When I was a small child. age five. My mom and I were in the kitchen. She was
putting the things  she had bought from the store. She had sat them on the
table and I was sitting on the bench by the table when I felt hands on my
side push me off. I fell to the floor. and was not able to catch myself. My
mom was shocked. She asked me why I feel to the floor like that. And I told
her that something pushed me off. She laughed.but to this day I can still
remember those hands touching me. But not able to see them.     Here's
another one. In that same house at night after everyone had gone to bed. I
would be laying in bed and I would here foot steps coming down the hall.
starting from way off. Then the sound stoped in front of my door. It was dark
but I could see this shadow standing there watching me.   Her's another one.
later in life when I was grown. My mom lived in this house that had ghost in
it that would make it's self sound like the people that were living there.
one time my mom and dad left to go somewhere and I was left there alone. I
didn't know I was alone . I was taking a shower when it seemed that someone
was watching me. So when I got out I thought I heard my dad coughing and
walking around in another room. but when I went out there know one was there.
So I went outside to see if my dad had went outside. My mom and dad drove up.
  Another time the ghost in that house did it again to my husband. He went
there after work looking for me. He knocked on the door and thought he heard
my dad walking around inside. But know one came to the door. later I told my
dad that my husband had came by and that he knocked and heard him inside. But
couldn't get him to open the door. He told me that he had been gone with my
mom.  Another story about that same house. My brother used to sleep up stairs
in this house. The light switch was at the bottom of the stairs. He said at
night when he was trying to sleep his light would go on and off by it's self.
then he would wake up and could feel someone breathing on him in the dark. He
started sleeping on the couch down stairs. While my mom and dad were living
there with my brother lots of weird things went on. My dad had two heart
attacks my brother almost got run over in front of the house when he was
riding on a dirt bike. My husband had a motorcycle wreck down the road from
the house on his way to me up. My mom saw a light float down from under the
stairs of where her bedroom was and then go into a light that was turned off.
She said it made the light glow like it was on. My son was almost trampled to
death by cow in and feild across the street from the house. My pet squirrel
died after taking it into that house. At the top of that house there was a
large round burnt spot toward the top peek of the parents moved out
of that house. But we will never forget it.    Another time and place I had
found a horse shoe in an old gravel road. Later on not sure how long but. One
night my husband and i were both awake when we both heard this strange noise
that sounded like it was off in the distants coming our way. Getting louder
as it got closer it was a moaning sound like the sound you would think of as
a ghost. like the sound you make when your trying to be a ghost for a joke
but this sound was different cause it went right through you . Chilling your
whole body. So that you couldn't move. We looked at each other then my
husband got the nerve to get up and go to the window and open the curtian to
look out to see what it was. But when he did the sound stoped and nothing was
there. but it came back other times. but not as close. We got a tape recorder
and was going to try to record it one night. But it never came back after we
did that. weird. Well these were true storys thats happened to me and my
family. Hope you enjoy them. email me back and let me know what you thought
of them.

Maybe Evil Does Lurk Around Every Corner


    What happened to me is considerably freaky, not knowing what you want or believe, but life can shock you!
    What happened to me was a series of events that took place from the summer of '98 through December of that year.   Though I didn't know it yet, my courage and dignity were about to hit rock bottom because of my frame of mind,(or in other words, I'm stubborn!)
    Back to my story:  My brother-in-law's neice, who I thought was out to get me,(she is almost as stubborn as I am ,) anyway,  She and I were in my sisters living room you know doing the girl thing, designing clothing, etc, when we felt like we were being watched.  I felt like something was really wrong.  I had had no previous experiance with the supernatural, so what was I to think?  My sisters house was only four years old, and the guy who previously owned the house was nice!  Anyway, back to the story!  Britney started crying saying I have to go get my cross, which was in the bedroom closest to us.  For some reason one corner really upset me.  We went and got her cross and I sat down in the black chair by the computer desk.  All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe and I felt pressure on my chest.  I felt so miserable, like I had just lost someone, or like I hadn't eaten, or weird like that.  I ran into my sisters room, next to the room with the cross, and I could not stop crying.  I was crying so loud, and I couldn't breathe; I was trying to take in gulps of air between sobs!  She kicked me out, and we both slept on the couch uncomfortably and I just would not move my neck; I was all stiff like something would get me if I moved!  That was when I was eleven!
    After I turned twelve in September:  Sometime around late October, Early November of that year my uncle got diagnosed (sp) with Lung Cancer after a series of tests on a tumor.  This could sound so strange, but they found out that he had had Cancer for about ten years.  The strange part was that he had a heart attack five years prior to the diagnosis.  Why they didn't find it sooner, I don't know!  After we found out my cousins and I started going to Church.  I got Saved and Baptised.  Then my friend started acting weird and got really scared of a spirit that she welcomed into her life with the ouiji board.  He would sometimes play games with her mind, like turning the room red, or showing up in her mirror.  When I started to help her he even threatened me.  I said whatever you are gonna do, go right ahead and do it, thus welcoming him into my life!  Teachers wouldn't do anything, my parents thought that I was crazy; what was I supposed to do?
    One day a couple of weeks later, I was doing my homework in my parents room.  In their room, they have a large mirror behind their bed.  I turned around to look in the mirror, and their was a little boy standing behind me looking down at me.  That scared me, but he looked like a curious little boy, he didn't want to hurt me.  He could have been an angel for all I know.  I saw him one more time in my living room.
    I don't know how long after that it was, but I got so mad at God (which now I regret,) but I challenged the Devil that I'm not scared of you, come and scare me, see what I care!  A couple of days later,  I walked into my living room and felt somethin, I didn't know what, but something.  I looked up, and there was a black hooded figure.  I said, and I quote, "Jesus Christ!"  That thing was gone at the sound of that name!  I knew that it wasn't there to hurt me, but, he was there to scare me.  It seemed as though you  could almost see the grin, or you feel it.  Before this, sometimes I would get images in my head of black "things" following me in formation.
    Even though it tore us all apart, I think that my uncle's death happened for a reason.  I will never question God's motives, because I don't have all of the answers, and why would I go back to doing the things I did before?  I don't really see things anymore, but I do feel uneasy in my new "home!"  Through all of this, which was really complicated, I never once felt like I was letting anyone down, but myself.  When I felt forgiven, I could finally forgive myself!

The Tall Closet


I was at my friend, Jessie, birthday party and a few of us decided to sit in
a circle and talk. Well, somehow we got onto the subject of Ghosts and the
one that sticks in my mind was told by my friend Breanne.
   Her mom and her were going to buy a new house, becasue the one they live
in now is haunted (go figure. Her mom and her met with the real estate agent
and got a tour of their 'new house'. Breanne recalls one closet in the house
that had corkboard top to bottom. The closet was seven feet in height, no
shelves in the whole closet, there were claw marks from top to bottom on the
right hand side of the closet. The people who lived there before had a dog,
but no dog could have made claw marks seven feet tall! Breanne exited the
room and walked down the hall to where teh kitchen was and looked around.
She was startled by the kitchen foset suddenly turning on. She put her hand
under the water and found that the water didn't have a  temperature. She
calmly walked back to her mother and found that her mother was in the room
with the claw marks descending the corkboard. Her mother gave her a look of
fear and told the real estate lady they would consider her offer and the
left the house.
    Breanne had other stories that are spine tingeling, along with my
friends, Adam, Shawnee, and myself. We've all had ghostly encounters. If you
want to hear them, contanct me at

My Grandmothers Ghost


Hey my name  is Quentin, and I cant prove or disprove this story its just something my grandma told me so here goes. To start my grandparents are very religious and believe that you should watch what you say because it may come true, that's how it started. When something would get broken or something would happen, they would ask their kids who did it, but every kid proclaimed innocence. so they would say that it must of been our ghost......... and give it a name. well one morning he showed up, sitting on the foot of my grandmother's bed. at first nothing happened, but then things started. the heat would be turned way up and the gas on the stove was turned on but not the fire. one day a guest of my grandmothers was over and said, jokingly, that if my grandmother ever got rid of the ghost to send to her house. well my grandmother got tired of it and grabbed the oil and blessed the house, as is custom in our religion. and well the ghost was gone, but the weird part is that the woman who asked my grandmother to send it over, her house burnt down a week later and she barely got her kids out alive. I cant prove this and my grandmother still lives in the same house and neither she nor I have seen anything strange since. but it makes you think........... better watch what you say..........!

My Haunting


You probably hear from many people who say they don't believe in ghosts. I am
not an athiest or narrowminded but having never experienced anything liket
his before, I am unsure of what to think.
My grandmother died recently, and her funeral was very trying on all of us.
she had a slow death, having pneumonia and drowning in her own lungs. she
fought it and was coherant until her final moment. I think there was a lot
left unsaid.
The day I got back from her funeral was a restless one for me. I couldn't
explain this odd uneasiness that travelled with me all the way from her
funeral to my house 4 hours away. It was like I was being watched or
That night, I went to bed as usual. I live alone and in a small apartment
near a college campus, so I sleep with ear plugs in because I hate the noise
that comes from the dorms 24 hours a day. I also sleep with a face mask on
because I hate the way the sun comes through my blinds in the morning. The
point here is that once I am asleep- it is very hard to wake me up.
Around two in the morning, something wole me up. I do not know what it was
but it had to be something major because I ripped off that mask and opened my
eyes in about a second, and like I said, with ear plugs and that mask, no
sound or light could get me up. When I looked up, I saw this giant mass of
glitter, looming over my bed. I later explained to friends that it was like a
giant sparkly pretzel. It looked as though someone had taken glitter and
thrown it in the air and it stuck in this shape. I blinked and made sure I
was awake and then I screamed and turned on the lamp only to find it gone. I
was shaken and scared. I know that it was not a dream because I made sure I
was awake.
The next day, I called a friend of mine to tell her what happened to me the
night before. She is sort of into things of this nature and I felt sheepish
because I was always making fun of her for this. Once I was done explaining,
she asked, "Aren't you catholic?" and I told her yes. Then she said, "Well,
don't catholics believe in praying for the dead?" the second she said this,
coincidence or not, the lamp beside me flickered on and off. I don't think I
have ever moved so fast. I lit out of that house and didn't go back until I
had someone with me.
Needless to say- I pray for my grandmother now. I know I told her to visit
anytime, but I didn't mean after she died.

My Old House


moved in april 1991,moved out aug.1994. my friend spent the nite (because my
husband worked nites then) the old guy died there in the back bed
room(downstairs) and he used to go bowling.the first nite there we were
watching tv and heard a ball rolling across the upstairs floor(it was
carpeted) we went up there and the ball still in the box in the closet. i
couldnt sleep in the back bedroom (down) because it felt like someone was
watching me and i thought i was seeing shadows too. (later became my sons
room.) the upstairs front bedroom is where a lady was killed by a window
slamming down on her neck(she had her head out the window). in that room my
daughter had her room she was around 1 1/2 yrs old and i put her down in her
crib for a nap .......later we heard her talking......went up to see she was
sitting up staring across the room talking to someone in the corner (plain as
day). i took her downstairs with me . on the other occassions we heard
footsteps up and down the basement stairs.



Hi there, I have a strange story to tell.  If you have any ideas or
suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.

This is the only thing that has happened to me that is out of the ordinary.
Maybe I should start out by saying that I am a normal, healthy and mentally
stable person (well, as much as the next person, I guess!!!).  This happened
in the summer of 1994 and my boyfriend, at the time, had just moved into a
new apartment in Lansing, Michigan a few days prior.  This complex had a
swimming pool and he had invited myself and my two nieces over to go swimming.

After swimming we went up to his apartment to watch movies for a while.  I
decided I wanted to take a shower to get the chlorine off me.  I went into
the bathroom and locked the door (the bathroom didn't have an air vent fan in
it, by the way).  I turned on the water, got in and pulled the shower curtain
shut.  After a second the curtain batted in at me in a very deliberate way,
it wasn't the typical flow of the shower curtain due to water pressure, it
was just as if someone were outside and had hit it with their hand in a
playful way.  It wasn't where a whole section of curtain comes in and sticks
to you, it was a very small area, a very small section of curtain that moved
in towards me gently (and didn't touch me), at the same height like where a
hand would be, just as if someone was on the other side playing a game with
me.  I figured my boyfriend had snuck in and was playing a joke on me.  So I
batted the curtain back out and it proceeded to bat right back in again.
Then I grabbed the curtain and yanked it open real quick, expecting to find
him out there grinning at me.  But to my surprise, NO BODY WAS THERE!!  The
door was still locked and the room was totally empty.  I was kind of spooked
and grabbed a towel and jerked the bathroom door open to find my boyfriend
and nieces in the front room engrossed in a movie.  When they heard the door,
they turned and looked at me; I must have looked shaken because he asked me
what was wrong.  I asked him if he had just been in the bathroom and he said
"no".  I was hoping he was still teasing me, so I turned to my nieces and
asked them if he had been there the whole time and they told me "yes, he has".

By this time, I was sort of freaking out about what had just happened and
told him about it.  I was afraid to go back in and finish my shower; I was
standing there dripping in a towel and with soap still in my hair.  But I
finally went back in and finished my shower; but I left the door standing
wide open!!

Later on after this incident, my boyfriend told me about the first night he
spent in this apartment.  He hadn't told me before, because he was afraid
he'd scare me and I would never spend any time there with him.  He had sold
all his furniture before moving in because he anticipated going to college
and living with a friend in Marquette, Michigan.  He only had a couple of
lawn chairs in the living room, his TV, a LOT of boxes and an inflatable air
mattress to sleep on (pretty spartan life, huh?!?).  Anyway, the first night
he said he felt very uneasy and had trouble sleeping, and as time went by the
feeling of unease continued to grow.  He said it eventually grew into a
feeling of utter panic, the sense of dread was so overwhelming that he went
thru his boxes until he found his bible, rosary and a picture of the last
supper he had packed away.  He set these items about him on the air mattress
and started to pray.  He said he had a "vision" or something (he couldn't
quite explain it) of someone (unseen) out on the second floor balcony trying
to get in to him.  He had the feeling that this "evil presence" had a butcher
knife and intended to do him great harm.  He had the feeling that he HAD to
get out of there now or else he never would, but he was too terrified to
move.  Finally he got his courage together and bolted out of there in nothing
but shorts and sat outside for a while (because he didn't stop to get his
truck keys) until he calmed himself down.  He convinced himself that it was
all just his overactive imagination and almost managed to laugh at himself.
He went back inside (because he hadn't locked the door, thank heavens), and
the feeling had totally evaporated.  There was no sense of a black, evil
presence, no overwhelming terror and panic, no unease at all.  It was the
middle of the night and he had to work the next day, so he figured he'd
better get what sleep he could that night.

He halfheartedly chalked it up to the move and being in a new place, etc.,
and never told anyone about it.  Until this "thing" happened to me, then he
began to wonder if there was something more going on.  He never asked the
landlord if anything strange had happened to anyone else who lived there, or
if anything had ever physically happened to anyone who lived here.  He
wondered if someone had maybe climbed up on the balcony, gained entry and
murdered someone who once lived there.  But we have no way of knowing.  He
didn't live there very long, he moved into the apartment complex around May
and by September had moved into my place with me.  We eventually broke up in
July of 1997, but still keep in touch periodically.  Though his experience
was much more intense and terrifying than mine, we always wondered what
exactly we experienced in that apartment; we probably will never know.  If
you or anyone else out there has any theories, please let me know.  I've
never had any experience before or since then, and I will always wonder what,
if anything, it was.

My Story


I've always believed in ghosts, and if anyone says I'm crazy, well, that's their's nothing I've ever seen, mostly just feelings, I think if I actually saw a ghost I'd pass out cold!! My son passed away 2 years ago & I get visits from him once in a while, not the cold sensations most people feel with a ghost, but a warm pleasant sensation of being very loved & safe..he's my guardian angel, & he proved it just last fiance & I had gone to his aunt's house in Warren, PA, which is 70 miles from where I live, which is near Erie, was snowing pretty badly by the time we left Warren, and the roads were awful, no visibility, slippery, and drifting snow made for a very unsafe experience...every time time we thought we lost the road, another vehicle would come along and show us the way...I just knew it was my baby protecting me....I'm pretty sure my house is haunted, by who, I have no clue, but it is an old house and I'm in the process of investigating it's past....I used to work 11 pm to 5 am and would sleep till 2;30 pm when my fiance would come home from work & wake me bedroom is upstairs & to get to it I have to walk through the other bedroom...I would keep the other room's door shut to keep my cats out so I could sleep in day I heard the bedroom door open and footsteps walk through the other room to the side of my bed...I thought it was my fiance coming in to wake me up...but when I turned over, no one was there, the clock read only noon, so it was way too early for him to come home....needless to say I got the shivers and was awake for the rest of the day...this has happened several times.....I also see things out of the corner of my eye, like movement, or someone standing there, but when I turn to look, of course no one is there, sometimes I go to check on my cats to see if it was them, but they're usually asleep downstairs...and these things always happen upstairs...I refuse to go into the basement, because I get real bad "vibes" down there...don't know why but I won't mess with it...same with my attic...this is a duplex house, and a couple of months ago, the neighbors moved out.....lately I've been hearing someone going up & down the steps, but when I go to check if maybe the landlord, or new neighbors are over there, the place is totally empty...what do you think? Is it my imagination? Or am I haunted?

Need Some Advice

Whom ever is intrested, I am not looking for help to get rid of my
friends,but I would like someone to give me some advice on how to speak
to them, and how to deceid which are good and which are bad.
I will start with the hole storie. My whole life (27 years) I have seem to
drawn ghost, spirts, what ever you want to call them to me.  When I was
6 years old we lived in a house in a small town close to where I live
now.  My mother,and aunt , and father use to tell me of things that seem
to happen in my bed room of this house,  on night that I would be
staying at my grandmothers they would here babies crying from my room,
when they would go to check , they would see faces in my window but
there was no one out side. Things would levatate around as is babies
were playing, needless to say my father belived in this type thing my
mother did not so we moved.  Of coarse I was not old enough to remember
so that is hear say to me.  Right after this
my parents got divorced.  I  really don't personal remember any other
occurrances until I was about 5 years old
That was when I began visiting my father for weekends at his house.  My
mother was remarried and moved alot so
my fathers house was my safe house untill i was about 6.  Then my uncle
that had been living with him passed
away right after he died, strange things began to occurr. Now keep in mind
my dad belived in this type thing so he just made cute comments about
these things and acted as if they were normal, doors would shut by there
selves, cool breezes moved threw the house, you could here conversations
from rooms no one was in.  My bed room was the strangest, I was only
there on the weekend,and I do not know if they happened when I was not
there, the room was constantly 20 degrees colder than the rest of the
house. We redone the  room, new walls new insulation, new carpet everything, nothing helped
occasionally you would try to enter the room and could not,it was like
someone was sitting inside the room with ther back to the door, belive
me I got in alot of trouble every time this happened .  Any way one day my father
was comming into my room to ask me something I was in the process of
making my bed , he says I was talking to someone but I dont recall, but
that was not the problem my pillow was floating from the end of my bed
to the top of my bed. At this time he got alittle concerned.
Just about the same time strange things seem to start at my mothers,  I
had went to a conviente store two doors
down from my house. In returning I grabbed an apple, sat down on the couch
and began to eat it. Very large pounding started on the front window of
the house I was so scared, I could not scream. I ran to the hall way
beating on my stepfathers door just about the time he opened the door. It
stopped he said he did not here it
or me beating on the door. I was just sitting in the hall way crying, but
he did go out side to check. We had just had a fresh snow fall. He said no one was out there and there were no feet tracks. This was just the beginning from that night forward, all
hell broke lose. Everynight just about the time, I would dose off to sleep
this same thing would happen but it went from windows to the walls.  If
you were out side you could hear girls screaming from our orchard , the doors in this house began to open and close things began to move and come up missing, just right down stange things, no one ever admitted to anything. But I remember being sent to
to my dads alot more, and things were not any better there but more
 The house my mother lived in nearly drove me nuts. I had really bad
dreams along with the rest of the family. It was everything from what were scared of to death of each other. Dreams of opening doors to closets and finding rooms that were not there.  We went camping once and it even happened there.  We were leasing the
the house we were in so we moved, some one bought the house and property
it was on. The house was cut in half and moved, I was told the person
who bought it knew of the things happening and gave it to a college,that
is hearsay and knowing what I know know, I dont think it was the house.
During the move, I went to live at my fathers for a while, but like I
said it happened there too. But my father had the same idea I had, dont run
just find out more and talk to it. So our neighbor and long time friend
of my dad, was a (witch) his name was goose, he ask him to help, so there was a
ritual performed of some sort.I was
not invited- I was told they had found a few items I had lost, hidden in
my room and that there were children
trapped in limbo in my room. They had been killed there. At the time I
beleived it, but now I'm older and have
looked for my self that never occured there.(  my father died a few
years ago. Before he did I sat down and had a long talk with him.)
This is part of what I discovered  he was really sick, so I stayed at his
house with him to help. He had cancer and was bad off enough he could not
walk. I was sleeping in my old room and just as if I was a child. still he
came into my room to tuck me. Then I remembered it could not be him he
could not walk. So I did not move, I only watched(oh I forgot I was also 5
mo pregant) This person came into my  room made sure I was covered put
an extra blankett on my feet and left he room,  this had happened
everynight of my life I just thought it was my father.
The next morrning is when we had our talk- he said that this had been
happening as long as I had been visiting him. He said it never done me
any harm. It seem to protect me so he never bothered it. That night we
had to put my father in the hospital and he died shortly there after. I
couldn't bring my self to live in his house
so I rented it out, but I kept having really bad dreams of the house so
I sold it.  I have talked to the new owners they say they have never had any problems.
 I also went back to the first house of the baby cries.
They say nothin has ever happend there . So I began a journal which has
most reacently disappered.
What ever this is it follows me in the house I am in now. Its alot calmer,
occasionaly you will see a shadow on the wall of a very tall person walking
threw the kitchen. I have a
couple of items from my fathers house a microwave that comes on by its self that you have to unplug to turn off- a vcr that turns it self off-
a cell phone that when my friends call a man answers it  says he is
Scott, Kims father and that they can not talk to me they will cause me to have a wreck and hangs up. I have seen a person walking up and down my drive way in the middle of storms.
I work in a video store and at night after closing. I have had someone grab
me by my shoulder. I have heard voices as if they were whispering to me, but I
can not understand what they are saying. I now have two children, one
(5years) one thats (1) year. I don't think that anything has ever happened
around them, but when I was pregnant with my second one the babies crying
started again. Then I had to tell this whole story to my now husband. I figured as everyone he would think I wasnuts but he said he has seen and heard
everything. I explained to him, he just never sayed anything because he
did not want to scare me.
  So here I am now I have began to read books. At first I thought it was a
poltergiest that I had caused to protect myself from something and did
not know how to let it back in. So I ask a few people that had known
goose(the witch). They gave me a few books to read but they were more
spritual books and wiccan books.  Now I'm pretty sure its not a poltergiest.  I went to see a psychic but she was very uncomfortable around me and said  that doing a reading or
anything else on me would not be wise she said i had some strange aura
going on. I know beleive that I am  some sort of mediater and I dont know how to
use what I have got. Not only that as hot and cold as the (things) around me are I may not want to know how.  At this time they only two forms communcation I know are the (board) which I beleive is total bogas and the one pharse that I was told before my father died that doesn't seem towork to call out (in gods name what do you want ) which is probley bogas
but at 2:00 am it seems to make me feel better.
Now as I set here I am very emotional and everytime I bring it up it or
start to dig in it starts again.

14 Douglas St.


The legend of the house at 14 Douglas that years ago an old
Italian women and her son owned and lived on the second floor of the
three decker. The son meet and started dating a girl that the mother
disapproved of right away.But he  son continued to see the girl, and as
there relationship became more serious asked her to marry him. The
mother became enraged at this news and she and her son had a huge fight.
With the mother yelling and screaming that the girl was a no good tramp
who would break her sons heart.And that if the son married the girl, she
would never be allowed to step a foot in the mothers house.The son
married anyways and the mother was true to her word. Although the son
visited his mother his wife was never allowed in the house.Years went by
and the mother died leaving the house to her son.After burying his
mother, the cleared out  her apartment and got rid of all her things.
All that is except her rocking chair , she had loved and spent a good
deal of her time rocking in that chair. He just couldn't get rid of it
,so he took it and placed it in the cellar. At some point the son
decided it was stupid to be paying rent when he now owned a house.And he
moved his wife and himself into Douglas St. As soon as they moved in
weird things started happening.Of these things  the three best known t
the legend are  The house shook  An icy cold breeze could be felt  And
the rocking chair in the cellar rocking by itself. At some point the son
contacted some people in the field of haunted house. They came to the
house  and tested for a number of  reasons that would cause the
happenings that were gong on in the house. After alot of testing and
research they could explain none of it. And told the son that they felt
the house was haunted by his mother. The son moved out and sod the
house. He bought a new house with the money from the sale of the old
house. The haunting stopped at Douglas St. but followed him to the new
house. Once again he contacted the research people, who told him this
may be happening because he had purchased the new house with the money
from the old house. When he could stand it no longer he sold his new
house and donated the money charity.But that is not the end the old lady
returned to the house on Douglas ST. where her presents is still felt.
While some people may not believe this legend , I lived at 14 Douglas
St. for ten years and have stories of my own about the house.
Also although I have never looked into it myself, there is said to be an
account of the research that was done at the Worcester Public Library
For the last three years our local paper prints a list of haunted houses
in the area at Halloween. And 14 Douglas St. is always the first on the

Magnet for Ghosts


I've only shared these events with a few of my closes friends.... my
family members and my husband aren't even aware of the experiences I
have had.  I'll try to make this as direct as possible.  Ghosts have
been attracted to me ever since I can remember, as a child i could here
them whispering and have had several encounters as an adult, some
contacts stronger than others.  I would like to share one of my stories
with you.

About 4 years ago my son (who was not yet 1 at the time) and I lived in
an older Victorian style home. The house was being remodelled so we
lived primarily on the 3rd floor. The phenomenon at this residence began
about 2 weeks after we moved in with the opening of a second story
window in the stairway.  Every night I would secure the house and every
morning the window would be open.  Since my son and I were the only
people in the house I assumed someone had broken in and decided to nail
the window shut.  The next morning I found the nails removed and the
window wide open. This was one of the many incidences. My son would play
for hours with an unseen person who would roll balls to him and start up
his mobile. Unfortunately things did not remain calm, after being in the
house for 2 months the spirit became bolder and made its presents known
in many ways.  Door slamming sessions on all levels of the house became
a daily event, music could be heard in certain spots and rooms of the
house and the entity began writing in red crayon on freshly painted
walls.  Unfortunately my son and I were forced to leave our home when
things began fling through the air and causing us harm.  Later I did
some research and discovered the house had suffered a fire in the early
1900's and claimed the life of an adult and a child.

I've had these type of experiences before and since the incident listed
above.  I would like others to know that they are not crazy.  I consider
myself special to have such a gift.  Thank you for your time.

The Haunting kept Coming Back.


I'm only 13 and I had several haunting that happened to me, my friends and my family witch you probity don't believe but there true.One time my best friend Jessica was sleeping over because my dad went to Toronto and so it was just my mom, brother and me and Jesse. it was 1:00 am and that was the time we went to bed, any way it was like 2:30 am  and we couldn't sleep and we were not a sleep yet and I was thirsty and I asked Jesse if she was thirsty and she said yes so we were up and checked on my mom and my brother to see if they were a sleep and they were. Just as we went back in bed Jesse
herd banning on my wall and she told this to me (I was half a sleep) and I said "your just dreaming" and I said I'll hear if someone is down stairs and herd our Nintendo on(it was playing Mario world) and I said ok maybe your not dreaming come and put your ear to the floor and she herd it to then we herd it shut off and the t.v on but the TV was snowing and on full blast then it shut off and then we herd foot steps coming up stairs and I said come on I'm going to see who this is and I saw nothing and we ran to my bed room and a big hand was on Jessica I smacked it off and it ran under my bed so after this happened we went to sleep. (this was before new years) My mom and dad had to go away for new years so I slept at my neibors.We had a huge party me my other friend were sleeping in the tent and we were a sleep but that night my brother herd it.

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