My Friend Raina


When I was a senior in High-School, I had a friend named Raina that died of
arythmia in her sleep one night. She was a year younger than me. The week
before she died, her and I sort of got in a little argument, and I was kind
of snotty to her a little bit, and never really got a chance to say I was
sorry. Well anyway, after she died, her family decided that they wanted to
have private family services and that they didn't want alot of people to
attend. And I had just started to be really close friends with her those
last few months, so her family didn't really know I was friends with her,
and so I didn't get to go to her funeral, and also never had a chance to say
good-bye to her.
Well, a couple days later, I was completely overcome with grief, and with
the bathroom door halfway open, just completely broke down and cried, as I
looked up towards heaven, and proceeded to tell her how sorry I was, and how
much I wanted to be there at her funeral, and  how much I had wanted a
chance to tell her good-bye. Well, halfway through this breaking down
process, I saw her ghost standing in the doorway. I jumped back and almost
screamed. I turned to her slowly and asked " Raina, what are you doing here?
", and all she said to me
" It's okay, don't cry ", and then she disappeared into thin air, and I
haven't seen her since.

Michigan Hauntings


When I was almost 6 yrs. old, my family and I moved from Texas to Michigan.   We rented a house only to find later that it
was not a normal house.Being so young (we moved two years later), I do not remember much except the extreme terror I felt at
night.    My best friend and I would put things down in one spot only to return later to find them moved.
My mother experienced most of the frightening experiences.   One night she awoke to find the house so hot she could hardly
breathe.  She went out of her room to check the thermostat and immediately felt an evil presence.  She looked at the
thermometer and it was as high as the heat would go, although she had only turned it to 60 degrees.
She called my dad out and as soon as he stepped out of the room, the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight out.
He said he had never been so scared. Another night my mom was doing dishes after everyone was asleep.
She felt a tugging on her skirt and thought one of us kids had gotten up to get her.  But when she turned around there was
 nothing but that feeling of evil. I just recently found out that our next door neighbors at that time also have a haunted
house.    Their ghost however, has never tried to harm them, and they have even gone so far as to name him "George".
My grandfather has had several experiences as well.
Thank you for letting me tell my story!

Japanese Hauntings/Yokohama City Nishi-ward (Tobe-Cho)


In 1992, I visited my aunt and uncle's home in Yokohama city. They live in a
small area called Tobe-cho in the Nishi (West) ward of the city. Although
Yokohama is not a place that you would equate with "hauntings" it does have
it's fair share of sightings and paranormal activity. I first heard of
Yokohama's haunted past when I rented my first apartment. I was told that
some areas are cheaper than others due to "strange" circumstances of the
prior occupants. I soon learned that this meant that someone had either died
in the apt.,committed suicide, or the place was genuinely haunted by spirits.

The first area of interest is located near Nishitobe-Cho, about a 10 minute
walk from the Tobe-train station. The area is infamous as it is where the
Tokugawa Shogunate carried out their public executions, hence the name
"Kubi-Kirizaka"  (the place of beheading) local residents will not walk in
the area at night an will avoid going through the small alley ways which pass
the area. Stories of a woman in white walking late into the night are told by
long time residents of the area and a Japanese TV crew even reported
"filming" an unexplained object on their video tape. Footsteps and weeping
can be heard late into the night with no explaination. The strangest thing is
that human neck bones come to the surface from time to time. The original
well used to clean the swords used for execution are still there and water
can be drawn from this spring. The well water is said to turn blood red. The
area is not officially recognized as a place of national importance, but
contractors and builders refuse to build anything on this land. The home that
sits adjacent to the property has never had a person living in the home for
more than a year. Kaoru Sugiyama (a business owner in the area) said that the
house is noted for its' hauntings, leaving in its wake several people who
have committed suicide by hanging themselves in the house.

Sugiyama also said that the reason people hear weeping and footsteps is becaus
e of the ancient tradition of the death procession. The accused are lead to
the place of execution and asked if they would like to "relieve" themselves
behind the stone wall (This wall seperates the house mentioned earlier) the
criminals are then given a final farewell with their families that are
waiting for them on the other side of the wall.

Added to all this is the fact that Tobe-cho was severly bombed during the
Second World War. Hundreds perished by fire near Goshoyama-Cho (small hill
near Tobe) a stone stairwell now leads people from Tobe to Goshoyama via this
area where the bombing took place. The stairwell and the land under the pass
connecting Goshoyama and Tobe is said to be haunted by the spirits of the
dead killed by fire. Reports of Children dressed in kimono of the period are
said to materialize then disappear, as if playing then vanishing into air.
Soldiers voices and the sound of someone bellowing orders can be heard from
time to time in this area, and like the Nishitobe area is avoided at night.

Lastly, the tomb of a famous general of the Taira Clan is a "national
monument" in Goshoyama. It sits wedged between my aunts' house and a
neighbor's. As people pass by the tombstone, they reverently bow and pay
their respects. The residents claim that the warrior wanders the streets  and
oldr residents say that he was seen during the Tobe bombings.

These stories are among a few that I have heard about through relatives and
residents of Japan..... The girl on the train and the Apt. house ghost story
is also interesting....if your interested I will complete those as well.
Please let me know and I will post them for you again via e-mail. Thanks for


My Ghost Story


I've never recounted this story to anyone who believed the way I and the
people actually involved do. It disturbs me to this day. I've always
"sensed" things in my environment, and, between you & me, can communicate
somewhat.I've been touched by spirits on numerous occasions. They aren't all
the same. When you encounter the "BAD ONES"...well, you KNOW it. On with my
We'd found a house in a remote area of southeastern Connecticut. A town
called Versailles. No mail was delivered there, we had to have a p.o. box at
the local p.o. It was gorgeous, too. Bigger than our one bedroom apartment.
We needed the space since we'd had our first child and she was a year old
and getting around. The new house accomodated three adults (my mom included)
and our daghter.
I stayed in the house by myself the first night and picked up a certain
strange feeling being there. It didn't scare me, but I immediately was
engulfed in a thickly sweet perfume like summer lilacs or honeysuckle. Being
familiar with the supernatural, I recognized that I was in a closed up house
and it was October. I welcomed whoever it was as a friendly presence because
I was feeling accepted.
A few months later, my boyfriend of 7 years and I broke up and he left the
house. That's when "things" began to occur. I awoke the first night alone to
see a full apparition of a cloaked figure standing looking out the window of
the adjoining room. I knew it was a woman by her slight build and a feeling
I got just looking at her. She just stood there, no movement at all, and
gazed out toward the road, as if she were waiting for something or someone.
Scared the pee outta me!! But I just went back to sleep.
A couple weeks later, my best friend and her two young boys moved in. My mom
still lived in the house in one of the two back rooms. We kept these rooms
closed off from the rest of the house because they were always frigidly
cold. Brenda moved her things into the other room.
As the winter succumbed to summer, more activity began in the house. Objects
were moved and stacked into shapes. Doorknobs would rattle and doors would
open. Toys would be sent rolling across floors. All after dark. We began to
experience two kinds of smells in the house. The main areas we lived in
would occasionally smell of perfume. Sweet, yummy... The second odor always
came from the two back rooms. Sewer-like, garbage... We'd gag. Brenda began
sleeping in my room with me.
We were doing a tarot card spread one night and were told by the card that
we had "manifested" something. We both looked at each other and our first
thoughts centered on the kids. We bolted up and threw open the door to the
kids room and my daughter was levitating, just hanging from the center of
the room totally asleep. I froze and watched her little body dropped to the
floor as Brenda shoved me back and charged into the room. Megan, my
daughter, began to cry. Vinny, Brenda's oldest began to scream "Why does she
talk without moving her mouth?" he said over and over. "Who?" Brenda asked.
"The lady with the white hair?" We found out later that the Lady with the
White Hair came to him often and talked to him, but he wasn't afraid of her.

My first encounter with the "Bad One" was in the back rooms. I'd gone in to
get something for Brenda since the smell of garbage was too strong to sleep
back there and from directly behind my ear came the unmistakeable sound of
hissing. It was so close it made my hair move and the skin of my neck crawl.
We decided to contact someone for help.
We were instructed on how to perform a purification/excorcism of the house
using sea salt and visualization. We did this rite all night, over and over,
until we were exhausted. We protected ourselves by using Carnation oil on
our foreheads and putting onyx around where we slept. Laugh if you will, but
it actually worked.
The next day we were contacted by a perfect stranger claiming to be a
psychic. She told us she'd been visited by our white haired lady who told
her she'd only meant to help us with the children (since we were young and
inexperienced and full of impatience). Her name was Sarah and she'd died in
a fire on the very foundation of the house where we lived. As a matter of
fact, the rebuilt house shared the very same rock foundation.
She had no information on the "Bad One". But we had no more problems from
that one and moved out shortly thereafter.
Since then, I'm always aware of beings not of my immediate environment. I
know when they're there, which is a great deal of the time. I know they are
drawn to certain people and vice-versa. I disagree with the idea that they
are stuck behind in most cases. I know they do things deliberately.
I felt both good and evil forces at work in that house and was terrified.
I'm a little wiser for the experience, though, and am thankful for what I

True ghost story from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


The Witches of  Robie Street
Yes there is a haunted house on one of Halifax's business streets.
according to legend, one evening, a man was caught spying on the witches
while they were doing a ritual dance on the verandah. The witches became
very angry, and put a curse on the old man. And the window he was spying
through, was turned black (the black window,there is another story to
it, too) to this day no matter how many time the window is replaced, it
still turns black.
The Black Window (two versions, believe which ever one you want,)
a man, that was deeply disturb decided to end his life, he climbed a
tree out side his house and hung him self while he was falling he kicked
the window, shattering it.
now when the replace the window it turns black.
(but there is another story to that, this one is true)
the black window II
a man was being robbed. after refusing to  give up his money the robber
through him out the window grabbed the money and jumped back out the
window, he tied the man into a tree making it look like he had commited
suicide. he turned to look a the window. there was a swirling red and
yellow light, when the light dissapeared the man the robber had killed
stood looking at him. But the robber thought "that cant be he's in the
tree" he looked back into the tree and sure enought the man was there
the robber ran and ran the next day the cops found the man in the tree.
the looked at the window and the swirling light apeared again, and there
the man stood. but he was still in the tree. the put a new window in,
but again it turned black, the new attendent was pyschic, and she said
that she picked it up as  a portal to an alternate universe. (others
just say its a bathroom)



When I was fifteen I went on a hunting trip with my father and cousin in
Durango, Mexico.  We arrived on a Friday around one or two in the morning.
After unloading my cousin and I couldn't sleep because we had slept most of
the way so we decided to jump in the truck and go hunting for a while.  The
town we were in is very small.  I estimate the population in being less than
100 people.  We hit the road that let us to the mountains.  We drove up the
steep hill lighting the sides with lanterns looking for the shiny eyes as a
hunter does when hunting at night.  On top of the hill there is an old cave
called "LA CUEVA PINTA" which means "THE PAINTED CAVE."  This cave contains
some old indian paintings on its wall.  We passed the cave and drove about
another mile or so then we headed back.  Once we got to the cave on our way
back, my cousin stopped and pointed me toward a light shining on the road.
Since we were on top of the hill, the road lead down in an "L" pattern.  We
stared at the light for a couple of minutes and then it started to move.  It
looked like a truck making its way down the road.  We thought to ourselves
that the only truck out this late at night has to be the police and since we
were hunting with no permit, we decided to hide the rifles on the side of the
road.  We quickly gathered all the bullets and our rifles and hid them by an
old bob-wired fence.  I paused and took a quick glance at the light and it
was still moving but very slowly.  We got back in the truck and we were both
breathing hard because of the nervousness.  We came down the road.  The light
was still visible and it seemed to have gotten brighter as we got closer.  We
came upon the curve of the road and the reflection of the light was
noticeable on the trees.  We turned and my cousin quickly slammed the brakes.
 There was nothing there.  No truck, no lights no nothing.  My cousin then
flashed the high beams to see if we can catch a reflection of a brake light
or something but there was nothing.  We sat there in the truck amazed.  We
then came to think that maybe the truck pulled over and is hiding behind some
bushes so we continued down the road.  Branches from the mesquite trees were
scraping the sides of the truck as we made our way through the rough area.
It was about a half a mile drive to town and we made it all the way without
seeing any truck.  We arrived at my grandfather's house and told my father
about our experiance.  He gave us his video camera and told us to record the
light.  Up again the road we came and again we saw the light.  My cousin
parked the truck so we can collect the rifles we had hidden by the fence.
This time the light stood in one place and it seemed to get brighter at times
and then it would go dim.  We got the camera and started recording.  The
light continued to change sizes getting very bright to very dim.  At its
brightest moment, I would say the light appeared to be the size of a
basketball.  We recorded for a good while and we sat there and exchanged
thoughts of what it was we were seeing.  We arrived at my grandfather's house
and hooked up the VCR.  My father was already asleep so we prepared the tape
to see it in the morning.  In the morning we viewed the tape, my father was
amazed.  He said when he was a kid he used to see a light similar to this one
we had recorded but the one he saw was more like a fireball moving about the
mountains!  We haved showed to the tape to many people in this town and
everybody says the have seen lights similar to the one we captured, but not
this large.

P.S. I have many other true stories about happeinings in Mexico as well as
here in my hometown Houston that I will send to you on a later date.  If you
would, reply to this message and let me know what you think.

Life of Experiences


  All my life I have had experiences (along with my entire family)
concerning apperitions and hauntings. This has gone on in my family for
  For example, my grandmother had a child on new years, in those days they
did not have pennicillin to cure pnemonia so my uncle became very ill.
  For two weeks my grandmother kept seeing a white misty cloud but said that
she could not look into it. Two weeks prior to my uncles death, she had
heard and seen a white dog howl under the window where Lyle (my uncle)
slept. She also heard an owl hooting, which is rare where she lived.
Well, the night that Lyle died (right before he died) she looked into the
mist, and what she saw was Lyles face, immediately after   looking into the
mist and seeing his face, he died.
  Also right after he died, my older uncle awoke my grandmother and said
everything down stairs in the basement cellar was flying all over the place,
it soulnded as if glass was breaking and the whole basement was in havoc.
Upon going downstairs my grandmother said nothing was out of place.
  These incidences are not abnormnal and have happened to every member of my
  In the home in which I now reside, approxamitely two weeks ago I went to
lay down to sleep. My eyes were wide open when I saw the apperance of a
white mist above my face. I kept looking til the mist opened up (mind you,
my eyes were open and I was totally alert) and I saw a man smiling at me. He
was a handsome man and looked as if he were either native american or
african american, or a mixture of both.
All I did was become somewhat startled, but I was not frightened as these
types of things have happened to me and members of my family all of our
  Anyway, all I did was ask,  "who are you?" and as soon as I said this, he
  In the home I now reside in with my husband and three children, we have
all seen and heard a person walking, slamming doors, and sometimes a white
mist appears in the hallway.
  We heard that a man had died in this home, but I have no proof of this.
  On New Years eve, at exactly 12:00am, our firealarm went off (there are no
batteries in it!) and the hot water faucet went on full blast. There was no
one in the kitchen at the time.
  My Mother passed on two years ago and we often talked about these kinds of
things. Whoever these people are, they follow our family.
  When my mother passed on, I saw her spirit leave her body. I know that
people will probably think I am off the wall or what ever, but I have seen
things as well as my extended family all our lives.
  To go on with this story, after my mother's death, I kept sending my
children into the bathroom to turn off my hairblower that kept turning on by
  I would also feel someone poke me on the shoulder, what my mother ALWAYS
did to get my attention or to give me a love tap.
  I know that if anyone were to investigate my home they would get plenty of
readings. I am not sure what you do to research everything (I have not yet
gotten to that part in your web site) but I do know that these so called
ghosts or "apperitions" have followed my entire family and extended family
all our lives.
  There is SO much more and so many more stories that I could tell you but
that could take all night. So for now I will submit these couple of things
to you and ask you just what is this mist with this man's face that I saw
hovering over me??? It wasn't frightening, just kind of startled me as I was
not expecting this.
   Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would like to tell you
that so far I have enjoyed your site immensley.
  I have many stories to tell you, but I will wait to see if I recieve a
response back.

The Watcher


  This is just one of several stories I have to contribute.  I have a
"watcher" ghost that I've been seeing as far back as I can remember.  As far
as I know it's male, and he watches me either as a protector, or just for
fun, I'm not sure.
  My first experience I don't even remember, but my mom told me about when I
was little (like 3-4) she'd hear me talking after I went to bed, she came in
the room thinking I was awake, she found me lying in bed, talking in my
sleep, saying "I only see the shadows when they're creeping around me."
  The first time I remember seeing him was a few years later when I was
about 6 or 7, I was in the woods with some friends, and I saw this pitch
black man run across the trail about a hundred yards away from me, now this
was in the middle of the day, on a well lit trail with no trees around.
  The next sighting I had was when I was about 10, after we had moved
sleeping over a friends house.  We were in the den watching T.V. and I got
up to get a book from his room,  I went through the house not bothering to
turn on lights as I went, cuz I knew the way.  When I get to the living
room, I saw the black man again.  He was standing half in a shadow, about 3
feet away from me, and looking out watching me,  the really freaky part was
that when I looked into his face, it looked like he was made of shadow,
completely 2 dimensional, and his eyes were cut outs (I saw the rest of the
room behind him).
   From then on I saw him all the time.  Wherever I was my house, a friends
house, driving, at night, or during the day, I'd see him watching me, as
soon as he saw that I saw him, he'd hide disappear, or hide behind
   There are 2 occasions when someone else saw him, the first was my
girlfriend.  She was staying over one night, this was in my parents house,
before we were married, so we slept in separate rooms, she had my bed, and I
got the couch.  Well the next morning she told me that she woke up in the
middle of the night, and felt as if she was being watched, she opened her
eyes and saw him standing over her, she felt very threatened, like he was
extremely angry at her.
   The other time someone else him was a few days after that, I was lying on
my bed, home alone, with my pet rat.  I had her out of the cage, and ket her
run around while I was relaxing.  Suddenly the rat got very scared, and ran
over to me and hid, all the time squeaking, and clicking her teeth
nervously, this was very odd behavior for her.  At that point I decided to
get some answers, I had been studying the supernatural for some time, and
decided to try and communicate with him.  I put myself into a trance and
asked him to identify himself.  He said he couldn't, but told me he meant no
harm, and that he is here to watch me.  He couldn't explain any more.  He
apologized for scaring the rat and my girlfriend, he then explained why he
was so angry at her, according to him, that was my bed, and I should've been
there.  It doesn't matter if I'm alone or not, but no one should use it
without me.  I told him it was ok with me for her to be there, and that he
was free to watch me as long as he wanted, but not interfere with my life,
or the lives of those around me, at the point he said that was ok with him.
  I still see him all the time, and whenever i do I feel safe in that
whatever happens to me, it won't go unnoticed, and if necessary, I'm sure
he'd do what he could to help.

The Ghost in Oak Grove Cemetary


 One day my friend Kim and I were at my house talking about ghost
and I told her that a girl from my school was murderd in one of the
cemetaries called Oak Grove and said I think she haunts the cemetary
walking around the spot were she was found dead she was stabed 18 or 20
 My friend Kim asked me if I could take her to the cemetary cause she
wanted to see if anything happend at first I was like no then at 11pm we
got in her car and happend to go too the cemetary and when my friend and I
got there and got too the spot were the girl had been found by 2 guys at
7am the day after she was killed, all of the sudden when we when you get
too the spot were her body had
been found you can see an 18 year olds figure in your mirror in
your car running towards your car and then stand next to your car
yelling help me and sometimes she will tell you to leave it's not safe, my
friend and I just about had a heart attack cause it had
just about gave us a heart attack and it will probley scar anyone
else too.

 The girls name is Ronda  and she was bloodjend to death
on August 14, 1994


The Gettysburg Ghost


I am a civil war reenactor and my unit and I were down to Gettysburg for the
Rememberance Day parade. It was the Friday that sarted the weekend,and we
decided to walk through devils den and the Traingular Feild. We all sat down
and started telling ghost stories. I got up to tell my one expreience, and
then my grandfather got up to tell his, and so on. As I finished I silnlently
refelceted on the beautiful place I was in. As my pap pap started telling his
story I heard drums in the woods to my left. Then I smelled a strong odor of
sulfer {gunpowder}. I looked to my right at my grandmother and said" Do you
smell that?" I was very familiar with the smell, and I have heared of
smelling it before on the ghost tours I have been on. I figured I am just
going to let it go. Then these people {tourists} came up to us said " Their
isn't any reenactments going on tonight right, because we heard drums." I
told them that we had heard it too, and all of my freinds said that they
heard the drums and smelled the sulfer. The also mentioned that all the cars
by the woods would go on the road, pause for a mintue, and continue. I am
very sensitive to paranormalactivity and I think this was just more ghosts
trying to tell us of their horrible experince.



I was spending the night at a friend's house.  He had
bunkneds and I was on the top.  My friend had fallen
asleep about an hour ago but I couldn't sleep.  Around
11PM I heard a sound that sounded like the pop of a
champange bottle.  Al of a sudden a small,bright spot
of light started circling the room.  It stopped in the
center of the room and grew into a big circle.  Not 5
seconds later everything went dark, even the street
light it seemed.  I could feel I wasn't alone.  My
friend has a chessboard in the corner of his room and
I heard the pieces moving.  I peeked over the edge of
the bed and I saw two almost misty figures on each
side of the chessboard and the pieces were moving.
About half an hour later the circle came back and then
left.  Everything went back to normal.  I never told
my friend but I am sure I wasn't dreaming.




The Bedroom Set


i have had a few run-ins with the supernatural throughout my life, but the
most recent occurance was in the fall of 1996. i decided that i wanted to
buy a bedroom set with a vanity. i picked up a newspaper that i had never
read before (nor have i read since) but i had a "feeling" that i would find
my set advertised in there. i called about the set and talked to an older
woman (mrs. t.) who was selling off the estate of her sister and
brother-in-law who had passed on in the last few years. mrs.t. said i could
come over to see it. as weird as it sounds, she "interviewed" me before i
was allowed upstairs to look at it. mrs t. told me she had turned away
others because she did not think they would take good care of the bedroom
set or just plain because she did not like them. fortunately she took a
liking to me and i had "permission" to buy the set. i fell in love with it
and got all seven antique pieces for a steal! immediately upon taking it
home and polishing it up, strange things started to happen. i would wake up
every morning with my quilt folded very neatly at the end of the bed. for
some reason i assumed it was my mother's doings so i never mentioned it.
this happened every night for about a month. then one night i woke up and
bending over me, looking directly into my face, was a woman with long white
curly hair. i yelped and shot up out of bed. i looked back towards the
headboard but there was no one there. i convinced myself i had been dreaming
and went back to bed. a few nights later i mentioned the occurances to my
mother. she said she was not folding my quilt but she was going to call mrs.
t. to ask her about it. as it turns out, the original owner of the set mrs.
t.'s younger sister, whom we shall call victoria. victoria came from a
prominant italian family in the boston area. all of the children had dark
hair and eyes, except victoria, who had platinum WHITE hair her entire life.
her brothers and sisters used to tease her as a child saying she was the
milkman's daughter! she married and had always dreamed of having a duaghter,
but the couple never had any children. she was very proud of her beautiful
bedroom set, but even more proud of the handmade quilt she kept FOLDED AT
THE END OF HER BED!  mrs. t. discussed what had happened with her family and
they all decided that i was the "daughter" victoria had never had and fate
had directed mrs. t. to let me buy the set. they felt that victoria was
folding my quilt just like she had folded her own for so many years. they
also felt that she had been bending over me to give me a kiss when i woke up
and I scared HER! the night i found this out i went home and sat down on my
bed. i spoke to victoria and told her i would take very good care of her
beloved bedroom set, but i did not want her "hanging out" in my room anymore
because she had scared me. all was quiet for about a week until one night
when i noticed my cat looking at the spot where victoria had appeared and he
was purring. then he stretched out his paw to that spot as if reaching out
to her. i yelled at him, telling him he was not allowed to "be nice" to her
because she wasn't supposed to be there! he blinked slowly a few times at
the spot, then jumped off the bed and left the room. that was the last i
heard from victoria.

 Family History


It seems that my family has had a sort of "history" of experiencing strange things.  It all seems
so normal to us, that I guess we just blow certain things off as imagination.  It's when instances
happen so closely together that we begin to think.  I have story that is the perfect example of
My grandfather had died just last month.  January 17 to be exact.  But this story takes place on
the 15th.  I was at my cousin Dee's house.  It was me, her, her husband, another cousin and her
boyfriend, and a few friends.  At about 10:30 p.m., Dee's mom, Carol (I'm almost the spitting
image of her), had called to ask if Dee had been to her house that day.  My cousin said no, and
asked why.  This is what my aunt had told her.
Carol had left earlier that afternoon with her boyfriend to go to lunch.  Well, knowing that she
wasn't going to be back until that evening, she said aloud that she wished she had left her porch
light on.  When she got home, BOTH porch lights were on.  She thought it was funny, but didn't
think too much of it, until she went into the house.  Every rug had been turned upside-down.  The
larger area rug in her living room had even been rolled up in front of her house.  Now, my aunt is
a serious stickler for everything in its place, so this freaked her out quite a bit.  But, what
made matters even more bizarre were her curtains she had just hung up that morning.  She keeps
them at a height of one inch from the ground.  Both curtains were not only touching the floor, but
one had been turned around.  Understandably, my aunt was terrified.  She thought someone was in
her house.  So, she locked herself in her garage.
She usually keeps a couple trash containers out there, one for dog food and the other for yard
waste.  Her dog was out in the garage as well.  Now, her dog is almost as old as the hills, and
his hips are going bad.  Besides, the only container he would ever touch is the one with the food
in it.  Well, as the situation would have it, the yard waste container had been knocked over and
the weeds and twigs spread all over the garage floor.  She immediately called her son-in-law, who
lives just a couple houses away.  (Yes, she had a phone in the garage as well.  Luckily.)  He,
along with a neighbor, had come over and searched the house thoroughly.  No one could be found.
No one living, anyway.  She absolutely refused to sleep that night until another, more skeptical,
aunt came over.  Not much else happened that night.
Or so it would seem.  Apparently, when she had called her son-in-law, my aunt was talking to her
other daughter, Carolyn, until he came over.  Carolyn had claimed that their conversation was
being monitored by someone on an extension in the house.  (There are three phones in the house:
one in the master bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the garage.)  When Carolyn had made
mention of someone else being on the phone, there was an audible click as the extension was hung
up.  This made matters worse for my aunt, because she was still alone in the house.
This wasn't the beginning, though.  It actually started earlier that morning.  My aunt's former
mother-in-law, Ruby, had called.  She asked Carol if she had called her the previous night, the
14th.  My aunt said no, and asked why.  Well, Ruby's Caller ID showed that a call was made to her
from my aunt's house at exactly 12 midnight.  But my aunt was asleep at the time, and she lives
alone.  So, who made the call?
Well, this is getting to be long-winded, so I'm going to stop it here.  There's more to this
story, so I'll just send it in another post.  Thanks so much for reading.  If anyone has any
questions or advice, please feel free to e-mail me.

As promised, here's the rest of the story.  As I said in the beginning, my grandfather had died
last month.  We had finally figured that all of the activity that was going on was because of him.
So, on Sunday, Jan. 16th, my cousin Dee and I decided to buy an Ouija board.  I had used them
before, so I knew what to do.  We had contacted our great-uncle Kenny.  He was our grandpa's
brother, but I'm not sure if he was younger or older.  I believe he was younger, though.  Anyway,
he had been dead for quite some time, early 80's.  He said he was the prankster who was behind the
hijinks at my aunt's house.  He had been trying to get her attention.  Boy, did he get it!!
Anyway, he wanted to let us know that grandpa would be leaving us soon, and that he had come to
take him home.  We asked him when, and he said that there will a party for grandpa on Thursday.
So, naturally, we assumed we had until Thursday to be with grandpa.  But this was not to be.  We
thanked Uncle Kenny for the message and said our goodbyes.
The next day, all of us kids had gone over to my grandparents' house.  At first, my fiance didn't
want me to go since I was there the day before.  But I told him that I had this feeling that I
should be there, so I went.  There were kids and grandkids coming and going from the house all
day. It was like we all knew.  At about 5:00 that evening, grandpa took a turn for the worse.  (He
had cancer, and his kidneys had failed at this time.)  He asked my grandma where everyone was, so
she had me call his last two living sisters, one older and the other was the baby.  They got to
the house at about 5:45.  They immediately went in to see him.  I had called my sister over too.
Her boyfriend had been an EMT and was a big help to grandma when taking care of grandpa.  They had
just walked in the house, when he went in to check my grandpa's vitals.  Right at the moment that
Mike (the EMT) called for my grandma, everyone knew.  It was exactly 6:00 p.m. on January 17, that
my grandpa passed away.
Now, I know I had said that Uncle Kenny said it would be Thursday, but oddly enough, technically
it was Thursday when he left us.  That Thursday, January 20, was our dear grandpa's wake.  It was
a rather large to-do, as grandpa would put it, as far as the people who came.  People who I
haven't seen in years were there, and then some.
But this doesn't necessarily end the story.  This will go on.  I was very close to my grandpa, and
hope to continue to be, even though he's passed on.  I've talked to him through the Ouija, and
know he's okay.  One last thing to add before I go.  My aunt, Carol, had woke up one night not too
long ago.  She looked over by her bedroom door, where this eerie light was coming from.  She says
she saw both my grandpa and uncle Kenny standing there, smiling at her.  She told them good night,
and they were gone.  So, I'm assuming grandpa did make it to heaven.  (He had been concerned with
where his brother was coming from to take him back.  If it was hell, he wasn't going.)
Well, so far, this is the end of my story.  That is, until the next strange thing happens.  I'll
keep you posted on any interesting new developments.  Thanks.

Evil Spirits


Hello,  I just read the section you have on whether a haunting is caused
by a earth bound human spirit or something evil.  Yes, I believe that
the evil ones are much more rare, but I can attest to the fact that if a
spirit is evil you will have no doubt about it's intentions.
    When I was first married about 8 years ago many things began to
happen in my home.  My husband had been heavily involved in the game
Dungeons and Dragons, very heavily involved.  He had also delved into
satanism and witchcraft. The music and books that he enjoyed of course
leaned in these directions.  He had denounced all of these things before
moving into my home and I figured that they were just a teenage phase.
I was wrong.
     At some time he had actually began to call on a specific demon that
he believed in.
   When he moved in my then 2 year old began to have an imaginary
friend, a normal childhood thing, right?  She called him chewy, after
the Star Wars character,  She would talk to him as if he was actually
responding  Soon she became afraid of him and started hiding in strange
    I will give you a short list of the things that happened over the
next four years.

There were horrible smells, sulfur, decay, feces
There were objects in mirrors, halls, etc. that could never be looked at
Things were broken
Friends would not even come in the door
My husband once experienced a "creature" on his chest with a smothering,
unable to respond feeling.  At the same time he felt as if something was
after my daughter.  She soon woke with nightmare of a lion trying to get
to her.
I once woke to a voice and a black on black image in the door to my room
that I felt was threatening my new born son.
Soon after my son was born a large spot of mildew began to spread over
his bed, we moved the bed and the spot spread over that spot too. There
were no leaks and attempts to clean it or stop it were useless.  We
sprayed Kilz on it to no avail.
I also began to have horrible feelings of not just being watched, but
stalked, nightmares of violent rape. and murder
    I know all of this could have come out of some movie, but it
didn't.  Please let me know if you've heard any similar stories.  There
is a lot more to this one but I won't take all of your time.

Strange happenings


I really don't know where to begin but I'm certainly glad that i found your
website and know now i'm not crazy or alone.My first experience with what i
think are ghosts is the house we are currently living in in Tempe,Arizona. I
have two other roommates and my boyfriend living in this house. Two days
after we moved in, the garage door that leads into the living room flew
opened and stopped at a specific point before the wall.I thought maybe it
was our roommate playing a joke on us  because he is the only one with
access of opening that door.Nope not him, he's still at work. Then we went
to investigate and nothing in garage. I still can't explained that door but
if my boyfriend hadn't of seen the same thing people would not believe us.

The next experience in the same house happened a couple of months ago, I was
making dinner and heard my roommates bedroom door open and shut and keys
rattle like he was leaving, so i called to him that dinners ready if your
hungry.No answer so i thought maybe he didn't hear me, Twenty minutes later
my roommate came out of his room and i asked how did you get back so soon
and in your room so fast. He told me that he was sleeping for about a few
hours. I asked him did he hear me call his name and he said "No, I was
sleeping." I know that him & I were the only two people in that house or so
I thought.

My last instance is the broken fan in the bathroom. We never use it because
of the clanking sound it makes when turned on.My roommate asked one day if i
left the fan on in the bathroom and i said "no, i thought you said not to
use it." Four other times that day the fan would be on and not one of us did
it. I can't explain that one, except for it has to be a ghost in the house.


Black Figures in the Bedroom


 At the time I was 13. But here I go and I was wondering if you could put this in your web page. Well this is how it started
 This all started happening when I moved my grandma's bedroom set down we went up there and she gave me this beautiful
bedroom set. well anyways she gave us alot of other stuff like really old pictures and stuff like that. Well let me get to
the pointe. before this all happened I had a dream that I was walking down a hall way but it looked like I was in a mine or
 an undergroung mine (where they try and find gold) and I was walking and there were these guys and they were digging and
one turned around and smiled and me and i thought that I have seen him before but then I kept walking down the hallway
and one guy stood up and he told me not to go down there because it was haunted. But of course I did not listen and I kept
on going but when i was walking i could see this figure of white smoke and then it started to get fuller and then it was a
women in a white victorian dress but she had not feet and her hair was pulled back and she had a pale face and she came
towords me and she grabbed my arm but i was scared and I tryed to get away. Then after that I woke up. never had the dream
agian but it scared me and anyways time passed and my mom told me to go get the pictures that my grandma gave me and i went
 and got them and when we were going through them picked up one and looked at it and was freaked out and my mom ask me what
 was wrong and I told her that this was the same woman that was in my dream. And it was this picture she was happy and it
was an old picture and she had white frizzy hair and was pulled back. And i was really scared. that is only the begining and
 then i was going through the rest and I picked up a picture of these guys and i looked at it and the same guy that i saw in my dream
that smiled at me was in there and all the other guys that were in my dream was in there two. I was soooo freaked out. But
them time passed and I got my bedroom set done and I got it set up and that i when things started to happen. I was sick one
time i mean really sick and i was sleeping and it was about 3:00 a.m. and i woke up and I saw the same women in my dream
standing there in my bathroom and she was just looking at me and I was just laying there and she would never leave untill i
fell asleep. well anyways the other time was when i was laying there in my bed and i was tired that night am i have been
crying and i woke up and i saw her agian and this time she was right by my bedside and she smiled and i could feel something
 cold rubbing my arm and it was her hand and she did the same thing she did go away untill i fell asleep. Anways I was
getting use to her and when ever i saw her she did not scare me but when i was talking to my mom one day she was saying to me that she
has had some things happen to here she would have things dissapear and she would have things move when her back was turned.
And she also told me that when i am downstairs she can hear footsteps in my bedroom. and after i had this talk with her the
women was never there anymore but then i started seeing black figures in my bedroom.
oh yeah and i also found out that the guy that was smiling at me was her brother. that is my story and I was wondrering if
you could please write me back as soon as you read this letter and know i am starting to see the black figure more and more.
 the other thing that i wanted to tell u was that i can always tell when there is a ghost in the room. i get this high pitch
 nose in my ears and i think that there are three ghost living in my house and i think there is a guy a women and a little
girl. but if you could please write me back that would be great.

Our Victorian Cottage


Five years ago my wife and I purchased a 2 bedroom cottage in the foothills of the Sierras.  The day we closed on the
mortgage I got busy cleaning to get ready to move.  At about two in the afternoon I was cleaning in the kitchen when I had
to stop, climb down from the ladder and go to the dining room.  As I entered the room I was face to face with a young girl.
 She was transparent but her features were somewhat visible.  In a moment she was gone.
That evening I told my wife the story and we both discounted it.  I decided that since our kids were grown maybe it was sort
 of "wishful thinking" on my part.  Soon after we moved in my wife saw an image in the kitchen. She described it as a "white
blur" that raced from the dining room into the living room and then through the front door.  Note that the door was shut
when the "blur" when by.  Now it was my wife's turn to tell me of her experience.  She mentioned that she also saw a black
spot in the kitchen at the same time she saw the white one.  The black area gave her a really bad feeling.  For months
nothing more transpired other than we noticed our cat keeping a close eye on the built in hutch that is original to the house
.  Then one afternoon I was in the kitchen when our cockatiel started going wild in her cage.  Suddenly a dried flower
arrangement that my wife had me anchor tightly on a shelf above the bird fell to the floor.  A moment later the lid on the
kitchen trash can flipped open on its own.  Now I know we live in California but there were no tremors and with the money
that flower arrangement cost-- I assure you I anchored it tightly to the wall and it was sitting on a six inch deep shelf.
 I really had no fear, for some reason the whole event seemed like a natural occurrence.  I gotta tell you however, my eyes
were wide open and my jaw dropped shut.
A few days later I decided to go into the dining room where I first "had the pleasure of its company" to ask a name.  I did
feel a bit odd as a grown man, a husband and father of two.  I just said "okay,so what is your name?"  "Amy" was the reply.
 I was out of the house really quick and scared this time.  I walked back in and asked Amy what her situation is (or was).
Amy, I believe is the child of owners of the home during the flu epidemic of the late teens of the twentieth century.  My
 wife often sees the image of a white blur wooshing through the front door.  My wife now believes it would be just like a
kid to be running in and out the door.  We got another cat two years ago that loves to play next to the hutch.  It occured
to me that maybe that built-in hutch would make a wonderful place for a small child to play.
I finally bought a new computer and had it set up in the back of the house.  I plugged it in and it started typing on its
own.  Then it went into the CMOS settings.  Norton antivirus said the computer was fine.  I then set the system up in another
 area with no problems.  I had an expert look into some sort of electical fields in the area the computer had been in but
nothing was found.  My son was out for a few weeks and he and I were watching a ball game when the water turned itself on in
 the restroom 12 feet away.  Nobody was in the house but he and I and we both looked at each other mistified.  I also
enjoyed the visit from my devout baptist mother-in-law who stays up 'till all hours knitting and watching television.  My
mother-in-law had thought I was just, well "seeing things".  To this I agreed.  As did my wife and our grown son.  One
morning I got up to find her still on the couch.  She looked at me with a serious eye and said "I saw her". I asked who
she saw.  She said "Amy stood over me and watched me knit and then went through the front door".
My wife and I are both happy, healthy and mature adults who questioned this situation.  We both love this beautiful home
in the area of the California gold rush.  This is a happy place that would be hard to leave.  I have had people tell me she
 needs to be sent on her way to a greater glory.  My wife and I suggested it to her one day and for about a year there was
nothing.  Every now and then there is a small reminder of her in the house.  I hope we have been some help to this little
soul, we are a family with a lot of love; enough love for this little lost soul.

Very Dim Light


This happed at my parents house when I was about 8 years old and my
parents still live there Im 30yrs old today and telling this the first time.
From what I remember we just finished eating dinner, it was about
6:00pm andI remember going to my room and laying on my bed, about to get up and
go to the living room to watch some tv I turned my head and noticed a light
on the floor  I remember looking up at the light on the ceiling it was
a very dimm light about 15 watts not enough power to shine on the floor like a flash
light. I then glanced down again at the floor the light got brighter woundering what
was happening.Then very slowly a woman was floating up from the ground were the
light was coming from she was a black lady dressed in a maides uniform white apron like they
use to wear in the 1800 she started floating towards me and had a nife in her hand
slowly raising it up I screamed out to my mother and she quickly disappeared and the light
was gone .
Later that night when I went to bed and fell asleep I felt some thing
percing me on the side and I just kept my eyes closed to scared to open them thinking she
came back and then that night i dreamed about her chasing me arount the house trying to kill
me but it was not my parents house I think it was her house  and then woke up.
never saw her again thank god!!! untill the white little boy when i
was 9yrs old but i tell it another time.



       I am writing to you in the hopes that you may be able to help me. I am
19 years old and I live in Brooklyn ,New York. I have always had an interest
in the paranormal and I think that I can attribute that to my Grandmother who
instilled in me, the many ghost stories she experienced. I can recall the
many times that I knew there were other presences in the room with me...but I
always put it off. My Aunt recognized something in me and she sent me to the
house of a friend of hers , and that is where I found that I was able to see
and feel what most people can't. I "saw" ( although I wasn't convinced that
it wasn't my imagination) 4 definite entities in her house and I was able to
touch articles that the family had found in the walls, during remodeling, and
"see" what were like movies playing behind my eyes - of the articles being
used or held. It was EXTREMELY unnerving. There was a small boot,circa early
1900's, a small bottle of Ipocac, a small spoon, a piece of pottery, and the
base of an old iron stove and a stamp. Upon holding the boot, I immediatly
saw a curtain blowing in a breeze and I "heard" someone coughing. As I was
able to move my gaze around the room, I saw a little boy with dirty-blond
hair lying in a big bed. He looked very pale and sick. I saw a hand reaching
towards his mouth with what looked like a spoonful of medicine..and he just
kept coughing. He had his hair cut in a bowl shape. Then it was gone. I
didn't know what to think. I just told the owner what I had seen.
        I "felt" a rightness in saying the name Alexander, or Alex and she
just smiled. She said that I was absolutley right in what I was saying. She
had had psychics come into the house and they too had described a boy by the
name of Alex who died of TB. Later,I found him hiding behind the bar in the
basement. I could feel that he was upset that I was  trying to find him and
he peeked at me from the bar with a scowl on his face. I told him that I was
his friend and that I was leaving. The minute that I shut the door, I felt
him at my back and he proceeded to follow me around the rest of my time
there. There were other beings in the house that I "saw", including an old
man in a high-backed wheelchair, he looked directly at me, and I saw the
hands of a nurse on the handles but that was all that I could see of her.(
Pretty scared by this point). They supposedly starved to death in the house
during the war. There is also a beautiful Spanish - looking girl in a high
necked brown taffeta dress. She supposedly drowned in the river behind the
house( the house dates back to the early 1700's). I "felt" that her name was
Merna? Mirna?
          I touched a black marble table in the foyer and I saw many faces
rushing up from the table. The most prominent being the face of an elderly
women with blond hair and light blue eyeshadow and pink stained lips. When I
offered that information to the owner, she laughed and told me that the women
who owned the table before her had looked just as I had described. The whole
family accepts the "roommates" and usually speaks to them and treats them as
if they are family.
          Is it possible that I don't really have a special abilty, and that
I am just picking up leftover energy? I "feel"  things that others don't and
I have a hard time getting others to listen to me without cynicism or
scoffing. I would like to use this ability? to help others if I have it. I
too have had a bad experience with the ouija and with evil entities
inhabiting the household. I have also felt extreme tension and dislike from
various entities in different places. I know how it feels and if I can
further this ability in order to help others , then please tell me how I
could approach that task. Is it possible at all? I would love to hear any
input on this subject so if anyone gets a quick minute...please drop me a
note. Ok? :} Thanks so much.


My College


Hey. I had an expierence(s) I thought I should share. I go to a college
where one of the campuses
is haunted. I am in a Paramedic course at a well known Toronto, Ontario
college. And my girlfriend is in the "haunted" campus taking Accounting.
I went one evening to pick her up because we were supposed to go out for
dinner, and as soon as a walked in the old building a caught really cold
gust of of air in one spot of the hallway while the rest of the hallway
is at room temperature. Its one freaky place,  man. There is these rooms
that make the hair on the back of neck stand up. Apparently this was an
old mental hospital (I think I might have given too much away about what
college it is). Anyway, my other story. I lived with a ghost for a few
years in my parents' old house, I take it this ghost like "Man Who Sold
The World" from Nirvana because cd could be in its case on the damn
shelf, and I'd come home and it old be in my player on repeat very low
volume. Im pretty sure my mom or dad wouldn't listen to Nirvana, because
they hate Kurt Cobain. One night I was coming home late from work and
walked in and heard a voice from the kitchen say "hey Mike", I thought
it was my dad but when I looked nobody was there, I thought "damn I must
be tired", and went to bed. The next night I was in the basement lifting
some weights (pumpin' some iron) when out to the corner of my eye I
caught sight of a figure coming down the stairs, when I looked it was my
grandpa, I turned my head, blessed myself and prayed "no, not me, don't
take me". And when I looked back he was gone. It's been a few years
since that, and I always say that if I had my time back I would have
talked to him and see what it was he wanted from me. I told my mom about
this just the other day and she said that she had saw the same thing
while folding laundry, he would come down to the second last step, smile
and disappear, so I am not nuts I guess, my dad had felt a presence but
not seen anything. But about that college my girlfriend had seen little
streaks of light and shadows, and many other other strange things. It's
mostly the feeling you get from being in there. Anyway that's all.

Haunted because of Me and Her


I've lived in my house for about 9 years now. we moved in the summer before i
started third grade and I'm now 17.i know that the stuff i'm about to
describe could never have happened but it did and its the truth. at first i
would see things out of the corner of my eye and write it off and not think
about but when i was nine or ten is when i had my first experance. my friend
was reading the story Bloody Mary (a well known ghost story) and my bedroom
door burst open and a cold wind came in my room knocking all the hats off my
wall. my parents were gone it was just her and i. then i started to notice a
tall black shadow of a man walk into my kitchen and the first couple of times
i though it was my dad but then i woul remember no one was home but me. and a
couple of years ago i notice that when i would have to go to the bathroom in
the middle of the night and i'd go into the hall way i felt like someone was
running towards me. the last year he stoped running at me but would be at the
end of the hall standing next to the couch with another black shadow sitting
on the middle of the couch looking at me.i was starting to think i was isane
untill one day me and my to best friends started talking about ghost and
stuff like it and i told them about what i had saw and they said they saw it
to and this not a once and a while thing this is everynight. well after
talking to them so wierd stuff started to happen like a pack of my friends
gum disappeared and then about six months later i found it under my wallunit
which is on the other side of the room.another event that happened to me was
i was sitting on the floor of my room listening to music with the lights off
i saw someone walking towards me i mean i could see the shoes and the crease
in the pants but like that it was gone. now i've noticed the older i get the
more i see things where ever i go. like walking home from school i was
looking down at my shirt but could still see the road clearly i saw someone
on a bike on the other side of the road go into on coming traffic and get hit
by a car but when i looked up no one was there. i see the shadow people as me
and my two friends call them at my grandma's house. once when i was in the
shower i heard my friends voice say my name but she was in the desert
somewhere. but the most recent and puzzling were at another one of my friend
birthday party we went to a park near her house. they were off playing hide
and go seek. my friend Lacieand i were sitting on the swings and i got this
feeling of someone needings help then all hell broke out and some wierd
things started happening by the end though we figured out the some kid had
hurt and killed another kid we don't know if the kid meant to or not but when
we left something want us to go back but at the same time something wanted us
to leave.Lacie was walking next to me when she turned around and took off
towards the park and i started after knowing if she reached the park
something bad would happen as i was running after her something told my to
stop and just as i did lacie triped over something and hit the ground hard.
but the one that has me really freaked out is a couple of weeks ago lacie ws
telling me about this picture of a magician smiled at her so we held a
seince(you know where you are in a group and try to contact the dead) well we
found out that lacie reminded this dead magician Cardini of his wife. and now
when a slow song plays she will start dancing by her self but she's not
because if i close my eyes i can see him and feel what he is thinking.lacie
wants to ignore all the things we have seen but i know that the older we get
and the more she tries not to believe the more we'll see these things

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