A Hand

By: Noquisi73@aol.com

I have had several ghost experiences but the one I am writing about happened
when I was about sixteen. We lived in a very rural area in a big tri-level
house. The bedrooms and on bathroom were on the top floor, a small bedroom, a
bathroom, the kitchen, and a huge living/dining room were on the second and
the bottom floor was a two car garage. The master bedroom on the top floor
had once had it's own deck and still had the sliding door which now leads to
a sixteen foot drop to the backyard. It is important to know this because
often we would hear someone knocking on that door even when we had the blinds
open and could see there wasn't anyone there. The stairs from the second
floor to the third went straight half way to a landing then turned right and
went up the rest of the way. on the landing on your left if you were going
upstairs was a picture window. I was standing at the top of the stairs one
afternoon calling my two younger brothers. The youngest,Lee,came to the
bottom of the stairs and asked what I wanted-he and Chris were getting a
snack. I was going to answer him when I felt a hard shove against my
shoulders. I fell down the stairs to the landing. My brother raced up the
stairs to the landing calling our other brother. I stood up with Lee's help.
Since I was OK I shrugged it off as an accident and forgot. Weeks later my
brother was in the house by himself. He was coming downstairs [I could see
him through the window] and he tumbled down the stairs to the landing. He
swore someone pushed him. But he an I were the only ones home and he had been
the only one inside. The next day [stupid kids that we were] we decided to
test it. Lee stood at the bottom of the stairs, Chris stood outside and
watched through the window and I [really stupid, OK] stood at the top. I felt
something push me and I started to fall again. I caught myself on the rail
and was standing, something I couldn't see was trying to pull my hands off
the rail! I got up and ran down the stairs in record time. Chris said he
couldn't see anything but Lee swore he saw a shadow chase me from the landing
down to the second floor. After that none of us would go down the stairs
alone and we always ran. For some reason they wouldn't tell us our parents
decided to move only six months after we started living in that house.


Floating Woman

By: JferTheGr2@aol.com

Ever since I was a little girl I've seen things or felt things.  I haven't
decided if I follow the feelings and spirits  or if they follow me.  When I
was 7 I lived in a huge farm house.  I was awaken one night by a cold feeling
on my cheek.  Almost like someone was placing their hand and just brushing it
against my cheek.  I sat up in bed and looked around expecting it to be my
sister trying to wake me up.  Instead I was greeted with an empty room.  I
tried to fall asleep all night and couldn't.  For weeks I refused to sleep on
my own room and stayed with my parents.  About a month later I was back to
sleeping in my room and was awakend again but this time by the closing of the
side door downstairs.  I thought it was my father coming home late so I
walked into the hallway.  What greeted me on the stairss still scares the
daylights out of me today.
    When I got to the stairs, a lady that I had never seen before was walking
up the stairs, or so I thought.  But when i looked closer I reliezed that the
woman was floating up the stairs.  SHe wore I dark brown skir and a white
blouse covered by a jacket.  The white blouse had been stained red in a few
places.  When I squinted my eyes to try and get a better look at the blurred
image I saw that the womans face was battered and covered in blood.  I was
frozen in my tracks and unabvle to move I just stood there.  When she reached
the stairs she walked past me and

"Flowers for Boy"

By: liquidator66@yahoo.com

Hi everyone - as promised, here is the next story...

In my last anecdote, I introduced you to my mother's
family, the Sorensons, who lived in East London, South
Africa, during the first half of this century.  In
fact, most of the family members remaining alive at
this time are still living in East London (although a
few have also moved to other cities in the country).
Families were, in those days, much larger than they
are now-a-days and my mother's family, which had
twelve children, was not unusual.

This story concerns one of my mother's brothers,
Nigel, who was, for some reason, nicknamed "Boy".  I
have always known this story for as long as I can
remember but, two weeks ago, I formally interviewed my
mother in order to obtain all the details so that I
could "report" it on the Shadowlands' page.  Before I
start the story proper, let me give you just a little
background on my family.  My maternal grandmother's
name was Mina but I was, however, never fortunate
enough to meet her, as she died some years before I
was born. She and my maternal grandfather, Chris, did,
however, instill in all their sons and daughters a
deep and abiding belief of all things spiritual and
religious, and the whole family were stauch Catholics.
 My mother and her brothers and sisters believe in
ghosts and spirits and, in my mother's own words
"firmly believe that spirits of those people that we
are close to in life remain close to us after their

It was not uncommon, in the days at the beginning of
this century, for an above average number of babies to
die when very young.  In my mother's family, however,
only the firstborn, a boy called Ivan, died in early
childhood and the remaining eleven were all healthy
and thrived, until 1944 that is....  My uncle Boy, who
was thirty years old at the time, came home one night,
after having a few beers,and, as he did not want his
mother to smell the alcohol on his breath, he decided
to spend what remained of the night in his car that
was parked outside their family house in Park Street.
(Yes, the same house that features in the "Mr Miller"
anecdote.)  He did not have a peaceful night, however,
as he was, unfortunately, rather brutally attacked and
robbed.  His attacker had on a pair of army boots and
forcefully kicked my uncle on the head -so forcefully
in fact that Boy later contracted, and died from,
inflammation of the brain.  He died in hospital on 2
July 1944 and was buried by the family near the end of
that month.  The entire family was devastated as he
had been much loved - he had been the joker of the
family and always used to perform practical jokes on
my mother and her older sisters (dressing up as
Dracula and jumping out to frighten them and so on).
He apparently had had a very loving nature and a great
sense of "family"; but had never married.

On the day of the funeral, my grandmother, my mother,
and her sisters Lily, Jeanetta and Edna locked up the
house in Park Street and prepared to walk to the
church, which was just down the street.  They had
recently received a large arrangement of St Joseph
Lilies from a family friend, in sympathy for Boy's
death, and the flowers had been placed in a vase on
the diningroom table before the ladies had left for
church.  No-one was left in the house and,
furthermore, no-one, other than my grandmother, had
keys to the house.

After the service was finished, they walked back to
their house and my grandmother unlocked the front
door.  The dogs were very excited to see them; most
probably wanting company after having been left alone
for so long.  My mother, being the youngest, rushed
passed the others and into the diningroom.  She
stopped dead in the diningroom doorway and turned
around and said "Ma, Boy's been here !"  What she had
seen was that all the lilies had been carefully taken
out of their vase and arranged in a cross on the large
oval diningroom table...


By: SUNSET1221@aol.com

My Grandmother had a cousin named Walter
and years ago my mother's family had a
plantation and there was this woman who
worked there named Lillie.Well Lillie knew
Walter and when I was a little girl we used to
go up the country and visit the people there,so
Lillie knew me.I was oh 5 or 6 I guess wh en Walter
passed away.Well it was the day of the funeral and
my parents had me all dressed up my socks,shoes,pretty little dress and I was
on our front porch rocking waiting for my parents to finish getting
ready.Well all of a sudden a woman appeard to me and what really upset me was
she I don't remember walked through the wallof our house or the porch rail
,which was brick you couldn't see th ough it.Well I almost tore the screen
door off the house running inside hollering "The Lady" "The L:ady".I knew
people did not walk th rough walls and such so it scared me so bad.My dad ran
to the front porch thinking a person had come on the  porch a real human
being and when I calmed down I described her to my mother who immediately
phoned my grandma and she said that was Lillie,because Lillie had already
passed away.
I was not a child to make up things.


New House In Maryland

By: LJRokie@aol.com

In 1967, i was 12 then, my mom and grandma, had a house built from the ground
up in Randallstown, Maryland.  At the time of construction, all sorts of
things delayed the plans.  It took about 8 months to get it built.  First
they dug it too deep, they had to add additional stairs for the upstairs and
downstairs to compensate, the ground wasn't settled, so many things.  Anyway,
we finally moved into the house in August of 1968.  I had my own room as well
as my siblings.  It was a 5 bedroom house with a sewing room, den and
basement (which was a finished basement with panelling and tile floors).  The
back part of the basement had a storage area and a laundry.  This house was
the biggest one in the neighborhood.

Well, things went well  the first year.  (Oh, I should mention that before we
moved to Randallstown, we lived in a older house, owned by my great
grandmother and great grandfather in Parkville Maryland.  While we lived
there, my father was always ill, bad heart, in and out of the hospital.  He
died in 1966, but not in the house.  He died at work, called my sister just
minutes before he died and told her he loved everyone and would not be home
for dinner.  In 1967, my 2 sisters and brother along with my great aunt and
great uncle, were in a car accident.  My great uncle was killed immediately
on impact, my great aunt had 33 broken bones and in a coma for a month, my
older sister suffered right brain damage, currently has grand mal seizures
and was in a coma for 3 months (they thought she was dying but suddenly woke
up).  My younger sister had a fractured collar bone and my brother only
suffered bruises.  Prior to my fathers death, he brought home an ouija board.
 Fun and games, huh.  Since that time, we have had terrible experiences, just
like i mentioned above.  After the accident, my mother blessed the house with
holy water, put salt under the threshold with a brand new penny.  That is
when she decided to move)

Anyway, getting back to the new house now.  Things went well the first year.
No problems.  Then little things  started happening.  Things like items being
misplaced and showing up somewhere else.  The toilet flushing, water running,
glasses breaking in the cupboards, footsteps upstairs.  Nothing really
significant.  This all started in 1970.  I was in high school then and wasn't
home very much.  I was a regular member of our church and attended there for
many functions.  So, some of these things i heard but others are only things
my mom told me.  anyway, this continued year after year and it didn't really
seem to bother anyone.  I went into the military and my mom said that things
quieted down.  She never heard another sound again.  Well, in March 1975,
right before my discharge from the Navy, I called my mom to tell her when I
was coming home.  That night, she started hearing the noises again.  When I
returned home that next week, I began hearing the same thing. Again, nothing
devastating but noises all the same as before.  This continued until I moved
out in September 1975.  Again, things quieted down.  In 1977, I moved back in
and stayed for a while.  The noises started again.  This time, with
intensity.  One night my mom was watching TV and she thought my brother had
come in and was in her room walking around.  She yelled upstairs his name,
Eddie.  Suddenly she heard a thump like someone dropped something (my dad's
name was Eddie too).  She went upstairs but saw nothing.  However, the light
was on and she never keeps her lights on, very conscious person when it comes
to  paying the electric bill.  She turned the light off and went back
downstairs.  She finally got settled and our little dog started barking at
the basement door.  She went over and opened the door and the dog ran
downstairs, barking.  She came back up, layed down and went to sleep.

Later on, after my first child was born (a boy), he was 3 at the time, I was
cleaning the dining room.  He was in the living room watching TV.  The way
our house was set up, you could go from the living room, to the kitchen to
the dining room, through the hall and back to the living room again.  As I
was cleaning I heard the front door open.  I thought my brother had come in.
I heard footsteps going upstairs.  (my sister worked during the day).  Then I
heard music (rock and roll for the 70s era) and people talking coming from my
sister's room.  Well, my brother was known for stealing money from everyone
and he did not get along well with my sister either.  So, I thought he came
in, broke into her room (she kept her door locked), had some people in her
room just to make her mad.  I took a broom handle and knocked on the ceiling
right below her room from the dining room.  It didn't stop.  I yelled his
name from downstairs but no response.  I went upstairs and tried to open the
door, it was locked.  I came downstairs, got the spare key and went back up
to unlock the door.  I could still hear the music and people.  But as soon as
I opened the door, it all stopped.  No people, no music.  I was not afraid.
They never did anything before, so I  very politely said to them "please, if
you are going to have a party, take it to the basement and keep the music
down".  Of course, I was just joking and making light of the situation to let
them know it's okay but don't be disturbing.  Well, later that night, my two
children, 3 and 1 1/2, slept in the basement in the spare room we made.  My
daughter kept telling me about a face.  Well, being 1 1/2 years old, I
thought she was just telling what she saw in her dreams.  These things went
on for many years to come.  Once, I was doing laundry.  I have a special way
that I fold men's underwear.  Just like the military, I fold them in thirds
to save on room.  My husband, at the time, had an appointment and we had to
leave.  My kids were in daycare.  My ex was verbally abusive and at times
physically abusive to me.  Anyway, I folded the underwear and the rest of our
clothes and put them in piles on the bed.  I figured I would put them away
when we got back.  Well,  we returned about 4 hours later with the kids.  I
went downstairs and everything was still in place except for his underwear.
He yelled at me because he needed them for his national  guard weekend and
now they were gone.  I looked all over, but could not find them.  I even went
up to the second floor and checked all the rooms and bathrooms.  No luck.
Later that night, we had a friend over.  While we were sitting in our room,
which was adjacent to the laundry room, we all looked at the same time and
the hamper lid opened and shut about four times, then suddenly slammed shut.
I got up, went over, opened it up and there they were, his underwear, in the
bottom of the hamper.  All neatly folded in place as if they were placed
there.  I took them out and quietly said "thank you" to the spirit who took
them.  Then the toilet flushed.  I guess that was a "you're welcome".  These
little occurences happened in my mom's  house until my husband (at the time,
now ex) and I moved to Kansas.  Little things kept happening to us, like the
smell of lilacs, things being moved.  Nothing as significant as it was at my
mom's.  But my mom's house was quiet.  When we decided to move back to
Maryland, I called my mom and it started all over again.  By this time, it
was 1985.  I moved in and out of the house several times.  Each time I moved
out, the occurences stopped.  But as soon as I moved in, they started again.
I guess they didn't like my ex.   We had another child in 1983.  I filed for
divorce in 1985 because of the abuse.  Things got a little better at the
house.  In 1988, my mom decided to sell the house.  I met someone else.  My
mom moved out to an apartment and my live-in at the time helped with the
bills.  Occurences still happened.  Each time someone was interested in
buying the house, they would go to closing and it would fall through. This
happened about 8 different times.  The house could not be sold.  My mom was
in debt because she had a second mortgage on the house.   She finally filed
bankruptcy.  We all went back to the house to retrieve what was left in the
basement, little things.  While in the basement, my ex (whom the spirits did
not like) came by and asked if we needed help.  I told him that there are
some heavy boxes upstairs, if he could please put them in the back of the
truck.  He said okay.  My mom, youngest daughter and I were in the bedroom
where the kids used to sleep cleaning it.  We had a lamp lit.  My ex sat down
on the floor to talk to my youngest daughter.  He made a comment, said to me,
"well, it seems quiet here now.  What's the matter, no more ghosts", and
suddently sparks flew from the lamp cord.  It looked like a mini fourth or
July.  I unplugged the lamp, thinking we would have to throw it away.  I
looked at the cord and there was no damage.  My ex knew the spirits didn't
like him.  He said, "I guess I should be leaving now".  I told him that was a
good idea.  We moved out.  Later that weekend, I still had a couple of more
things to get so the guy I was living with at the time, took the key, went
back to the house to meet his brother to bring the few things left.  He came
back, said I gave him the wrong key, it wouldn't turn.  I said, bull.  I got
in the car, drove over there.  He said to me, "watch".  He put the key in the
hole, it turned but the door would not open.  You could see it trying to push
open but it was like someone was holding it shut from the inside.  I said,
"let me try".  I put in key in, turned it, turned the door knob and it opened
without a problem.  I could sense someone (thing) was there.  I sat on the
step and could hear voices telling me not to go.   I felt bad because I had
no other choice.   The house went on the auction block.  Still, it could not
be sold.  It sat dormant for 3 years.

There was no electricity or gas in the house.  One night, I got a call from a
friend who wanted to know who moved in.   I told her it was still vacant and
that it had not been sold yet.  She told me that  there were a bunch of
people in the house with music blaring.  It was late at night so I checked it
out the next day.  I still had a key.  I went to the house, unlocked the door
(only one key opened all the locks in the house).  They all had deadbolts and
door locks too (the back door, basement door and front door).  I walked in,
nothing was out of place, and no electric was running.  Not even the water.
But, I found a beer can laying in the sick and the sink was wet.  I left,
locked up and went next door and asked the neighbor if she heard anything.
She told me the same thing.  The house finally got sold in 1989 to four
investors.  They put the house up for rent but everytime someone came to see
the house to rent it, they declined.

Out of curiosity, on October 31, 1989, I called the real estate agent and
asked her how much it is being rented for.  She told me $1200.00 a month.  I
said that was too steep and thank you very much.  She insisted that I see the
house because it was quite lovely.  I told her who I was and that we lived
there before it was sold.  She got angry with me and said that she would not
rent it to me because of the condition we left it in.  She told me that the
pipes were cut in the basement, trash was all over the kitchen, the carpet
war ripped up and the bedrooms had scribble on the walls.  I explained that I
have not been in that house since earlier that year, just before it was sold
at auction.  I also told her of the experiences we had while living there and
that before we left, the whole house was immaculate, ready to be moved into.
She said she would talk to the new owners to see if we could move in for $900
a month.  She seemed desperate to rent it.  I told her no.  I was just
curious.  She called me the next day and said we could have it for $800 a
month.  They were having a hard time renting it.  In 1991, they finally had
it rented.  The new renters stayed there 3 months and moved out.  The next
renters moved in, stayed 6 months and moved out.  The house went back on the
market to be sold.

I didn't hear much about the house after that, though I have told this story
on many occasions.  In June 1998, my husband now and I moved back to
Maryland.  I showed him the house where all this happened and I saw a "for
sale" sign outside.  I said to him, "see, they can't keep it sold to any one
particular person".  I called the real estate agent and asked him if I could
see the house.  He agreed.  I was curious to see how they fixed it up after
the previous real estate agent said it was torn up.  We got there early and
looked in the windows, and the basement door.  When he arrived, we went in.
I felt very very comfortable, warming when I walked in.  Just like I never
left.  But the weird thing is, nothing was different, same carpet, no cuts in
the pipes, same paint in each room, same everything.  Even the shelf lining
in the pantry were the same.  From what I understood, everything was redone.
They were asking $148,000 for the house.  My mom bought it for $20,000 in
1968, it sold at auction in 1989 for $79,000.  I told him thank you and I
would get back with him.  Everyone exited the house and I was the last one in
there.  I could feel the spirits still there.  They seemed sad.  It finally
sold right before we came back to Oklahoma (I don't know how much it sold for

Some spirits are still with me.  I was told by a very reputable card reader
that 2 of the six spirits followed me.  One of them is my dad.  He comes and
goes but I can still feel the presence.  Occurences still happen whereever I
move to.  Not as severe, maybe because it is only 2 spirits and not six.

I did a history of the land and there was nothing significant about it.  The
card reader that I saw (who was right on the nose with everything in my life
and things are still coming true) said that 1 of the spirits (my dad) is
protecting me.  She told me that he said, "don't have your tubes untied to
get pregnant.  This will only cause harm and possibly death if you do".  He
reassured the reader that I would have custody of a child in time to come.
I'm glad I listened to his warning.  I went to see what I needed to do about
having a reversal of my tubes and the doctors told me it would be
life-threatening for me because of my age and heart disease in my family.
Just this past May, my husband and I got legal custody of my grandson, Dylan.
 This reader read my cards in 1988.  It was predicted (by my dad) that in
10-12 years, I'd have a child to raise.

So, now, here we are, 1999, all the predictions have come true, the two
spirits (one is my dad) have followed me everywhere I have gone and the other
four spirits remain in the house, unhappy.

I think about the house all the time.  I don't know why.  I wish there was
something I could do to help those spirits.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Imaginary Friend

By: Anonymous

  I am writing to you about just a few of the many encounters that I have had.  I have a ghost filled life I guess you could say.  Please do not think that I am some sort of freak.  I struggle with this everyday, and have only told very trusted family and my fiance. So this is very hard for me to do, because I feel that people might think that I am crazy if I admit that I see ghosts on a regular basis.
     I had an imaginary friend like every other child, but mine was real.  My mother even walked in on him shaving early one morning.( I have found out that the people on my Mom's side of the family are very sensitive to ghosts and ghost activity)  His name was Mr. Graves.  (really no joke, my parents found this out when they bought the from from the family.)  He taught me basically all that I know about ghosts.  He told me as a small child to beware of the "Shadow People"  I have only had one encounter that I konw of in my entire life.  He said that they were very bad and dangerous.  He even helped me pack my stuff when we moved from our house.  He started out my "ghostly life"  I  guess that I am pretty lucky to have a nice begining.
    After I moved from there i had very few ghostly encounters.  Everything has been "normal"  until a few months ago.  In March, I had a stroke.  Ever since then, I  have been seing more and more.  Now it is almost a daily occurance.  I felt that I would give you a little information about myself before I told you about the place where I work.
    I work in a movie theater that used to be a theater before, but not movie, but stage.  As a matter of fact the stage is still there complete with the vents, dressing rooms and the overhead mechanisms to control curtains.   It was a very happing place during it's time.  There was a dining place called the Kit Kat next door to the thater.  And a hotel on the other side.  When the stage was closed the place became a movie theater with one screen.  It is still set up as a theater would have been in the era of segregation.  It became a two screen movie theatre recently and the balcony has been closed off.  There have been some pretty weird things going on upstairs.  I was talking to the manager one night about something that happened as I was leaving pretty late.  It sounded like something upstairs in the old lobby fell.  Something BIG.  I went up with a friend to check it out, but nothing could have fallen.  After I had gotten about half of my story out, the manager finished the story for me.  he said that he had experience the same thing.  We have both heard voices upstairs and footsteps on carpeted floors.  No one else really has experienced anything, or they don't talk about it.  Up until a few months ago, no one ever saw anybody.  Well that all stopped pretty recently.  I have seen 2 men.(I am the only one who has seen anyting)  One downstairs, who seems to be pretty nice guy.  Or at least that is the feeling I got.  The other was upstairs in the balcony.  The feeling I got off of him ranks up there with the feeling I got the one time I encountered the shadow people.  The manager, which is my uncle, has been doing a little bit of research and has come up with very little information.  I have written a narrative abaout the man upstairs.  My fiance drew a picture of him without my knowledge, just from the description I had given him.   I saw  the picture one day in the backseat of his car and it sent chills through my body.  The city is wanting to tear down this building and put an even larger theater in it's place.  We do not know how long the owner of the building is going to hold out on selling it.

Me and ghosts

By: tdstover@mailhost.col.ameritech.net
Let me start with Im Jami and IM 23 yrs. old. I thinke I might be
senative to ghosts, becouse every where I go I end up seeing one or
feeling like some one is looking at me.                   Has I think
about it now my first experince was back when I waslittle girl . I
would here foot steps in the hall, nothing would be there . when we got
alittle older we would get in trouble for leaving the t.v. on. thats
when I started to think the old man that lived there before we moved in
never left the house. weeks would go by with out any thing then as I
would think to my self its just me.Then it would start all . like he was
saying Im still here. One time when I had a boy friend over we was up
late that night. we just went to bed when my dad woke us up .He was very
angery at us for leaving the t.v.on. but we shut it off. We told him
that , so we told him to un plug the t.v. before you go to bed. the next
day he woke me up & we went down sters together and the t.v. was on and
it was still unplug My dad never said any about the t.v. or what
happen.     The next thing that happen to me I moved in with my mom .
She rented this old molble home. the very frist day I thought to my self
I dont like this place at all .My mom thought I was being silly .I never
told her about the house we us to live in . I should say my mom and
spilt up. I dont know if she had any ghostly stuff happen to her there.
But to get back to what I was saying  Iwould here my name being called
when I was alone then it would do it when other people were there and I
would ask if they needed something they would say I did not call you in
here. I thought I was going crazy. then i started to feel cold chills.It
would feel like some thing went right threw me.I would feel like some
thing was looking at me I would feel like what ever it was it didnt like
me. I soon moved out. one day I toldmy mom about what use to happen to
me.She look at me and said she thought she had seen a old woman out of
the corner of her eye over.she said she trun her head more it was gone .
She moved out after that.   The next thing is what spooks me the most it
gives me chill to this I was obout 18 at the time   I was sleeping over
my friend house  she live in the bad part of town  any ways i went to
bed . let me say I was not drinking or any thing That night. well I was
lying down with eyes closed wishing My boy friend was there . tthen I
felt some one slide in bed with me. I truned around and looked there was
no one there but i could see the out line of some or something.  I got
my but right out bed started to yell for my friend when my boy friend
walk in and ask me what wwas wrong i told him on the way to his house.
has for my friend she said she would see& here things. It is still makes
me feel funny in side  I have more to tell another time sorry for this
being so long . these things realy happend to me And for that boy friend
we are still together.  thank you for your time . It makes me feel
better knowing Im not the only one out here that has something to tell.
stuff happens to me all the time .

My Ghost Experience

By: joeb@innernet.net

       My experience with the supernatural occurred in 1997.  I was
married at that time to a man who shall here be known as "Shawn".  We
shared a split-level ranch house with his father and step-mother.  His
real mother who was domineering and over-protective of  her only son
died in 1993 of Multiple Sclerosis.  He kept a full-sized portrait of
her on his bedroom wall.  I always turned it around at night because it
seemed like she was really watching you.
    My experience happened one night when "Shawn" was out late partying
with his friends.  His parents went to bed around nine-thirty and I
retired to our separate room around eleven.  I was maybe asleep for
perhaps an hour when I awoke to the sound of the hallway's wooden floor
creaking.  At first, I thought maybe it was his one of his parents going
to the bathroom when I suddenly realized that they had their own
adjoining to their master bedroom.  Then I thought maybe it was my
husband drunk again and swaying in the hall.  A few minutes later, I got
up and opened the door only to discover that nobody was there!  This
continued every night that "Shawn" stayed out late.  I tried to explain
this occurrence to my in-laws, but they simply dismissed it and told me
it was just my imagination.  I knew the floor in the hall creaked
because everytime a person would walk over this certain spot in front of
our bedroom door, it WOULD creak.
    Another incident I had happened sometime after that, perhaps a month
or so.  "Shawn"  was out again and I was in bed when I got thirsty.  I
was on my way to the kitchen through the dining room when I realized
that it was chilly.  Which was very unusual because they always kept the
house at a comfortable seventy degrees.  Then I saw an older woman
leaning over the sink.  I admit, I got frightened, but she had this look
in her eyes that said that she wasn't there for vengeance, but for a
more peaceful reason.  She faded away, and I ran for the bedroom and
slept with the light on for the rest of the night until "Shawn" came
    That weekend we all  went up to his paternal grandparents' log cabin
in the woods and I explained my experiences to Grandma.  That's when I
learned about his real mother and how they had a genuine mother-son
relationship.  She told me how when his mother died he literally threw
himself on her casket as it was lowered into the ground, begging her not
to leave him.  His father then told me how she would walk the floors
when he was out late, waiting for him to return to her.  And how she
wouldn't let him play sports because she was terrified that he would be
injured.  That was too much for her to bare.
    I lived in that house with her spirit for a year.  My marriage went
to hell, but I never had a problem with her after I learned who, or
what, was making the floor creak.  I got so used to her in fact that I
would talk to her, even though she never answered back.
    It just goes to show that a mother's  love will last forever-even
after death.

My Ghost

By: shirl49@mtneer.net

I sumitted a story a month or two ago, but I don't remember if I told you about the house I live in.   As a matter of fact I was born in this house.   About four years ago I moved back in to take care of my Mother, she in almost eighty-five now.   My father passed away in 1959 and I have felt and seen him a few times over the years.   When I moved back in I started to hear him more often, several people have also.   Normally it's just a shadow that moves across the kitchen, sometimes it's the sound of footsteps.   We see and hear alot more when Mom is sick or hurt.   Once when I had spent a week in Charleston on business I came home about seven at night and Mom wasn't home, a light shot out of the kitchen and toward the french doors to Mom's room.   It frighten me as Mom did not answer me when I called out to her.   She had fallen and broken her wrist and the light went to where a note was from my friend telling me she had taken Mom to the hospitial.
The past two weeks things have gotten a little out of hand.   Stuff started to go missing only to show up a week or so later in places we had already looked for them.   An example was I had purchased extra ink for my printer and layed it on the kitchen counter.   A day or two later (OK, so I don't always put stuff up right away) I went to get them and they were gone.   My nefew was fixing our back door and he remember seeing them.   I went through every thing in the kitchen at least six times and even went through my room in case I had put them in there and forgotten but I couldn't find the ink cartriges.   That was a Saturday, the next Thursday I purchased more.   The Saturday I lost (?) the cartriges I cleaned my computer desk.   Friday when I got off work I went to check my E Mail and the missing cartriges were laying on top of the ones I had just purchased.  Mom swares she didn't see them and my nefew said he didn't either.   As a matter of fact he thinks I'm trying to scare him.   There have been several other things that the same thing is happening and all but three items have reappeared.
    I am rather confused as to why nothing like this has ever happen before and why is it starting to now.   What has changed?   I know the ghost is my Dad and I know he wouldn't hurt Mom or me, so why is he doing this.   If you could just give a little insight I would be grateful.                                         

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