House in Ontario

I am 40 years old and have many stories to relate of personal experiences with the supernatural since I was 12.  Almost all
have occurred in Canada; one in Montana.  The first concerns a house in just outside the tiny village of Ida, Ontario.  In
1972 my family was on vacation and spent a couple of nights with my father's foster parents in their (then) 150 year old
brick farmhouse.  The room I slept in was an upstairs study in the huge two-storey house and I remember being awakened by the sound of footsteps walking through the room, causing the fine china and crystal in the room to rattle.  I distinctly remember
opening my eyes to see a pair of black shoes or boots and lower pants pass by, with nothing at all visible above them.  I was
not afraid that night; only annoyed because it had been a very long journey that day and I was very tired.  After I awoke in
the morning and thought about it over breakfast, I went upstairs again to check the place out.  Whatever was haunting the
place was waiting for me in the upstairs hallway and though I coudn't actually see it, I could definitely feel it's presence
between me and the library.  I stood there for a while trying to decide what to do; I knew for sure I wasn't going forward
but I did not want to back down, either.
The room I had spent the night in had two doors, one of which was adjacent to me and the other down the hall past the
presence.  I decided I would just go around it through the room and get to the library that way.  As I passed through the
room there was the usual noise of china rattling from the many beautiful items on display that were disturbed by my footsteps
.  When I re-entered the hall I looked back to where the presence was and could not feel it there anymore.  I found out why moments later as the sound of footsteps retraced my path through the room I had just exited and were coming my way.  At this point I abandoned my exploration of the upstairs and bolted down the now empty hallway to the stairs.
I got little sleep that night as the presence decided it would be amusing to walk back and forth past me all night,
occassionally stopping to stare (glare?) at me.  Just before we left the next day I asked the owner about the presence
upstairs, and he said that in the fifty-odd years he had lived there, the presence had always been around.  Him and his wife
just ignored it as it never did anything dangerous.  He figured it was likely the ghost of the previous owner who had died
years earlier, shortly before their purchase.  There was no mention of the house being haunted before then.  I've never been
back since, and the owners passed away several years ago.  I do not know the current status of the house.

My Wifes Fathers Goodbye


In about March of 1996 my future wife was reading in bed in her house
around eleven o'clock at night.  The kids had gone to bed and she was
not sleepy as she knew her father in Montreal, some 3 thousand miles
away, was dying of cancer and she could get a call at any time to return
east for the end.  She suddenly looked up and saw her father pointing at
her from across the room, and disappearing quickly thereafter.  Minutes
later she received a phone call from her family telling her that her
father had just passed away.  She was told that the last thing he said
(to someone) as he slipped away was "that's my daughter over there..."

A Brief Encounter in Las Vegas


My experience took place in July of 1999 at the New York New York Hotel &
Casino in Las Vegas. I'd heard stories of other casinos and hotels in Las
Vegas being haunted but never anything about the NYNY so I was a bit

My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary by spending a night away
from the kids and by seeing the "Lord of the Dance" show at the NYNY. We
were lucky enough to also have gotten a room there for the night. We had a
great night and went to bed around 1:30 am. At 3 am I woke up to have a
cigarette and as I sat up I saw a tall dark figure standing about a foot
away from the end of the bed. I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn't
imagining it, I even rubbed my eyes but it was still there. I could feel my
husband beside me but I looked to make sure anyway. When I realized it
wasn't him I turned to look directly at the figure. It was about 6 feet tall
and looked to have the build of a stocky man. I couldn't discern any
features and it didn't move for several seconds. As I stared it seemed to
dissipate, fading away from the head down. Oddly, I wasn't afraid nor did I
feel threatened. I felt a sense of peace from it as though whoever it was
had only our safety and best interests at heart.

I know that I was awake because I was sitting up, my eyes were open and I
could hear my husband snoring away. I've had other experiences in the past
involving hearing footsteps and seeing doors close but this is the first
time I've ever seen a figure. Both of my parents have had experiences with
spirits but I seem to be the only child of theirs that has too.

By the way, the NYNY is a very nice hotel and the show was amazing, if you
get a chance don't miss it!


A Few Weird Experiences


Like many other people's stories that I've read, I've had my share of
experiences with the paranormal. The first time was when I was about 7,
I was lying in bed, not quite asleep, I watched a disembodied green hand
with long sharp nails float in through my bedroom door and just sort of
hover there and then it turned around and disappeared. Needless to say I
screamed until my mother came. Another experience that I had was also
when I was little. I  lived in an old house, about 50 yrs old . I would
be again lying in bed and I would watch my doll high chair float and
spin, even if there was a doll left in it, the doll wouldn't fall out. I
know it seems strange but when this happens as soon as my mother would
put me to bed and then leave, every night for 2 years. I learned not to
mention it to my mother because she just doesn't believe in this sort of

Another experience, my dog Cappy had just been hit by a car and died. I
was distraught and couldn't stop crying in bed that night (I was 18). I
went to bed that night and I heard his collar faintly jingling as though
he was walking down the hall. All of a sudden I felt something jump on
the end of the bed and could see an indentation as though Cappy was
walking on the bed. It finally stopped and looked like Cappy had laid
down beside me and was saying goodbye. I fell asleep comforted thinking
he was with me.

I also have those black apparatitions out of the corner of my eyes that
disappear when you look at them. I freaked out and went to the eye
doctor and he didn't seem too concerned but I still have them. They are

Premonitionary dreams are my forte. I feel like Nostradamus. Everything
I dream, either happens the next day or a couple of days later. This is
the scariest. Because no matter what happens, I'm powerless to stop it,
even though I know something is happening that I've dreamt about. I have
had too many experiences to recount here or you would never receive

I have always thought that I was a little different and don't quite fit
in with everyone else that I was growing up with, especially when I used
to describe their auras. I could see people's energies radiating off
them and in such brilliant colours. As I've gotten older I have to
concentrate and sometimes just see a faint glow. When I was little I
thought everybody could see them. But I was wrong.

I have one last story to relate to you about my daughter. I really think
that she could be psychic or something. When she was about 2 years old,
I separated from her father. He moved out of our house and into the
basement apartment of his friends townhouse. I should explain that at 2
years old my daughter couldn't speak well because she was tongue tied,
she had too much tissue holding her tongue down and as such couldn't
pronounce very many words that involved moving her tongue. When I used
to bring her over to her father's on the weekends she would run to one
particular corner of the room and talk to the corner. She would call it
ghostie and babble to whatever it was for the entire time we were there.
Nothing could drag her away from that corner. Everytime we went there,
this went on. I was getting a little spooked because she would talk to
it, having actual conversations and she would pause and answer
questions. This went on for about 4 months. Then she started talking to
"ghostie" at our house. Always in a corner. I was getting really spooked
at this time. After awhile she started running away and screaming that
the ghostie was following her, and I mean she was terrified, screaming
and crying all the time. For about a year this "ghostie" followed her,
from her dad's to my house to my mother's and even to school. and then
it stopped. About 5 years later I had found out (after my ex's friends
moved out of the townhouse) that a previous owner of the house had hung
himself in that exact basement corner she had started talking to
Even now, my daughter refuses to talk about it and she's 13. She can
also find an injured animal from a mile away. They gravitate towards
her. I have seen rottweillers who attack their owners run up to her and
lay down on their backs waiting for her to rub their stomach. Any wild
animal just lays down in front of her. Very strange.

Anyway I should stop taking up so much space and time. Thanks for

A Sign From Randy



E.V.P. SOUND # 5 (a dog named toy) AND MY DOGS REACTION


FILE HAD ENDED MY DOG ( a 3 yr. old cocker spaniele named "franky") CAME


My Birds Goodbye!


We were living in Beverly Hills at the time and I was 10 or maybe 9. Anyway, my parents were out buying a car. I'm a bird
person and I've always had one, but he was too loud so I took him to my parents room and locked him in there. With the door
shut and locked, I watched TV until I was ready to sleep. It was dark and my parents weren't home yet. I walked into my room,
 turned on the light, and saw a blue bird singing to the mirror on the floor. I was freaked, because he didn't have the
markings MY bird had. I went into my parents room to see if he had escaped and my eyes were playing tricks, but my bird was
still there, on the bed, resting. I went back to my room and there was nothing there. The thing is, it wasn't mine, no one
had one such as mine in the building, and the bird by the mirror looked exactly like the one that had died 2 years before.
So, was I visited by a ghost? I think so.

Ghost in Conn.

 I know about 3 ghosts not on your list.One is in the Bristol Polish American
Citizens Club in Bristol,Conn. He hangs out in the bingo room and some times moves chairs around.I know about it becouse I
am a member of the club.I have never seen him but many others have.Another [actually 2] are in the mile long railroad tunnel
in Terryville or Plymouth,Conn.I know about these 2 becouse I saw them once.They are the silloettes of 2 men digging with
shovels,and when you get close enough to start making out detail of them they disappear.I have been in this tunnel about 50
 times when I used to ride a dirt bike but only saw the ghosts once and that time I was walking.Against your advice I have
taken my neice there to look for them but havn't seen them again.I later found out that 2 men were killed by a cave in while
 they were digging the tunnel.I didn't believe in ghosts until I saw these 2.There was also another ghost in Masssechusettes
 in a house on Rt.8 near Colebrook Dam.One time I was driving by,by myself when a bottle in my car jumped into the air and
crashed onto the floor of my car.This house was later moved and heard stories from others that the house was haunted,thus
being vacant.Also they told me that one or more people were murdered in this house and buried in a local grave yard with
tomb stones describing them as murder victims.

Ghosts In My Life


I feel like I've been visited by many ghosts in my life. When I was
about four, I slept on the top bunk sharing a bedroom with my brother
and sister. I cant even tell you how many times it happened because it
happened a lot. But I would wake up in the middle of the night and call
out for my mom and dad. Instead, usually I would witness a
figure...sometimes man, sometimes woman, walk to the edge of my bed and
then disappear. I was never afraid of this. Being a kid, I think I
thought this was just normal. When I got older, it was then that I
realized what I was experiencing. The supernatural.

When I was about 20, I lived with a boyfriend in an apartment in the
city real close to six flags over Texas. We moved there during the night
and I spent most the night unpacking. My boyfriend went to work about
6:30 am and after that I decided to finally sleep. I curled up in my bed
and was asleep for about an hour when I drempt of walking through the
apartment and hearing a loud noise, like a storm or something. I watched
as a huge demon rose out of the floor and said in his ugly, demonic
voice, "I want you, lisa." I tried to shake myself awake but instead
drempt the same scenerio again. When I finally woke up I felt like I
couldn't move. It took several moments until I could regain myself.
My sleep was continuously restless there. I usually was by myself when I
had these experiences, but not always. I would here people talking to
me, or hear my boyfriends guitar playing unusual music (the house was
always silent during these least I didnt have any noise
going) Sometimes I would hear hot breath on my ear as "it " whispered to
me as I slept. One time during my sleep the bed started shaking up and
down like a scene out of the excorsist.

Several times the television would come on by itself. My brother and
sister stayed with me sometimes and they began to experience the same
kind of things. We would feel "someone was behind us." as we sat on the
couch...and later we began to see apparations. One time a yellowish
figure, another time a greyish color. It got to the point where all of
us were getting really scared. I even went to church and talked with a
priest. He told me to anoit the place. So my sister , boyfriend and I
prayed over oil and then decorated the walls in it. Praying as we went,
as if we were in a trance of some kind. After about 15 minutes of us all
walking around praying, we all three automatically went to the front
door to "let the spirit out." The ghostly  activities diminished some,
but not completely. We moved out shortly after. (we found out at one
point that somebody had committed suicide in our building...Im guessing
that was whom the ghost was! )

One of my favorite stories happened in a spooky house my boyfriend
(then) and I moved into. The house was so creepy that there was a door
to the right of the garage that had all this junk in it. The room was
huge! But as much as I wanted to explore...I never could...something
kept me from it. I believe this place somehow "drew" spirits to it.
It was only a couple weeks after Kirt Cobains death, singer of Nirvana.
I was not really much into them but thought that Kirts death was a
stupid, stuipid thing. He had so much going for much! And it
just reminded me how I thought that anyone whom killed themselves was
doomed to "something worse." So I wrote a poem about it in the silence
of the night. The boyfriend was asleep and so were the dogs, and as
unusual as it was I didn't even have any rock n roll going. I finished
the poem after about fifteen minutes and then read it aloud to myself.
As soon as I finished it, I heard three raps coming from what sounded
like it was inside the wall. I freaked out and went downstairs near the
"spooky hidden room, with all the junk," and curled up in bed  next to
my boyfriend and fell fast asleep. About an hour later I woke up to
hear, "LISA...LISA!" I swear to you to this day it was Kirt Cobain
hovering over my head, about four inches from my face...with his whispy
blonde hair and boyish face! I shook my head as if to shake myself from
the image but it never faded! Finally I fell back asleep...even though I
was totally tripped out. Later I told my little brother who went to high
school then, and he was saying that kids in school were saying they were
seeing him too. I dont know if this is true about other people seeing
him...but I know I seen him...because I seen him twice after
that....basically the same scenerio.I'd wake up to find him hovering
over me. I think he was p****d off about my poetry!

More Ghosts in my Life


 First off...I had a
dog I called Noey...she was a true full of life and happiness.
But she had this problem with getting out of the back yard, and I tried
everything to keep her from being a bad dog. We lived on a busy street
and it was so busy it was like a highway...and I worried constantly
about her. (it was very frustrating). It was about noon time and I had
slept in, when my( x) husband came running in to say Noey had been hit.
A truck working the construction outside had hit could see it
by the tire tracks in our driveway and the blood....We assumed though
that she would be alright. Two hours later when I was by myself, I made
a comment to my best friend who was on the phone with me..."Maybe she'll
learn her lesson." Just as I said that she came wandering in my bedroom
wobbling, and then fell to the floor. I screamed in panic. Somehow she
ended back in the living room and I was trying to feed her milk as I
cried, she passed away then. And we took her to the trees behind our
house to bury her. We noticed later that a warn spot in the carpet had
appeared right where she died. But what's better than that is Noeys
presence was constantly there. I'd drive up to the house and she'd be
sitting on the porch. Or she was sitting under the table or in the back
yard...I seen her all the time... but as time when on and eventually we
moved, her visits became sparce. But I knew all along what she was
telling me...she was telling me it was okay...she loved me. I had
carried so much guilt about her death, but she was letting me know she
was just fine.Besides that, I have Noey's son, and I swear my Smokey is
also inhabited spiritually by his Mother! Smokey  does the same EXACT
things as Noey once did!
The second story is about my grandfather who was a watchmaker and a very
spiritual man, as well. He died about 3:15 on a summers day in June...he
was out swimming in the lake that he had swam in constantly since he was
a boy. Meanwhile, my uncle was living in Maine. He had just bought a
pocket watch about 10 days before...a brand new pocketwatch. At precisly
the minute and hour of my Grandfathers death, the watched stopped
forever. Remember, my grandpa was a watchmaker! My uncle knew he had
been there to say, "I'm with you all!"

Grandmother Wants To Play


When my daughter was about 5 years old she claimed to have seen an old woman who always wanted to play with her in the
 middle of the night, and since we had construction going on the house, she would try to play peek-a-boo over the wood.
This happened and my daughter decided to share it with me, and of course I just said to pull the covers over her head.
But the woman would continue to bother my daughter and get her to play around the construction. This began to disturb her.
 She consulted me again about it, and I told her to tell the woman that she couldn't play and it was time to go to bed.
My daughter did as she was told and the spirit went away. About 1 year later, my Aunt gave me a picture of my grandmother.
 I showed this picture to my daughter. With a surprised voice she said " Mom, that's the lady that used to try and play
with me at night." I'm not sure that it was my grandmother, but if it was I hope she knows I still love her.

Hutchinson House


This beautiful,old, victorian home is on the corner of Market and Union Streets across the street from the town's auditorium.
  We lived in this home for 2 years 1983 & 4. We were looking for a place to rent.  I saw this location in the paper.  Went
to the house, walked up to the door, knocked, tried the door and it was locked.  Went to the car to tell my son come look
through the windows with me.  I tried the door again and it was opened. Almost immediately after we moved there I began
noticing that when I was cooking that I would sit down a spoon, bowl, etc. turn to the stove or leave the room for and minute
return to my cooking and the item would be gone.  I would look around for a few moments and turn back to the place that I
last placed the item and there it would be!  Our two sons, ages 9 & 15 had experiences in the basement of the house of
hearing footsteps walk over to them and even follow them up the steps.  The house was heated by an old fashioned boiler
system.  My husband would have to occasionally adjust the water level that involved turning a certain knob.  He would see
that knob turn to the off position.  As we continued to live there more and more things would happen.  I always felt these
spirits were friendly and peaceful and glad that we were there b/c we are a very loving and happy family and enjoyed the
house so much.  At times I would catch a quick glimpse of a child or a small man in the dining/kitchen and pantry area.
Guests would often remark of hearing our little daughter (then two) crying in the night.  She slept in our very large bedroom
and we knew she never woke up once all night.  I would often hear laughter of a child other than my own.  One morning after
I got my family off to school and work I slipped back to bed for a few extra minutes of sleep b/4 my daughter awoke.  20 -30
mins passed of sleeping. I awoke and saw a small stature man standing beside my bed.  My first reaction was that it was my
son returning for a forgotten school book.  I blinked and soon realized it wasn't him.  I closed my eyes thinking my
imagination was going overtime.  I opened them and he still stood there.  I could see through him. I just kept looking at
this man.  I wasn't afaid at all of him.  Finally he faded away.  The last night we were in the house I couldn't sleep at
all and was sitting in my favorite chair watching TV.  Around 3:00 a.m. I got up, went into the kitchen and returned to my
chair.  There sat our daughter's favorite teddy bear that she always slept with.  I thought she must be awake looking for me.
  I went to her bed and she was sound asleep.  I felt this was a way of this little spirit telling me goodbye.  After we
moved from the house my husband told our Sunday School class during a lesson of "good and evil spirits"  about his testing of
this and not telling me until that moment.  He would place an item on purpose in a very hard place to find.  Return from
work and check and it would be gone.  He would look the next day and it would be back.  He also told of times he would wake
up and see a mother holding her child in the doorway of our bedroom.  Thinking it was me and our daughter. He would turn to
check on us and we would be beside him with our little girl in her bed beside us.  When our daughter was about 9 she asked
me one day who the little lady was that use to visit us when she was little.  She described in detail a little lady that
would come to the Emporia house and just sit beside her or walk through the room and wave at her.  We vividly recalled her
at that age waving and saying, "bye bye little lady".  We thought it was just childhood play.  She wrote a paper about it
for her English class and made an A on it.  The house has many many rooms we lived on the main street level and had full
access to the basement except for one room.  The owner kept civil war relics in that room and would occasionally come over
and go through those things letting us browse over them, too.  There was an old horse drawn wagon in one room of the basement
and on occasion the seat of that wagon would bounce up and down for at least 5 minutes.  The day we finally moved out I went
back in for one last moment and told our little family goodbye and thank you for letting us share their earthly domain.  I
never shared any of this with the owners or heard of anyone that lived there that experience anything.  I only know that the
real estate lady that was in charge of renting the house said it was very hard to rent and to keep rented.  I wonder if that
was why.We are devoted christians and did not nor would we ever do anything to "conjure" these spirits.  I know some
christians feel that it is evil to even believe in such things.  But you cannot deny a personal experience.

Haunted Van


Here is my one and only first person haunting story:

About 6 years ago, my husband bought a 20 year old van at an auction. We
found out that it had been owned by an old man who lived in it,
traveling around the country in his retirement. My husband fixed it up,
and he started driving it around. When he drove it, there were no
problems. Whenever I drove it, there were always problems. The engine
would die (no pun intended) for no reason. I slammed my hand in the door
three times on one errand. My clothes caught in the door, in the seat
belt, even around my arms when I tried to put the key in the ignition.
Of course my husband thought I was being silly. None of that stuff
happened when he was around.

The only time he witnessed anything was one time on our way to a camping
weekend. We had our two dogs with us, and while we drove, they were
sitting on the bed in the back of the van. We stopped at a mini mart for
something to drink. My husband got out of the car, locking the door. I
got into the back to settle the dogs before getting out of the van
myself. I heard the engine start again. I turned around, and my husband
was outside, frantically trying to open the locked door. I went to the
drivers' seat, and reached to the ignition turn it off. No key. Oh,
yeah, my husband had it with him outside the door. My husband had
trouble getting in, even with the key. So I reach over and open the
door. He slid into the seat, then drops his keys. I don't know why, but
I decided to say something. I said, "You need to stop this right now! If
you keep this up, we will turn around and go home. Then you won't get to
go anywhere, and that's what you want to do, isn't it?" Right then, the
vans' engine stopped.

After that, my husband never again laughed at me when odd things
happened in that van. A few years ago, my husband replaced the engine,
and we never had any sort of trouble from that van again.

Hillbarn and Another


I am an actress who works in local theatres in Northern California. Late
last summer I was cast in the neil simon comedy "Biloxi Blues" at the
Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City.  One evening, as we were trying on costumes
and showing them to the director, I went upstairs to the costume room to
look for another actor, and had a distinctly uneasy feeling that I had not
noticed in this building beforehand.  Something was in the room, and it
wasn't manifesting itself, but the feeling of needing to flee was palpable.
Some weeks later, well into the run of the show, it was my custom to go out
into the back parking lot to smoke since I had such a long wait between call
and my entrance.  As i walked from the dressing room area I had to pass
through the set shop to access the back door to the lot.  When I stepped
into the set shop, which had a blue light burning and adequate light
spilling over from the dressing room area, I saw what I thought was another
actor pass by in front of me, also headed out to the parking lot, dressed in
the same World War Two khakis our actors were costumed in.  This man,
however, was not one of the small cast.  I said "hello, where are you
going?" and thought that perhaps they had had someone understudy a role for
this one performance, since I was only in one scene myself I would not
necessarily have known a substitution had taken place for a performance.
The man did not notice me, and proceeded forward toward the door, seemingly
talking to himself.  It was only when he walked straight THROUGH the door
that I realized he was no ordinary member of our cast.  I was intrigued, and
followed.  The parking lot was empty, and I lit a cigarette and inhaled.
Suddenly the door opened as wide as it would to allow an adult to walk
through, and was pulled shut from inside.  No one was there, the entire cast
was onstage and the crew was waiting for set change immediately backstage.
Later that night, I was consumed with a vision as I left the theatre:  fire
in the dressing room.  It was seen clearly, like a movie.  I blinked, it
disappeared, and I was feeling faintly unruffled.
The next week, a friend and her husband came to this show, and we talked in
the parking lot until I noticed that everyone else had left.  Suddenly I was
filled with a striking desire to leave the area immediately, and hurried
away, as if some terrible event would occur.  As a matter of fact, alone in
my dressing room I had the unnerving feeling that I was under constant
observation at all times.  It wasn't necessarily bothersome, it was just
Further investigation has turned up that 1) the original founder of the
theatre was in World War Two, and naturally in uniform, but I have seen his
picture and this is not the man I saw, but the theatre was active during
that time, and our show had a World War Two theme,  and 2) the original
theatre had burned to the ground, though not at the same location.
I don't feel that the man I saw was in the same dimension as I, and I don't
think the man was related to the ominous fire vision , or the watcher in the
dressing room or the evil presence in the costume room and parking lot.

The second event occured around 1994 in San Mateo County.  There is a
locally well-known legend on the Peninsula about a former estate there.
Allegedly a night watchman went insane and murdered two young women who were
prowling around on the property, and tales were told of demons hanging from
the trees.  Naturally it seemed worth a look.  I went over there on a Sunday
night with my boyfriend, in my car.  We drove around and could not see it,
but we were on the original property, we had driven through the original set
of boundary gates on the perimeter, which were clearly marked.  Up and down
the subdivisions we went, until we both had a feeling that we should desist
from this excursion.  I dropped him off at his car, and he followed me back
to my house in Oakland.  On the way back, driving across the San Mateo
Bridge, I had this sudden feeling that there was someone sitting in the
backseat of my car.  It was alarmingly strong, it was malevolent, and I
didn't dare turn around, not even to check if my boyfriend was still behind
me.  It got stronger, and the air was heavy.  I raced home, and lept out of
my car.  My boyfriend pulled up immediately and raced out of his
car.......and he looked terrified.  Said he felt that someone evil had been
in the back of his car all the way home.  I hadn't said a word about my
drive.  We determined to exorcise the cars and we did, there were no further
problems.  I won't even name that estate, we made a pact never to say that
name again, but anyone living in San Mateo County will know what I refer to.

Stanley Inn


  I stayed at the Stanley Inn in Estes Park and my boyfriend and I slept in the building that isn't the main house, but the
one right next to it.It was like a guesthouse or something.It was its own seperate building. There is no front desk or
anything,when you first enter, just empty rooms off to your right and left.I recall a library/sitting room off to your right.
And directly in front of you is a staircase.It wasn't tourist season , so we were very much alone.It was in the late spring
Anyway, you do get an eerie feeling when you go into the library.And the mirrors on the back walls don't help the atmosphere
It's kind of like a victorian,once upon a time luxury hotel.It reminds me of Titanic.We slept on the second floor, and in
the middle of the night, after I'd consumed alot of vodka(it was our vacation!),We retired to bed.That night I apparently
awoke from sleep telling my boyfriend very urgently that there was" blood on his shirt". I have no recollection whatsoever of
this? That's the scary thing.My boyfriend was half asleep and so he just went back to bed, and told me about it in the
morning. He's not scared of anything;he's soo calm!! We had also went swimming in the pool in the front of the hotel, that
night. Don't ask me what possessed us?the weather was certainly not right for swimming, but not bitter cold yet , either.We
couldn't resist the big ,deep old pool.Very different from ones today.I was scared then because the lights weren't sufficient
 for the pool area and the water looked soo black.I had to go to the bathroom and the bathrooms had no lights.But I really
had to pee, so my boyfriend stood by the door.I wouldn't recommend the Stanley unless your in a big group of people. I'ts
certainly not cozy, but you can feel the history all around you when your there. The bathrooms are even pretty, but
uncomfortable. The bathtubs are old fashioned and sit on feet.And the floors very cold.That is my experience, just thought
I'd share.



    I have been viewing your site for atleast 2 hours tonight and finally
brought myself to send this.  My husband and I just bought a house in april
99, and thats when I noticed somehting wasnt right.  We closed on the house
and before we went for our girls we came by the house.  We left open the door
fromthe house to our garage and stepped out on to the back patio leaving that
door open also, well the garage door slammed shut!  Very,very hard!  My
husband and i look at eachother and went to investigate, finding nothing
ofcourse.  That has happend a few times sincebut, the thing that gets me is,
when we first moved in our neighbor told us the woman we bought the house
from used to hear loud music late at night, every night,but none of the other
people in the houses around our home hear it.  I blew it off, but came to
hear it myself every night around 11 pm.  I have gone outside, cant hear it.
Its loudest in the master bedroom, but audiable in the rest of the house.  I
always hear unexplained little noises that seem to loud for the house
settling.  My youngest daughter, the first night here screamed the most awful
scream, saying there was a man looking at her from the window.  We had to
back porsh light and and there was nothing in the window to resemble someone
or somehting.  My kids and I avoid the back room, originally their bedroom
and actually We all sleep in the master bedroom due to their fear and mine.
My husband is not at all bothered by this, his childhood home is very much
haunted, next door to a cemetary, also. Since living in this home our family
life has taken a turn for the worst, frequent fights, just general discord
approximately starting the 1st month.  My mother says its the house, she sees
the bad luck we've had since being here.  My cat came close to death when we
moved here and we took him to my mom's and he bounced back. My health has
gotten so so, I am more moody, as long as I am out I feel fine just the
thought of coming into the house gets me moody and snappy.  I appologize for
such a long letter, I tried to make it as short as possible.  I hear the
music now, it isnt something you hear like a radio, it's more like a loud car
stereo with alot of base. One more thing, the way the lady had our alarm
installed it covers the windows in the master bed adn the sensor is right
above the hall in front of the door and also a sensor on the garage door.  My
home was built on 78 and I dont know much about the history except that
approximately every 7 years there are new owners.  I hope it is my
imagination but please tell me what you think.

My Ghost Story


The entire paternal side of my family has a history of psychics and
hauntings. In my house, where I lived with my grandparents, I was the
focus.  Other people in the household had creepy experiences as well, but
it seemed as though most everything occured in my bedroom upstairs.  It
started when I was about thirteen or fourteen, as just an almost tangible
feeling of creepiness.  Before long, when I would lie down to sleep, I
noticed a glowing greenish spot in one corner of the room, where there was
a doorway to an unused back room.  At first I just thought it was some
glow-in-the-dark paint, like I had used to put designs on my walls.  Until
it started moving.  It started by just getting bigger and smaller, kind of
pulsing, but after a week or so of this, it actually began moving around on
the wall.  Then other spots appeared.

Thinking that it might be light coming in from the window, I blocked the
window off, then brought my sister and cousin (who also lived with us) into
the room to see if I was the only one seeing it.  I turned off the lights,
and just asked them to look around and tell me if they saw anything.
Needless to say, they did.  I hadn't told them where I had been seeing the
spots, but they pointed out the exact same spot.  Over the weeks, I had
other people come look at it too, to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  It
wasn't.  I had about fifteen people total point out where they saw the
spots, so I know it wasn't my imagination.  It didn't stop with the spots,
though.  Soon they started moving around the entire wall, splitting off and
almost dancing around the posters I had up.  Then suddenly, after a couple
of months, they disappeared.  That's when the REALLY crazy stuff started

As I mentioned before, my family has a history of psychics.  Though I don't
claim anything spectacular, I am a bit clairsentient, like most of us.
Well, my cousin Angie (a different cousin than the one aforementioned) and
I are like amplifiers for each other; we sense things more strongly when in
each other's presence.   She used to spend the night quite frequently,
which is when what had been a tolerable presence in my room became
unbearable.  Dark shadows would be visible in my room at night, shadows
that moved and split off.  Initially it would start as a man-shaped shadow
coming out of the corner where the lights had appeared.  As it would
approach the bed where Angie and I were, the air became almost suffocating.
 It would get to  the footboard, then split off into two indistinct shapes,
slide up the wall where the lights had appeared, and onto the ceiling,
where it would join together again above my bed, where the pressure on our
chests would become almost unbearable.  At this point, Angie and I  created
a psychic bubble of sorts (some of you may know what I'm talking about),
and believe it or not, it was actually visible at one point.  You could
actually see the shell around us, almost as a red static.  The spirit would
disappear, only to reappear a few minutes later out of the same corner to
start all over again if we hadn't already turned the lights on and left the
room.  There are other witnesses to this phenomenon as well; I had some
creepy-ass slumber parties!  Sometimes curious friendly acquaintances would
actually come over to the "batcave" (as my room had been dubbed) to see if
anything would happen.  Rarely were they disappointed, though I won't say
that that never happened.

Most everything happened with the lights off, but occasionally things would
occur with the lights on (though always at night), such as poltergiest
activity, though this was rare.  I remember one time when I was sixteen or
so, I was standing next to my dresser, when a pencil at the end of the desk
next to it flew off and hit me on the shoulder.  A few seconds later, a
small jewelry box (one of those little treasure chests) flew off of the
radio it had been sitting on and hit me in the head.  I ran screaming into
my sister's room, which was right next to mine, where she told me I was
just imagining it.  I told her to walk in there and tell me she didn't feel
anything, and a few seconds later she ran out screaming as well, saying she
had just walked through something that wasn't there.  She herself
experienced a man-shadow in her room around that time, but that's a story
for another time.

As I mentioned earlier, my room wasn't the only place to be afflicted.  My
sister's room, my cousin's room, the bathroom, the laundry room,  the back
room next to mine, and the front and side yards all had creepy things
taking place there; as well as my aunt's house and two of my cousin's
homes.  That's not even including the stuff that happened in the homes that
we had moved from.  The apartment that I moved into with my fiance a while
back had occurances, as well as the house we just moved into recently.  But
the thing that I noticed?  Once I became a bible-believing Christian, and
told the spirits to leave in the name of Christ, they did.  Flat out, no
more little scare tactics.  They just left. Amen.

My Ghosts


I live in a house with my parents and its about 80 - 100 yo. (haven't got
the exact date but we had a flood in the area in 1929 and the house still
bares scars of that). Our house is occupied by ghosts we assume around three
but that is undetermined.  The house is built on a reclaimed swamp, and we
put most things down to movement from vehicles but a when somethings are
just to unnatural to be put down to mundane things.

Now as a kid I never really noticed them but I was always scared of the dark
because I thought something was watching me, and I was right, when I reached
puberty one ghost stood out, it was a female unknown age and dressed in
white gown of some type.  What happened and still happens with her is when
I'm alone or sitting in bead thinking or reading she calls out, now the
funny thing is that usually when she call out I'm listening to music through
headphones and I can distinctly hear my name between tracks, also she stands
at the foot of my bed watching over me.

The other two mischevious and like to play pranks, both (that we've seen)
are old men and one is chinese we believe as a few years go we placed a
chinese wind chime at the back door to keep spirits away (we checked the
insriptions just to make sure) and some nights a male figure could be seen
standing near the chime but not going any closer.  Now both like to do
simple things like move objects open doors and drop plates also they like
making nightime visits and showing there forms and pissing of the dogs.

Now you might think that these are all in the imagination of a pubesent male
but I'm now 23 and after returning home to study at uni, the visitations
reoccured and the 'pranks', well they never stopped after I left.


My Ghosty, George


    I have always been sensitive to the "other side", although I didn't know
what it all meant when I was younger.  I would talk to people who I thought
were angels.  Most of my family just thought that it was the common
adolescent phase of keeping an imaginary friend.  When I turned fourteen, I
proved them wrong.
    My dad wasn't home yet from his night shift, so I was sitting at home
alone, playing a computer role playing game.  I was fending for myself in the
common teenager fashion.  I became aware of the sound of water running.  I
let it go for about ten minutes until I finally got fed up with it.  Thinking
it was the game, I turned off the sound on the computer.  I still heard the
water.  I crawled under the computer and pulled the plug on the speakers.
Still heard water running.
    Finally, I ran downstairs and shut off the fish tank bubbles.  The fish
will survive until I finish the level on my game.  Halfway up the stairs, I
still heard the water running!  I ran to the bathroom at the top of the
stairs and twisted the cold water knob hard.  It had been the faucet.  I
didn't remember turning it on, nor hearing it when my father had left a few
hours before.  I shook of the feeling of being watched and went back to the
computer in the bedroom.
    I played another few minutes, trying to solve a puzzle, and heard a
squeak and more water sounds.  I cursed and spun around in my chair.
Charging across the hall, I yanked the faucet shut again.
    After several minutes of alternating playing the game, yanking the
faucet, and scratching my head, I figured that the place was haunted.  Was I
scared?  Heck yes!  I ran to my dad's room and cowered under the covers until
my dad came home.
    Soon, I came to call my resident spirit George.  I have no clue why; I
just decided he seemed like a George.  As I came into more contact with
George, I began to feel things clearly, even seeing fleeting glances from the
corner of my eyes, or the shadowy outline of a man in front of me.
    George liked to play games.  Caught between being a full blown teenager
and a kid, I decided to play along.  Sometimes he would hide things from me
while I wasn't home, then I would find it later sitting on my stereo or some
other obvious place.  My father denied taking my things, even went as far as
to say I was taking drugs and hallucinating.
    After another of my arguments with my dad about George, I went home to my
mother's house and told her about my day.  Her eyes got wide as she exclaimed
"You feel them too?"  Apparently, it runs on my mother's side of the family!
    For quite a while, George and I played the hide and seek game with my
things, until I finally gave up and told him it was childish.  Yes, I would
talk to him and almost hear him answer back.  I would tell him my entire day
as I went about my chores or studied, or at least until I went into my
father's room.  For some reason he wouldn't, or couldn't, go in there.  We
bonded (or at least I think we bonded), because he often followed me to my
mother's house.  How, I have no clue.  I've never heard of a spirit who's
bonded to a place following a living person across town.  (If anyone has
heard of such a thing, please share!)
    I contacted a psychic friend after finding nothing on the history of the
apartment or its occupants.  She told me that George was an English
professor.  "He knows he's dead, but when he died, there was something there,
blocking his way into the other side.  Your ghosty is afraid that the thing
is still there." she wrote me one day.  That was when I started to leave
books on my bed for George to keep occupied while I was at school.  Maybe
then he'd leave my stereo settings alone!
    Often he would be on the stairs or on the top of the stairs.  Sometimes I
would feel him by my stereo.  Even a few friends thought they felt someone
watching them as they were sitting in the living room.  "That's just my
ghost, George.  Don't pay attention to him and he'll leave you alone" I'd
tell them when they'd start to shiver.
    My dad's moving out of the apartment now.  All of my old things are being
packed up and shipped to the next apartment.  Who knows?  Maybe George'll
follow me to the new place, like he did before when I went to my mother's!

My House in Italy


In 1994 or 95, I don't remember exactly.  I lived in a house in La
madalena, Italy.  I was in the U.S. Navy at the time.  I was dating a
girl named Shannon from New Jeresy.  The House I lived in was old, I'm
not sure how old really but I think it was built around WWII or sometime
after.  Many odd things had happened before that were explainable, but
on one particular night something happened that neither I or Shannon
could explain.  On one of the few nights that Shannon stayed with me is
when it happened.  We were in bed, and had been there for quite a while
and I was having a hard time falling asleep.  Finally thoagh it took a
while I began to fall asleep,then I started to feel cold, and tingly
around my feet.  I tried to reach down and pull up the covers,but I
could barely move and the tingling got stronger.  I started to get a
little nervous and then tried to open my eyes.  I could barely get them
open thoagh (just a crack).  Mostly the tingling was around my feet, but
it started to move up my legs.  Soon it was around my midsection.  That
is when I tried to wake Shannon, But it was still impossible to move.  I
could only shake out of fear.  I could'nt even speak when I tried.  The
only noises I could make were very soft groans.  By this time the
tingling sensation had covered me almost completely.  With my eyes only
cracked open I saw what seemed to be a gray illuminated haze. This was
the straw that broke the camels back, and I passed out.  The next thing
I remember was Shannon jumping out of bed.  She turned the bedroom light
on, and walked towards the door.  I asked her " What's wrong ".  She
said, " Nothing. Leave me Alone!" and went to the kitchen for a glass of
milk.  I tried to ask her if she felt the same thing I did and she just
kept saying " don't talk to me!" as thoagh I had done something wrong.
Later that morning on our way to work she apologized and said that the
same thing had happened to her that very same night.  Needless to say
but she never stayed there again.  She said that there was obviously a
female ghost that lived there, and it had taken a liking to me, and
did'nt much care for her being around.  I tried for the longest time to
come up with another more logical explanation, but I could'nt.  It seems
to me that maybe Shannon was right. One thing thoagh.  If what Shannon
thinks is true, then why did it happen again when I was sleeping

My Poor Husband


I come from a family of woman who reluctantly have certain "gifts" (for lack
of a better word).  My mother can tell on the spot the personality of a
person, even if he/she seems to be the most genuine of souls.  Also, if my
mother remembers her dreams - watch out!  My grandmother is a very devout
Catholic woman who you can surprisingly tell your deepest, darkest secrets
to.  She is very open-minded about all things paranormal, and encourages you
to use your gift.

My gift deals with places.  I can walk into a place and tell if something is
or was wrong there.  When we tried to tell my fiance about this, he did not
believe us.  He thought it was all either in our imaginations or being told
to him as a joke.

He decided to turn the tables.  He has a friend who is a ghost hunter, and
very open to dealing with spirits.  Of course, my new husband told me nothing
of this before he took me to this guy's house.  When we left this house, I
was so shaken that my husband got worried.  I told him that the whole time
that I was there, I felt a presence that was not good that continually stared
at me.  Later, he called his friend.  It turns out that there were actually
three spirits at this house.  One was of a small girl who was harmless and
whom they had in fact gotten very used to.  The other was of an old man that
stayed to the upper floors of the house.  Once again, a harmless sort.  Then,
he hit us with the "wanderer."  This man walked around the outside of the
house, and avoided contact with our "ghost hunter."

Needless to say, I only went back to that house once more and for a VERY
short time.  Also, I convinced my doubting Thomas husband of my "gift."  He
has agreed never to surprise me with a house I have not looked at first.

The Old Lady


Atlanta, Georgia circa 1981

I graduated from High School in 1981. For the final two years of that
experience, I had the same girlfriend and spent many, many hours at her
house with her and her brother who was a year older. For the longest time,
when I would leave at night (usually much later than I should have) I would
have to walk out of the kitchen door of this typical tri-level house, down
a short path to the garage then through the garage and out to my car? It
always petrified me. I could never explain it nor did I try (why face the
laughter of being afraid of the dark). I spent many times by myself at the
house seeing as it was a second home and many things happened while I was
there?things that could be explained away. The house had the kitchen,
living and dining room on the "main" level, upstairs were four bedroom and
downstairs was the den (right below the kitchen) with a bathroom, laundry
room and recreation room off to the side. Candles would fall out of their
holders?often. That can be explained by a number of things. The house was
noisy. But never in the area you were in. If you were downstairs, the
creaks would come from upstairs and if you were upstairs the sounds came
from the laundry room or the rec. room.  Many times I felt chills and cold
in the rec. room, but that could just be poor insulation?Finally after a
year and a half, I was at the house one day by myself and walked from the
kitchen into the dining room and stopped cold. Out of the corner of my eye
to the left was an old woman sitting in one of the chairs in the living
room. When I turned my head, she was gone. My heart pounding, I stepped
backwards into the kitchen determined to step back through and see if it
was a trick of the eye that I could duplicate. I took a deep breath and
stepped back through looking straight ahead. She was again but just for the
faintest of second, then gone when my eyes turned. I was stunned.  When I
told everybody that night I was not ridiculed, but no one came rushing
forward with any stories of there own.
Later that month I was there alone at night (yeah, I know)?I was upstairs
and there were creaks coming from downstairs that sounded something like
someone coming up the stairs from the den to the kitchen. The sound was
deeper, not a groan, but not a creak from a wooden stair. I was on the top
level in a bedroom and was almost breathless. The sound continued up the
carpeted stairs, muffled, but definitely there, and definitely the sound of
something large. I pleasantly called out, "Hello?" Nothing, then  after a
long silent pause the cat walks around the corner and into the bedroom. As
much as my imagination could have gotten away with me I know, even now
almost 20 years later, that the cat while slightly overweight, could not
have made the sounds. Still I said something to the cat along the lines of,
"Thanks a lot." Then I felt the chill and the cat sat perfectly in front of
me and started meowing?but with no sound?zero!  I felt every hair on my
neck stand up as I felt this chill and watched the cat open and close its
mouth like it was meowing, but nothing coming out. I slowly stood up walked
out of the room down the stairs and out the front door? I refused to go out
the back and waited until my girlfriend got home? There was a basketball
outside and I dribbled in the dark so when she pulled in I had a good
reason for being outside? Why I hadn't gone into the garage and turned the
light on I couldn't explain. I've never told that story, as you can imagine
 A month or two later my girlfriend was awakened late one night by some
presence, when her eyes opened she plainly saw the dark figure of a woman
in a wide brimmed hat. She called, "Mother?" But her Mother answered her
from her bedroom at the end of the hall. My girlfriend rolled over and
focused, but nothing was there. She said later that she could feel the
presence, more than see it.
 A week or so later her brother, home from school awoke to "feel" something
in his room?He refused to roll over or open his eyes. A year later, home
again from school he was sitting in the den watching MTV and the light
clicked on in the laundry room. He didn't remember his mother coming
downstairs and it was 2 in the morning anyway?After she did not respond to
his calls, he (like me) slowly got up, went upstairs and crawled under the
 I don't know of any other "happenings" but someone finally asked the
former owners if they ever had an experience in the house and they said no,
"But our Grandmother passed in the upstairs bedroom."

Every bit of this story is true.  I will never forget that feeling, and
felt it again while helping my Mother look for a house in Hendersonville,
North Carolina?She felt "odd" and decided not to buy?thank goodness


Our Guard


We discovered we weren't the only residents to move into our brand-new house
after living there a few weeks.  I was taking a photograph of our house and
the camera malfunctioned.  The picture of a civil war soldier briefly
appeared in the polaroid picture that half developed.  There were other
signs as well...disappearing and reappearing objects, cold spots, shadowy
outlines and electrical equipment working itself.
It soon became evident that our spirits had come in a group.  Some where
friendly.  Some where not.  I found a book on clearing out spirits.  We
persisted in clearing out till only one was left.  This one was a soldier.
I never was sure which side he was on but I came to depend on him and the
family came to love our guard.
As other homes were built around us people would prowl at night.  This was a
problem for me because my husband was gone a lot.  But we had our guard.  He
would flip on light switches when someone was outside.  He would bang
objects around to make noise as well.  One morning after a night of banging
and lights switching on we found footprints outside the basement door.  Our
neighbors would swear someone was watching out our windows when we were
When the kids were up past their bed time I would feel an icy brush against
my cheek until I would get up and get them back to bed.  At night my son and
I could occassionally see a thin white outline pacing up and down the hall.
I would always sleep easier when I saw that.
This past year the guard decided to leave.  Our house is now ghost free.  We
do miss that one ghost though.  He sure helped when I needed it the most.

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