By: Nanrct@aol.com

 My family and I have a ghost that only seems to visit us around the
hoilday season.
First, let me tell you, our house was once an old farm house, but the last
family that owned it remodeled and added a back room, by enclosing part of
the drive way.  They also added a bedroom, which is where most of the
happenings are. "George", as we call him, isn't in to moving things or
making sounds...he just likes bright, moving lights.
We have a picture frame that we bring out only for christmas, it has many
bright lights on it, and it plays a song.."George" LOVES this frame!  Even
after the song and lights stop, we can still watch the lights flashing,
and sometimes even see a vague shape standing in front of the frame...rocking
back and forth, enjoying the lights!
Another occurance happened to my daughter.  She recieved a talking "star
trek" bank for christmas a few years ago, and "Geroge" seems to like it,
too! A few times, when my daughter has walked into her room, the bank would off
by itself!  The first time it happened, my daughter came running out of her
room, scared to death!  I just told her that "Geroge" was saying "hi", and
to not worry about it.  I think she has gotten used to it..now she just comes
out of her room and says " Geroge" is here......and goes back into her
room! But, one thing that "Geroge" doesn't seem to fond of is loud music. Many
times my daughter will have her radio on too loud, and he'll just shut it
off!  It really makes my daughter mad! Well, I just wanted to share my story.

The Attic


    For some reason I have yet to understand, my mother had a talent for buying the oldest, creepiest house on the block. One that stood out was in the oldest neighborhood in my hometown. It was at the base of Lookout Mountain, for all you Civil War buffs. Most of the houses
were in excess of 100 years old, most remolded or restored to their original design.
    The house my mother had purchased the house in the late spring, and we had to wait for central air and heating to be installed, and the oldheater disconnected. The front door opend into a hallway that ran straight to the rear of the house. As you walked into the door, there was a bedroom to the left and one to the right, both with nice fireplaces. Continuing past the bedroom doors, you went through a walk-thru(?)closet and entered the formal dining room. The right,rear corner of this room lead to a doorway into a third bedroom. The rest ofthe house
had been remodeled-this was a living room ( to the left of the dining room), a kitchen (connected to the living room), a utility room and a bath-room. The original bathroom encompassed the "new" bathroom and the third bathroom. This room had to have been 15.5 ft by 10.5 ft. The
40 gallon clawfoot tub was still in the house.   Now that you have the layout, here's the story. We finally moved in to this nice house, with brand new siding, 10.5 ft by 3 ft windows, and
13ft high ceiling. The house was very tall, but as a 15 year old, you don't catch that quickly. We start moving in, myself grabbing one front room with a nice mantle over the fireplace. From day one I would hear noises from the ceiling, but though "old house". The thump in the night
was nothing, but as time went by I graduated and went to work in the early afternoon, getting off around 11pm or 12am. I would sit in my at night, trying to wind down, and hear distinct footsteps over my head. From time to time I though I could hear something heavy moving
across the roof, but the trees were a good distance from the house. After awhile I just got used to it.   Sometime later, my mother decided that it was time to put me to work finishing the renovation/remodeling of the house. My first room was
to be the back, third bedroom. As I removed plaster to put up paneling, I found a very old fuse box. I was amazed because the breaker box was in the kitchen, and old ones are usually replaced with the new in the same location. My next suprise was a hot/cold set of pipes
running up the wall to the roof. At this point, I did not think the house had an attic space, and never saw a door to one.    After the bedroom, and more months of endless dragging and footsteps, I went to the walk-thru closet. There had been a cubby hole
about 10ft (low ceiling) in the center of the closet. I figured a storage area and opened up my ladder to move some boxes we had stored in the back bedroom. I got up in the "cubby hole" and learned a lot about this house. I had crawled up to the last 4 steps of a stairway.
I yelled to my stepfather to bring a flashlight and he came up. For some reason, during remodeling, a second floor had been sealed off from the rest of the house. Turn of the century furniture still there in dusty,but good shape. Over my room, we had found a study/office
with a rolltop desk, wood chair, and a bookcase. There was 2 other bedroom, a bathroom, and a baby's room as well. I could never find out anything about the house, but atleast I think we were not the only ones there.

My Ghost Experiences

By: sweetasadevil74@yahoo.com

I've lived in Southern California my entire life, Im
17 now, I've always been very sensitve to things of
the paranormal nature, and I've always been very
interested in other peoples experiences, When I was
seven, my family moved into this old house, probably
built in the early 1940's, it was huge, it had 5
bedrooms, it was 3 storys, the previous owners had
turned the attic into two bedrooms and a bathroom, my
parents slept in the large room upstairs and I slept
down the hall in the other room, My two older brothers
downstairs. As soon as we moved in I could defintely
tell there was something in the house, just a creepy
feeling, like someone was watching every move you
made, it wasn't until we had lived there a few months
before things started to happen, at first it was just
me that noticed it, every night at the same time I
could hear heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, but
what was so weird was that as soon as it got to the
top, it would stop, then start over again. Doors
opened and closed by themselves, my radio would turn
on and off, lights flickered, things would be missing
then show up later in weird places. I always saw
someone standing by my doorway, or Id see something
out the corner of my eye, a few times, I heard someone
in my room, walking, moving things, Id sit up turn on
my light and there would be no one there, I told them
but they laughed at me and told me it was my
 My Dad had to get up early each morning around 4:30
to go to work, around that time my mom had cancer, she
had to have surgery, and since their room was upstairs
and she was sore, she slept on the couch, my dad slept
upstairs, one morning my dad got up like always, took
his shower, did his usual, when he came out he noticed
a thumping coming from downstairs, he thought it was
my mom up moving around, he looked down the stairs and
it was pitch black, being as skeptical as he is he
just brushed it off as the dog or something, went in
his room to finish getting ready, as he went into his
room the thumping got louder, he said it sounded like
someone was moving furniture around, he went
downstairs and went up to the couch where my mom was
laying to check on her, she was awake, he asked her if
she was making that noise, my mom said that she
couldn't sleep, and she hadn't heard any noise, she
was too sick to even get up. They tried to figure out
what it could've been, it was too loud and clear for
him to have imagined it, and all the dogs and cats we
had were outside. My brothers and I weren't home, To
this day he still doesn't like to talk about it.
 There was another incident that happened while we
were living there that still gives me goosebumps
thinking about it. We were all downstairs watching tv,
my parents room was directly above us, we heard this
loud thump, it shook the entire house, my dad and
brother thought maybe it was someone trying to brake
in and grabbed baseball bats and went up to check it
out, I followed, at a safe distance of course, but
there was nothing there, they couldnt find anything
that could've made such a loud noise, everything was
how it had been, nothing moved or broken.
 A few years after, my great grandmother moved in, she
was in her late 80's, she wasn't in good condition, so
my mom was taking care of her, I remember one
incident, she became hysterical, she was screaming,
saying there were people in her room, and that all the
walls were covered in blood, she said in the hallway
there were rattlesnakes, she started crying begging my
mom to make them go away. I never saw her like that
before or after that, Im not sure what it was about
that house, but no one who entered the house could
deny it, there was something mean, threatening about
it, I would have weird dreams, my friends wouldn't
come over, and kids at my school told me stories about
it, I hated living there.
 Since, I've had a few other run ins with what I
believe have been ghosts. Nothing as traumatizing as
living in that house, but maybe I'll share it another
time. Thank you for reading.

My Guardian, Playmate, and Killer....

By: ladyz_17011@yahoo.com

I was three years old when these events occurred but I
remember them better than I can remember what I had
for breakfast today, I also can remember my brother
being a baby, we are two years apart in age.  It was a
large old two story house, I have later been told that
there was an Indian graveyard about a hundred and
fifty yards behind the house in the woods.  None of
our dogs ever stayed for long, my Dad used to hunt so
we had lots of hounds, they used to growl and whine at
the empty air and many mornings we'd wake up and one
or two were gone.  This went on until the entire pack
was gone.  When you drove down the lane to my house
there was always this one area that was ice cold, it
only lasted for a few seconds and then you were
through it.  There were three spirits that I could
see, they did not have actual features they were more
like dark shadows but I remember feeling that they
were the genders of a man, a woman, and a boy.  Even
now I feel that these were their genders and there is
no doubt or uncertainty.  Each one had a role in my
life...the child played with me, the woman protected
me, and the man tried to kill me.  I know that may
sound harsh but just as I am sure of the feeling about
their genders I am still just as sure of the feeling
that the man wanted to harm me...and as I tell you my
story you will see just how often he tried to.  I
remember the man would stand at the top of the stairs
or in doorways watching me I felt that he hated me but
he wouldn't bother me when one of the other spirits
were with me.  I remember being in the hallways or my
bedroom playing with the little boy, which is all I
can remember of him.  The woman always made me feel
loved and protected, she was always around to save me.
 She used to stand at the foot of my bed at night like
she was keeping watch.  My Mom used to put me in a
little tin tub outside the bathroom when she took a
bath, she would crack the door so that she could peep
out at me.  I remember watching the man come down the
hall at me, he took the handle of the tub and pulled
it to the head of the stairs and left it so that if I
had moved around the tub would fall down the stairs.
Immediately after he left the woman came and pulled me
back towards the bathroom, the tub stopped moving just
as my Mom came out  of the bathroom door.  I don't
remember telling my Mom anything then, but in the
later incidents I did tell her.  As I said the house
was in the woods so there were times when snakes
showed up in the house, especially in the pantry the
ground in there was dirt.  I remember I was going down
the stairs into the pantry as I went to step off the
last step I saw this big black snake, I screamed and
fell up the stairs trying to run.  Dad came and he
searched and never found anything that even resembled
a snake, he made sure nothing was ever left on the
floor because of the possiblity of running across a
snake.  Back then we had pot belly stoves in the
house, I remember going to walk past it and the man
pushed me, I did fall head first into the stove but
just as my face hit the woman put her hand there, I
remeber feeling the coolness of her touch.  My Mom saw
me fall into the stove and even she has told people
she can't figure out why my face wasn't scarred.  I
told her that the man had pushed me and the woman kept
me from burning myself.  My Mom was really scared
because she had noticed that things were always moving
and that lights turned off and on in the house.  The
last two things I remember, one of which caused my
Mom, me, and my brother to leave and never go back to
the house...I was playing at the bottom of the stairs
and I just stopped and stared up the steps.  My Mom
holding my brother came and stood over me asking me
what I was doing and I told her that the man was going
to kill me.  She couldn't see him so she asked what
man and I told her the man at the top of the steps
with the gun, she has since told me that when she
looked up there was a big ceramic lamp teetering at
the top of the stairs that she knew should not have
been there.  I remember her grabbing me and putting me
and my brother in the car, when I looked back at the
house from the car I saw the woman and child in one
window and I felt them telling me Good-bye, in another
window I saw the man and still I felt only hate.  I
would have liked to be able to go back to the house as
an adult but my Mom told me that it was torn down when
I was still young.  I often wonder if they are still
with me, or if they were tied to the house.

A Two-Night Stay at The Myrtles.

By: MissSherie@aol.com

 My sister and I have always wanted to take a trip together and finally
got to do so recently..it was middle November and between the holidays. I have
been to Louisiana and one who loves New Orleans and it's history and the
old homes of the south particularly in Louisiana. I had read about the Myrtles
recently around Halloween , had heard of it before as historical Louisiana
nd also for it's cuisine in the carriage house restaurant...perfect get
away for two sisters that wanted to do the chat thing and relax.
 Upon our arrival we went to the front of the house and rang the bell,
surprised no one answered then proceeded to the back of the house to the
shop...reservations made there and yes, they knew we were coming...it was
about 4:30 so seems they should have answered the door.. there was a black
woman saying she was waiting for us, they had no other reservations and
gave us two keys, one for the William Winters' room and one for the first floor
suite either at the our same quoted rate.
We loved that idea so we took a look at both rooms, by ourselves, Hester
refused to go up with us...at this point we knew so little that we gladly
went alone.
After deciding on the William Winters' room, we started to
unpack.........and looking back that is when things were beginning to happen even unbeknownst
to us.
My mood suddenly shifted drastically, and i was not really aware that it
was or why. I suddenly wondered if we had gotten ripped off and should we really stay
here, no phone or tv. ....even for sisters that could get boring....and
besides, i had a mint julep in my mind the moment we got there only to
find there was no bar anywhere except at the restaurant and it was closed on
Tues.  Then I began to change clothes and was totally confused, could not find
anything and just really scatter brained....My sister was looking at me
strangely so we left for a restaurant about 8 mi. away.
On the ride i was in a trance like state and kept trying to snap out of
it....thought maybe i was hungry or tired or....anything. This lasted til
about the time we sat down to order our food...looking back I had another
experience that created a stress syndrome and that is exactly what i was
in...only for about 30 minutes.
  When we returned to the Myrtles, we found every person gone....not a
soul around, then someone came out of the store (it was closed)...one of the
workers that told us there would be one person on the premises, back in a
small house on the property that lived there....so one would have to
awaken this person only in emergency.
we proceeded to the room and could not figure out how to lock the door,
there was a small button to push and since no one showed us anything we missed
it trying to lock with key.......so off I went to the little house, about
7:30, and thinking any mugger could enter and word in a small town travels fast
that hotel guests are alone.
When I knocked on the door after crossing the dark grounds and beginning
to feel a little uncomfortable, i found no one there.  So, being afraid of
snakes and a moldy pond laying near, I began to call at my sister on the
porch.....about that time the car drove up and it was the person living
there, Diane, . She laughed and said she had just gotten in from work,
apologized since she had been told we would be there alone.  I thought
that strange, why would they tell her that, ....everyone else leaves at 4 or
430 before sundown, i found out later. So, without going to the house she told
us how to lock the door, and then told us she had never been in the house,
and alot of people leave in the night.....huh.
  When we got upstairs, I had a hard time adjusting to the silence, that
house was silent until it wrapped around you....and i was used to cell
phone, tv and radio all at once. So we proceeded to settle down for the night and
yet did not change because it was chilly ....we went out to see the
meteorites that were suppose to pass in the sky that night and began to
feel odd the only ones there (except for Diane) not a sound...so then we began
to talk of staying there......(oh yes, that afternoon while i was unpacking
and confused my left ear kept closing up and ringing)
Even now, when i tell the story , the very things that we experienced were
being warded off in my mind so that i forget to include them....just
before we left for dinner and while i was still confused...we heard right by the
window in the Winters room a who - who.....I said oh, that is an owl....my
sister lives in the country with horses and is a great lover of animals
and nature and she said no, that is no owl.....we shrugged it off and went to
 The worker came out of the shop, she was decorating the small bathroom
for the other workers and began conversation...........she told us the story
of a slave that got her ear cut off...and that the slaves on the property hung
her later for killing two children and the lady of the house....she was having
an affair with the master of the house.
  We suddenly realized what we had gotten ourselves into.....so when it
was time to go upstairs we were more than a little nervous....so we kept
sweaters and jeans on since being on the patio was chilly anyway.........the
deafening silence and it seemed to be getting colder....no way were we ready to
sleep so we talked and tried to settle down.....then about 12:45 my sister
decided this was stupid and we should not be paying $175 for a room with no
heat....we went to wake up Diane. Also, my sister was getting pretty
nervous.....Diane had no answer for the heat and suggested we take one of
the rooms on the grounds and talk to them in the morning...my sister quickly
said ok, afterall, we had checked the thermostat and reset it about 10 times.
     When we were settled in the other room, we fell asleep and I had a
dream about the master of the house he was standing next to a light colored
fireplace and telling me how sad he was about the murders...he didnt mean
to kill the children...AHA
i knew in my bones somehow I had connected with the truth and the truth is
and I believe it still, his name was Woodruff and he meant to kill is wife
, he was behind it all and mistakenly also killed the children, and then
Chloe the slave was given the blame...........to me that is why Chloe still is
there, she didnt kill the children...I wanted to tell the whole world
cause suddenly i knew why Chloe could not go on.
Anyway, the next morning, we went to the desk and complained and they
apologized and Hester reluctantly went upstairs and the whole time we were
adjusting the wrong thermostat.......but it seemed bone cold to me.  We
took the tour of the house and finally heard the story in it's entirety and low
and behold it was the left ear cut off.
  That night we planned to stay in the same room, since we were told that
a couple was going to take the room across from us. And, since the
thermostat worked.
IN the tour we also learned the story about the girl that died in the
Winters room of typhoid fever..and that one could still hear her cry.......(not an
owl) That afternoon, time to change for dinner at the carriage house, the
grounds were alive and the restaurant full, just as i had imagined it would have
been.  Well, we were still nervous in our room, but nothing going on, so I
had to take a bath, Very nervous about that just didnt want
to.............Susan (sister) stood right there in the doorway talking to
me cause i was very uncomfortable.....then we heard the door slam and racket
in the stairwell ....here come our new neighbors....we could not wait to meet
them and we finally relaxed....I told her i bet i could pick them out at
the restaurant.  We finally had our mint julep and dinner and then saw
the couple open the door to the main hallway..the other door of the house from where
we were. and we laughed as we watched the man trying to figure the lock. then
we thought oh, they are not going to be nex to us, darn, and we wanted
company.....it was not until the next morning, and Susan was aware then,
that if they were staying there why did we hear them checking in at 5:oo at the
other room?
  Back to the room we went after another watch for meteroites in the sky
(never appeared) like the weatherman said. Nice and cozy, but we are still
uneasy saying we wished the couple was here and not on the other side of
the house....we were in the original house, they were on the added part. We
got into bed exhausted from the night before and yet began feeling really
uneasy...Susan put her head under the pillow and it got hotter and hotter
and hotter...it was so hot..she fell asleep and all of a sudden i heard "the
owl" at the same place , now I knew it was the crying of a child
I laid there and susan awoke and said she was sooo hot and she was
sweating and she could hear the cry......we tried to lay there and susan put her
head under the pillow, we heard knocking around downstairs and did not budge. I
was on my side and had the gosh awful feeling, but calm, then my heart
began racing on its own, i didnt say a word just kinda told myself to go to
sleep, my heart raced on its own i was not afraid at this moment....like when one
eats too much salt and the blood pressure raises..felt it beating hard and
then it happened............we had left the chandelier on but above us the
light surged a glow that was way beyond light bulbs, and as it surged ( I
would say 6 time) it gave a vibrating hum.  You have to understand we did
not look, we did not acknowledge to each other....this was about
1:30A..............then i awoke about 5:00 ...i was on my back opened my
eyes and looking at the chandelier...................Susan was up and
packing...she was ready to leave....I told her breakfast was not til 8,
there was a calm now no nervous...we were in stealth mode.....but i got up and
began to pack myself and got dressed..then susan said she had a dream
about a meeting....and I remembered I had a dream about a meeting, i was in charge
and I had a plan with another man (another man, i am a woman) and very
important in the dining room ........Susan dreamed she was observing this
meeting and had no part in it.....................(The Master andChloe)
  We went to breakfast and again i was in a rather trance......we met the
other couple and after polite introductions, they explained that they did
not have dinner at the carriage house, they arrived at 9pm..................we
heard them at 5.
they had not taken the tour so did not know the stories.....they heard
what sounded like bowling balls in the parlor area..........( that is where
they say you can hear furniture being moved.) and then i explained about my
racing heart and they astounded each other by saying it happened to them,
too....had not told each other.
  We left that morning after taking pictures..we live in Texas and it was
not until halfway back.........I said, maybe this was my imagination, but i
think that light........ Susan finished the sentence "got brighter".......we both screamed and got chills and were totally terrified in the car..........she heard the hum.
Our question is .........what happened those 3 missing hours...i dont
think we were asleep.


My Friends Grandpa

By: linda.u@evolvingsol.com

Not to exciting but this is an encounter I had and I choose not to believe in the supernatural as I get freaked out easily but after reading this page I feel more comfortable.
I was over at my friends house one night and we were getting ready to go out and she always talks about her grandpa who had died of alcoholism and she also drinks very heavily and one night while she was upstairs (this is a townhouse and you can stand in the kitchen and see into the bathroom mirror) so I was standing in the kitchen to see how I looked and then all of a sudden it got cold and I could see in the mirror an older man and he looked just like her grandpa (I had seen pictures of him) and he stood there for a moment behind me and then when I turned around he was gone.  Of course I screamed and did not tell my friend what happened thinking I had one to many cocktails but to this day I believe it was her grandpa.   My mom has seen and talked to ghosts ever since she was a little girl and she said I used to have a spirit that watched over me as a child when we lived in this one house.

My Ghostly Tales

By: jackier@c-magic.com

It started the night of labor day.  We'd lived here almost a year with only one minimal occurance.  That occurance was when my husband fell asleep in his armcahair downstairs and was awakened by someone tapping his arm and telling him to go to bed.  He asked me when he got to bed if I had done it, which I hadn't.
On the night of labor day I awakened several times in the night to the sound of someone running up my stairs in hard soled shoes. Not down only up. Each time this would be about to occur my cats who sleep on me jumped up and looked and my doorway for a moment then scatter in different directions.  I didn't pay to much attention to it until my alarm went off at 5:40am. I lay awake tring to get up when it did it twice again.  Then two weeks later my 14 year old daughter woke me up telling me that she was hearing it.  I got up to investigate.  She told me that my cordless phone which she had hung up in my room before going to bed was back in her room beeping like someone was hitting page find. And it was because it was still doing it when I went to her room.  I took the phone and put it back in my room, I had found it in the corner of her room under her vanity.  Then I put her to bed in my sons room.  The next morning when we got up I went to shut off the hall light and noticed that her vanity seat was riped apart. The wooden frame was torn off and so were the legs.  There was still particles of wood under the screws.  Nothing had happened since then until sunday Nov. 26th.  My son had stayed all night with my mom and my daughter had stayed all night with a friend.  She got home the next morning first and found her glasses broke intwo at the nose piece.

USS Sulivans

By: Hunter0768@aol.com

 I live just outside Buffalo, New York. I had always wanted to visit a
small inactice militay naval yard. One day, my girlfriend at the time and myself
decided to visit. The ship we wanted to visit the most was called the USS
Sullivans because it was haunted. The ship was named after 5 Sullivan
brothers. The ship is haunted by George Sullivan who died in action and
was unfortunately left to die when his ship he was on was hit by a torpedo. My
girlfriend at the time and myself were the only two people on the
ship...in the park at that. The only other people were workers. One at the building
where you first enter to pay and the other was a woman at the gift shop.
We were looking around on the boat and came across an unlocked room. It was
the stragedies room. Perhaps another 15 minutes went by when we came across
another unlocked room. This room was the captains room. It contained
documents about who was working what position and when while the ship was
in service. We were thumbing through these books when all of a sudden I heard
"psssst!!" right over my right shoulder. We put the books back and looked
in the hall and there was nobody to be seen. It didn't spook us too much but
we didn't stick around too much longer. After we got off of the ship we went
into the gift shop and talked to an older woman working in there. I asked
her about hauntings on the ship and she said that the most activity happens on
any Friday the 13th. She also said that overnight security is constantly
relocking doors on the boat the the had just locked an hour before. She
said that they will hear chains and yelling all the time coming from the boat
and that the overnight security guards usually don't last too long there! I
can't wait to go back there on a Friday the 13th!

Beautiful Ghost Story

By: Elannah


 One day while I was living in Southern Japan, I got to attend the funeral
of a friend's mother. On the night of the funeral after I had changed my
clothes, and she was cremated earlier that day, my boyfriend (soon to be
husband) and I were sitting in our living room enjoying some quiet time
together. We both looked at the window and smelled the strong scent of
incense. No one really knew why but all of a sudden we felt the old
woman's presence in the room for that instance. And then it was gone.
I spoke to the family the following day to tell them the experience we had
both had that night and they told me oh she slept in her own bed last
night as the family had heard her own toilet flush in the night. No one wanted
to go near that room for a long time, therefore no one would have used that
bathroom that night. Seems that she wasn't ready to leave this world. It
is Japanese custom to bring home the dead body once creamated for 49 days
(four is a homonym for death and nine is a homonym for pain and suffering). So
they would have kept her body at home for that period of time and everyday
the told me they could feel her presence until the 50th day when she went
to the family plot. Every year the people in the country celebrate the dead,
newly and ancient. They prepare a feast of the person's favorite foods as
well as offering to God, Buddah. Then a priest makes a visit and prayers
are said for all the dead relatives. This goes on for three days and then the
family takes the spirits back to the cemetary and says we will await your
arrival next summer. Everyone in Japan understands the season of the dead
known in Japanese as Obon. The first season after a family member has died
is especially important. The family must display a huge feast (bigger than
normal), display brightly lit lanterns in a room and have more offerings
for the gods prepared. On the 14th of August, day three of the celebration,
the family burns the lanterns as they are made of rice paper and the spirits
are set free.

Ghost in Our House (or I guess we are in the ghost's house)

By: david mccoy

The house I live in once belonged to the grandparents of my stepfather.  His mother's name is Jayne and she had an identical twin sister named Jean. Jean died long before I was a part of this family, so I never met her. The house is a big two-story Victorian style house. We used Jean's original bedroom as a guest room.  There were many times that my husband and I would be downstairs and we would hear noises coming from the direction of that room: door shutting, banging, etc. We had two small dogs that would not even go in that room; they would stand at the door and whimper.
Jayne lived with my parents during the time my first daughter was born, and my mother took care of my daughter while I worked from the time she was 6 months old until she was one, so she knew Jayne as Nana Jayne. When my daughter was about a year and a half old, I moved her from the nursery to Jean's old room. One day we were sitting on her bed putting her shoes on and she looked straight at the doorway and said, "Hi. Hi, Nana Jayne."  I looked up and there was nothing there.  If she had seen Jean, she would assume it was Jayne since they were identical twins.
There were several times when she was a baby that I would wake up and the baby monitor would be turned off.  It was usually when I had been extremely exhausted and we think maybe Jean turned it off and was watching over her so I could rest.  We also would hear things over the monitor and when we would go in the nursery to see what it was, there was never anything out of the ordinary.  We think that Jean still lives there and that she watches over us.  Sometimes if we're in one of the upstairs rooms, there will be movement out on the landing like someone walking around, but you always see it out of your side vision and there's never anything there, although you could swear you saw someone walk by.

ALVIN - The Upstairs Ghost

By: angler@kwic.com

Since my (not using real names here) Aunt "Belinda" lives on the
family farm, and my Mom works on that farm, I go to her
house at least once a week, sometimes twice.

Half of my Aunt's house is over 100 years old, while the other
part, which was added on to the old part by my Grandpa is new.
The house has been renevated or has undergone important changes
at least six times (and these are only counting the ones that I
am aware of).

About 3 weeks back, every time I would go upstairs (the oldest
part of the house) I would get the feeling that something was
telling me to get out, and go back downstairs. To stay away from
the entire upstairs area. After a couple days, the feeling
became a bit stronger, and I was too frightened to go upstairs
at all- so I didn't. I could only make it half way up the
stairs, and I couldn't bring myself to go any further.

I was positive that it was a spirit, perhaps the spirit of my
Grandpa, or of his son Alvin, who was killed by being hit by a
car on the road infront of the house.

One night, I went downstairs where my cousin "Ann" was
downstairs with the CD player on really loud. I went down to
turn the volume down, but when I was halfway into the room I
heard something in the furnace room fall. I asked Ann if she had been
in that room, and she said no. Then I hadthe same feeling that I had
been getting upstairs except much MUCH stronger. It only lasted 1
second (maybe not even that) but
it was very strong, and I'll never forget it. I felt like the
spirit (if there was one) was telling me to get out (this time,
out of the basement). I felt like it was right next to me- too
close. I ran upstairs (since I was in the basement, upstairs
this time is the main level of the house) and the feeling was

The next day I made my Aunt borrow my dream/spirit catcher, and hung it
up in my kitchen. Even though I was he only one that had the
feelings, and she thought that I was kidding about the ghost,
she let me put it up. I hung it from her kitchen light, above
the kitchen table.

After only one day of it hanging up, I felt like the spirit was
gone, and I still do. So I took it down. However, that same day
I found something that resembled the word "Alvin" scratched into the
under side of the railing of the stairs that goes to the top level
(where I had the feelings). The feeling was -and still is-
practiclly gone, but I was I little spooked about seeing the
name Alvin- the son of my Grandpa, who had been hit by a car and
died- sketched into the railing of the upstairs- where I had the

(years ago, when my Mom lived in that house, she thouse she
heard someone whisper her name when she was in bed. She says she
can't remember whether it was before or after Alvin's death, but
it's still spooky)

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