Rockville Centre

When my husband and I were first dating and in college, I would sometimes go
visit him at his parent's house in Rockville Centre, New York[Long Island].
I would stay in his room and he would stay in the attic [referred to by his
family as "the tower".  His parent's house is a tudor that is probably 50
years old or so.  I have no idea what the history of the house/street is and
although I would loke to know, based upon our experiences there, I live in
PA, work full time, have a child and simply don't have the time.  Any ideas
would be appreciated.

Anyway, when I would stay in his room, I would ALWAYS wake up in the middle
of the night, around 1:30-2:30, and "sense" a female presence in the room.
I was always terribly frightened, although I don't think I had a rational
reason to be afraid.  I always kep my eyes closed and the covers over my
head b/c I was so afraid.  I never saw or heard anything.  I simply sensed a
female presence.

Well, it bothered me that this kept happeneing b/c I could never sleep well
whenever I visited.  The last time I recall sleeping in that room I woke
up[as usual] around 1:30 or so and immediately sensed a female AND a male
presence in the room.  In fact, I sensed that the male and female presences
were fighting, one on either side of the bed I was in.  I was SO afraid.
Again, I didn't see anything b/c I refused to look.  Anyway, I made a break
and ran for it straight to the tower, crying.  I made my husband [then
fiance] stay up all night with the light on.  After I told him the stories
that led up to the latest occurrence, he finally told me his own.  He said
that he used to wake up in the middle of the night and find himself talking
to a woman who was sitting on the end of his bed.  Sometimes, she would
offer him ice cream and he would reach out for it, wake up fully, no longer
see anyone there, and fall right back to sleep.  He was never afraid.  He
admitted to being a little "spooked" by it.  He said that after he went away
for college, the visits didn't really happen too often when he came back, so
after a while, upon reflection, he convinvced himself that they were all
dreams and in his imagination.  Even after I told him what happened to me, I
don't think he really was convinced one way or the other.  In a way, neither
was I.

Then we had friends of ours come visit us at the house one weekend.  They
were married and stayed together in my then fiance's room.  They slept on
the trundle bed, with my girlfriend on the lower side and her husband on the
higher part.  I started off in his sister's room, right next to his room
where our friends were, but I am just always freaked out sleeping in that
house, so I went up to the tower, turned the light on and just started
chatting with my husband.  It wasn't late when we started talking, maybe
12:30 or so.  A while later I heard this REALLY WIERD gutteral [spelling?]
sound coming from downstairs, followed by urgent hushed talking.  I looked
at my watch and saw that it was about 1:30.  I put it out of my head and
tried to pay attention to what my then fiance was talking about when I heard
it again.  I asked my fiance if he heard it, too and he told me that he did
but that our friends were probably just arguing or something.  I pointed out
that we had all gone to bed around 11 or 11:30 and that it would be mighty
strange of them to wake up just to have an argument.  Nonetheless, we heard
the gutteral sound and hushed urgent whispering again and I looked at him
and told him that we ought to go down and make sure they were OK.  He

When we got down the stairs and turned to look into the room, the door was
open and the light was one at that point.  Our friends were sitting on the
edge of the upper trundle, shaking, sheet white and crying.  These are 35
year old, normal people.  They were crying and rocking back and forth,
clutching each other.  When they finally composed themselves enough to
speak, the explained that they had gone to sleep, when my girlfriend woke up
b/c her husband was over top of her, choking her, with this horrible,
distorted face that "almost wasn't his" with all his teeth showing and he
was making this horrible, gutteral sound.  She starting saying over and over
in an urgent whisper "it's me.  it's me.  stop it, you're hurting me.
honey, it's me."  When he "snapped back", he was terrfied b/c he felt as if
he had not been in control of his own body.  When she told him what he had
done, he went hysterical crying and was even more afraid.  Neither I nor my
husband ever slept in that room again.  I think our friends were the first
couple to stay in that room together since my husband's family moved in in
the mid-1980s.  These events happened in the early-mid 1990s.  Nothing else
has ever happened to us there, although I am still freaked out sleeping

This past summer, my mother in law [whom we never told about any of the
incidents] claimed that the tower light, which was on a motion sensor]
started turning on even thought no one had been near the tower.  We still
didn't say anything.  In 1996, she had converted my husband's old room to a
sitting room across from their bedroom.

I have always wanted to know what I experienced and why and what happened to
our friends and my husband.  Please tell me what you think and why.  If
there is any advice that you have, I would love to hear it.  Thank you.

Leave Me Alone


HEllo my name is Kim and I would like to share my experience with you. This happened a several months ago in the summer. I am only 15 now so I was 14 when this happened. I was sleeping in my room one morning and it was about 6:00 or 6:30 am in the morning. I was awaken by something cold over my feet. It felt like someon w dropping cold water over my feet, I really didn't pay no attention to it because I thought it was my brother( who is 25 years old). I just kicked my feet and yelled "leave me alone!". It still wouldn't stop so I kicked whatever it was really hard. All of a sudden something was taking my toes and bending them all the way back! I started freaking out and raised up in my bed. I seen nothing at all anywhere. I was so freaked out and every since that day I will never sleep with my feet out from under the covers again. Thanks for reading my story. Please also read my story on page nine called " THE GOLDEN CHEST" please e-mail me if you want to ask me qustions.

Strange Music and Voices


Hello.  My name is Lisa and I am 26.  I just recently got engaged and have
moved into a house with my intended.  Since day one I have felt abit
uncomfortable here.  Both of us hear music and voices coming from other
rooms. Usually they are mixed up together, but I do hear just the voices.
You can't make them out to be male or female.  You can't even tell what they
are talking about.

I can say the bird is freaked out all the time and the dog barks at something
that we cannot see.  My cat, who use to be terrified to go outside, will not
come into the house.

Only my sons glasses have been moved.  If I leave them on the table,
sometimes, they will not be there in the morning when we get up.  They
usually do appear exactly where I left them twenty minutes later.  Just in
time to get out the door and get him to school.

Some pictures have been taken but not developed yet.  I'd like to know if
having the cleansed will make things worse or better.  We have a friend who
can do it, but my concern is making things worse.

The Dancing Girl


A few years ago my friend Janet, and I visited our local cemetary. Birch
hill cemetary is located on a large hill in Fairbanks, Alaska. We walked
up the hill, and just before we reached the top, we knoticed a side
trail. We turned down the trail, and then stoped and began a
conversation. All of a sudden I felt very happy, and giddy, almost like
a child on christmas morning. I looked up the trail and saw the most
beautiful sight I've ever seen in my entire life. It was a ghost of a
little girl I'd say 9 or 10, she was wearing a white dress with a bib,
and puffy sleeves. I came down to just below her knees.She had two dark
braids that laid over the bib, She was dancing and twirling around. I
watched her with amazment, the more I watched the more she would dance.
Then I reilized that  I was ignoring my friend, and wondered if I was
just imagining the little girl. I turned to my friend with a look of
disbelivf, without having to say a word to her Janet said " Ya I see the
little girl" Still not beliveing I muttered the one in the white dress?
" Ya she's dancing and twirling around." We watched her for another
couple minutes, without saying a word. Then she stopped dancing and just
looked at us with a big smile on her face. Asuming she wanted to
comunicate with us janet and I headed up the trail towrd her. The closer
we got the more she fadded away, and when we got to were she was, she
was gone.

The Ghosts that Follows Me


   I dont know whether this is a ghost or ghosts or what.  I have noticed
that every bedroom i have ever had in the four houses i have lived in was
always the coldest.  I have had encounters with a shadowy black figure
staring at me from the foot of my bed.  My closet door was always popping
open. I could never go to sleep unless my neighbors porch light went off (it
was daylight sensitive)and i could never get to sleep unless i was completely
under the covers with only an opening for me to breathe.  I dont know if im
just an excessivly scared person, or if i attract things.  one night in
particular scared me.  I believe i was dreaming or maybe sleepwalking. I
remember someone or something trying to scare me and even though i was scared
i remember distinctly sayin Im not scared of you.  Before i could say the
word you, a bright blinding light came from the china cabinet, and i felt as
if i was unleashing something.  I remember after that i had a typical run of
the mill scary dream involving aliens (cocoon just came out in theaters)
frankenstien, and dracula.  hey i was a little kid at the time.  I do
remember that the particular dream reoccured billions of times since then, i
still have it some fifteen years later.  I am afraid of the china cabinet,
and Im afraid of the room it was in.  My parents are renting that house and i
babysit for the renters child.  His bedroom is the front room, my old room.
I refuse to go in there with him, as if something might harm him.  I am
deathly afraid of basements and if I have to go down there i race back up the
stairs.  all basements...even furnished ones that dont look like typical
basements.  It seems that creepy feelings follow me everywhere.  In the last
house i was in , i took two rolls of film taking pictures of my cat in my
room, on both rolls, purchased on diffrent days at diffrent locations, and
diffrent brands, there was  a wierd purple or green cloud in about a third of
the pictures.  My photography teacher, who has been teaching for 28 years,
couldnt explain it, and hes seen every kind of under and overexposed kind of
film there is!!!!
another incident that stands out in my mind is walking through the woods and
hearing the trees? whispering, all at once so i couldnt make it out, but
definite whispering, and people would appear all of a sudden on the path, and
when u turned around they would be gone.
         well I moved clear across the states from massachusettes to nevada,
and it seems that the whatever it is hasnt followed me, but i still get a
twinge now and then that i am not alone. Im 23 and still waiting to grow out
of it. sometimes i feel like a big magnet

The Lonely Ghost Named Henry.

About a year ago, we moved into this  beautiful 2 story house with 3 bedrooms
to living rooms, 3 bathrooms, ect. One night about 9 months ago, we started
hearing activity coming from the stairs leading to the 1st floor. We thought
it was the dog chasing the cats but about two days later was what really was
spooky. One night then I was late doing my homework I heard this sound like
footsteps going up and down the steps, the sound was soft like a childrens
step, I got outta bed to look what the animals have done to eachother. When I
went to the stairs I dident see anything, but I knew what I heard, and the
animals were not even there. About a month later, my mom woke to the noise of
tapping on the wall in my room, so my mom came in to find not even me awake
at 2:00 in the morning, right then she heard the tapping noise like a knock
of a little child but coming from my wall but nothing was in sight. Bout a
week after that my mom was outside watering the lawn when suddenly the wind
chime started to rattle and shake like a hurricane hit it but, my mom
realised that there was no wind out and nothing was moving and the chime was
still rattling. All about then nothing has been happening nothing until' The
J.F.K incoddent happened, the ghost we call Henry is back, onother night
around 7:00 my mother was folding clothes in her bedroom when suddenly the
T.v. turned on by it'self and said John F. Kennedy has died in a plane crash
and flashed off, then my mom ran out of the room in shock!! The ghost hasent
came back for 1 month, until, my brother went into his room one night to find
his phone handing from the ceiling fan just twirling like a farris wheel. but
wasent it the next morining Alex (my brother) went into his bathrrom and came
out suddenly, to find his swiss army knife laying 6 ft. away from it's case
where he left it just 1 minute ago. I was a witness to all these cases. The
next night I knocked on his door to see if he hade my homework sheet, and
suddenly the door slamed in my face while Alex across the room looked and
watched and said what the H*** was that? Mystery maybe but, seeing a ghost is
amazing! The ghostly figure was alittle boy around 8-10 small in a uniform
nothing special liked to laugh becuz one night i rose to see who was climbing
up the steps to see this boy who we called henry for no reason! And I think
we are special to have a wonderful guest in our house!

Three Experiences


My first experience occurred when I was about 14 years old.  I was walking to
my girlfriends house.  It was a beautiful (late summer) night, there was
absolutely no wind (not even a slight breeze) - this occurred after dark and
the street lights were on.  There were street lights at each end of the
block.  The street was also lined with moderate sized trees on the parking on
both sides of the street.  There was no foot or car traffic.  Now that I have
described the mood of the night, I will proceed with my story.

When I got to just about the middle of the block, I glanced across the street
and saw something moving erratically just below the tree limbs on the street
side of the trees and as I walked, it moved right along with me.  If I sped
up, it sped up with me and if I slowed down, so did it.  Also, it was solid
(not transparent).  When I realized that I didn't know what it was, I got
scared and started to run, all the while it moved with me, then out of the
clear blue - it just disappeared.  I stood there for the longest time trying
to gather enough courage to investigate further, which I finally did.

I walked across the street and looked "everywhere" for anything that it could
have been and found absolutely nothing.  Nothing in the street, nothing on
the parking, nothing in peoples yards, plus there was absolutely "NO" wind
(not even a breeze), so whatever it had been would have had to have still
been there.  Also, why did it just disappear?  I am now 60 years old and I
have never seen a report about what I saw.  Your site gave me the opportunity
to talk to someone who might give me a logical explanation of what I saw.  I
can still see it in my minds eye.

What I saw was about 14" in diameter, was square, and was completely white.
It slowly moved right along with me, and also moved up and down (more like
floated) and while it did this, it also moved in and out (the sides moved in
and out, and the top and bottom moved in and out) .
        l   l  the sides moved in and out (flowed or fluttered in and out)
and the top and bottom moved up and down (flowed or fluttered up and down),
but in flowing or fluttering motions (not rigid).

If you can explain what I might have seen, I'm sure it would clear up 46
years of wondering.

Also, I had two other experiences that I cannot explain, as follows:

1.  My husband and I were having problems (drinking and other women) and
being a homebody, I was home by myself a lot.  During this time and until I
remarried 5-1/2 years later, I used to periodically see a "Buccaneer" in the
hallway in front of the office doorway, just to the west of my living room.
He was quite handsome, was in color, about 5'10", had long wavy medium brown
hair, a wavy mustache and beard, beautiful clothes (he wore a gold brocade
jacket and pants, white ruffled shirt with ruffles at the cuffs, long shiny
black boots, and a gold hat with a long white feather plume).  He was always
leaning on his sword (sword was on the right side) with one leg cocked over
the other with his left toe resting just to the right of his right foot.  He
never said a word and never stayed long, but being alone, I got the feeling
he was there to help me feel safe.  I was never afraid of him.  In fact he
gave me a good feeling.  Just prior to marrying my second husband he never
appeared again, although I can still feel his presence sometimes.

2.  This occurred after my divorce and prior to my remarriage.  One day I was
working in my yard.  I was on my way to the garage from the back yard and I
recall I had my head down (I was on a mission and ready to run over anyone
who was in my path).  As I set foot on the patio and was turning toward the
garage I saw a beautiful vision.  In fact she startled me and I threw up my
hands and gasped because I almost ran into her.  She was "beautiful".  Having
my head down, I saw her from her feet on up to her head.  She was barefoot,
had a red rose on both of her feet, her skin was flawless, she wore the
whitest robe I have ever seen (it almost blinded me), her hands were in front
of her as if to take hold of mine, and she had the softest most gentle
features of any woman I have ever seen.  Her eyes were blue and you could see
just a hint of dark brown hair under the robe that covered her head.  When I
gasped she disappeared, but I will never forget what I saw.  By the way I am
a Christian, I am not Catholic, so do not pray to Mary.  All of my prayers
are directed to God through the Son as the bible instructs.  I have no idea
why she was there, as she didn't say a word.  This has puzzled me over the
years and would like to receive an explanation if you can give me one.

If you can explain what I saw and why I would be forever grateful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Unwanted Company

My name is Andy, and the haunting that i am describing took place in the house that i was born and raised in . The house is in Elwood , In. The hauntings began after my mother and father passed on. They started in 1989 , the same year my mother had died of emphyzema. Wierd things started happening like vcr tapes sitting on top of my console television "slid" straight out from the tv and dropped to the floor. Another time i had a couple of guys over to play euchre after work (midnight) and i had my stereo on in the living room playing a cd. When during the course of the euchre game the stereo just "stopped" playing, i went to investigate and noticed that the pause symbols were on my cd player. anyone who knows about stereo equipment knows that if the cd skipped , "pause" does not come on. This happened  at least four times before i had  had enough and just shut it off completely. The one you've been waiting for... Sometimes when i would walk around my garage after dark i could feel eyes watching me from the upstairs window. So i and some friends went to investigate one evening. I walked upstairs and immediately felt a presence, a strong presence that i was not welcome upstairs in my garage, at all. My garage windows are on the north and south ends of the garage, one friend said he didn't feel anything wierd so he kept on exploring the upstairs. Mind you i was still at the top landing not yet fully upstairs and in no hurry to get there. I looked at my friend who was exploring near the north window and i sensed a very strong presence right beside him,( but didn't say anything to him because he was a skeptic and probably would'nt believe in ghosts if one stared right in his face). So i turned to my now ex-wife and asked her if she sensed anything spirit wise upstairs and she agreed that there definately was a ghost present. I asked her where she thought the presence was coming from and she said to me right where i had thought it was... right next to where my friend was standing. So i finally got brave enough to complete my trek upstairs and i stood at the top of the stairs mooving away from the edge to let a couple of people by , (my ex, and another friend). I was trying to keep them quiet so i could concentrate on the presence when all of a sudden i felt another presence, this one about ten feet in front of me. I sat down on a box that i had near the stairs and had another friend sit next to me on another box about three feet away. Still concentrating on the now two spirits, one came out of nowhere right between the two other spirits that i had been concentrating on and i felt it grab me by the throat and hold me to the wall of the garage tightly but not choking, just enough to let me know it was there. After about ten minutes "it" finally let go of my neck , i stood up and started to go back downstairs completely distrought i felt it come up form behind me like it was going to push me down the stairs so i stepped back and insisted that a friend of mine walk down behind me. Nobody else got bothered by the spirits and they did say that they did "feel" something up there, what it was , or who it was is unknown but the third unexpected spirit was definately evil to say the least. This story is very true and i do have witnesses to the fact . Thank you for you time.

Iowa Rental Home


  We just moved into a small rental home in Eastern Iowa last Dec.  Ever
since we have been here my 3 year old son has had very strange dreams and I
have had even stranger feelings.  When my son sleeps in his room (which he
hardly ever does anymore) he always has a "nightmare" and comes running into
my room, which is right next to his.  In the morning he explains these
"dreams" to me, very rationally and calmly.  He tells me about dark shadows
sitting at the end of his bed or coming out of the closets.  One particular
evening I was laying in bed with my daughter who was about 12m old at the
time, my husband was out of town.  Everytime I closed my eyes I could swear I
heard children laughing.  I checked outside several times and could not find
anyone out.  Finally I ignored it and fell asleep.  The next morning my son
told me when he came into my room that night he saw 2 kids running across the
wall, but they were black like a shadow.   Since then I have heard voices and
seen shadows out of the corner of my eye.  Sometimes the room will get very
cold or have an odd smell.   My son now sleeps on the couch in the family
room and has only once reported a monster shadow emerging from the mirror in
the coat closet door.  The strange thing is he really doesn't seem to be
frightened.  I have to admit there are times when I certainly am.  We don't
know any history of the house or the people who owned it before our landlord,
but I am trying to get some information and If I do I will write a follow up.

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