend the funeral
of his youngest brother (my father is the oldest of seven children).  The
story I am about to tell comes from the mouth of my father.  The afternoon
before the day of the funeral, my father took his mother and father to the
funeral parlor to finalize the arrangements.  On the way back to my
grandparents' home, my grandmother noticed that her family ring was missing
a stone.  The stone that was missing was my uncle Wayne's birthstone!  They
looked everywhere for the stone and could not find it.  Everyone kept saying
it was Wayne's way of saying a final good-bye to his mother.  The next day
(the day of the funeral) everyone left my grandparents' house to go to the
funeral except my uncle Stan.  Stan stayed behind to wait for a cousin that
was running late.  A few minutes later, Stan heard a car pull into the
driveway.  At the bottom of the driveway was a car that looked exactly like
Wayne's (a green spit fire) uncle Stan thought how strange it was that
their cousin had a car exactly like Wayne's (his car was still parked
outside his old apartment at the time).  He looked out the window again and
saw a man sitting in the driver's seat with a beard (my uncle Wayne had a
beard when he died).  My uncle Stan opened the door to walk outside thinking
it was their cousin (who also has a beard).  When he opened the door the car
reversed out of the driveway and quickly drove away.  A few minutes later
their cousin pulled up in a totally different car.  My uncle Stan was so
shocked that he told everyone at the funeral what had happened.  Since this
time, no one else has been visited by my uncle Wayne.



WE , my husband and I , were sitting home one night and all of a sudden
we heard footsteps upstairs we didn't think of it much cause we thought
it was one of our dogs cause they are really big ,  Then we heard it get
louder then the dogs started barking like someone was there so Kevin
went upstairs to check it out nobody was there . the doors were all
locked and the windows were all closed so he said the dogs must of just
heard someone outside because we live on a busy road .  A few minutes
went by and nothing , then the noise came back but much louder and
harder the dogs were going crazy then my husband looked at our doorknob
and it was shaking hard like someone was trying to get in so we got
scared climbed out our bedroom window and left for an hour when we got
back all of our doors were locked and all of the windows were still
closed we checked out the house nothing was missing and the dogs were
sitting on the top of our staircase we went down to our room the door
was locked like we left it and everything seemed ok until we opened the
door ,  our radio was on,  on a station we never listen to and our books
were all thrown from the bookshelf .  We could not explain what had

Dressed in Pink


A year ago we bought an old Victorian house. The family matriarch had
refused to let it be sold, although it was in a dismal condition. When
she passed away, the family decided to sell, although it had been with
them for 80 years.
We began the serious process of renovation, but I was disturbed by the
obvious presence of an old woman, dressed in pink, always in the same
place, in the same room. I naturally assumed it was the family
matriarch, Sophia. She was so unhappy and seemed displeased at the
disturbance we were causing. So I called in a pyschic friend of mine to
help her move along. The psychic rang bells, chanted, burned
(something), and we put lit candles in all the doorways and windows. The
very next day it appeared that Sophia  had gracefully moved on.
A year passed. We finished the renovation and were preparing to throw an
open house party. The day before the party a woman came into the house
and announced that she had grown up there. She said she had been coming
by to check on our progress, but had always been too shy to come in.
Something had drawn her courage up to come in on that day. We were very
pleased and immediately invited her and all her family to come to the
open house the very next day.
They all came. At one point, I couldn't resist, and I asked this woman
if there had ever been ghosts in the house. "Oh yes!" she replied, "my
great grandmother was so persistent, we had to call in a priest to
exorcise her."
Feeling confident, I then told her about Sophia. The woman began to
tremble and cry. She said that her mother, Sophia, had ALWAYS worn pink,
and the room and place I described would have been between the beds in
the children's room.
Rest in Peace, Sophia.



Years ago before I was born my father was sleeping at the head of the bed I
believe and my mother was at the foot by the window as there was  no  air
condition and thelight was out,room dark.Well my mother said all of a sudden
she  heard what she believed to be a woman at the  head of the bed jabbering
away could not understand her.Mymom got terrified and pulled the cover up
over her head and when she did this thing came right by h er ear and just
talk talk
could not make out a word.She jumped up yelled and slept for a week with the
ceiling light on.
She asked and someone told her they believe that house we used to live in had
been moved from another location.
Anotehr true story.Mymom used to walk me to grade school about six blocks
from the house and she lost her house  keys one day.Well she traced her steps
even looked by mailbox at corner of our house thinking she layed them
there,no keys.
Well we lived upstairs 16ft up and my dad was in front bedroom and m y mom
was in my room layingnext to me and the stranges thing happened.All of a
sudden I had themost peaceful feeling just so
it's hard to explain and all of a sudden something,someone I don't k now
angel,dead relative who knows right next to the bed on my side said my name.I
was not scared at all,but my mom heard it too and jumped up.I  had so many
questions who ar eyou,how you know me etc.,but  at that moment th e phone
rang and Sandy who lived around the corner was walking home from church on a
Sund. and said I found your k eys.They were by the mailbox.
NOW what connection that had I  hav eno idea.
Another story.My dad died in 1992 and shortly thereafter his sister and her
husband came over and they  had one of these movie camaras and were showing
stuff off the side of our white refrigerator wh ich made a great screen,so
they had th is video of my dad's uncle befor ehe died .He was ill,but he was
singing this country song.He was from Miss.,so I said somethinglike I wish
dad could see this or dad would sure like to see this something to that
Now understand our refrigerator did not make ice.It once had an ice maker,but
the line got corosion and water would not go t hrough anymore to go into the
refrigerator.It had to run up a tube.It ha d not work in ages even prior to
dad's death.Mom just cleaned out the freezer two days before.
Now I wanted tea and we would take ice cubes and make in trays and then put
them in a stainless steel bowl in the freezer,but when I went to ge tice thee
was a cube right in front of the bowl where I could not miss it.
Well it much to my surprise was not a cube from our tray a square ice cube
,but a half moon.When theice maker worked the ice was half moon shaped.So I
reached around sid eof the bowl and came up with about oh three more.I said
mom look.Now my Aunt and Uncle were doing the projector thing and had no idea
what was going on.We watched closely after and no more half moons.
When my mom got a n ew refrigerator and the man came to deliver it.I asked
him sir,you see that tube can any water get through that to make ice cubes.
He said NO,but I never told him why I asked.
It was I truly believe my father's way of saying I am here and I do see RV

Real Haunted House


i'm from the southern Calif. area so heres how it goes,I was born in the Los Angeles
area but my parents bought a brand new home in the Orange County area,the
city of La Palma to be exact,the house was located on some ranch of some
sort because our backyard faced a very very large open but fenced field
with some cattle roaming around in it,mind you these are track homes as
we know it today and at the time it seemed like we were living in the
boon dogs,I mean looking back at it now it was rather a very lonely area
but it had all these new track homes,you know one supermarket,one
library,one hospital,fire station and police station,you get the idea.but
funny thing was that were only four blocks west of Knotts Berry Farm,
that is if you stand at the main enterance,and as you get closer to park
area the city was more developed,you know like hotels, MovieLand Wax
Museum and so i guess on the other side of the city was less
developed.not knowing who or what was on the land previously.but back to
the haunting at hand,well the house was well built new
carpet,plumbing,the whole works with upgrades.but on some occasions I was
very scared downstairs in the family room and in my own bedroom,I mean my
room looked like a toy room display so there was no reason for me to
scared just out of the blue,I mean was playing in my room and it seemed
as if "evil" walked in the room. I got this incredible feeling of hate
towards me as if I shouldn't have been there.this happened to me several
times in the house and at 7 years of age I didn't know nothing about the
paranormal or supernatural activity.another occasion was during a
saturday afternoon my mother and I were upstairs and suddenly we heard
this slamming and crashing noise and as we came down stairs we saw in the
living room my moms favorite painting totaled on the floor,it looked as
if someone broke it in anger I mean the frame was just trashed and the
small pictures around the one that got totaled were perfectly hanging
straight. the ghost made itself see again in the late afternoon,this time
my mom was doing some house cleaning and as she turned to one side she
looked up towards the stairs she saw a man wearing a white-cream colored
suit in pristine condition except he didn't have a head,no hollywood gore
or anything like that,I saw the same thing myself,this time I saw him at
night at the end of the hallway, this was VERY REAL and very scary!
another time as would sleep at night the beds were occasionally kicked
very hard,also in the master bedroom the sliding glass mirror doors were
slaming back and fourth and the dresser draws were also slaming in and
out as well. all these things happen separately from each other on
different ocassions. the main blvd. is La Palma Ave. and street of the
house is Comstock Circle,and it is the second house on the left, its a
two story house. my parents were the original owners we lived there from
1970 to 1975. well Dave if you know of any experts on the paranormal on
the west coast here please pass this information because after all this
time I would like to just how haunted this place was and whats the back
ground on this place. again the first two story house on the left hand
side as you enter Comstock Circle is the house,and also friends of the
neighborhood also have there strange storys to tell as well.

Real Life


I was asleep one night in my apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the
phone rang.  I didn't answer and, when the machine came on, I looked up as
the person on the other end started talking;  to my surprise, and tremendous
horror, there was a man standing over my bed, glaring down at me.  I could
tell by the way he was looking at me that he was an evil sprit, who must
have died a horrible death.  He was dressed in old time, Little House on the
Prairie looking clothes, with the wide brimmed hat and everything; he had
long, curly, brown hair and a beard.

I was paralyzed with fear, and the only thing I could think of doing was
covering my head with my covers and start screaming at the top of my lungs.
I looked up from the covers and, there he stood, not moving, staring at me
as if he were trying to give me a warning.  I covered my head again, looked
up again, and he was still there.  The next time I raised my head, he was
gone. I never saw him again.

To this day, I have never witnessed anything more frightening in my life

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