Haunted House in Beverly MA

By: tridee1@email.msn.com

I lived in  what I believe to be a haunted apartment for about a year.  I
cannot disclose the exact location due to the fact that the apartment is
still rented to tenants.  When I first moved in, everything seemed normal
until I began doing some small renovations.  My husband Eric began to pull
up the carpet and we noticed odd gouges in the floorboards in what would be
our bedroom.  At the time, we thought that maybe some previous tenants had
damaged the floor while moving their furniture, so we proceeded to paint the
floor and lay down an area rug.  After two months or so, my husband walked
into the bedroom after taking a shower.  I was on the bed reading when
suddenly Eric slipped on the area rug that covered the gouges.

After assuring that he was O.K. and passing it off as having wet feet, we
turned in for the night.  The next morning we noticed what appeared to be
stains seeping through the area rug.  They appeared to be the same pattern
as the gouges.  I picked up the carpet and noticed a slick substance
sticking to the back of the carpet.  After much arguing as to what exactly
the substance was we decided to just throw it away.  We never gave it a
second thought.  About three or four days later, I was in the kitchen having
a cup of coffee with my friend Alec when suddenly the room temperature
dropped considerably.  I asked him to make sure all the windows were shut.
As he walked into the living room, he glanced into my bedroom on the right
and noticed the curtains were blowing.  He went in to make sure the window
was closed, which it was.  About five minutes later we both heard a loud
bang coming from the bathroom, which was on the other side of the living

It took Alec and I a good fifteen minutes to get the courage up to check the
bathroom.  The first thing you see when entering the bathroom is the tub.  I
opened the curtain and noticed four tiles on the back wall that appeared to
be pushed out.  You have to understand the layout of my apartment to fully
understand our fright.  The apartment was a third floor attic in an old
Victorian style house that was renovated into a small loft type apartment.
When entering the apartment, you go up three flights of stairs, into the
doorway and up another two small sets of stairs into the living room.  To
the right is the bathroom and little beyond that is a crawl space in the
wall that runs under the eaves of the house and behind the bathroom and

Alec and I bickered about who was going to go into the crawl space.
Needless to say, we waited until Eric came home about two hours later.  We
told him what had happened and insisted that he go into the crawl space to
investigate.  When he got to the space behind the bathtub he discovered alot
of debris which included old dark stained ropes and large J hooks.  I
insisted that he just leave them alone and figured where the house was so
old, they must have been left behind during renovation or construction.  We
had our landlord fix the tiles and continued with our daily lives even
though I was permanently left with a feeling of unease.

For about six or seven months nothing happened.  On Christmas Eve of 1975 we
had our tree set up in front of the crawl space door which was approximately
2' wide by 3 1/2' high.  The door fell open, knocking over the tree and
smashing all of my Christmas ornaments.  Eric jumped out of bed and stopped
suddenly.  We both heard a strange sound coming from the living room.  It
seemed to be coming from the crawlspace.  At the same time I saw a strange
mist or fog hovering close to the ceiling in the living room.  It was very
faint, almost like thin smoke.  I pointed it out to Eric, but it vanished
before he could see it.  I still can't believe how calm I stayed throughout
this whole episode.  When Alec and his new wife Vanessa came by on Christmas
morning we told them the whole story.

Vanessa was a very spiritual person and became instantly spooked before we
even told her the story.  Alec commented on how strange she was acting
before she entered the apartment.  She lost all the color in her face and
seemed aloof.  She mentioned that something didn't feel right about my
apartment.  I really started to feel like it was time to start looking for a
new place to live.

Eric had to leave the following week for a business trip to California.  He
would be gone for almost three months.  I asked my girlfriend Samantha to
stay with me for awhile.  I did not want to be alone.  Samantha knew what
had been happening and agreed reluctantly to stay on the sofa in the living
room.  The first month and a half was pretty much uneventful, so Sam and I
began to look at new apartments.  I started feeling confident that nothing
was going to happen again.  I was wrong.

Samantha had to go back home for a few days so I was alone.  I had gone out
with Alec and Vanessa on a Saturday night and came home at about 1:00 a.m.
I climbed into bed with a book.  I must have fallen asleep while reading.
(Did you ever get the feeling that someone is near you?)  I woke up on my
stomach and I could sense someone walking around my bed.  I laid still and
waited for it to pass.  I heard the floorboards creaking and I felt a cool
breeze pass over me.  I finally turned over and looked into the living room
and saw the mist moving towards the crawl space door.  The absolute fear
that I felt paralyzed me.  I could do nothing but stare and hope that
nothing bad would happen.  The strange noises started again.  I can only
describe the noise as a clang or knives being sharpened.

I lost all of my composure.  I ran out of my apartment wearing only my
nightshirt and grabbed my car keys on the way out the door.  I drove to
Alec's and spent the night.  I called Eric in LA and explained what happened
and that I would not go back until he came home.  I paid the rent, there was
no way I was going to stay there alone.  Eric came home on April 7th.  I
told him Alec and I would pick him up from the airport and then we would go
to the apartment and get our belongings.

I will never forget what we saw when we went back.  It  made me a true
believer in the paranormal.  I still don't know to this day what was
haunting that apartment, but I believe it was truly evil.  We walked into
the apartment to discover the rug torn up, almost gouged in the living room.
All of the tiles in the bathtub enclosure were punched out into the tub.
The bedroom truly horrified the three of us. It appeared that something
mauled the bed linens.  The armoire mirror was smashed as well as my lamps.
We grabbed what we could salvage and started to leave when we noticed the
rope and J hook through the kitchen table.

I don't know if a person came in and did all the damage, but nothing
explains the J hook and the rope.  My landlord insisted that no one had
access to the apartment since we had moved in.  We left that day and never
looked back.  I did some research on the house but found nothing significant
that would explain any of the occurrences while we had lived there.

Eric and I now live in Vermont with our three kids.  The house was renovated
and turned into a retail store.  We have not told them the story and I don't
think we ever will.  Not too many people know about this, but I wanted to
submit it to people who truly believe.

Following Spirits

By: shadowfromnc@webtv.net

  I have a question for you,is it possibe for a ghost or spirit to
travel from dwelling to dwelling?  When I was a teenager(38 now), I
became very interested in ghosts.  I had a poltergist living with me in
my room.  I named him Fred he did harmless things,drawers would open
during the night,my keys and wallet would be found some place other than
where I had left them.  This went on for years and even some of my
visiting friends had some small encounters with Fred. I got married and
moved out of my parents house and had no other contact at all.
     My wife,that I met here in North Carolina,were talking one night
about eight years ago,about ghost nd our beliefs.  I told her of the
story of Fred and a few other things that I can't explain,and she told
me of "polly" who she claims is the spirit of her dad.  Polly watches
over Leisa and her house.  I did believe what she had to say and took it
at that.  We both lived in seperate apartments,in the same complex(two
different buildings),after a few months or so we deciced to move in
together Leisa,Tara(leisa's 12 yr old at the time) and myself.  Tara was
also well aware of Polly and was quite accepted.  I had no dealings with
Polly for at least two months and nobody else had either.  One day I
came home from work and went to fix myself a drink,I went to the freezer
and paced some ice in a glass(not a tumbler a regular 8oz glass) I left
the glass on the kitchen bar and went to the living room to the liquor
cabinet.  I was returning to the kitchen when the ice cubes just jumped
out of the glass and bounced all along the counter,never falling to the
floor,this is a breakfast bar all of 24inches wide.  I went and got the
telephone and called my wife she said it was Polly letting me know she
was there,as we spoke ad I greed with her the ice cubes slowly stopped
moving.  I said goodbye to my wife and decided to let Polly know I was
no threat to her,Leisa or Tara.  I went about making my drink( a good
one by now)as was totally amazed that fr all the time the ice was on the
counter the counter was absolutley dry,free of any moisture.  I have
since had other events and this leads to my question as a family we have
moved since that apartment to two other apartments and now into the
house we have been here two and a half years.  I always ,to no one elses
knowledge, invited Polly to come along and every place we have gone she
is there,it takes a while for her to adjust I guess because it is
usually months after the move,though she will show her presence to both
my wife and I at differnt times and ways we both know she is here.
I have read that some animales can pick things out that we can"t see.  I
have two black labs (male 120lbs Shadow) (female 65lbs Sadie) both are
extremely alert dgs the male was trained for protection the female is my
wife's pet and is as sweet as a dog could be,however she can stand in
the hose could be any room and all of a sudden she gets up stares drops
her tail between her legs pins her ears and hides.  I have witnessed
this aswellas my wife on many many occasions bth in andoutside the
house(back yard only).  I know she is seeing something but my male
does'nt move.  The male could be laying next to her and never even open
his eyes.  This has happened while both are awake as well.  I know it is
not a medicial problem as they are taken care off better than I do
myself they are are family as our daughter is now 20 years old,besides
that it is the male with the epilepsy.

My apparent encounter with the supernatural

By: alvrom@bellatlantic.net

May I relate an incident that happened to me in the late
1960's? It would be interesting to know if it has any typical
features or fits a standard pattern. Since I had been drinking
earlier in the evening of the night in question, I've often won-
dered if the whole thing wasn't the product of inebriated
imagination, and that the comments of my friend which
seemed to confirm the supernatural origin of the experience
merely a gentle teasing.

I lived and worked in Nashville for 6 years in the mid to late
'60s. Among my business associates was Camilla Caldwell,
director of the Metropolitan Welfare Commission, the city's
general assistance program for the poor. She and her hus-
band Nat, himself a Pulizer prize winning investigative re-
porter for the Nashville Tennesseean, owned a home on
a hill overlooking Gallatin Lake: Pilot Knob House. The
oldest part of the home (at that time Camilla's kitchen),
had, if I remember correctly, been built in the 1830s or 40s,
originally a one room log cabin. The bulk of the home was
built just before the Civil War and consisted of a large two
storey building with stereotypical neoclassical columns
at the front door, large livingroom and diningroom, suites
of bedrooms upstairs, large sweeping staircase curving
back on itself. The scene fairly begged for Scarlet O'Hara.
There was an addition (single storey?) off the lvingroom ,
where the master bedroom had been placed. I bellieve
Nat told me that the addition had been built in the '20s
when the bandleader Paul Whiteman owned the place.

I was a young social worker recently separated from my
wife and eagerly accepted Camilla's invitation to spend a
weekend at Pilot Knob House with her and Nat. The couple
frequently had young people out as guests, some of whom
I knew professionally.

Nat, Camilla, and I had a pleasant dinner in the kitchen and
spent the evening in the parlor in conversation. Nat and I
drank heavily of whiskey, I remember. When I retired I
went to the Red Suite, one of two complete bedroom/
sittingroom/bathroom suites on either side of the stairway
and dividing hallway on the second floor.

I went to my bed leaving lights on, since it has always been
my custom to read something at bedtime. Usually I get
drowsy to the point when the sentences no longer make
sense,  then turn out the light with the last remnants of
vitality and fall quickly off to sleep. This night, in new
surroundings, I fell asleep with the book on my chest,
lights still on.

Some time later, still lying supine with the book on my chest
or abdomen, I awoke in the lighted room, and as I came
awake I had the most definite feeling that someone was
outside the door in the hallway. I recall being more or less
sober at this point.

Upon perceiving that someone was standing in the hall at
my door, I had the gut level feeling that the "someone" was
passing through the door and into the room, passing along
the side of my bed, and standing in the center of the room
looking at me. There was no sense of  malevolent presence, rather
only the feeling that I was being watched, inspected,
even. There was no visual or auditory presence whatever,
yet I "knew,"  emphatically, that someone was there in
front of my bed. And though the emotion may have been
mixed with fear, I recall that my predominant reaction was
one of anger at the intrusion. How dare you!!!  And I told
the presence in unambiguous terms to go away and leave
me alone! Now!!!

Whereupon, I perceived, that It, whatever It was, made its
retreat out of the room through the door, and proceeded down the stairs,
and then out of my having any sense of where it was. Just gone.

I don't recall when I fell asleep again, but I did have a defin-
ite feeling that as a result of my scolding I needn't worry
about Its coming back. (It never did on any of several
subsequent visits).

The following morning at breakfast I started to tell Camilla
about my experience, and as I recall she interrupted me
to tell be that I'd been visited by "The Ghost."  I seem to
remember that she confirmed aspects of the visitation that
I had not told her, but after all these years I cannot recall
which.  I've told this story so many times to friends that
I even doubt the parts of the story that I seem to clearly
recall, half expecting that in the repetition I've burned the
now formalized story into my long term memory,  so that
a partially fictionalized account is now remembered
in its entirety as truth. Perhaps in the early retellings I
unconsciously embroidered the account of a much
simpler episode, and have told the tale so often that it
is the embroidered version I rember as my "factual
account" of an unusual experience at Pilot Knob House.
Something did happen, roughly along the lines I have
sketched here, but the years have taken their toll. Since
I made no notes, I can only conjecture as to the accuracy
of my story in its present form.

Camilla related the story of a young women living in the
house at the time of the Civil War, whose fiance went
off to war. During the course of the war or just after, she
received a letter from her sweetheart telling her he had
decided to break the engagement, that he had met a
woman in Atlanta during the war, and that he was going
to marry his new love and settle in Atlanta. She then
committed suicide by throwing herself in a well on the
property, and it is the spirit of the troubled young lady
who haunts Pilot Knob. (I do not recalling asking to see
the well.)

Thanks for the opportunity to raise a few questions that
have bounced around in my head for some time. If any
of this fits known patterns of ghostly or other encounters,
I would appreciate hearing from you. I imagine Camilla and
Nat are in their graves by now, as they were in their mid
60s thirty years ago.

John Is that you?

By: Lucky7131@aol.com

I had a good friend, John that was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  We
were very close like brother and sister for many years.  Both he and his
sister were adopted as newborn babies.   We leaned on each other through
life's good times and bad.   When i found out that he was ill and going to
die we spent much time discussing that and many other things.  My life was
very busy at the time as i was a new mother and we made most of our
communications by phone.  We both also were avoiding  seeing each other.  He
had lost a lot of weight and looked real bad.  He did want me to see him like
that.  I on the other hand was afraid to see him, afraid to face his
inevitable death.  So we carried on by phone to our mutual satisfaction.  I
asked him how long he had and he said maybe a year or so at best.  He called
me everyday 2 or 3 times just to talk.  He did manage to make one last trip
out of state and even managed to call me everyday then.  He used to tell me
his hope and fears and would even thow in an occasional joke about his
impending demise.  One day we got into a discussion about the other side and
he jokingly told me that he guessed "he would be the first one to find out".
I told him that if there was any way to let me know if there was "another
side" to let me know.  We didn't agree on anything specific but told him to
just let me know.  He said if he could he would.  I also told him not to be
making any appearences to me because he would scare the heck out of me.  As
you would expect time marched on and one day he called and told me about this
dream he had the night before.  He said he was sleeping and he was dreaming
that there were tiny cherbus like angels floating around his head.  He said
he woke up and looked at the clock and it was midnight.  He went back to
sleep and began another dream that his grandfather was there with him.  He
awoke and looked at the clock and it was one am on the dot.  This continued a
few more times and each time he would wake up on the hour.  The revelation of
his dream was frightning to me because all of the people he spoke of were
deceased.  He had a twin brother that died at the age of 3 months and i
related that to the tiny angels.  His grandfather had died at a ripe old age
a few years before.  I was pushing the thought out of my mind that his time
was coming near and his loved ones were there to comfort him.  It had only
been about 5 months since i found out he was ill, he couldn't be going so
soon I thought.  A few more months passed and the calls went on as usual.  In
October I got a call from him on a Monday and the first thing he said was
guess where I am.  I said the hospital.  He told me I was right and then we
talked.  I talked to him thoughout the week sent him a card and picture of my
son and then I got a call from him on Thursday.  We had a long conversation
about our friendship over the years how unlikley it was that it lasted so
long, how we met, our families, our friends, funny stunts we pulled like dine
and dash and after the conversation was over and I thought about it I knew he
was saying goodbye.  I felt a rush of anxiousness.  My mind was spinning I
was think no not yet I'm not ready for this he can't go yet.  I felt alarmed
and uneasy.  I went to a gift shop and picked out and angel for him.  I gave
it to my husband the next day to give to my friend's father (my husband
worked with his father) to take to he hospital.  The next day I called him at
the hospital and I got a prerecorded message that said this patient did not
want any phone calls at this time.  My heart was sinking and so was my
stomach.  I continued to try to call all day and kept getting the same
While I was trying to call my friend was dying.  It was October 14th.   The
next day his father called and gave me news i so dreaded.  The next day I was
at home alone in the house and i just felt his presence very stong.  I was in
the kitchen and I went to walk by bedroom and I saw a presence standing
there.  I was so shocked that i actually jumped back and drew a quick deep
breath.  I started shaking and I yelled out in fear "John if that is you stop
doing that because  you are scaring me".  After that I felt calm and the erie
presence was gone.  I attended his memorial service and life was moving on.
My husband went to help his father clean out his apartment.  My husband made
a funny observation.  He said that when they were done there was just a small
pile of things left but he said it was all the things my friend and I shared
and enjoyed.  My husband said it was like that little pile of stuff was left
for me.  I asked my hudband what happened to it and he said he didn't know
but that he did not want to ask for it and i understood.  We were given his
watch and infamous sunglasses and that was good enough for me.  A week later
I was sleeping and the phone rang.  I got out of bed wondering who would be
calling that early(6:00 am) and if anything was wrong.  I answered the phone
and much to my surprise it was my friend's father Frank.  He said what's
wrong honey?  And I said what are you talking about?  He said you just paged
me.  I said no I didn't I was sleeping.  We had some discussion back and
forth about the call he asked me if my husband paged him and i said no he was
still in bed sleeping too.  We were perplexed and finally agreed that it was
John sending us a message and that gave us some comfort and we laughed.  The
funny thing was that it was Halloween morning.  Time marched on and I got
back to my regular life and i kept in touch with my friend John's parents.
One thing that always bothered me was that we never got to see each other to
say goodbye. A year or two later I called his mother to wish her a Merry
Christmas and we got to taking about John  and i told her that I had a dream
about him about seven months ago.  I told her that I dreamed that we were in
this big white house on a hill and this house was just illuminated in white,
everything there was perfect and clean and as white as white could be.
Outside sun was shining everywhere brightly and i was sitting down talking to
John there were green trees leaves rustling ever so gently and there was just
this very very calm peaceful feeling.  I was crying that i was sorry i never
got to see him before he died and he was comforting me.  He looking so
healthy and vibrant and happy.  He kept telling me that he was very happy and
that he was o.k.  He told me he was very happy and at peace in the white
house.    When I woke up i was actually crying.  His mother was taken back by
this a bit.  She told me that when he was a little boy she was trying to
explain to him about being adopted.  Before she could finish her explanation
he told her Mommy I know where I came from.  I came from the big white house
on the hill.  That abouts ends my events surrounding my friend John.  He has
been dead almost 6 years and i do miss him.  I like to think that he is
around here and there.  A few years ago i was heart broken to find the
diamond in my engagement ring gone.  About a month later i found it perfectly
placed for me to find after it was missing for over a month.  I really feel
John was progressive in life and is so in death.  He never stayed in one
place long when he was alive and i wouldn't expect him to do so now.  But, as
he was in life he is always there when you need him.

Perceptive to the Paranormal

By: Amanda D.

My story is actually a few experiences I've had I don't know if I'm
perceptive to paranormal activity or not however I do believe some people
attract strange phenomenon. The earliest incident that I can remember
happened to me when I was about 6 or 7 we moved to a new state and strange
things began to happen. One of which happened every night at about 8:30 a
strange puff of white would pop up at the end of my bed then slowly make its
way down the right edge of my bed about half way down it would stop then wait
about a few seconds then go back down to the edge of my bed and disappear. I
must admit that at this time my family had a little and puffy haired poodle,
however I ruled him out because of three things. One our dog was VERY short
and wouldn't be able to reach the edge of my bed, two he was very old and his
fur had taken on a yellowish tint and the puff I saw reflected the light from
the hallway and was pure white, thirdly I watched my doorway until 8:30 when
it would appear and nothing would go in or come out. The next thing to happen
to me scared me beyond belief. I had I tree in my backyard that I would spend
A LOT of my free time in even at night. One night I was in the tree when I
felt something watching me when I looked around at first I saw nothing then I
saw near my fence two little red glowing dots. I totally freaked and ran into
my house. Fortunately for me we were only renting that house until we found a
permanent home (where I reside now). The next experience I can remember
happened years later after we moved. I was at my friend's house when my
parents and her parents went out to dinner. I was about 13 now and we decided
to go up on the roof and watch the stars. We (me, my friend and her little
brother) started up I climbed up first. I climbed up the tree and sat on the
roof. Then I said something (I don't remember what) that made my friend
really mad so she went inside. Her little brother stayed out with me. As he
headed up I heard something behind me I turned to see three people headed
towards me. At first I thought they were intruders coming to attack me. I
jumped up to prepare to run when I noticed that I could see the stars though
their bodies. I froze and they stopped. I shouted down to my friends brother
what was going on and I told him to get his sister. She told him she didn't
believe me but I was stuck I couldn't get down and needed help. Apparently
she heard voices inside the house which clinched it and she came for me.
However in the mean time Ii decided to make a jump for the closest branch. I
made it down and we all ran into the house. She has told me that other
strange things have happened there too. The last incident I'll share happened
about a year or two ago. Earlier I had a friend who had the exact same
birthday (and time) as me. We were good friends but her dad kinda creeped me
out he wasn't mean as a matter of fact I hardly ever saw him. He just gave me
chills when I did see him. Her family eventually moved to a different state.
A while after she moved I had a dream with her in it she didn't do anything
just stood there. I didn't give it any further thought. Until I saw on t.v. a
few years later that a man had murdered his wife and hidden the body. The man
was my friends father and the murder took place around the same week that I
saw her in my dream. I have had a few other strange things happen but not
many fortunately those are the biggest. I haven't had many sightings for
quite some time and I'm enjoying the silence . Sorry for this being so
long. Thanx for listining.


Something in my Sisters House

By: ireland@byelectric.com

I have a sister who lives in New Jersey and i have visited her many times in the past and always felt like
there was something strange in her house. However, in the past two years or so, after her father-in-law died, i have
experienced some strange things. My sister`s father-in-law ,  who lived in the house with her and my brother-in-law for
many years, passed away in 1997. I flew out there to visit for a week and during the daytime, no one was in the house
except me. One afternoon, i was sitting in a chair watching TV, and i heard footsteps behind me and felt a rush of air
brush against the back of my neck as if someone was walking up to me , i thought my nephew was home, and turned around to
greet him but no one was there! when i am downstairs in that house i hear doors slam upstairs and footsteps walking around,
 i always think someone is home, but whenever i check, there isn`t anyone in the house but me. I smoke, and my sister`s
family doesn`t , so when i need to have a cigarette, i go out to the garage through a door by the bar and on a few occasions,
 after having my smoke, i will try to come back in through that door and it will be locked, so i have to enter through the
front door outside and i know for a fact that the door is not locked when i go to the garage.......wierd...........I have
also heard voices in that house. just a couple weeks ago i was visiting and someone called me by my name. It was a female
voice i was not familiar with. i have told my sister about these wierd occurences and she laughs and says she hears things,
 too. she told me the street behind her house was once an indian trail in the old days. please note that these happenings
are never frightening, just perplexing to say the least.

My School

By: Dansiu917@aol.com

at my elementary school in MI, There were stories about a janitor
acidently being barried in under it. we ca;;ed him Mr. Central. For the
longest time I wouldn't believe it. Until our teacher made us sleep over at
school. At about midnight I had to go to the restroom,that's where I really
got freaked! When I frist went into the rest room it felt like the temp.
dropped about 60 degrees,then I herd a scream,a terrifying scream.This is
what bassicly made me piss my pants. The mirror got fogged up and a giant
hand print was in the miror . When I was running back to my sleepingbag, the
janitors door was  moving,then I herd footsteps behind me. but there was
nobody there. I had only told a few people about my story. Some believed
me,some didn't. This is entierly true.     Happy ghost huntings

I See Them!

By: yeh@blackstone.com

The story I wish to tell begins in New York, but I will begin with some
earlier background about myself and possible pertinent information for the
events that which occured later.
I am a firm believer of ghosts having seen my first apparition at my home in
New Jersey (faceless/bodiless figure floating parallel to my bed wearing a
white tophat, white monacle and white gloves).  Prior to this experience as
a child I remember talking to the wind and asking it to ring the doorbell
(which it would); laying pillows and blankets and all sorts of stuffed
animals next to me in bed so I wouldn't wake up next to anything; feeling
something tickle my feet before I slept every night...and throughout my life
being plagued with ghosts/hauntings/unseen entities/demons (later in life)

I moved to New York City for college and was fortunate to get a 5th Avenue
address in the heart of Greenwich Village.  I lived in a landmark building
(once the Fifth Avenue Hotel) blocks away from Washington Sq Park.  The bad
dreams did not follow me to New York, besides byt his point I was able to
control lucid dreaming so everything was under control.
Stories about weird occurences amused me my first year.  Many students had
died, and I'm certain many people had died here as well.  During my first
week there was a strange occurence.  On the 10th Floor a student found his
roommate above him trying to strangle him in the middle of the night.  This
was strange since later on I was to hear people tell me about the strange
strangulation dreams they've had and even an account of a girl waking up in
the middle of the night to find the cord to her venetian blinds wrapped
around her neck.  Anyhow, I passed all of this off as nothing.
The semester wore on.  I had the "nods" in film class...perhaps due to
fatigue...my windowless film classroom was located in a building close to
the Triangle Fires and was a garment factory at one point.  I woke with a
start in the middle of the film to see my friend sitting on the stairs near
the front of the lecture room.  Oddly he wasn't watching the movie...he was
staring at me with a cheshire cat (Alice in Wonderland) grin.  I assumed
that he knew someone else inthe class, but he wasn't facing the screen.  I
turned to the my immediate right and left to find my friends focused on the
movie and looked to my friend again whose expression had not changed.  The
grin is almost eerie, but did not scare me.  Then, I stared at his
pants...they were coveralls...this struck me as odd...no one wears coveralls
even if this is NYC.  I focused on the cuffs of his pants and how they were
so white...then something clicked in my head and I realized that I was
looking at a ghost.  I turned to my female friend and grabbed her arm...I
looked back at the spirit in coveralls and it was gone.  I began to get
excited, but my friend begged me to keep quiet until intermission.  No one
else had seen anyone sitting on the stairs.  I told the story to my
friends...they were in disbelief.  I cast the event aside.  The year wore
on.  At one point due to parties and noise my group of friends and I were
sent to live in separate dorms.  As punishment I was given a double room
with a fireplace on the south side of Washington Sq Park in what was the
dorm connected to Judson Church.  The dorm was not popular due to shared
bathrooms, but it was odd to be given such a large room for myself.  I was
so scared of the room, I never spent longer than 1 hour there.  It ended up
being a storage place for my belongings.  By the summer the dorm was
permanently closed, which was strange due to the many petitions to keep it
open and the housing shortage the university was facing.  Anyhow...someone
mentioned that it was due to ghosts...it wouldn't surprise me since the park
was a mass burial ground when typhoid hit NY and the "hanging tree" of
centuries ago stood nearby.
These events did not phase me as I entered my 2nd year.
Sophomore year - During winter recess, a close friend decided to move in
with her boyfriend and I was in between roommates.  Few people spent
holidays in the city, but Mark and I were some of the few.  Mark (a close
friend of mine) and I had shared ghost stories of the past.  It happens that
as a child he had lived in a haunted house...with skeletal figures rattling
game boxes, ooze from the walls, cold spots, noises, scratching at the
walls, and a figure of a man in a tophat with a cane standing in his living
room.  He grew up in LI, but I was certain that we may have seen the same
apparition for it appeared faceless to us both.

Anyhow.  One nights after our long walk through Soho and Gramercy...we
returned to my room (onthe 14th fl) to find a mutual friend who was excited
about a Ouija board she had made out of cardboard (a skill she had learned
in high school).  She invited us downstairs to join in.  I myself have
"played" with them as a party game, but at this point I had no interest not
to mention I've heard many urban tales about circumstances gone wrong.  Marc
left to join them and I remained alone until another friend Forest
arrived...my hall light flashed 7-8 times went out and came on again.  It
repeated this pattern 3 times as my friend Forest and I were talking.  We
joked about ghosts and he too left for the "Ouija Board Party" on the 5th
floor.  I laughed to myself remembering all of those room
haunting/possession nightmares...
The next day I wasn't laughing anymore.  My friends overwhelmed me one by
one with these outrageous tales.  They must have been drinking, but no.
Apparently, they were fooling around with the board which of course spelled
out it was the devil...spelled out the initials of the person each of them
was in love with...convinced them to go to room 903 and try to break in to
free the spirit and the other spirits living in there.  Told them to turn
the tv onto static where a 903 formed onscreen.  Told them to plug the tv
into the hallway electric socket and place a glass of water with sugar above
the tv.  A heart formed in the sediments and hardened in that pattern.  This
was their proof to me.  I didn't know what to believe, but the girl Jean was
fairly scared.  These are not your witch/spiritual/occult types.  I didn't
know what to think.  Apparently they made many trips up to the room at the
urging of the board to break in with a hammer, etc.  During one of their
trips they had left my friend Forest who had passed out in the room with a
board that they had not "said goodbye".  I mention this only because of all
the horror movies I've seen in the past (as a pre-teen commercials for
Poltergeist had me cover the tv).
This was all too weird.  The light in the hallways started messing with me.
Changing the bulbs, getting an electrician in, prankers were all ruled out.
The main switch for all the lights cannot turn off one set of lights in a
room.  Flashing in that same pattern as if it were signalling me.  I warned
my new roommate (a med student) about this phenomenon...she didn't listen
and turned on the light.  She was pale as a ghost as I emerged from the
bathroom "I doubted it and it signalled."  Every night it had gotten
worse..I would come home at 3-4 am and she'd wake up or wouldn't be asleep
and tell me that something was touching her or she heard voices...I thought
she was acting strange from this wild look in her eyes (but let me remind
you that she was a disbeliever)...I put an angel and a gargoyle statue near
the window when I noticed this shadow on the other side of the venetial
blinds covering the 6 foot courtyard window.  I would check the courtyard
and there would be no lights.  There was no moonlight/streetlight or
anything from this angle...The light never scared me (the hall light that
would not be turned on) the figure who's shoulders and head filled the 6 ft
wide window gave me the chills.
903 was the haunted empty room which I'd mentionned previously.  The room
has not been touched since the 1960's when the university had purchased the
building from each of its tenants.  The man in 903 refused to sell, died in
the 70's and left the apt to his children who had mysteriously disappeared.
There are magazines from 1960 on his coffeetable.  Once every year a
cleaning crew goes into clean, but others stay clear of it.  The front desk
men, security guards and cleaning staff all mentioned strange feelings they
get when in that room.  903 is where the Ouija board said all the spirits
were living and evidently the spirits of the deceased and some darker things
that "wished not to be seen".  903 was below the room 1003 where that guy
tried to strangle his roommate during my freshman year.
Well, I took this hysterical girl (I think she had felt a presence in her
bedroom where they had been using the board) to a psychic I had visited
once...(what else was I supposed to do).  The psychic was upset that they
were fooling around with Ouija Boards.  A friend who was very much into the
occult who was unpresent that evening and disapproved of the events told me
to stay away from the group of people involved because since I was sensitive
it would follow me.  I didn't heed his warning.  My friend Forest's behavior
odd (he seemed to make very little sense), so I stayed away from him.
The psychic did not charge for advice but told that everyone who had touched
the board must be present to get rid of it...and something that I don't
remember clearly about crossing the street diagonally then straight to throw
it away.  So I suggested the garbage receptable in front of the Church.
They wanted to play one last time...I was hesitant.  One last time we played
in the stairwell on the 5th floor.  My friend Marc and I waited in my
bedroom to be called by the others downstairs.  Mark joked about turning on
the light and did so against my wishes.  The light went on flickered 6-7
times went out and repeated the pattern.  For some strange reason I said
"It's time." which really scared my friend, but anyhow...It flashed and I
immediately called downstairs to check and see if they pulled the board out
(out of curiosity).  They did.
I told them later that the ghost in my room had signalled me.
Once downstairs I refused to touch the board/participate.  A girl "contacted
her grandmother" and became quite emotional; a male friend fell into a
trance and had a private conversation with something which almost sounded
sexual...he was to meet this spirit on a rooftop on the night of a full moon
or something of that sort.  Everytime I would tell my friends to ask the
board something it would respond to my questions.  Then the board called
me/spelled out my initials...I thought they were pushing it toward my
initial out of spite.  I reluctantly agreed.  So It was Chris and I on the
board...it was amazing how quickly the pointer (a glass ashtray upside down)
moved across the cardboard.  You can tell when someone is pushing because
there is a certain pressure...there was a light airy gliding feeling and I
know that Chris wouldn't push the pointer.  And we asked it some questions.
The ghost in the room was a female it said...yes it was the girl who
committed suicide by jumping out the window and yes she would stop scaring
my roommate.  Everyone was at ease.  We signed out and threw the board away.
The shadow still appeared in the window.  My roommate blamed the wind for
breaking the gargoyle statue I had placed facing outward onthe window sill.
I had heard a voice returning home late one night...I know it was not my
roommate because I saw her face while I entered.  A sweet femal voice said
to me (almost telepathically)  "Hi, I didn't think you were coming home
tonight."  My roommate lay fast asleep...the bathroom light shining on her
still face.  I turned onthe lamp near my bed and my  roommate woke.  I had
asked her if she was just talking to me.  She said no.  I did not pursue any
further since I still wanted to go to sleep.
The next day I told her.  As I had aforementionned, my roommate was more
scared than I for weeks...but eventually she befriended what lived in that
dorm room with us.  It would put the toilet seat down and up for her and her
boyfriend.  Not much happened with the others after that incident, except
they made a new board months later.
When I moved out...I packed the last of my stuff and dared to turn on the
hallway light.  It was daytime.  The light flashed as I'd expected and I
said aloud, "Well, I'm moving.  I'll see you later."  Then, I left.

I moved into an apartment.  Now, you meet many weird people in the dorms.
Many who had similar experiences in the dorms or in another of the
university's dorms (because I have heard voices in the dorm on 10th street
and with a room full of 8 witnesses wide awake heard the mini refrigerator,
which has a door that sticks, door open and saw no one only to find the door
wide open the next day.)  I had this girl whose mother was a Santarian High
Priestess bless my room.  It was holy water..and what I sensed outside my
window in the dorms was bad.  I don't know what she did but she messed up.
I lived in an apartment with many people and had a friend staying with me
for a few months.  Soon after the "blessing" was done I noticed a cross of
light formed by my blinds that fell in the center of my room...I also
noticed the grain of wood on the door to my closet take on this sinister
horned beast formation which I traced later...I have witnesses to these
things (people who disbelieve in ghosts and the like.)  Anyhow...since we
had many guests in my large apartment I tended to lock my door inthe nights.
One night I forgot and my friend Daniel saw me standing at the door with a
somber expression...he called out to me and I did not answer.  He looked
next to him and saw me sleeping in my bed.  A month later I had woken up
about 6 am...there was the blue/gray light of daylight - I saw my friend
lying in bed with me with his arm propped up staring right at me lying
halfway on Daniel who slept awkwardly onthe edge of the bed.  Face to face
with this pale translucent figure I couldn't believe my eyes...but I won't
forget the Cheshire Cat grin, similar to the one I'd seen on an apparition
I'd seen in class...To this day I don't know whether I'd seen a
ghost/spirit/somoething more serious...but after I moved to Brooklyn I
haven't had any experiences like that since...

Not Exactly a Ghost Story

By: jbelisl@banet.net

This story isn't exactly a ghost story. I can't identify what happened
or what they were as typical ghost experiences. Both of the experiences
below are true to the best of my perception. And BTW I had other similar
experiences that I just can't remember right now.  Anyway here they are.

About two years ago during the summertime I came awake in the early a.m.
hours. I woke up in a slow way that is like being drawn out of sleep. As
I was waking and realizing that I was waking up I sensed something
approaching my house. It was a feeling like you just know it is there.
It was approaching my house from due west in a perfect line at a pretty
good rate of speed. I have no idea what it was, I just could feel its
movement and trajectory. In about a second or two it reached my house
and slammed into the siding like a 50 pound sack of potatoes. It was
loud. The house shook. Now my bedroom is on the third floor in a room
converted from an attic. My windows are a good thirty feet above the
ground. Nothing heavy  could possibly reach the section of outside wall
that this thing hit without the aid of heavy equipment. I got up and
checked the siding to see if something did hit it. Nothing. The vinyl
siding looked unaltered in anyway. I questioned my roommates at the time
to see if they heard or felt anything. They were both asleep and
experienced nothing.
As soon as it hit the house the sense of it being there disappeared.
Like it just traveled a great distance in a perfect line, hit my house
and then just vaporized. I don't have any impression of what it was. I
only felt something moving through the ether.

The second instance was a little more up close and was visual. This
happened last fall if I remember correctly. This time it was in the
middle of the night. I don't remember checking the time. About 1 or 2
am.  Again like last time I awoke from sleep in a slow drawing kind of
way. Like your mind making you wake up due to some outside stimulus
needing  your attention. This time as I was first coming to waking
awareness I sensed something on the ceiling. Just as I realized this I
looked up with sleep ladened eyes and say a small dark shape about the
size of a mouse drop from the ceiling. I have a textured sprayed
ceiling. The kind that crumbles to dust if you touch it with anything.
Anything larger than a insect has no hope of maintaining a grip on it.
And besides why would a mouse want to travel on my ceiling? This thing
fell from the ceiling in a straight line just like the law of gravity
imposes on everything. It hit my bed and bounced off it onto the floor
and then scrambled behind my two panel, folding door that goes to my
bathroom. The proof that I wasn't imagining it comes from one of my cats
who sleeps on my bed every night. He tore off after whatever it was. But
as soon as it went behind the door it dissappeared. There is a large
bookcase right next to where that door folds up. The only exit from
behind that door is to continue into the bathroom throught the crack
created by the door when it is folded or back out the way it went in. I
watched it go behind the door but I didn't see it go into the bathroom.
>From my bed I have a perfect view of that part of the door. If it went
in there I would have saw it. My cat was right behind it when it went
behind the door.  But as soon as he reached the door he suddenly
stopped. And he stared for a second at where the thing went and then he
started looking around. Like he followed it and he suddenly lost it and
couldn't find it. This thing just dissappeared.

I have no clue as to what either of these things were. Nor any sort of
proof other than witnessing them.

If anyone has any info. as to what these things could possibly be,
please e-mail me. Thanks.

Personal Experiences 2


Further to my last letter, on that same vacation in the summer of 1972,
we travelled across Canada to Ontario, then returned through the
northern states, ending up on the west coast of Canada before returning
to our home in the British Columbia Southern Interior.  The next strange
event that happened after the Ontario incident was at a historic site in
the western U.S.  It was either Wall, South Dakota or Little Bighorn,
Montana, the site of Custer's Last Stand.  The location sticks in my
mind as being the latter.  The interpretive centre had a display of a
telegraph office, complete with a figure seated at the telegraph key.
Being kids (14and 12) my sister and I just had to play with the exhibit
and began tapping out a message on the telegraph key, pretending we knew
morse code.  When we stopped and started to go on to other amusements,
the telegraph key tapped out a message in return.  We thought that was
pretty cool, so we went to find the caretaker and asked him what the
telegraph was hooked up to.  He told us it wasn't hooked up to anything;
it was just an exhibit.  When we told him it tapped out a message, he
said that was impossible and showed us telegraph display as it looked on
the side we couldn't reach.  There was nowhere a person could have
hidden and not been seen.  The telegraph wasn't hooked up to anything at
all.  There were no wires connected to key and there was certainly no
way a message could have been received let alone sent.  To this day I
wonder what the message was and who was trying to contact us.

Two Stories and Advice on how to smudge

By: jgodinez@aracnet.com

  Hello!  I noticed that several people wanted to know how to do the sage smudging to cleanse their houses but were unsure
how to do it.  I have two stories to submit and will give directions for the cleansing at the end.  First Story:  My father
 had a being that was attached to him that was not very nice.  My sisters and I called it "The Aztec ___hole."  I don't know
why we called it that, but that was the feeling we got from it. Although my father was devoutly religious he was not
sensitive in any sense of the word.  This being thrived on grief and fear and would try to terrorize us when ever he could.
  (the Aztec, not my Dad.) and never entered the church when my Dad would go. I never actually saw this thing but I knew it
 was there and it was male and it was a jerk.  One night after my sisters had gone on to college, I was sleeping in the
living room because we had other family over.  In the middle of the night I heard footsteps and assumed that it was someone
 in the family up and getting water or going to the bathroom or whatever.  I didn't think much about it until the footsteps
 came closer and circled where I was.  I looked up and there was no one there. I turned on the lamp near the couch and I
could see foot prints in the carpet... being made.  I knew immediately that it was the Aztec ___hole!  It proceeded to walk
 to the piano and kick it so it made a noise.  I was really scared and knew it was standing there smiling that I was so
afraid. I tried to calm myself and started to pray and when I did that it left.  Years later my Dad died and I knew when he
 died that he had gone to that great clearing house in the sky to figure out what he had done this lifetime and what to do
the next.  I had no sense of him hanging around which was really good and comforting.  However, a few nights after his death
I was sitting at the table late at night and lo and behold the atmosphere changed and a very humble Aztec ___hole entered
 the room.  Since my Dad had moved on he had no one to attach to.  He actually had the nerve to ask if he could attach to
 me!  I prayed and basically said out loud."In the name of Christ you are not welcome here. You may not attach to me, this
 house, my family, our animals nothing that has anything to do with us.  In the name of Christ, be gone!" Then I said  "Lord,
 bless this house and remove any disincarnated being that is not suppose to be here.  Thank You!  Amen."  I have never felt
it since.  Thank God!  Since then mom has remodeled the house and it is much lighter and happier!  O.K. Second story:  This
one is a nice one not scary.  I had a Great Uncle Wayne and he was a great uncle in more ways than one! I and my whole
family just adored him!  When I was sixteen my Mom and I decided to go see the U.K.  While we were there we both saw a man
at our first stop in Ireland that looked just like Uncle Wayne, I guess that's called a doppelganger.  Anyway we both
commented to each other how much he looked like Uncle Wayne.  The man was smoking a cigar (Just like Uncle Wayne.  Uncle
Wayne loved cigars!) and drinking and laughing and having a great time.  We didn't speak to him, but he could have passed
 for his twin.  We were gone for a month on our trip.(Had a fabulous time!)  When we returned we learned that Uncle Wayne
had died, around the week we were in Ireland!  We had missed his funeral and I hadn't gotten the chance to say goodbye.  A
 few days after we got back.  I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, my grandmother was sitting five feet away
and my mom was maybe 15 feet away sitting at the table.  All of a sudden I smelled, very strongly, his cigar smoke! I asked
 mom and Grandma if they smelled it and they both said no. I said "I love you Uncle Wayne, goodbye!"  Mom thought I was
being silly, but I'm glad I said it!  O.K. Now onto how to cleanse your house with sage:  First get a bundle of sage sticks
 from any healthfood store put them in a dish or pot that can withstand open flame and can be easily carried.  Disconnect
any smoke alarms and remember to reconnect them when done.  Light the sage and allow it to smoke. It shouldn't burn rapidly,
 if it does blow it out and relight as smoke runs out. Go to every corner of each room in your house and bless each corner.  I don't care what religion you are If you are Christian, invoke the name of Christ, if you are Wicca invoke the name of the Goddess, Buddhist, Buddha, ect... It doesn't matter. What matters is that you have faith and that your religion is for good and light not evil and darkness.  I happen to be Christian so this is how I did it but you can modify it to your particular religion.  Blessing each corner I made the sign of the cross with the smoke from the sage  and said "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I command and demand let the light of the Lord Jesus Christ shine through and any and all spirits not of the Lord be driven from this house forever!  Amen!"  I repeated this in every corner of every room (as I said modify as needed!)  Once every corner has been blessed.  Go to the center of each room and claim it in the name of your personal Deity as in "In the name of The Heavenly Father, this room is the Lord's room in which I will dwell in light and peace.  Thank you Lord.  Amen." (modify as
needed)  Once you are done make sure you reconnect your smoke alarms and that the sage is extinguished then discard of the
 sage.  Also, any room that was particularly creepy before, be sure to fill that room with life.  Put plants in there, play
 happy music, make an effort to be in that room more and I can pretty much guarantee that the creepiness will lift the more
 life, and the more happy energy you put in there.  Also NEVER, EVER play with an Ouija board!  They ARE DANGEROUS!!!  They
tend to attract low vibrational spirits such as elementals and demons!  If you wish to contact a dearly departed.  Go to a
reputable psychic such as one affiliated with the Church of Divine Man.  O.K. lecture over.  Hope this last bit on the
smudging is helpful!  Peace and Light be with you.

St. Johns University, Collegeville MN

By: AerDel@aol.com

While working one evening to Finnish the remodel before school
would resume the September of 1998. My partner was down towards the North end
of the corridor. He told me he felt uneasy, and wanted to call it a night.
Naturally I was curious, and wanted to know why. He said he felt someone
following him from room to room, and at times actually felt surrounded. I
laughed, told him he was just over worked. As we walked down the hall closing
all of the windows and doors, I heckled him the whole way about ghosts, and
just made fun. We were just finishing up and waiting for the elevator, when
we heard a tool box fall over. We ran down the corridor expecting to catch a
kid up there fooling around. When we opened the door there was know one
there, but the window was open. It was on my side of the corridor, and I know
I shut it. But my partner pocking fun at me insisted we check the room next
it, since I can't be trusted. Of course it was his turn give me grief. So we
looked into the room, and that window was also open. We laughed, and shut it.
As we proceeded down the hall every window on my side was open. We checked
his side, and of course found the same. I accused him of fooling with me, but
when he answered he almost cried. Uncomfortable we shut every window, and
didn't bother to double check. We left. Not much of a story but weird.


Two Stories in One

By: tim@tdavies35.freeserve.co.uk

Hi my name is Emily  im only 9 years old but i've had my shere of expiriencie's I have a funny feeling that my school
 is hunted it is about 200 years old (or more). I did some reserch at school with my friends and we have seen a few .me and
my Grandma have had a experince and they are more or less the same. I have got some notes.But i'm shure you would be more
intersted in my experince. I'll start with my Grandma's expirince.  Grandma was setterling down to sleep and when she was
asleep she felt the bed go down and something  rubbed her shodler and the something said don't worry every thing will be o.k
.Thean bed went up again and then nothing. Mine was exalctley the same only with out the speeking and the bed thing. At
school we've seen 5 or 6 of them we have played with us and spoken to us and now most of us have sort of forgotten but we
know that we will never be alone.

Things Happening

By: twokool4u@mindspring.com
Hi, my name is Meagen, and I want to tell you that I'm so glad that I've finally found someone to talk to about my ghost
problem who knows what they're doing and, most importantly, won't think I'm crazy! Boy, where do I start?  There's so much
to say.  Well, my family had lived in my father's house for almost my entire life, and as long as I can remember being there,
weird little things would happen every once and a while that are still unexplained.  Our garage door would roll up and down
sproadically for minutes without anyone touching the button, and the plants in our kitchen would fall off the shelves in
plain view, even though my dad had put raised wood around the edges to prevent it from happening.  Once we came home and all the wallpaper in our bathroom was lying on the floor.  Another time I'd been lying down in my room with my mom and we heard a distinct sound like someone was pushing a box across the attic floor above us, right in the area of the house where the
insulation prevented anyone from walking there without falling through the ceiling.  But what distrubed me the most was an
occasion where the bathtub faucet had gone on full blast, in the middle of the night, by itself.  My dad had accused one of
us of sleep-walking, but soon after, my sister and I had come in from playing outside and discovered it'd been turned on
again, this time in the middle of the day.  Little things like that, but the fact that our house was older, right around the
 corner from a small cemetary, and one of the previous owners had died there, added to my suspicions.
About four or five years ago, my parents got divorced and everyone but my dad had moved out.  The physical aspects of the
haunting seemed to stop then, but since and still I feel this kind-of unavoidable presence, I guess you could call it,
whenever I'm there, and it continues to scare me.  I don't see, hear, or feel anything in the physical sense, but I have
this intuition that something is THERE.  It's gotten to the point where I actually refuse to stay there by myself, especially
at night.  (I don't understand how you could have possibly lived in a haunted house for 29 years and not have been bothered
by it!) My mom and I have always believed that something is in that house.  For the past few years, I have, (and she much
longer) been visited by numerous different ghosts and spirits in dreams that seem so real we actually wake up too scared to
 get out of bed.  Often, they're concurrent in time and in message.  That is what disturbs me the most.
My mom mainly has them about ghosts hurting her new little daughter and herself.  We've been trying to find a new house now
 for about two years, and after each time we go to look at one, she has a dream about her or my half-sister getting hurt in
 it.  I recently had a violent one in which a woman spirit in my dad's house kept telling me to kill little children, but
usually the ghosts I dream are only THERE or have something to show me.  Once I dreamt that one had written some kind of
weird phrase all over the walls of my dad's house and kept repeating a date over and over.  (It didn't know the significance
 of the date because it came and went without anything happening.)  The most memorable, however, was the one where I was
guided through my dad's yard to the hedges where a list of names of people that haunted his house was hung in a frame right
 above it.  The ghost then took me inside and introduced me to the spirits of the people and told me that Rembrandt was my
step-father's guardian angel. I know that all this may sound a little far-fetched to you, (it sounds that way to ME as I'm
writing it) but it's the truth, and if you could please make any sense out of it for me (and my mom), I would greatly
appreciate it.  You can e-mail me at twokool4u@mindspring.com.

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