Been There Before....


This is just kind of a strange thing that happened...My family went on
vacation to Kentucky to visit family.  I have never been there before.  All
the families were proud to show off their homes to us.  One of my husband's
cousins lives in an old home probably built in the early 1900s.  When we
entered thru the front door, I can't say I felt anything strange was about to
happen.  As we looked further into the house, I got this "vision" of sorts.
Somehow I knew there was this small door that led upstairs to an old attic
area that they had converted into a game room.  I knew just where this door
was and what I would see inside tho I didn't tell anyone at the time. You
know, it seemed unimportant....just a silly thought.  I must say, it took my
breath when indeed, they showed us this door.  As I entered, it was just as I
knew it was going to be as if I had been in that room before.  The stairs
were steep, walls were painted red (they had not finished the room and had
not painted it). I knew the room was long, the length of the house and I knew
a small dresser would be at the other end need a small window.  It had been
nailed to the floor.  When I asked if they had done that, they said no.  The
old lady who lived there before nailed down several pieces. Somehow I knew it
had been nailed down.   Needless to say, I was uncomfortable being in that
room.  But anyway, it gave me some good Kentucky chills!

The House That wouldn't stay Rented

By: Becky&Russ

  Back Ground
My husband Virgil,my daughter Neva age 10 ,My son Paul  age 5 and I had lived in rentals in Ogden,Utah for eight years.I was expecting another baby. I was tired of moving.
So I thought it was the greatest thing when I saw the add in the paper. It read FOR SALE no money down- $67.00 per month for 3 bedroom older home needs work.  When we moved into the house, my family never really believed in ghosts.
I contacted the man and ask "why so cheep ?".He was a very nice person..He said" I bought it as a rental but I simply can't keep it rented" I ask "why?" he said I really don't know but its been empty For some time now."
Virgil and I went to look at the house,it wasn't fancy but it was a home.It did need work, but nothing we couldn't do. So we signed the contract and moved in.
At first nothing happened. When we moved in I was two months pregnant. The first time anything strange happened was when I was six months pregnant. I thought I was losing my mind...This pregnancy had been different. Virgil and I had martial problems and much of the time I was under alot of stress.
I was washing clothes in the bathroom ,running them through the wringer on my washer and into the rinse.When I saw a man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans standing in the doorway of the bathroom, I ask him to wait a minute and I 'd be out .
When I went out of the bathroom there was'nt anyone there but me, so I went out side and ask my children where that man had went, they said "There wasn't any man mamma."
I went back into the house and looked through all of the rooms.  Nobody was there!
I decided that I hadn't seen anything and went back to wringing clothes.
A few minutes later, there he was again!, but he was in the other door to the bathroom!
But when I turned to talk to him he was gone. I went and looked through all the rooms again and then asked the children if they had seen him. Again, they said they hadn't seen him.
Well by this time I was really upset, but I thought "Its just because I'm pregnant", and went back to work on my laundry.
Then I saw him again,this time I knew for sure I had lost my mind. I sat down and started crying...  At about that time my husband called from work.
He ask" what's wrong why are you crying?" I didn't want to tell him ,but he insisted.
So I told him what I had seen, and that I thought I was losing my mind. I made him promise not to tell anyone.
No one seen any thing after that, until June of the folowing year .
Virgil the kids and I had went on vacation and where visiting my sister in Wyoming.
Dad had got a temporary job a few miles from my house and I had told Mom to go and use our house instead of renting a place.
One evening Mom called me and said that I should not let anyone wear a red shirt because she had seen a vision several times. A man in a red shirt, and she thought it had been a warning of some kind.
I knew what mom had seen and I was relieved to know someone else had seen him.
I told Mom,"You aren't getting a warning Mom, That's a ghost!", then I explained to Mom what had happened to me...
This was just the beginning of many things that everyone in the family were to see after that.
Often times people had come to my house when I wasn't there and said they could hear people walking in the house..Some even accused me of being there and just not awnsering the door.
One afternoon Virgil and I were both setting in the kitchen, when both of us heard a sound and turned to the door, we saw a young woman in a yellow dress in the other room . We both thought it was my sister, Dorothy, and started to walk in to greet her when she vanished.
At Thanksgiving time everyone always gathered at my house for dinner.  After dinner was over I went in to rest ,my mom and uncle Slim were doing the dishes. Mom started telling him about some of the things that had happened. He told her, "I just don't believe any of that". He was putting a pan down under the cupboard (The pan was kept in a 2" deep depression under the cupboard).  When he stood up, the pan lifted up and flew out at him..
He gathered my Aunt Mary and their daughter(Anita) and left. He never came back.
At one point Virgil and I told the ghost that we were buying that house, not renting it, and that we were not leaving. After that not much went on unless someone came to visit.
When my baby(Dee) would cry, sometimes he would suddenly stop, when I would look at him, his buggy would be gently rocking back and forth.
Our neighbor also had a new baby.  When we would go off to moms for the weekend, my baby's formula would disappear. Then one time as we were starting out the door I told Virgil I hope who ever has been making off with the baby's formula stays away or we wont have enough to make it.
When we returned there were cans of formula all the way from the closet were I kept it, out the back door and down the steps. After that we never missed any more formula but the neighbor started asking leading questions about strange things happening in our house.
Another time we had family down and my aunts( Mary & Rebecca) slept in the front bedroom and the livingroom.  In the morning my aunts (Mary and Rebecca) said that my daughter (Neva), had been in their room running her fingers over their faces, but my daughter had to pass through my room to get there and she hadn't been up all night!
Many times someone in the family would see someone go by the window into the back yard but there was never anyone there.
Often when we took pictures there would be red shadow in the pictures.It never occured to us that this might be our ghost, so we threw the camera away and bought anotherone.  It also had red shadows in the pictures we took.
One evening all the children,mine ,my little sister (Roma), my cousin(Anita) were all in the kids room laughing and playing.  I went to open the door and check on them and the door wouldn't open, (there was no lock on the door)! I yelled at the kids to open the door and finally one of them did.  I ask what they had been doing and they told me having a popcorn party with the little boy and girl.  I ask them what boy and girl, and where was the popcorn? they said the boy and girl that left when they opened the door and they had taken the popcorn with them. This made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!
One day Mom and my brother (Bert) and his friend (Jake) and my sister(Roma) came down for the weekend.
Mom had a little dog( Tootsie), and she ran in the house and into the front bedroom were mamma usually slept, then all of a sudden she come bursting out of there like she was being chased! I went in to see what had scared her and I was unable to walk through the door, I had to put my hands around the doorjam and pull myself through the door! There was such a pressure in the room that it was all that I could do to pull myself in there! It was like someone or something was in my way! I turned on the light but couldn't see any thing, But I could hear what sounded like asthmatic breathing!
Later, at bed time, mom told my brother(Bert) and his friend (Jake) that they would be sleeping in there...  They said they didn't want to, but mom told them they would be alright.  Finally, they agreed to sleep in there if the dog would sleep in there with them.  So they carried poor little Tootie in with them.  Tootsie was fine till they turned the lights off and then she ran out of there with Bert and Jake dragging there mattress behind them just as fast as they could go! Anyway they spent the rest of the night on the dinning room floor.
This same weekend Mom was walking into the dinningroom from the kitchen and she seen a woman dressed in an old fashion dress and bonnet, standing in the door between the livingroom and diningroom.The woman told her "get out of this house while you still can "then she vanished.
My sister (Dorothy) and her family, and a girl friend by the name of Kathy came down to stay with us until Richard, my sisters husband, could get a job and a place for them to live.
One night after they had been there a few days Kathy came flying out of the bedroom and said that a little kid was crawling on her bed but she could'nt see anyone there!  I went in to investigate, as the only little kid in the house was my baby and he was in bed. Sure enough, there where little knee and hand prints on the covers! She called her dad to wire her the money to go home the next day.
Another time I was again doing washing in the bathroom and my brother (Sherman ) came over and brought his girlfriend.  They were in the kitchen talking and she told Sherman he was nuts and that there was no such things as ghosts. The bathroom was right off the kitchen and I turned to say something to her when a cup lifted its self out of the dish drainer and flew at her!  It landed at her feet and shattered into pieces! She jumped up ran through the house a threw herself around my moms neck.
During the summer, my dad came from Oregon to visit. He was scared of spooks, and had heard of the ghost, he wouldn't sleep in the house he slept on the front porch.  One morning he had been teasing my son (Paul) and made him cry, about that time a hammer came flying out of the house (no one was in there) and just missed my  dads head. He left that day and said he wasn't visiting me anymore till I got out of that house.  And he didn't either!
The last experance I had was the night before we moved.
At about 2 AM I felt someone sit on the side of my bed, thinking it was my daughter, I turned over and there was a young woman sitting there with long blond hair, she was wearing a blue night gown that had lace around the collor and at the wrists.
I was frightened and reached for my husband and she disapeared!
We moved out of the house in 1968. When we moved out, everyone in my family were believers!  There were many people that came to our house as nonbelievers but they left as believers!  We believe that there was a total of about seven spirits in that house.  Most of our ghosts were harmless although mischievious at times.  We grew to adore most of our ghosts and felt very safe in every room of the house accept one.  That was the room that I mentioned earlier that felt like something was blocking my way when I went in there and had to pull myself through the door.  That room always had an uncomfortable, ominous feeling in it.  We believe that there was an angry if not evil spirit in that room.  We never did find out any of the history of the house, but I'm sure from the expierences we had there, it had to be a rather colorful one!
The house stood at 148 W. 28th street in Ogden Utah, it has since been torn down and there is a Utah Power and light building there now.

Ghost Experiences and Questions


I would like to tell others about my experiences with ghosts. I hope it helps, and I hope to learn more myself from reading others' accounts. I have tried to described my experiences as accurately as possible even if it makes my English sound stilted.
My first encounter with a ghost happened when I was about 12. We had to be careful when we opened the front door so that the cats, mine and my sister's, wouldn't get out. One day when my sister was away at boarding school, I came home from school, opened the door, and her cat zoomed out. About two hours later, I knew her cat was dead. Don't ask me how I knew. I just knew. Anyway, I went outside to look for the cat. I felt that it was dead, off to the right by some trees that were on the other side of the road, but I was afraid to go over there because it was night.  The next day, I went out again and found the cat. It was right where I thought it would be. A car must have hit it because its head was smashed open. I could see its brain (It looked like white worms).
Our cats used to purr a lot, and after my sister's cat died there would be a lot of times when I would hear my cat purring next to me and I would reach down to pet it only to find out that there wasn't anything there. There would also be times when I would see my cat down the hall with her eyes reflecting in the light. Then I would look around me and I would see that my cat was really by my side. I believe the other cat was my sister's. When I went to boarding school, my sister's dead cat came too. I didn't stop hearing and seeing the cat until my mom moved. I was 16 at the time.
When I was 17, I had a nightmare. It was so scary that I made the alarm clock ring to wake me up. I stayed away from anything supernatural after that.
I got married when I was 18. My husband had no paranormal experiences. Life was very materialistic while I was married to him. I met no ghosts.
I got divorced when I was 34. My ex-husband moved out of the house. (We had been living in that house for about 1~2 years.) I wasn't as scared about the supernatural anymore (although I may one day be). My ESP ability started increasing again and I soon discovered that there was a ghost in the house. My daughter could see it too. This ghost lived in the walls. It would go into pictures of people that were hung on the walls, and it would go into dolls. When it went into a picture (or doll), the picture would gradually begin to look more and more freaky until it looked so freaky that we would take the picture down and put it away. It would then go into another picture. It didn't go into all the pictures at once, but it could go into more than one picture at the same time. If we showed a picture that the ghost had gone into to someone, they would say, "Eeww" and look away from the picture or turn it over so that they couldn't see it. About a week before we moved from the house, my daughter had this urge to take off the old wallpaper that was on one section of the livingroom wall. She tore off the paper and then stepped back to look at the older layer of wallpaper that was underneath. The feeling of the ghost was so strong in this wallpaper that she covered it up. When I came home, I uncovered it to see the wallpaper. I felt the ghost too and covered it back up. We uncovered the wallpaper before my ex came over and said nothing. When he saw it, he felt that there was something in it too. After we moved, the landlords repainted the whole house.
The house that we now live in also has ghosts. One of them I can feel whenever it gets dark. We live in a country that sometimes has blackouts in the summer because of a shortage of electricity. One time when the lights went out in the evening, I had to go into the cat/storage room to get toilet paper. I could feel that there was a ghost in there, so instead of going into the room, I reached my hand in. My hand went through the ghost. The feeling was wierd. It was like there was something there but it wasn't totally solid and it was harder to go through than just air. I pulled out the toilet paper. Left. Came back and put my arm in again. (I wanted to remember the feeling.) My arm once again went through the ghost. I then left. We had another blackout, and I immediately felt the ghost near me. It was a strong feeling. I rushed to get the flashlight. As soon as I turned on the flashlight, the ghost went away.
Our most recent visitor I think is my grandmother.  She died last year. One night when she was driving home from visiting her sister, she got out of her car, locked it, and walked into the middle of the highway. A big trailer truck came around the bend and hit her. Anyway, she brushes against and bumps into things. I can sense her when I am in the kitchen. Brooms and utensils fall. Cups and dishes shift. I feel good when she is there. It is like she has come for a visit and she will protect me. My cat senses her too and gets a little jumpy whenever she is in the room. My daughter can hear her moving around and has heard things fall in the kitchen when no one was there.
My daughter and I see other ghosts as well, both inside and outside of the house. These other ghosts take many forms. Sometimes they appear in the form of black shadows, sometimes in the form of white light, sometimes in the form of people or animals. I have even seen a ghost that took the form of bugs. (I know it sounds unbelievable but it is true.) I felt that it wanted to get close to me. (I told that one to go away.)
My problem with ghosts is two-fold. First, some ghosts are strong, but that doesn't neccessarily mean that they are bad. How can one tell what a ghost's intentions are? And why do some ghosts come out more at night? Second, how do I know if I am doing something or if it is a ghost that is doing it? For example, when I am holding something in my hand and I put it down, it might move slightly a few seconds after it has already come to a complete rest. I always thought that it was because some of my energy was still in the object. But after my grandmother came over, I can no longer be absolutely sure.
Joai (

Hooded Figure

When I was 9 years old, we moved to a house in Brooklyn Park, Mn.  My mom
had just gotten remarried so I now had a stepfather whom I absolutely
thought I hated.  About a year or so later, my dad started renovations on
the house.  We added almost 1/2 a house on.  There was a 3 season porch,
mudroom, bathroom, and 2 basement bedrooms.  My sister moved out of our
bedroom to the new one in the basement.  A few days later, I was in my bed.
My bed faced the wall by the door but I couldn't look out down the hall.  I
had only been in bed for a few minutes.  I looked up because it felt as if
someone was in the room with me.  There was my stepfather standing at the
foot of my bed.  He was wearing a hooded housecoat is what I thought. Boy
was I furious!!!  I yelled  "Ken, get of here!"  Suddenly, my mom, who was
in here bed at the end of the hall, yelled back to me that he was asleep in
bed next to her!!!  Suddenly, the figure disappeared.  I ran as fast as
possible into her bedroom.  There was my stepdad sound asleep and snoring
next to her.  I told her what I saw.  She told me to just go back to bed.
The next morning at the breakfast table, I started telling everyone.  My
oldest brother described the man in the hood.  He had also seen him in his
bedroom at the foot of his bed.  His bedroom was in the basement located
right under my parents room.  He also thought it was our stepdad until it
vanished.  He just thought he was hallucinating or something and didn't tell

The Figure in the Darkness


    Hi, I am a 21 year old student in Chicago, Il.  I'd like to tell you my
story, and if possible ask for your professional opinion about a few things.
I have experienced spiritual/ghostly activity for about eleven years now.  I
used to be frightened by these experiences, but now I am quite intrigued.
However, one incident stands out in my mind and still bothers me to this day,
this is the story that I would like to tell you about.
    About five years ago I lived in an apartment on the second floor.  It was
an unusually warm summers night so I decided to sleep on the couch with the
sliding door open to let in the breeze.  I awoke at about 2:30am to a horrid
stench and a strange coolness, confused, I looked around the living room.  I
then looked in directly in front of myself (I was lying on my right side with
my right arm tucked under my head as a pillow) and saw a figure.  I was
frozen with fright, as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness I saw the
figure's face.  At this point I was thinking that someone broke into the
apartment, however this was no person.  This "ghost" had a human shaped face,
but it was a grayish-white color.  Its eyes were darkened and what I remember
the most was the huge prominent cheek bones.  Furthermore, this thing had
only a torso and a head, nothing else. Suddenly, with great quickness its
head descended, positioned its face directly in front of mine, stared at me
for a moment, and as quickly as it descended it pulled its head back to the
original position.  I began crying at this moment, and thats when I felt a
sort of "punch" on my chest.  It then seemed to kind of run off into the
kitchen and I then heard the door slam.  I jumped off the couch, turned the
lights on and checked the door out.  The door was locked from the inside, so
there was no possible way that someone had broken into the apartment and left
through the kitchen door.
    To say the least I was badly shaken, I took a moment to collect myself,
when I realized my chest hurt.  I went to the bathroom and pulled down my
pajama top slightly which revealed  a large red mark as if someone had
punched me.  This mark eventually developed into slight bruising as the
morning came-needless to say I didn't sleep that night.
    Since this event several other experiences have occured, none as
frightening as this thank goodness.  However a cluster of events did occur
directly after this experience, for what reason I'm not sure.  I did go to
the library and search the internet for possible causes for such an
occurence.  The closest I got to a logical answer was something called a
night terror, which I'm sure you are familiar with.  But I have excluded this
as a possible explanation for many reasons.  The only thing that I can think
of is that I had seen a ghostly entity.  As to why there was a stench or a
cold chill associated with the experience I can only guess.  Also I have
always been under the impression that spirits can not harm the living, but I
simply can't believe this to be true anymore.

Grandmother comes calling...


I had to have been 8 or 9 years old when it happened.  It was dark and stormy
like most ghost stories begin.  I think it was around 10pm, and I was walking
through the neighborhood park to my friends house on the other side.  When
all of a sudden I saw my dead grandmother appear from out of nowhere.  Oddly
enough it was a year to the day of her death from Cancer.  She looked just as
she did before she got sick though, she looked wonderful.  Of course I wasn't
sure if it was really her so I walked up to her and called out her name.  The
wind became harsher and the rain fell harder, and as she reached out to me I
could see she was in pain.  And at that very moment her face changed and
became scared and looked as though she needed my help. And it was then that
she disappeared.  I had to have been 3-5ft. away.  Needless to say I ran as
fast as I could to my friends house and didn't say another word that night.

Grandpa "Lives" up to his Promise!


I was sent to live with my grandparents when I was 3 years old, I loved
my grandpa with all my heart and he and I were very close because he
could not work due to a serious heart condition.  We took wonderful care
of each other even at the age of 5 I have always been very responsible
due to my grandfathers ill health.  One day when I was 9 my grandma kept
me home from school to look after grandpa because he was not feeling
well, about 9:30 that morning he went to lay down because he said he did
not feel well, I went in about 10:30 to take his temperature and
discovered his fever to be 103.4 I rushed and called my grandma and
mother immediately, in turn my mother said she was going to call an
ambulance so I was to get grandpa ready and wait for them.  As I did
this my grandpa called me into his room and told me "Pumpkin, I love you
very much and you know this, even though you are young and in time will
forget different things about me just always remember my love and the
way you feel.  I promise you this, I will always be here with you and
you will always be in my heart."  I will always remember him saying this
because I was the last conversation he ever had, I never got to say
good-bye because he fell into a deep comma and they would not allow me
into ICU to say good-bye, he then died on May 26, 1983 at 5:36 am, I
know this for a fact because he had given me his watch to hold onto
while he was in the hospital and it stopped at that very second that
they pronounced his death.  Now while that is odd enough the best part
is yet to come.  Three weeks later after grandpa had passed my
grandmother became very ill and was put into the hospital so my sister,
brother-in-law and myself stayed out at my grandmas house.  My sister
had a cat that whenever someone came down the stairs it would run to the
basement door and cling to the screen to be let out, well one night at
about 11:30 pm the cat was sleeping with me on the couch in the basement
when it jumped down and ran to the door to cling on to the screen when
all of a sudden we heard foot steps now the house is locked, my
grandmother is in the hospital and we are all in bed downstairs.  My
brother-in-law grabs his baseball bat and tells us to call 911, at first
I was very scared and was crying when they went upstairs the footsteps
stopped, all of a sudden my grandpa was standing in front of me holding
the note I had put in his pocket the day of the funeral, he had a tear
in his eye and told me not audibly but I could see his lips move that he
loved me and would always be with me.  Ever since then any major life
event, graduation, marriage, the birth of my two children anything I
have felt his love at one time or another and have felt a huge sense of

Haunted Staircase


When my family moved from The House on Coal River Road (another story) we
moved down the road a few miles to a house which sat up on a hillside.  A
broad set of wooden stairs led up to the front porch which was on the second
floor. Because the house was on a hillside the back part sat on ground level
while the front part was about twenty feet about ground level. There were
about seventeen steps in the staircase and a landing about halfway up. Many
times we would hear the sounds of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs and
would go to the door to see who was coming, but no one would be there. It
always sounded like a man in workboots to me, but my dad said he would hear
the footsteps when my mom and I were at church and would get up to open the
door, thinking we were home and that mom was coming up ahead of me. The
sounds were just as real as when someone really was coming up steps to the
front porch, so we never had a clue that no one was there until we looked out
and saw nothing. This went on for years and happened once while both of my
parents were gone and an older cousin and his wife were keeping me company.
They heard the footsteps and my cousin, always on the alert for "trouble"
jumped up to see who was on the steps in the middle of the night. No one was
We were never afraid of this, it was not scary, and no strange feeling ever
accompanied the sounds. We just thought someone was trying to come home. It
may have been a different story if they had made it to the front door!

Another Experience on Denton Road


This, I guess would be a second account of a previously encountered ghost
story. I had the same thing happen to me as in the stroy below on Denton road.
Ypsilanti - Denton Road Bridge - The story goes that a group of kids were
playing chicken near Denton Road bridge, and one of them proved to be
chicken.  His car swerved off the road when they reached the bridge, and
crashed into the river below.  Many people claim to see a light come out of
river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the
center of the bridge at night.
I am a racer and have a very fast, very built up 1969 dodge.  One stopped
on this bridge simpley because we were lost, and a pair of headlights came
up the embankment and behind me and started coming up on me very fast.  I
thought some drunken redneck was out four wheeling and was going to rear
end me.  The car was in gear and runnig so I simply stepped on the gas and
the headlights behind me pulled up withing a few feet of my rear bumper.  I
floored it and the lights stayed right on my bumper.   Couldn't see a thing
behind me because the brights were on the car following me.  And they were
far brighter than any car I have seen.
I had the speedometer buried past 120 mph and they were two feet off my
bumper. Then they were just gone as I had to hit the brakes coming up to a
turn.  I remember the red glare of the brake lights lighting up the road
behind me some, and the moon was very bright that night, so I could see all
the way to the bridge practically, and there was not a car on the road.  I
was a little stunned and almost lost the car at the turn.  We went back to
make sure that noone behind up had gone into the ditch, but there was nothing.
Then I got freaked.  Made it back to windsor in record time.


Haunted Home


I don't know how to start this, other than saying several years ago when My
children were small we moved out into the country on the Washington side and
lived in a home that I feel had some strange paranormal or ghostly things
going on in it.  I would have to say that during that time there was
something in there causing all havick in our home.  To make it short,  I use
to on a regular basis have something come to me and I am not sure what but
let me explain what it looked like.  I would wake up from a sleep most of the
time but sometimes I was fully awake in bed when it would happen but for the
most part, I would wake up from a sound sleep and notice this lavender
colored smoke or whatever you want to call it coming from the corner where my
closet was and it would do different things at different times.  It would rap
around my perimeter of my room and then go to the end of my bed and seperate
into 5 different lines and then dart at me and then would go away.  sometimes
it would rap around the room and then come down from above into 5 different
lines.  The first few times that this happened to me, I was very frightened
and would wake my husband up, and of coarse by the time I could wake him up
there was nothing there.  He slept very hard..  This went on for the whole 7
years that we lived in this home.  During that time my husband also became
very mean and violent.  Also in the room ajoining our where my closet and my
sons closet connect, my son was having these horrific nightmares that we
could not wake him up from.  We would sit there for sometimes 20 to 30
minutes trying to wake him up and he would be begging for him mother or his
father and crying out asking them to go away and leave him alone.  He would
describe them as ugly and short.  very ugly and mean looking in the face.
And they would torment him and scare him and try to hurt him.  This was heart
renching for me to see him go through this and not be able to wake him up.  I
would cry right along side of him when I was holding him rocking him trying
to wake him from these nightmares.  All my children use to tell me in that
house that they would see a ball of light sometimes that would move quickly
through the home.  I saw that occassionally as well.  Our TV was something
quite interesting as well.  It would turn off by itself while we were
watching it and then we would turn it back on with the remote and then it
would turn back off.  We could play this game for a few minutes and then it
would stop.  This only happened a couple of times though with the TV.  I do
feel that there was something evil in that home because many things went on
in that home.  What the lavender colored smoke was or the ball of light was
or even my sons terrifying dreams were I have no clue.  I don't know a great
deal about that kind of stuff.  I do feel that I have had many experience
though and even had some in other homes as well.  Who know's  maybe they
follow me.  But the home in Washington was not a good ghost.  if that is what
it was.  Our family went through some of our hardest times in that home.  Can
you tell me what the lavender smoke was?  or what the ball of light was?  I
would be very interested in knowing.  You could respond to me at  Thanks so much.


My Grandfather


A little background before I get into my experience...My grandfather and I
were very close.  He died when I was 9 years old.  I remember quite well the
nite it happened.  I was very upset as one could imagine.  Besides the
obvious sadness of losing a loved one,  I also has alot of guilt.  Two days
before he died,  I had accidentily turned over the chair my grandfather was
sitting in.  I was standing behind it and it fell on me as well.  Well, my
grandfather being the jolly man he was, laughed at me some and I was quite
embarrassed...and mad.  The night he died was my sister's birthday. He was
buried on my father's birthday.
I'm not sure how long after his death this happened (being only 9 yrs old)
but I believe it happened a few months later.  I was lying in bed on night.
I remember it being kind of late as I had been reading.  I turned out the
lights and was  just lying there   facing my bedroom door which lead to a
hallway and the stairway.  I had my eyes closed until I got this sensation of
someone looking at me.  I opened my eyes and there in the doorway stood a
dark figure.  No details of any tho clothed in a black sheet from
head to toe.  For whatever reason, I had the feeling  it was my grandfather.
As you can imagine, I was scared to death.   I could feel my heart pounding
so hard in my chest.  But tho I was feeling this way, I sensed that this
spirit was speaking to me.  He seem to tell me   "I'm ok and everything is
alright".  I never told anyone in my family about it.  It wasnt until high
school I think that I really ever thought about that again.  But one other
time concerning my grandfather did happen not long after I was married.  We
lived in this very small trailer and my bother in-law and his girlfriend came
to visit us.  We were ages 19-21.  Well, one night there was a big storm
going on outside.  We thought it would be fun to have a seance.  Since I was
the only one who had a relative that had bother in-law wanted to
call him up so to speak.  I wasn't too thrilled but went along.  So we sat in
a circle, held brother in-law sat to my left.   To myself, I asked
my grandfather to visit us one more time.  And if he could come, to lift up
my left hand which I held with my brother in-law.  Within  minutes, my left
hand rose and stayed up for a few seconds then slowly went back down to my
knee.  Needless to say, it scared me and I took my hand away.  My brother
in-law turned to me and asked me why I had held his hand up in the air!
>From then on, I promised never to disturb my grandfather's sleep again !
I did love him ever so much.

My Grandmother's House

I guess all the odd things started happening when I was 8. My Grandma died in Sept. of 84. No one would have expected it she was 57 and died of a sudden heart attack. I think it was around the day of the funeral we were at my Grandparent's house when my sister, who was 5 at the time, came in and told my mother that she had seen "NaNa" in my grandmother's bedroom (Nana is what we called our Grandma) she said that NaNa was taking things out of the closet and packing them in a suitcase.
    During this time my mother started to smell my Grandma's perfume around her, just sometimes when she was really missing my Grandma.
    Then my Grandpa would come over and tell my mother that sometimes in the middle of the night the sheets would fly off the bed and there would be a glow in the room. He said it was my grandma because when she was alive she would always get hot and kick the sheets off of both of them.
    So, fast forward, to when I was 13 and my Grandfather and his new wife  moved to Idaho and we rented the house from him. Not long after we moved in my mother started having odd experiences in the house, this wasn't the first time, but that is another story. She said that sometimes her bed would shake, living in California, we are pretty used to earthquakes, and being a know-it-all teenager I figured my mother was full of it. Then I started to have some experiences that changed my mind. Late at night I would get an overwhelming fear that there was something behind my bedroom door, I slept with my door closed and I would just get a horrible scary feeling.
    Then I was up reading late one night and the bed started to shake, at first I thought it was an earthquake and I looked over to see if the pull chain on my light was shaking, nothing else in the room was moving, at all. The shaking continued but it didn't scare me, finally I just said "Good Night, Nana." and it stopped. That happened several times.     Sometimes you would hear the back screen door slam shut when it was closed and locked from the inside, other times you would hear the sliding glass door open and close when it was locked too... usually this happened when I was alone.
    But, like I said there were scary things too. A couple of times, on the nights that I would be afraid to open my bedroom door, my sister would come into my room and hang out for a while she would say that "they or he was in her room again." She sees things, a lot. Lately there has been a tall, black shadowy cowboy in a trench coat that walks by her, other times there is an old man that just sits in the corner watching her, she likes him, she thinks he keeps the "other one" away. Then there was another small dwarf kind of guy that followed her, and sometimes she could see him in her college classes during lectures, just sitting there watching her. Megan is mostly terrified of the things she sees and usually refuses to talk about them. For her high school graduation, my mother took her to Boston, Salem and Cape Cod.... Megan loved it, but she had some uncomfortable experiences that she still won't talk about. This has already gotten a tad too lengthy, so I'll write about my mom's experiences another time.

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