Our New House

By: cr_cr99@yahoo.com

At first I didn't really believe my wife and my newly
purchased home was haunted, but the other night that
all changed.  First some quick background information.
 The house is over 80 yr. old, built in 1919 for those
of you who aren't so quick with math : ), is a two
story bungalow style with three bedrooms and 1 ½
baths.  The house has been through two major remolding
renovations and is very beautiful inside and out.  I
never really felt any "presence" in the house and
always felt very comfortable touring the house and
still do to this day living there, only a little
apprehensive lately.  When we first moved in nothing
out of ordinary seemed to occur, but I kept miss
placing stuff I swore I know where I had placed, only
to locate the objects weeks, even once months later
sitting right in front of me.  The best example is my
TV remote, a very important piece of equipment for me,
as is it for any man : )  Shortly after moving in I
"miss placed" the remote even though I religious about
placing it back on top of the TV once I am finished
with it.  My wife and I tore the house apart looking
for that thing, looking under, around and in the
couches, in the garage, bathrooms, bedrooms, ect, ect.
 Once we gave up looking I broke down a bought a new
remote a week later.  After a few months we were
watching a movie and my wife "found" the old TV remote
setting right next to her on the couch under a pillow.

Another instance, which began making me think
something was askew, was the following.   We have a
two-yr. old son, who we bought a toddler bed for the
day we moved into the house so he could stop sleeping
in his cradle.  After spending a few nights in the
house we started hearing our son get out of his bed
once we put him down for the night and run all over
the upstairs.  The funny thing is every time we would
run up to catch him in the act, he was sound asleep.
Now, we also have three cats, but the entire time all
the noises were heard, they were asleep on the sofa.
We couldn't explain the noises, but wrote it off as
the house settling, or so I convinced my wife so she
wouldn't freak out, because they were obvious feet
steps.  This would continue on and off but ended after
a while and was replaced by the sound of a baby crying
one evening.  This really freaked my wife out and I
could explain this away.  After putting our son down,
after a hr passed we began hearing the every so faint
cry of a baby.  Every time we heard it we rushed up
stairs to see if our son was OK, only to find him fast
asleep.  As the night progressed the crying became
very clear.  We just ignored it, and after a second
night of it, it went away, as did the footsteps for
about three months.  Nothing occurred during this time
of any major concern, only a few footsteps here and
there that can be explained away.  That is until last
week.  We had a really bad storm blow through and I
decided to go to bed early since my wife was working
really late and I was tired.  Now remember our three
cats, while they were driving me crazy, running up and
down the stairs and jumping on the walls and running
all over the place.  They pissed me off so bad I kept
screaming at them in the dark to stop it before they
woke up my son.  The noises stopped after while and I
started to fall asleep.  Now, in our room my wife and
I run a fan 24-7 because the air in our room gets
stale real fast and the fan helps prevent that.  As I
kept drifting off I would hear voices, like a cocktail
party going on, through the fan noise.  Every time I
would start to wake up and listen in harder, the
voices would quite down, and once I tried to pay no
attention I would hear the voice grow louder.  This I
passed off as being my imagination and soon my wife
got home and crawled into bed with me.  I told her
about the cats making all the noise and
low-and-behold, they started back up again. (Though I
didn't tell her about the voices).  We ended up
closing our bedroom door and ignoring the cats the
rest of the night.  The next morning my wife woke up
early and went down stairs, only to wake me up a few
moments later because she could find the cats, inside
or outside.  She was really worried about them, so I
got up and started looking for them.  I went out to
the detached garage and unlocked the door to see if
somehow they were in there and sure enough all three
were.  They had followed me in there the night before
and got locked in there when I locked it up on my way
out.  Happy we found the cats OK, we went in and
started breakfast, but then we remembered the noises
the night before.  All the cats were locked in the
garage, so what made those noises.  I didn't even try
to explain them away, because, they obviously
occurred.  Since that night, the sounds are all back,
and I have heard the "cocktail party" voices again.
My wife and I are pretty sure we have a haunted house,
but by what we don't know.  It's playful, loves to run
up and down the stairs, but has times it seems to get
very mad.  Soon after the night we heard all the loud
noises my wife and I got in a really nasty argument.
I went to bed angry and she stayed up watching TV.
Once I got into bed I heard our front door (which is
below the master bedroom) slam shut and shake the
entire house.  I swore the windows down stairs for
surely cracked or broke from the shaking.  I ran down
stairs to get onto my wife for slamming the door that
hard and se the damage, but she was still watching TV
and had never moved.  In fact, she didn't hear a thing
and was not 10 feet from the front door.  That freaked
me out.
Just for a quick mention, other happens include; Doors
that were left shut are opened on return.  Room
temperatures range from very cold to extremely hot no
matter the thermostat setting.  Phantom calls, and
messages on our machine.  Strange dreams and that
funny since of being watched from the upstairs windows
(doesn't matter which one) when every you are outside
walking around the house or in the front or back
yards.  The big one, hearing our names being called,
investigating and finding the other didn't call the
Thanks for reading my experiences.

Children Laughing

By: ILuvNa4Life2345@aol.com

Hello, i am a 12 year old girl from ohio. Ever since I was a little girl I
had a strange interest in the super-natural. When I was 9 months old, my
family lived in a haunted house. Of course I don't remember it, but my
family swore that these stories were all true. Here are just a few stories that I
was told ever since I could remember. One time, my father was sleeping
during the day. He was expected to go to work in the night. My mother was
watching my sister and I play in the sandbox out back. All of a sudden, my father
came bursting out into the backyard yelling at my mother to keep those kids out
of my room when I am trying to sleep. My mother said what are you talking
about, I was watching them the whole time. My father grew pale and said are you
sure they weren't upstairs at all? No my mother answered. He then told my
mother that someone kept pulling on his toes and then started to laugh. He said
it was a child's laughter. There are other stories too.

Pikes Peak House

By: Dell.Martin@lsil.com

My family and I live in a house that was a bunk house on top of Pikes
Peak, in Colorado.  This bunk house was built in the early 1900's for the
employees that were building the road and railroad that goes to the top.
In the early 1970's the Forest Service sold it to a lady by the name of
Martha. She had to have it moved off the mountain and put on a new foundation.
The house now sits 14 miles north of Cripple Creek.  (Which is an old miners
town where gold was discovered in the 1800's)
When we first looked through this house to buy, my husband and I felt a
presence, but it was a comforting feeling.  We are into old things
(houses, antiques, old cars etc).  This was not the first presence that we had
lived with in ours lives.  But that is another story.
We started hearing voices, children talking, foot steps, blurred images.
But nothing to really startle us.  At night for a while I would go to bed
before my husband and feel someone getting into bed beside me.  But of
course when ever I would look no one would be there.
My husband would be laying on the couch at night watching t.v. and would
feel someone sit in the chair next to him and no one be there.
I came home late one evening and as my head lights swept across the front
of the house, I saw a little boy standing by the garage door.  It was just
for a second, but I can tell you exactly what he looked like.  His age was
about 6-7 years of age, he had on a brown plaid jacket with brown nickers.  He
had the brown long socks with brown shoes.  He wore on this head a brown
billed cap that boys would wear in the early 1900's.
Where we live we have no neighbors.  We have state park on two sides of us
and across the street it is national forest.  So I know that it would not
be neighbors.
My husband was out chopping wood for our wood stove and heard a child
calling out Dad, he thought that it was our daughter, but about that time
our daughter came outside.
When we argue like most couples the house does not like it.  We hear so
many bumps and growns that we try not to disagree.
We have quite a few stories, but my husband and I agree that what we feel
is a very loving secure feeling.  I hope that this continues because we are
very comfortable in our house.

The House on 10th Street

By: pvicenti@salud.unm.edu

In April of 1969 my husband and I moved into our first house.  It was
small, only 4 rooms, but very well designed.  Rectangle shaped, the
living room took up the front Third of the house, next came the kitchen
with the bathroom beside it, and the rear third of the house had two
bedrooms each with a door and separated with a linen closet between the
two doors.  Also, there was one large closet between the two bedrooms.
Each bedroom had a door opening onto the closet.  The first two months
we lived there were unexceptional.  We had chosen the bedroom on the
east side of the house because it was cooler and I was pregnant.  Two
months after we moved in, our landlord died.  He was over 80, confined
to a wheelchair, cranky due to ill health, but a rather nice, and
interesting older gentleman.  No sooner had he gone on to his reward
than I noticed the atmosphere of our house had changed.  I would be
lying on the couch in the living room when suddenly I would hear steps
in the kitchen which would proceed to the back of the house.  Our
bedroom started to feel like we had company.  No problem I said.  The
rent was too good to give up and the house was quaint and cozy.  We
moved into the other bedroom, shifted our clothes to the other side of
the closet, closed and locked the closet door in the old bedroom, and
closed and locked the bedroom door to the old bedroom.  This just left
the occasional footsteps.  I asked a friend of our landlords family if
anyone had ever died in the house.  She looked at me uneasily and so
that so far as she knew, no.  The owner had built the house in the
1930's for his daughter and her new husband.  They lived there for over
20 years, and after they moved to their own house, the owner rented it.
Shortly after this conversation, I was sitting on the porch just before
sundown.  It gets to be over 100 degrees in Portales, NM and early July
is unbelievable.  I looked over to the west to check the position of the
sun, and saw a truly remarkable sight.  In the vacant lot beside our
house, there were about two dozen horned toads.  They were sitting
slightly elevated, sort of like a dog sits but not so straight up.  They
were very still, and they were all facing towards the sunset.  They
stayed in this position until the set set.  I know nothing about horned
toads, but I don't think they live together in colonies, nor have I ever
heard or read of behavior like these toads exhibited.  However, that
house was peculiar, so why not strange behavior in the wildlife?  Three
months after we moved in, I had to wake my husband from a very bad
nightmare.  He dreamed that he had gone home and no one was there, so he
went into the kitchen and saw his mother.  When she turned to face him,
he said that she "looked like she was dead".  He was moaning and
struggling in his sleep and so that was  when I woke him up.  His mother
did in fact die within the year.  Four months after we had moved into
the house, I went to stay with my parents due to a difficult pregnancy.
One week after I had arrived at my parents home, my husband showed up at
the door.  I was pleased, but surprised.  Later that evening, he told me
that he had had a bad experience in the house.  When pressed, he told me
he had been having what seemed like a vivid dream of someone walking in
the kitchen, but he knew I was gone, and the lights were off.  He then
realized that he was not asleep, he tried the pinch method, and
painfully determined that he was definitely awake.  However, he began to
sincerely wish he was asleep because he saw a faint glow approaching the
bedroom doorway.  It turned out to be a figure which stood in the
doorway looking at him.  He said he could only make out the shape, no
features, only that it was tall and seemed to have something in its
hand.  When he yelled at it, it disappeared.  He said that he stayed
awake the rest of the night, went to work, and told his employer he had
to go home on an emergency.  From work he drove straight to my parents
house.  What I found interesting about his story was the footsteps. I
never told him I heard footsteps.  I never told him that I felt
something else in the house, and the reason I gave for changing bedrooms
was that the wallpaper was so ugly, which it was, that I couldn't stand
looking at it anymore.  I never even considered telling him about what
was going on.  We had only been married 7 months when the interesting
events started.  I did not want him to think he had married a crazy
person, or that pregnancy had unhinged my mind.  Fortunately, he had no
such worries when he told me about his little adventure.  We left our
newborn son with my mother, and within a month, we had found an
apartment and moved.

The Watch

By: Fiero25@aol.com

     This story was told to me by my uncle.    His uncle had a pocket watch
he recieved for 20 some years of service in the railroad.    He requested
that when he died that the pocket watch was with his body in the casket ,
instead his wife kept the watch and gave it to her son, against his last
wishes.    At the time my uncles aunt lived out in the country some 50 or so
miles away from my uncle.   A couple of days after the funeral  my uncle's
aunt wanted to move closer to my uncle and out of the big house that she
lived in and get a single trailer that was cheaper.   A couple of days after
she moved she called my uncle who was in his 20's{ he is now in his 50's}to
spend the weekend and help her with moving in and setting up the furniture
and all.   The first night that he spent  he couldn't get comfortable he said
it felt something big was about to happen, like a bomb was about to go off.
                                      He tossed and turned for 3 or 4 hours
when in the next room he heard his aunt struggling with something ,he jumped
out of bed and into the next room to see his aunt being strangled by unseen
hands ,when he came into the room far enough it stopped . His aunt was pretty
shaken up by it . The next night was what changed my uncle into a believer
,when he heard the same noise from the night before ,he jumped up ,got out
into the hallway and saw his first ghost . Standing at the end of the hallway
was his dead uncle and he spoke to my uncle , he said "Where's  Marie at ?'
[Marie is my moms name ] then vanished . The next day my uncle went home . A
couple of days later she called him again and said she needed to talk to him
about something. He went to her house and knocked on the door but no one
answered  so he opened the unlocked door and went inside ,he called to his
aunt but no one answered so he went into her bedroom and all of the drawers
were yanked out all over the floor . Laying on the floor across the room was
his aunt ,dead.  Revenge from the grave?

Should I Beleave

By: Starboard1@prodigy.net

Well, I just came to this website tonight and decided to read some of the
stories, they made me think of the stories my dad tells me all the time,
as for me Ive never really seen anything but allways felt that something was
watching me while I sleep other than that my life as been spirit free.
Well anyway here's my story, I was in Kentucky at my grandmothers house,
me my dad and my grandmother were sitting at the table telling ghost
stores....this one my grandma told me has stuck in my mind for years,
years ago when my dad, his brothers and sisters still lived at home, they lived
in what seems a normal house.  My grandma was up getting ready for work,
everyone else was gone, eather for school or work except for my aunt
Stella...she was up sleeping in her room.  My grandma was down in the
kitchen making some coffe and in the kitchen was the door that led to the
basement.  Well she was at the table sipping her coffe when she heard a
thud, it souned like it came from the very bottom in the basement on the
last step and continued to move up step by step but it didnt sound like
footsteps rather someone of something dragging itself up the steps slowly.
My grandma being the brave little lady that she is grabed a pan and waited
till it got to the top of the steps, then quickly unlatched the door and
swung that pan hitting nothing but air, nothing was at the top.  She
closed the door and woke my aunt up and told her to go and stay at a friends
house. They lived there for years and years and one day everyone was out
of the house for the afternoon except my dad, well anyways he was in the
basement working on the carbuerator of his car at a tool bench, the
basement was directly below the living room, as he was sitting at the
bench he heard something slowly walk across the livingroom floor...now me and my
family are very religious so my dad didnt think anything of it...he
thought someone might be home so he went upstairs and looked around and found
noone so he returned to the basement to continue to work, about 5mins later he
heard it again and then again, the third time he ran upstairs as fast as
he could with hammer in hand he made it halfway up the stairs when he triped
and fell down the stairs he got up and ran right back up and again found
nothing, they later moved from that house.  Theres plenty other stories
they have told me and maybe I'll send some more.  Again as for me Ive seen
things out of the corner of my eyes in one of my moms friends house who of
which her husband had recently died, I quickly found my mother and wouldnt
leave her side, im now 18 and live with my mom still in Michigan in a
trailor park, and in the area very near by is where indians used to live
and one of my friends told me that the park is thier burial site, im not
sure if I beleave it or not cause ive never really had anything to me
here, but there is an errie fog that falls the area and since its a new park
were surrond by woods, the fog seems to seap from the woods and falls on your
park.  Other than that I have no reason to by that storie.  Well I hope
whoever reads this story enjoys it.  Thanks for the time.

Some Are Dead and Some are Living !

By: Annpryor@hotmail.com

I consider myself to be a spiritual person, but I've never seen ghosts. So it surprised me when I actually felt spirits lurking around me in a quiet hotel corridor.
It began as a pilgrimage to see the Beatles. I was in England with my boyfriend and he suggested we take a roadtrip to Liverpool to see the Beatles Museum. He even went so far as to hook up a discounted suite at the Adelphi Hotel, a famous resting spot in the city's center that had been host to the Rolling Stones and other famous celebrities throughout the years. Located on the Mersey River, Liverpool has for almost three centuries been a port town with a high concentration of immigrants from all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The hotel had been the overnight stay of first-class passengers on the great cruise ships travelling to faraway ports like Cherbourg, Southampton, and New York.
We drove across the middle of England from East to West, and a few hours later we arrived in the depressed outskirts of Liverpool. It had been suggested that we lock our doors and keep our eyes peeled for criminals, and as we drove through the City I noticed run-down neighborhoods, exhaust-blackened buildings and intense poverty. The whole place reminded me of Newark, only much older. We finally found the Adelphi, a massive, sprawling structure that filled a whole city block, much like the Waldorf-Astoria, but about 80 years older. I checked us in and got the room key, as my boyfriend Den circled around the block outside in the car. I got a voucher from the concierge for the hotel parking lot.
We drove up in front of a corrugated tin door waiting for the attendant to let us in from the rain. He met us in full hotel regalia and helped us pluck our luggage from the car. He then led us through the back entrance of the hotel, and as he did so, we passed through a giant hallway with empty ballrooms stretching out on either side.
Either suffering from an active imagination or having watched The Shining too many times, I could see the ballrooms filled with the images of parties of the past. There were the ladies dressed in their bustled skirts, men in dark suits with black bowties and handlebar moustaches, clinking glasses, smoking cigars and celebrating galas of old. For some reason, I instantly got a case of the creeps and knew there was more to this hotel than sprawling, vacant banquet halls. It was as though all those party-goers had their eyes on us. The sheer size of the layout of the place, the endless array of empty rooms and that feeling that they were in fact NOT empty, was unsettling - and not a feeling I'd ever had before.
We were led from one massive room into another, and finally came upon an enormous lobby that had a few people lounging, having tea. I felt instantly relieved. PEOPLE! Living people! Women and children! No creepy encounters there.
We dragged our bags into a rickety elevator that opened on the 3rd floor, a musty, dark, wide hallway that led into the darkness, lined with black marble. I hadn't told Den of my heebie-jeebies, but suddenly he started to feel a little freaked out, as well. All our fears seemed to intensify as we made our way down the corridor, and our room seemed a million miles away. As he fiddled with the door's key, I felt like we were being watched by a male presence at the far end of the hall. I felt compelled to take a look behind me just to be sure there wasn't really anyone there.
After splashing some water on our grimy faces (and a chance for me to reapply my makeup), we made our way down to the hotel pub (clutching hands tightly the whole way there.) We ordered up a few beers and the barladies (they sounded just like Ringo!) began to give us a little backstory about the place. They told us indeed the hotel was haunted - one of the girls couldn't be specific but she said there had been a murder and a recent suicide there. She claimed the hotel had been designed by a Mr. Atkinson of the White Star Lines (the firm that later went on to design and build the Titanic.) There were apparently pieces of the Mauritania built into the hotel's structure (this ship, too, went down, with many casualties.) The kicker, however, was when one of girls said she often felt like she was being watched, and had a tendency to look over her shoulder when she was by herself!
The next day, in full and glorious daylight (on our way to the Beatles Museum), we stopped in a bookshop that had THREE books on haunted Liverpool. I bought two of them, written by author and life-long Liverpudlian Thomas Slemen. There was no mention of the Adelphi Hotel, but plenty of spooky stories of hauntings, sightings, and visitations in the city, the majority of them disturbingly recent.
I finally made contact with Mr. Slemen about 5 months later, and he has ever since been sending me stories about the Adelphi and its place in haunted history. Both Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill stayed at the hotel, and they both had haunted encounters. Guests have seen spirits in their rooms, sitting at the foot of their beds - heard and felt strange presences, and everyone we have spoken to about the hotel always blurt out that the place is haunted as hell.
This Gotham girl, who doesn't even believe what she reads in the papers and is frightened by tangible things like rats, bosses and thugs, the undeniable presence of supernatural spirits has been hard to grasp. After writing to Mr. Slemen and discussing our incident at length, my boyfriend revealed some vital over least six months later. The morning we were to check out, he was shaving while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. While staring at himself in the mirror he saw the image of a man in olde-time clothing wearing a white shirt with a black jacket, with fair skin, slicked-back black hair and a pencil moustache. He told me he was too afraid to mention anything to me for fear I might be paralysed with fright in our hotel room. The spookiest part is, before he had ever made mention to me of the black-haired man, I got an e-mail from Tom Slemen in Liverpool about a man with slicked back black hair and pencil moustache who had committed suicide in the hotel in the 1930s. He had even been seen in the windows by various guests, and Liverpool policemen!
Something beyond my understanding exists within the walls the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. I may never comprehend all the residual misery and history that lurks within the hotel, but I can't deny that it has a myriad of spirit guests that share its rooms with us lucky living folks, and aren't leaving any time soon.

I'm especially interested in New England hauntings, so please e-mail me with any stories you have concentrated in Fairfield County. All replies welcome.

Little Girl In Trailor

By: squeakyC2@webtv.net

Boy was I glad to see your page! We have been living with a ghost for a
little over a year. We bought our used mobile home and moved it to a lot
that we bought. At first we thought we were hearing thing. Settlings and
things like that. Then I would hear someone walking up the hall through
the day,everyone else was at school and work. A couple times our front
door was open when we got up in the morning and we know we locked it the
night before. I was talking to my sister on the phone one day and the
ceiling fan stopped. I said "Oh no,the ceiling fan broke I think." I got
up and pulled the string and it came on! Just like it had been turned
off. I left it on,sat back down and it stopped again. I got up and
turned it back on and said "Ok this is silly now" and it didn't happen
 Little things like that kept happening. Then one night I fell asleep in
the living room while watching tv. The static from the tv woke me. The
satellite receiver box had been turned off. I got up and there she was!
I could see her but I could see the tv through her too. She was a little
girl,maybe 8 or 9 years old. Dark,like Indian or spanish. Well,I can
tell ya I didn't sleep the rest of the night. My husband didn't believe
me,til he was here one weekend alone while I was visiting family. He
called and said you were right,but she was standing beside an old man
who was sitting at the table. Sometimes I can feel their presence,most
of the time I ignore it. They don't bother us,just do enough to let us
know they're there. We are not scared,we have learned to live with it
and the kids think it's cool. LOL,Letitia O.

Our Rental

BY: tfariss@earthlink.net

Annie and I were staying in a very small rental adjacent to a garage.
The apartment consisted of one room and a second room that was a
kitchen/ bathroom. Let's put it this way, you could lean out of the
shower while shampooing and stir your dinner on the heating grill.
Anyway, one evening I was in the frontroom(bedroom) and Annie was in the
other washing Taylor's (our youngests) hair. I was sitting on the bed
looking at a magazine when all the sudden a deep voice spoke out what
sounded like "Annie." I looked up and sat there trying to figure out
what that was, after a long. long pause, Annie yelled "what!" to me and
came stomping in wondering what "I" had wanted. All I could do was look
at her and very stunned say to her "I didn't call you." And she just
looked at me. We didn't lots of noises or things move just that one
incident. The voice sounded as though it came out of the stereo. I had
checked it and the power was off. This was 4 years ago, today Annie
still asks me once in a while if that voice really wasn't me. And it

A Christmas Friend

By: bigsexy1@mailhost.col.ameritech.net

Since it is the hollidays, I thought that this story would fit the
This story was told to me by my Grandmother. It takes place when the
Vietnam war was going on.
Grandma and Grandpa were going to my great uncle's house on Christmas
eve. On the way there, they seen a young soldier on the corner with his
duffel bag at his side. My Grandfather stopped to see if he needed a
ride. The young man accepted. He didn't say much until he told them
where they could let him off. My Grandpa stopped the car he the young
man got out. When my Grandma turned to wave to him, he was nowhere to be
seen. They even got out of the car to see if they could find him.
The kind of freaky part is that the next year, on Christmas eve, they
took the same young man to the same place and the same thing happened.
The only thing different was that my Grandma asked him if they gave him
a ride last year. The young man said "Maybe so." I've often thought
about riding by the same corner on Christmas eve to see if he is still
there and give him a ride.

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