The Shadowman


Ok,this is my story of the shadowman.Me and my cousin went to go to
california to go to my grandma`s house.Well one night,me and my cousin were
watching TV and my Grandma was sleeping in her room.When I was reaching for
my soda on the desk beside me,I looked toward my room and a guy who was
around 6' 3", walked toward my room.The man was jet black and had no features
whatsoever.I started to shake real badly and then my cousin looked and he saw
it too.The shadow man stopped and turned his head toward us,possibly looking
at us, I couldnt tell.I started to cry and my cousin started shaking really
bad.Then the shadow man walked in our room.Me and my cousin were confused and
were wondering what was going on.Also many other strange things happedn of
seeing an eyeball on the wall and seeing the shadow man a second time.

A Ghostly Passenger


I was wondering what  you would make of this experience that my mother
and sister had the other day.  They went to visit my uncle who lives in
a senior citizen apartment complex.  This is not s nursing home but a
high rise designed for seniors.  When they left him and were walking
across the parking lot to my sister's car both my mother and sister
noticed a man sitting in the passenger seat of  my sister's car.  They
did not mention it to each other at the time.  My sister didn't want to
panic my mother.  It was quite icy and she was afraid that my mom would
panic and fall on the ice.  My mother was in such a state of disbelief
that she said she couldn't talk.  When they were quite close to the car,
the man turned, looked right at them and then he was gone.  At that
point my mom and sister described what they saw to each other--a man
wearing large glasses and a knit hat.

    Both  claim that he did not resemble anyone they knew in life.  My
husband joked that maybe they had taken his parking space.  My sister
has had no past or present experiences with a haunting in her car.  We
are all curious as to why he appeared to both of them at that time, in
that place.



Back in 1981 on Christmas Day, my father took a picture of the family in front of the fireplace with a Poloroid Instamatic
 Camera.  As we watched it slowly develop we noticed the image of two people standing behind us with their arms around each
 other.  One was a woman and one was a man.  They were smiling and not frightening at all.  They were quite opaque.
We all tried to think of an explanation of how this could have happened but couldn't come up with anything.  My father
 became very frightened and tossed the picture into the fireplace stating it was ridiculous.  Two weeks later my father -
 who had leukemia- died.  It seemed like more than a coincidence to us.

Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Colorado Ghost Story

Hello I wanted to tell my story about the time we lived in a older house
built in the 1900's. It is in a smaller old mining town, Lafayette
Colorado. We moved in in 1996,and at first I had my doubts about moving
in just because of the condition and location,but the price was
affordable being we had three small children. Well we moved in and the
first thre weeks we noticed there electrical prob;ems lights were always
blinking going off and on . so we called a electrician he couldn't find
anything but a couple of old wires and fixed them. Well then we noticed
my 2 1/2 year old son woke up every night at the same time which was
around the middle of the night screaming running around the house it was
as if he were in a trance or something, then a coupl of occasions my
husband and I were confronted with the spirit when we were in bed. We
had to leave the house, We ever got ny good pictures of it or anything I
do also remember that whi;le I was living there i used to think I was
having panic attacks becuse I i couldn't breath sometimes It felt like
something was taking over me a veryweird feeling. Wel all of our
problems ended the day we deciced to move out but I really wish i could
find someone who can actually go in the house and check if there are
still ghosts occupying the house.

Strange Household


When I was about 6 yrs old, I moved to Wisconsin after the death of my father. We moved to a small town which in earlier
days had been occuppied by indians and town folk alike.  The old house we moved into had been the town whore house, or so
Im told. Across the street from the house was a school in which the yard stands a tree which was used for all the hanging
executions. Many times as the years went by we kids in the neighborhood dug holes in the yards and found some interesting
items , such as button up boots, a bicycle built for 2, medicine bottles and indian beads.  I dont really remember anything
 out of the ordinary happening for the first couple of years that we lived there but after that my entire adolescence was
fear of having to go to bed in that house at night or ever being left there alone.At first strange little things would
happen, such as hearing strange noises. Then as time progressed things were getting stranger and stranger. It was me and
 my mother and my brother that lived there. After a while the ghosts in the house actually started showing themselves to
us and touching us.At night I would go to sleep in my bed,with lights on of course thinking that they would keep me safe
from ghosts. I would keep my feet pulled up tight against my chest because if I didnt something would grab my feet at the
end of my bed and hold on tight! Then I would retreat to my moms bed in a hurry and crawl in with her. With my mom snoring
 away oblivious to everything going on, I would slowly turn her light on hoping she wouldnt notice and turn it off. Well
 the ghosts must have followed me in there because it wouldnt be long and theyd be in there haunting me. I would loudly
hear noises of bells ringing or chains rattling! Most nights would go with fear and without sleep. I would usually fall
asleep toward morning leaving me afew hours to get up for school. If that wasnt scary enough, then they starting showing
themselves to me. I had to walk through my living room one night to get to the bathroom and there stood a line of ghosts
i had to walk past. I think there had to be about 5 or so. I distinctly remember one. It was a woman, wearing a long dress,
 button up boots, with a wide brimmed hat with a long ribbon flowing from it. I think she stands out the most because she
was the one who laughed at me and taunted me as I walked past them. My brother was also bothered by the ghosts in that house.
  He would awaken in the morning with bruises on his chest because the ghosts had been pounding on him during the night.
He too was afraid. It went on until I was 16 and my mother decided we needed a different house to live in. It was only a
 matter of years before I was married and we moved into a house to rent which was in the same neighborhood,a few houses
away to be exact. The house had an upstairs which I boarded off because their were ghosts up there. At night I would hear
 the heavy footsteps of a man walking up there. I would hear windows break that been left un touched. Coming home one night,
 I saw a man walking through my dining room from a window. I thought it was my husband, but when I got inside, noone was
home. Only the ghosts. I had my friends stay with me from then on when my husband was gone to work and they too experienced
everything as I did.Back then when I was a child, I thought to myself that maybe I was dreaming or hallucinating or whatever.
 It took me until I was an adult to really look back and realize and to convince myself that I had really experienced what
I did. I am a true believer in ghosts. How could I not be?

Smally Hall


I am one of those people that enjoys the paranormal.  My mother's friend used
to work at an old mental hospital in Princeton.    She told us all about the
place, how there was underground tunnels and about the building that was
closed when she had worked there..Smally Hall.  Well, one night, her mother
drove us down there.  When we entered the array of buildings, we saw the one
that would be out place of investigation.  Her mother had left, knowing if we
had gotten caught, she would be fined, I being 17 years of age, had decided
this was something I could not miss.  We propped ourselves on a mini roof,
gently took of the screen of the window, and opened the window. I was the
first to climb in.  The view was incredible, hundreds of doors, wide open.  A
couple years before they had spent over ten thousand fixing the place up, one
day, they up and left.  Now pieces of the ceiling were fallin onto the floor.
 The paint is peeling off of the walls.  We walked until we found a closet
full of files that had carelessly been thrown in there,  we decided to leave
that alone and continued walking.    We then found the morgue, bottles of
embalming fluid still lay on the table.  As we went to investigate more, we
heard footsteps.  I looked at my friend and the same look of complete fright
took over her face as did mine.  We ran, and jumped out onto the roof and ran
to my car.  We sat for a moment, pondering if whether or  not we wanted to go
back in.  We decided against it.  As we pulled away we saw a room with blood
red satin curtins, untouched.  I looked down because my shoelace was caught
on my gas peddle, and when i looked up, there were a set of handprints on the
window.  I went back a couple times afterwards, and paranormal activity took
place every time.  I want to know your feed back.

Indirect Experiences...


None of my experiences have been direct, in my face experiences, at least
since I have been of an age to be able to distinguish fantasy from reality
(sometimes it is hard though).  One event I was involved in, I actually
slept through!  I will start with my experiences chronologically, as best
as my memory serves.  But before I tell my stories, I want to say that this
website is a GREAT one and I have spent many hours over the last few days
checking out the site and reading others stories.  Some stories have a few
events that hit home, while others are so dramatic that I often find myself
peeking over my shoulder while reading!!!  This is my first time doing
this, so bare with me...I am also quite long you will see.

I have always had a strange mixture of fascination and fear of "other
world" events.  I have heard many stories from family members & friends,
some with small events, some much larger.  To start off my first event:
This happened when I was young, somewhere between 6-8 years old.  I don't
have a great memory when it comes to my childhood, but this and one other
event I will tell you about next, stands out and has throughout the years.
I remember being sick at home and laying on the living room couch.  I
remember my mother was home, though I don't recall where she was in the
house when this happened.  I think I had been throwing up and was sick with
a fever, drifting off and on from sleep.  I had at that time one of those
life size dolls that a lot of young girls my age had at the time (some of
you might remember), and I don't recall whether the doll was in the room or
not, but that doll brings some confusion to my story.  I remember laying on
the couch, awake and facing the TV.  The next memory I have is of something
my size walking across the room towards me and then proceeded to touch me
(how I don't recall) and also tickling me.  I don't recall the features,
though I am often tempted to think I was hallucinating my doll doing this
to me, mainly because the "thing" and my doll were the same size...and I
remember thinking it was in some sort of human form.  But this event sticks
out very clear and still scares me to think about.  I don't recall where we
were living at the time or if any other event went on.

Throughout my life, as early as I can remember, not on any regular basis,
but here and there every couple of years or so, I would hear my name yelled
in my ear.  But it was something that only I would hear and it happened not
enough for me to really give it much thought beyond my initial fright,
which would last a few hours.  Sometimes it is yelled with panic in the
voice and repeated a few times.  I cannot recognize the voice, but it is
almost muffled...but I know it is yelled.  It has not happened for years,
but the last time it happened was probably the scariest and stands out the
most.  I recall being in bed, just at the point of falling asleep, and if
my memory serves me right, I was living at home with my family and sharing
a room with my sister.  Everyone was a sleep when this happened too.  I was
at that point of falling asleep where you are aware of things, but REALLY
relaxed...almost there...almost asleep.  I hear someone, maybe twice, yell
my name VERY loudly right in my ear, but it was that muffled tone.  My eyes
were wide open and I was no longer on the road to sleeping!  Nothing
happened that night beyond that, and no one was awake.  Needless to say, I
had a hard time falling asleep that night.  That was the last time I
remember the yelling voice in my ear.  (My fiance thinks, after hearing
this story I need to see a shrink...but I know it wasn't my crazy
imagination...something was saying my name...who, what or why I dont know).

My sister swears she used to see things in the house we grew up in and my
next story takes place in that house.  She was often scared of something,
usually something she saw out our bedroom windows.  At that time I was very
into UFO and alien stories (still am too) and so is (and was) my I wonder sometimes if she had just heard to many stories
and scared herself?  Anyway, this is the only event I recall at that house,
and I unfortunately don't know any history of the house or land.  My
parents still live there though and I never hear anything from them about
events, which makes me wonder if I was dreaming...though I know I was not.
I was on the bottom bunk and my sister on top, I think I was maybe 10 or
11...she's 2 years younger.  We slept with the bedroom door open, as did
our parents, which right out of our door across the tiny hall was their
room.  Both rooms had night lights at night on, so we usually felt very
safe.  I remember everyone was asleep and had been for a while.  I don't
know if I woke up or was still trying to get to sleep, but I was laying on
my back and I heard (as clear as day), HEAVY fast and very RUSHED running
footsteps...getting closer and closer.  The footsteps were VERY loud and I
was scared stiff, though the scariest part was the fact that WHOEVER was
running was so rushed...I mean sprinting and fast.  I just lay there, my
eyes wide open waiting for something to appear in my doorway.  I wasn't
even thinking about anyone waking up, though no one ever did.  Nothing ever
reached my door (at least that I saw) and the running got louder and closer
after a few minutes.  I don't recall what or when it stopped or when I fell
asleep...I just remember laying there, listening and frightened stiff.  The
thing is, our house is TINY and it literally took a second to walk from the
front rooms to the hallway were the bedrooms were in.  "Whatever" would
have reached my room in three or four steps at the rate it ran, but it went
on for a few minutes (that I can remember).  Weird huh!?

I have one last story to tell, which happened about 4 years ago (I was
19yrs old).  And THANK GOD, I slept through this one!  I went to a
government funded school in a little town in Oregon exactly 9 months.  At
that school, the kids (majority of them) lived in dorms there, and they all
seemed to have a story of their own...seeing ghosts...people who had died
there years before...supposed Indian burial grounds...stuff like that.
Though this is the only thing that I ever saw (well, not literally, I was
sleeping!)...I was involved in.  In our dorm room there were 4 girls and 2
bunk beds directly across from one another.  We all got along good and
would stay up talking late at night and such.  I particularly close to the
girl who was in the bunk above me.  She was a very special friend to me;
but had some strange habits of sitting straight up in the middle of the
night or hanging her head down to talk to me, while asleep!!!  At first it
was scary, but I got used to it (as used to it as you can get) and I'd tell
her to go back to sleep and occasionally had to get up to do it, lay her
back down and stuff.  So I was used to that, more than the other girls.
Things got strange when she began saying things (instead of just rambling
away) "no no no..." and "no don't touch me" and things like that.  I don't
recall waking up during those "no" episodes, though my fellow bottom bunk
roomie across the room heard them.  Then she started sitting up in bed and
taking down her pictures (we never figured that one out).  She'd wake up
and her pictures would be laying across her bed.  Now my upper bunk mate
never remembered any of this, even when she was just doing her normal
babbling.  Here comes the scary part (at least for me)...and damn it...I'm
alone while I type this...go figure!  Everyone was asleep except for the
girl (who I believe a totally honest person) on the bottom bunk across the
room from us.  She had been laying there trying to get to sleep...I don't
think it was too late in the evening...but we'd all passed out.  Apparently
my friend on the top bunk above me started with her "no no...don't touch
me" night talk and the other girl on the bottom bunk was watching her.  My
top bunk mate sat straight up in bed and continued with her "no" talking.
That is when *N* as I will call her, laying in bed watching *A* as I'll
call her, saw IT.  At the bottom of the bunk stairs, at the foot of MY bed
she saw what she described as a midget body with a weird head (I cant
remember if she said an animal head or a "monster" like head).  It scurried
up the stairs (I'm getting the willies...big time now, typing this alone)
and had gone under *A's* covers near her feet.  *A* is still saying the "no
no" talk and sitting straight up in bed.  *N* then saw the thing under
*A's* covers making it's way from her feet to her waist, as a moving bump
under the covers.  It never came up from the covers while doing this and
from *N* description, it moved fairly quickly...didn't linger in any spot
or anything.  It then rolled back down to her feet and scurried back down
the stairs (passing me again...scary) and disappeared.  *A* did her "no no"
talk for just a little while longer then layed down and went to sleep.
While this was all happening *N* had pulled the covers over her head, but
was peeking out watching the whole thing...FREAKED OUT!  After it
disappeared...she said she didn't sleep all night.  The next day *N* told
us what had happened, and of course we were all FREAKED OUT beyond belief.
*A* didn't have any marks on her body or anything, and of course, didn't
recall a thing.  Everyone bravely stayed the night there the following
night, except me...I refused to.  We had all tried to prepare ourselves if
anything happened again like that, though I don't recall now what it was or
how we were planning on preparing ourselves.  The adults who keep watch on
the dorms, after hearing our story, kept telling us it was a raccoon or
animal.  Except the only window open was the bathroom window and whatever
it was didn't come or leave from the bathroom, and the only door, the front
door was never opened or closed and LOCKED at night.  There is more to the
story, but just what people said about us...that we were crazy and stuff
like that...and the adults there wanted to split us up.  But my entire time
there, *A* and I were in the same room as others came and went, and she was
always on the top bunk and me on the bottom.  And during my 9 months there,
that is the only thing that happened (indirectly) to me or *A* in that room
(that I know of)!

Well, I have rambled on a bit here, feel free to edit the stories!  It
feels good to tell about it, and I hope that others enjoy the story and are
not to frightened because of it (like me). If anyone has had similar
experiences, especially with the midget thing, please contact me.  I am
curious to see if this little thing has visited others, what it did, what
it wanted, if it was evil or not, etc.  Thank you.


By: stuart.o'

My brother told me this story a couple of years ago about an incident that
took place in 1985 in West Berlin, as it was then, when he served there in
the British Army.

Picture the scene; Spandau Prison a cold eerie place with only prisoner
(Rudolph Hess) but with many brutal stories in its' Nazi past. My brother,
Peter, was officer commanding the guard on that particular extremely cold
winters night. He had a platoon of men scattered around the building where
he himself admitted you didn't feel comfortable on your own unless you were
The guard was rotated monthly......British, American, French and so on.

There were a series of guard towers which were semi enclosed and he had one
man in each of these. Suddenly several shots were fired in one of these
towers. Peter and the platoon sergeant went to investigate and found one of
the men, a big guy not normally afraid of anything with his rifle in hand
and tears running down his face. This could be a serious incident. If you
fire your weapon with live rounds negligently, you are in serious

The soldier didn't speak for a while but eventually started to talk. He'd
been keeping watch when he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see a
soldier staring at him. He challenged the man twice and then fired 3 shots
at him, as laid down in standing orders. The soldier disappeared into thin

Our man wasn't believed until a few days later it emerged that a French
soldier had committed suicide in that same guard post a month or two
earlier. The incident was scrubbed from the records and our man returned to
duty but never again at Spandau Prison.

Roosevelt Island & Something Else


I'm 15, when I was in 3rd grade I think, I went with one or two friends to
Roosevelt Island (Its nearby since I live in NYC), and everyone knows that
there is a house there nobody is allowed into. It even has alarms on the
doors. There's  a black cat who wonders around the house (who can't possibily
be a ghost, it doesn't even look like one, its too, well, Live), and if you
go onto the porch there's a smell of corpses coming from under the porch.

So we took some pictures of us by the house and of the house alone, and when
looking back on the pictures sometime later, in the pic of the back part of
the house I think, there was a weird looking figure staring through the
door's window.

The figure, I thought this was pretty messed up, looked like.... a robot ? I
don't know for sure, but it was grey and had a square head, and that's all I
saw was the figure's head and face features. I still have the picture and its
still there in the pic. It's barely visibile but you can quite make out that
something is looking through that window.

Here's something else.... I don't know if this was just my imagination or
actually real... During 5th grade (in NYC at a school called P.S. 59), I knew
an african american kid (won't say his name, just call him "K") whose mother
worked at the school by helping out with boxes, etc. Anyway my class and I
were going back to our room and we passed by the the yard's enterance (this
was on the 2nd floor) to the right of the hall, and I saw K's mom organizing
some boxes and as she got up from putting a box down I was looking at her and
she looked up at me and she had a mean face and had fangs in her mouth. I was
freaked out. She wasn't a ghost or anything, but I don't know what the hell
happened there.

She may have yelled at me a few times for causing some trouble but other
times she was nice.

Ghost Story from Sacramento, CA


After happening upon your website and reading your intro, I wanted to share
my own personal experience because I, too believe in ghosts.

One school night during my senior year in high school, I was bored and had
decided to go to bed early.  I went into my room, changed, got straight into
bed, and turned the light out.  Not 30 seconds went by and I heard and felt
something moving at the foot of my bed against my comforter.  I turned my
head around to see what or who it was and there against the light of my
window was the sillohette of what looked like a cowboy.  It was a completely
black figure, and I could make out the outline of a poncho and a
flat-brimmed cowboy hat with a strap under the figure's chin.  I could not
see through the figure.  And, he just stood there with his hands at his
side, facing me.  I gasped and turned away, frightened to death, and when I
looked again, just a few seconds later, the figure was gone.  It never
appeared in my room again.  Until that night, I never believed in ghosts.

Ghost Voice

This is my ghost story.
I almost feel the need to apologize because it is not as ghostly as others' submissions.
Here it is.

My family moved into an old Victorian-type house in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania years ago.
Although it is quite beautiful, it obviously has not been kept up as it should.
My bedroom was the largest, because my parents wanted the one bedroom that had a bath attached.
Despite living in what is to some a dream home, I always felt "small" in that house.
I don't know how to describe the feeling, but I wasn't very comfortable there.
Anyway, one day, as I was in my room reading or working, I heard a male voice say "what."
When this happened, I was alone in the upstairs part of the house.
My bedroom door was open and at the sound, I whipped my head around.
It had came from down the hall.
My bedroom is located to the right at the top of the stairs.
There is a bathroom directly across from the stairs, a bedroom next to that and a hallway across from my door that leads to closets, a third bedroom, and a small room.
There is also a second stairway down that hall.

Now, I didn't see anything, but I am convinced that the voice did not come from anyone who lived in the house.
My father was the only male in the household and the voice was not his.

It's been years since this happening, but I still think on it and wonder about the history of that house.
I believe that the builders and former owners of the house were wealthy and connected to the coal industry that thrives in that part of the state.
In fact, a coal mine is in clear view from the back porch.

Well, that's it.
If someone knows about ghostly voices and sounds, please contact me.
As years pass, sometimes I wonder if it was just a dream.

Haunted at the Nursing Home


First off I am a 17 teen year old and am a nursing assistant. I work at a
nursing home in Minnesota. Here is my story. This happened about 3 weeks ago
so here it goes.

A man died he was in his later 70's and they found him sitting up in bed when
he was dead. So that night I went to work (I work eves) and people had told
me that weird things happened I am was like what? The nurse and TMA told me
that the call light in this guys room would go on and off when no one was in
the room! i was like oh yeah right! i stayed til about 10 to do rounds and
nothing had happened 2 days later: I had to work and they told me more things
had happened so i stayed again until 9:45 but then they asked me to stay
later so i said OK. i was next door to the guys room and me at two other aids
came out and saw that the call light was on. we all were like oh no! so we
all went in there and we saw the bed rise up and the head of the bed go up
all by it self! i was so scared you should have seen me run! now there is a
lady in his room and she requested to be moved because the lights kept going
on and off. now the room is empty but there is a big temperature difference.
It is cold in his room and warm everywhere else.

Strange Things


I don't know if these are what you call scarey stories
but my grandmother told us kids these  tales
My grandmother was from Poland, Warsaw. or around there.
she lived there around 1890's
   Her and her friend wre making carpets in a old barn type building in the evening.
It started to get dark and they lighted some kerosene lamps so they could keep on and
finish. This was on all Hallows eve and they knew that they wasn't suppose to be working.
All of a sudden the lamps went out.  They relite them and continued to work, the lamps went out
again.  They lite them and worked more ,, again they llite them,, but this time they heard noises
coming from the loft, and then a what she called a horses hoofs started to come down from the loft.
After they seen this they shut the lamps off anf went to their homes .

another story she related was about death signs.
In the town where she lived. There was a family .  The young daughter took sick.  the Doctor ws sent for
and treated the little girl, and left.  In those day there ws no inside plumbing and the father went outside to
pee.  While he was doing this, a big white dog came into his yard and walked up to him.  He was going to
and chase it away, but something told him not to.   The dog ran under his porch and vanished, the next day
his daughter died.  Was the white dog a sign of deah to come.?

I have a couple more to tell and weird things about my house if you would be interested.

Steam Boat Gulch

By:  Creep@Cyberhighway.Net
Idaho City, Idaho. 3 friends and I went camping there, it wasn't the first time, and we would usually always hear weird
things. On one occasion, we were camping in a spot we haven't camped in along time. During the time, their were sounds of
screams, a woman to be exact sounding like she was being slaughtered. Weird sounds coming from the woods, and also animals
 that sounded like Wolves, but moving fast and getting very close. 2 of my friends decided to go for a walk with a
flashlight, when they got about 50 yards away we heard a very loud "Crash" sound, the girls dropped their flashlight and
ran screaming. My friend and I got into his car and sped towards them and turned on the high beams. Nothing was there, but
the girls described it as sounding like a tree had fallen right next to them. We searched the area for parties or other
people. None were found except an older couple already asleep. After this we decided to leave, but our fire refused to go
out after urinating, water and dirt being put onto it. After finally getting the fire out we sped away, but something pulled
 the gear shifter out of gear, the headlights dimmed and the car stalled, we started it again, and it stalled again. This
car was not "junk" or in bad shape, a very good running car. It never before, or after the incident stalled. It continuely
stalled, and my one friend said she had a very scared/eerie feeling. Finally we sped out of the place at about 45mph which
was very dangerous. The roads are ment for 15-20mph traffic. Once we were home, about 1 mile away, we still saw and heard
weird things and we all felt a presence outside of the house. Also my younger brother (age 12) saw something in the window.
Whether or not he was just seeing things I don't know, but he wasn't at the campsite, and didn't hear much about it. After
praying that night, everything calmed down and we went to bed. About 2 weeks later we went camping again, in a different
spot but close to the same spot. Nothing happened for most of the night, after we went to sleep in my tent, me and my
girlfriend awoke to see weird colored lights and a white light coming closer, and the sounds of sirens, but there was no
police, or authority vehicles around. No vehicles for that matter. We were totally alone in the woods.

Still Baffled

By: Brak@PlatteValley.Net

Three years  ago my husband and I bought a home built in 1914. We did not experience anything unusual the first couple of
years but this last year we adopted a child. I read a story about a ghost that seems to protect children in a family and we
 are wondering if there is a connection to our recent adoption. (we adopted in October 99). We have an old Library room that
we use as a TV room. Several occasions the TV would change channels or the volume would turn down. We thought the neighbors
had the same TV channel frequency and accounted the incidences to that. One day , the whole family was in the TV room. The
children were playing with toys and a remote control car kept driving around the room. Finally, it was annoying enough that
I was going to put the noisy toy away. When I looked to see which child was driving the car, none of the children were
playing with the remote. I pointed this out to my husband and we just sat there stunned. We joked about a ghost but also
rationalized that the batteries in the car must be low.( the strangest part is the car never ran into anything. It backed
up and moved forward as if truly being driven) Days after this, the light in the TV room would turn off by itself and then
 a few minutes later turn back on. At Christmas my family came to stay a few days. My mother and grandmother and I were
sitting in the TV room. Another remote control car suddenly started to drive by itself. This was a brand new car our son
 got for Christmas. I started to tell our stories, joking about ghosts. Just then, the light came on then off several
minutes then on. This went on the whole time we talked. The next night, still Christmas vacation, two of my children were
sick. My two year old woke up and I carried him down stairs to take his temp etc.. I didn't want to wake anyone upstairs.
It was about 2 a.m. and we passed by the TV room, the lights were off. I set our 2 year old son Joe, down in an adjacent
room (the front living room). he immediately pointed into the dark TV room and excitedly said "snowman". He is only two and
still hard to understand. I said "Grandma?". "Snowman" he repeated pointing into the empty darkroom. "Grandma went to bed"
I told him. He shook his head "no" again he said "Snowman!" I said "I don't understand what you are saying". He walked over
 to the Christmas tree and pointed to a snowman ornament and then pointed back into the room and said "snowman". he seemed
to be clearly telling me about a "Snowman" in the TV room. Our newly adopted baby was also running a fever so that night I
slept on the couch with Nathan. Again, to watch him and not wake anyone else in the house. I woke up an hour later to here a
 toy playing music. I couldn't get the toy to stop so I put it in the kitchen cupboard. by the morning the toy had stopped
playing and has never malfunctioned since. Since Christmas we have continued to have countless incidences. Often the
children will be playng in the room and I will hear a click of the entertainment center door opening. i will peek in to
scold one of the kids for getting into the vidoes and I will see the door slowly opeing but the kids will be across the
room sitting on the floor playing. If we get distracted from the TV and start playing with the kids or reading a book, the
 TV shuts off by itself. The room is always cold and we accounted this to the fact that we tore out old carpet exposing the
 wood floors. The room also sometimes smells like baked cookies. We even had a visitor who walked into the room and asked if
 I baked. At first we tried to rationalize all the incidences but we are not sure what to think anymore. It seems to have
started only this last year even though we have been in the house for three years. Still baffled.


Spirits visiting you in dreams?


My Tata (grandfather)  died in "95".  He was very close to my cousin (Anna) and I, we were his favorites. It had been
about 1 year after my Tata died.  One night I had a dream that my mom had bought my friends house (it was a old house,
 with a downstairs basement).  In my dream my mom had told me the basement has spirits in it.  So I walked down the
basement and I saw a boy  I then turned around and there was my Tata.  He held out his hands and said "Do you want to
dance?" and I said "Yes." we danced for awhile and then he stopped and said "I have to go now"  I then told him "ok" and he
disappeared.  In the morning I felt weird I had not dreamt of my Tata since he had died.
So one day my mother (my Tata was my mom's dad) and I were doing some
shopping and I told her of my dream.   She looked at me and said "Really,
your cousin Anna had a dream that she was there in the house and my dad
appeared and asked Anna to dance and Anna said "yes" and
they danced all around the house.  I confirmed the story with my cousin.
I have only had one other dream of my Tata.  He was sitting in his favorite
chair and we were laughing.

Moms ghost


I never believed in ghosts until we moved into this old house. It was built
around 1910. My parents had bought it from a private party that hadn't live
in it.
When we first moved in, nothing seemed out of place. Only after about six
months or so, I started hearing a crash in my bedroom closet, it happened
every night, although when I looked nothing was out of place or disturbed. As
time went on, more and more things began to happen, heavy foot steps were
occasionally heard in the house, usually walking through the living room up
to my bedroom door, they would always stop outside the door. When I looked,
no one was ever there. They sounded like boots on a hard wood floor, although
the rooms have wall to wall carpeting.
Sometime later, there would be other noises, and a presence could be felt in
my room. I would hear the crash first, then other noises, I would ask whoever
it was to be quiet, it would stop immediately.
One night I felt the presence of someone or something in the room. Soon after
I went to bed, I could hear the exhale of breathe. It was a very deep, rough,
sound and soon got so loud, it seemed the whole room was breathing. That was
the first time it had scared me.
I had a friend spend the night one time, he was sleeping on the pull out bed
in the living room. I had not told him anything about the noises in the
In the morning, when I woke up, he was sleeping beside my bed, on the floor.
When I asked him why he was there, he told me, he was asleep, when someone
grabbed and shook his foot, he looked but there was no one was there. He laid
back down, and soon after, he felt a cold hand touched his face, he turned on
the light beside him, and again, found no one there. That was enough for him,
he moved into my room. He told me it felt like a very cold hand and fingers,
brushing his face.
Sometime after this, I had married, and while looking for an apartment my
wife and I were living there. One night my wife woke up in the middle of the
night. A fan that was in the room was running, that we hadn't turned on, she
got up and turned it off. After going back to bed, it soon came on again. She
got up again and unplugged the fan this time, just after laying down again,
it started running, with the cord still unplugged. She woke me up and I saw
it too. There was a very strong feeling of dread in the room that night, we
both felt it, and knew if we stayed, something bad was going to happen, so we
left for the rest of the night. My wife and I soon moved out.
My father, wasn't one to talk about such things, not believing in them at
all! But then one evening he mentioned something to my mother about walking
into something while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He
said, he had walked into a very cold spot in the hall, it chilled him to the
bone, then it had whooshed up through the ceiling and the cold spot was gone.
While visiting them, on one occasion, we were sitting in the living room,
with the TV on. In the background we started hearing some other noises, that
grew louder and louder, on investigating, we found a radio in the kitchen
playing, after it had been turned off, when we had arrived. Somehow it had
turned on and had slowly turned itself up until we could hear it, when we
entered the room it was fairly loud.
After a time, things had calmed down, about the only thing going on were
little things missing, the returning to where they had been set down.
Just last year, my oldest daughter, then 18 years old, spent a night on the
floor in the living room. She said, in the middle of the night she was woken
up by heavy foot steps walking by her, but she could see nothing there. She
spent the rest of the night hiding deep in her sleeping bag.
As far as I could tell, none of this was directed at anyone one person in the
house, we all experienced noises, foot steps, objects missing and other
Since I moved out, I have been in the house several times in the day and at
night, and have not had any more experiences, although I wouldn't spend the
night again.


Our Spirit


My husband and I purchased our home in 1992.  Its the oldest house in our
neighborhood.  The activity started on the first night we moved in.
We were busily moving in and decided my husband would go and get a last load
and I would take a shower to get ready for bed.  I was alone in the house.
I made up our bed turned out the light in the bedroom and shut the door as I
headed down the hall for a shower.  When I returned from the bathroom the
door was open and the light on.  I thought I had was mistaken, but when I
crawled into bed after turning out the light and shuting the door...the door
open all by itself and the light came on.  So thinking that maybe it being
an old house, unlevel to open door and a short to make the light come on.  I
hopped out of bed and repeated my same action and once again the door open
then the lights came back on.  I went outside and waited for my husband to
When he arrived I relayed my experience to him but nothing else happen that

My next experience had witnesses.  The first 6 months we lived in our house
we lived upstairs, downstairs was under construction with painters and
plasters.  We had a nice sitting area in our rather large bedroom.  I was
sitting with 2 friends and telling them of my experience.  One of my friends
started making fun of the spirit all of a sudden a huge wind blew through my
closed up house to slam every hall door which consist of 4 heavy wooden
doors along with very chilly air.  He simply stutter and left as fast as

This spirit I have named Dean.  The only one who has every seen Dean is my
grand nephew.  My husband collects Russian metal wind-up toys. Tripp, our
grand nephew, was two years old at the time, he and I were playing with one
of the toys in one of the upstairs bedrooms which leads out onto a sun porch
area.  We let loose of the toy and it rolled out onto the sun porch.  Tripp
went to retrieve it and looked up and said "Hi," I asked Tripp who was he
talking to, he replied," That man right there. He pointed directly in front
of him.  I saw nothing.

Dean has handed me towels in the shower, kissed my back, sat on the bed with
me laying on it, said good morning to my uncle while he was asleep in the
guest room. He turns pots off on the stove and shakes our bed at night to
wake us up.

We have been with Dean for 8 years now and after I yelled at him to stop
scaring us he has settle down, but everytime we have a party he will talk to
someone or show up in pictures we take.

I have tried to find out who he is, I found a few clues, but nothing

In the meantime we keep trying to find out who he is and Dean is behaving
much better nowadays.

Our Haunting


I have never talked publicly about this before now.  What follows are just some recollections of strange things that used to
happen in our previous home.  The home, itself, was just a normal 2 bedroom home.  Not very old.  Only about 50 years old.
 It had been my Grandparents' house before my wife and I purchased it on a land contract from my Dad after my Grandparents
passed away.(not in the home)  Right away, strange things began to occur.  I am a guitar player and had my musical equipment
 down in the basement.  I usually stay up quite late playing guitar, because that is when I am most creative.  Anyway, one
night I was up playing, and decided to head out for some Taco Bell.  When I got back, I was just inside the back door when
I heard a very loud whisper in my ear;'BE QUIET!'  It scared the hell out of me, but I managed to reply; 'What?'  I thought
 is was my wife.  But when I looked around the corner into the kitchen, I realized she wasn't there.  I cannot begin to
describe the feeling that came over me.  I didn't know what to do.  What could I do?  Nothing.  When I told my Dad about it
he was not at all surprised.  My Grandparents had moved into the house when my Dad was about 10, and he told me he always
heard strange noises but never voices.  He also said that years later,after he had grown up, my Grandpa told him that they
had bought the house from a younger couple in 1957.  He said that the woman was mentally ill and told them not to buy the
house.  That is was haunted.  She claimed that one time she went down the basement and found all of the light chains swinging
 in unison.  My Grandpa was of the gruff old type and, I'm sure, did not believe her.  Anyway, it was wise of him not to tell
 my Dad of this until he was older. Some of the other weird things that happened were very subtle and seemed to revolve
around my wife.  She did not work and was home with our 2 daughters all day.  She would tell me that a picture fell  off
the wall, or that there would  be would be what sounded like walking in the attic.  I thought that was so cliche' and
suggested that she was probably getting caught up in it and imagining things.  That is, until August of '96.  One evening,
I was sitting on the couch in the living room, and she was standing in the doorway to the kitchen.  I was talking to her and
 I glanced back at the TV, when I saw something fall out the corner of my eye.  She said; 'Did you see that?'  She said it
was like a little splash of water or something.  I looked all over the ceiling and doorway area and found nothing.  I was
trying to rationalize it as condensation, but everything was bone dry.  This happened to her about 3 more times over the
next year or so.  The last time it happened,  I was sitting right next to her on the floor with our backs against the couch.
  I have absolutely no explaination for these things and I am not really a believer in the all of this stuff, but I really
don't know what to think.
  We have since moved and have not had so much as a squeak in our new house.  Anyway, thanks for providing the forum for me
 to try and get an explaination if there is any.


Columbus, Nebraska


For awhile now i have been huanted by a ghost. I have moved three times in the same town and the ghost follows. What happens
 is i hear noises like bangs or creaks. I have gotten scratches on my back bite marks on my legs that are clearly human. I
 have heard keys jingling when noone is home. My dog will all of a sudden start barking at thin air. It is constantly cold
in my room and there is a heater in ther and my room faces the sun. I'm convinced there are two or more diferent ghosts here.
 My grandpa died recently and I got his pin that he used to where all the time and i once came into my room to find it
sitting out when i always keep it in a box. I lose things and ask for them back and 1 minute later they will be sitting in
the middle of my room. I have seen the face of the devil or a demon in my ceiling. My mom has woken up to the sound of a bag
 crinkling up downstairs. She has also woken up to sounds like banging in our garge since it is directly under the bedrooms.
 I have seen a little girl standing by the window. My closet door has violently shaken twice. Whenever you are here you
constantly feel if you are being watched. As i am writing this now i feel cold chils allover me. I have been trying to get
to sleep when it feels as if someone has just climbed into bed with me then it feels like they are squeezing my arm. The
volume on my stereo has gone up or down before by itself. My name is Matt Skiles i am 14 my parents don't beleive me either.
I swear on everything that is holy this is true.

My Weird Block


 This may sound stupid coming from somebody as young as me. Well, it seems lately I've been getting some
spiritul activity around my street. Every time I'm out there at night, I get this weird feeling and chills
go up and down my spine. It's been like that the whole seven years I've lived here. I always blew it off as my
imagination until recently. I had my best friend over. I took him out to a corner in the backyard I used to play
and be alone when I was around 6 or 7. Every time I would go out there at night I always got that creepy feeling.
Lately I've been referring it as "the energy". Well, when we went back there, My friend felt the same thing.
He said something like "it feels weird back here."  I asked him what he meant and he said something like "i feel
 like something is around here." I got freaked and suggested we go across the street to play with the kid that
lived there. My friend told me he kept seeing this guy in a trenchcoat with a little terrieor in the space
between my house and my neighbor's house. That place has freaked us out since we were little. I looked over there and
got a strange feeling.  We ran across the street to my other friends house and looked back at the space between
the houses. We could both see the back fence that seperated that space from the alley. We rang the doorbell and
after 30 seconds of no reply, we turned to go back to my place. We noticed that the space between the houses
was pitch black! We naturally ran back to my place as fast as possible. I turned to where my friend had seen the image
in his mind and I saw the same guy, no dog, and his trenchcoat swaying in the breeze in my mind. I freaked and
looked down at the pavement of our carport (holy cow a plant just fell off the table as I'm typing) and saw a
face darting his eyes at me.  We ran to my room and went over the events together. He suggested I close my eyes
 and tell him what I see.  I saw the trenchcoat dude close-up on his shoulders and head.  I could not make out
his facial features. I asked my friend to close his eyes and tell me what he saw. He said he saw the dog running
 away, then a train, and darkness. We both decided just to play video games and take our minds off it.  Next time
he comes over, we are going to go back out there and see if the same thing happens.

Won't Forget


This story is about to tell is one i'll never forget i was20 years old and
was visiting a new girlfriend this was about 2:00 in the afternoon. this was
my first time I even seen her house it didnt look like much but i walked into
the house and we were the only one home at the time and as a native american
i sensed something was wrong in the house i looked around and finally
somthing told me to look in the basement and so i did i then was cought
staring by her and she asked what was wrong i soon had asked if there was a
ghost in the house and then she told me yes there was as my eyes watered and
this is where it all started remember this is at 2:00 in the afternoon.
As i was groing up i never believed in this sort of thing before i'm the type
of person that i have to experience it to believe it and i soon did. about 2
weeks later i finaly gave in to spend the the night with her while her
parents were out of town we watched movies tell about 12 pm then went to bed
she fell fast asleep where as i did not i couldnt sleep with the thought of
something being in the house with us so i stayed up for a while i seen the tv
go on, the radio in the kitchen go on and switch stations i woke her up and
she said just go to sleep she lived in the house for several # of years and
was used to what was going on in the house later at night came foot steps
knocking on the walls then to myself in my mind i THOUGHT TO MYSELF not
outloud where he was in the house i would kind of dream i was floating around
in the house looking for this ghost what i thought was a ghost and pissed him
off pretty good as he went to the outside door and slammed it the walls just
shook and mygirlfriend did not wake up at all 10min go by i did it again its
like he knows what im thinking he slams the door again this was enough force
to bring down the house was scared off my ass didnt think of anything for a
while 10 min go buy again everything silent did it 1 MORE TIME he really got
pissed i heard him in the basement run up the stairs and slam the cubbard
door as if it were open the radio turned off microwave beeped i was in a
panic to wake up my girlfriend was close to slapping her before he entered
the room i heard him stop right in front of me it PUNCHED the pillow i was
resting my head on my head bounced up twice then it stoped as if it were
waiting to see what i was going to do so it turned away and walked out it
looked like a shadow standing up with a greenish glow around the face it
stoped turned around and looked at me again then walked in the other room
then vanished. So my question is was this a bad ghost or a polterguist do you
think i need some help as i can never forget it there was more but i wish to
talk next time

Visited Because of Story


I worry to tell my story as every time I do I am visited. Not only by full
body goosebumps, but my little girl ghost as well. I would like to think I
am starting to know her. My youngest as well has seen her. She enjoys music
& reading books to my youngest step daughter. She started out by turning our
stereo on in the living room. Then she drop a shelf with my wedding glasses,
a glass plate, a music box & other preciouse items. She did not come a round
for a while after that. I have seen her, my youngest has seen her, my
husband & oldest daughter say they feel her. I think she is the wife of the
man that owned our property. The house was not buit until after she died. I
started to look into it, her death certificate was in our paperwork for the
house & her husbands was not. When I went to the cemetary to see some dates,
I found that her plot was not where it is supposed to be & her husband died
before her. That night I started to see a black shadow around the house.
Once agian I am covered with goosebumps!!! After a few days of telling my
husband of my find, I said I was going to drop it, I felt that the black
shadow was trying to keep me from finding the truth. I am not sure what to
do from this point. I have heard her singing when I go to sleep, I see her
when I open my eyes at night, standing next to me in bed. My children have
come to our room & stood next to our bed looking down on us, to realize the
next day, they have no recolextion of any of it. I am scared that she is
being held some how, yet that she looks over all of us. My husband feels &
felt long before this started that I am a witch & never realized it. I dream
of a black room with a red pentagrm on the floor with red velvet ropes
around it. I went to salem when I was 2. My mother said I was in such a room
at that time. I was in a car accident when I was 15 & lost 99% of my
memories before that time. I am not sure what to do now, or if this is
really happening or just emagnination.

What Did I See?


I read your description of the first spirit(ghost) that you saw.  I was
searching for a description that sounded like what I have seen.  Twice in my
life I have seen this type of image and they frightened me because I was not
expecting to see anything like them.

#1  One night my younger brother and I were talking and I was really
reaching out to get to know him as I am 4 years older.  We had not been
close and I had come home from the Navy to go back to college.  While we
were talking I began to notice a round head right behind his.  This head was
abnormally large with no hair.  Then, I noticed the body and it was as if my
brother was a puppet and this creature was the real being.  I quickly caught
myself and never tried to look that deep again.

#2  My family and I were moving out of a large property that had an unusual
history to it.  There was an abnormally high level of snakes on the property
and I was constantly killing them. We moved horses on the property and they
seemed to slack off.  Many tragic events had occured at the property from
the description given to me by others.  I passed them off as past events
with no bearing on the present.

Just before we moved, we moved the horses to a pasture and the whole nature
of the property changed.  It was as if a cold dank wind had set in. It was
summer but felt odd.  I had worked very hard in the move and was tired.  I
went back to do a final cleanup and when I approached the gated entry I
noticed what looked at first like a young boy about 2-21/2 feet tall.  It
had a large, distended head. It had an odd grin on it's face.  I still had
not realized what it was.  It was moving in a weaving, almost floating
motion.  Then, I realized that I was looking straight through it. It moved
to my left and was gone so quickly that I realized that nothing human could
move that fast.  I entered my property and looked for it, but it was gone.
I went to work on the house and later was almost bitten by a snake.  I was
happy that we had moved.

I had had a dream about a golden snake that came up to me on this property
and told me that our business would fail.  It did. This spirit had the same
distended head that you described.  Two young women came to the gate where I
saw the spirit a couple of months earlier.  One was crying and wanted to
come in to look around.  They had lived there before.  From what I could
gather, a dentist had been dealing in cocaine at the house and one of the
girls child had died and was buried there.  They had been big game breeders
for a hunting group.  It gives you the flavor of the property.   I am glad
it did not happen again and I am not seeking a revist.

Ft Davies


This story was experienced within a two hour period by four un-trained
pre-teen girls visiting the Ft. Davis Historic Site. From the
easternmost authorized mountain, you could see the entire Fort,
including the hospital. I immediately creeped out at the small, red
brick building known as the hospital, which was about .5 miles westward
of that point. Two boys, a chaperone and another of the "experiencees"
was in a group with me. Of course, our next stop was the hospital. Once
we got to it, I immediately thought up any reason I could not to go in.
Eventually, since we were supposed to do a word problem involving the
buildings, and since I was the best _at_ word problems, I was forced to
go in (the other girl in my group was accustomed to seeing ghosts. It's
a natural talent of hers), and I felt the presence of many more people
than were in my group there, and I felt a tingling in the back of my
knees like I always do when I sense the supernatural, and upon telling
the other girl, she told me of her experience. She had actually _seen_
them (the ghosts). When I told the rest, the other two girls told of
the  walls that changed color in the main hallway. For one it was
brown-turned-red, and for another, brown-turned-purple.

 Chancos Grant Woods


In Williamsburg, VA me and two friends were walking through the woods to go get some coffee at 7-11.  We saw four wood piles as we were walking to 7-11 and as we were walking back, we saw only three.  We decided since we heard the woods were haunted  we'd tempt fate and sit on the three piles and see what happened.  As we were sitting there having a smoke, we heard some branches falling in the distance.  The branches started falling closer and closer until they seemed to be all around us.  We  got scared and started running and one of my friends said he got stuck in a briar bush.  So we went back and saw that the briar had been completely wrapped around his leg.  He broke it and we started running again.  As we were running the second  time, we noticed three more wood piles.  Then, we were almost out of the woods when one of my other friend's foot got stuck  in a log just big enough for his foot.  When we freed him, we looked back and the log was gone. As we were walking out of the woods, all three of us started getting really bad cold chills.  We all started going home when a black cat appeared in front of us and we all  screamed.  That's when we broke up into two groups, me and my friend in one group and my other friend walking to the other  side of the neighborhood.  We heard him scream and looked back and saw that about 100 yards away, the black cat had run in front of him again.  My friend and I laughed and just as we were laughing, the same cat we just saw that was 100 yards away ran in front of us.  Nothing further happened after that.

Haunted College Days


Normal, IL. 9 Delanie Drive near the Redbird Arena of Illinois State University; The Old Alpha Sigma Phi house (it's now
some other fraturnity that I haven't heard of).  I rushed ASP in the Fall of 1990 and was immediately told the familiar
ghost story that every university seems to have about it having been a female dormitory where a girl was murdered (I guess
males don't haunt dormitories).
  I didn't pay much heed to the rumor until I and my fellow pledges were cleaning up the basement after a party.  The
fraturnity stored chairs on the back stairway which was no longer being used.  While carrying chairs up the stairs, I saw
a shadow-reflection on one of the landing walls of a woman (motionless; just standing there really).  Thinking her the
girlfriend of one of my fraturnity brothers, I said "oh, hey Linda" and kept working.  After I was done, I went back upstairs
(via the front stairs) to say hello to Linda and, of course, found that neither she nor any other female was in the house.
  While in my brother's room I asked where the door to the back stairs was.  A puzzled look crossed his face and he pointed
to a large bookcase covering the door and told me that no one used the back stairs anymore. The only way to use them was to
go through the basement door. I related my tale to him and several of them told me about other strange occurances they had
observed in the house.  Although I cannot confirm these other stories, I definitely DID see the shadow of a woman on the
stair-landing wall.  If there had been a woman there, she was above me and up the stairs to my right around the "bend" of
the landing with a light behind her, casting a reflection onto the white wall.  In any case, it was a rather odd experience.

Littleton Colorado


I dont know if this exactally counts but in littleton there have always been strange happenings.  In my house things
dissapear all the time and we can never find them, lights never works and we have problems with our heat.  Certain rooms
 are always cold and at the top of the staircase there are scents of food cooking when there is no food cooking in the
 kitchen downstairs, theres never the scent anywhere else in the house.  There is a spot above the fireplace where the
paint has chipped off in the shape of a strange animal we jokingly call the rat squirell, but you get an uneasy feeling
if you look at it long enough.  I have a friend who refuses to sleep in the same room with it.  Many of my friends report
 simaler feelings of cold or being uneasy in various parts of their houses.  In a nieghbor hood known as The Valley many
people have reported gohst sightings and strange happenings such as objects going missing or being rearanged in the night,
strange noises, and things being
 destroyed.  A friend of mine has many stories about strange happenings in his basement, such as a time a large neon sign
hanging on his wall began shaking violently for no apparent reason.  Another friend of mine who lives in the vally showed
me to a spot in her house where she belived was some sort of negative energy or gateway to another world.  When i sat in it
i became overwhelmed with feelings of depression and anger, and that night i had bizzar dreams, some of which ended up being
 clairvoiant.  It is kind of an urban legand around here that the valley is nothing more than a huge idian barrial ground,
some people also say that it was a spot the donner party traveled trough before they got stuck.  Many people i know who
moved here from relitively far away (my self included) say they have devleoped clairvoiant dreams and feelings of
precognition.  And clemit park had been the site of many strange occurances even before the tragedy at Columbine.  I was
told by a friends old
er brother when i first moved here that the library in clemit park was haunted, and if you stayed ther late at night you
could see mists by the booksheves and the computers wont work right.  I later heard simaler stories from a girlwhos mother
worked at the library, and she told me of seeing flashing lights over the lake outside the library.  Many of my friends have
 said they have been visited by spirits of some type or strange occurances since columbine, either in dreams or when wide
awake, and i myself woke up one night to see a friend of mine who died recently sitting on my couch.  I blinked my eyes a
couple times and he was gone, but there was a strange feeling about the room, strangly, not a negative one.  I only know for
 sure what i have experianced for my self, but many of the stories i've heard have simalarities to each other and my own
experiances, although a loth of them come from around the highschool and other adaults i know who are considered eccentric
hippies.  Therefor this my not be the most reliable of stories, but i thought i'd offer the information because most everyone around
here agrees that there are certain places you go around here and it feels like youve walked right into a steven king novel.
  I would suggest checking out The Valley, Clemit Park, Chatfield resevoir, and the areas around Chatfield Ave.



This is an incident that occurred at the home of my parents.  It was not the
first to occur nor was it the last, but it was this incident that made me
aware that something lived at my parents home, upstairs/outside.
My father is a finish carpenter by trade, but he actually knows all aspects
of the building industry.  When he returned from a three year tour of Korea
(I was an infant), he began to build a home for his family from the
footprints of another.
Over the years he has moved walls, added rooms and a whole new upstairs.  His
latest and greatest addition to our family home was 900 "+" square feet of
living space that is only accessible from outside the main house and runs the
entire length of the back of the house and rests atop the garage.  All family
members refer to this great expanse as the upstairs/outside.
Above the garage is a lovely room of the softest yellow that features a brick
fireplace that covers the majority of the West wall.  The South wall is
filled with windows that are easily opened for fresh air and let in plenty of
sunlight.  The North wall holds a set of French doors that open out onto a
second story deck that also runs the entire length of the back of the house.
It's cool.
As a family, I can only remember using this room once for a large gathering
during the holidays and never using it again for it lacks a working bathroom
and kitchen and makes for a lot of running up and down stairs when
entertaining.  Over the years it has fallen into disrepair and has become a
storage facility for my parents and each of their five children, including
I was in my mid-thirties when I bought a home of my own and went to my
parents house with the idea of securing treasures that could be found
upstairs/outside and giving them a place in my new home.  And so I went with
my oldest son Kam (who was seven or eight at the time) in the middle of a
beautiful, sunny, windy day.
My dad's truck was in the driveway and I cursed my luck for my father loves
us all dearly and he especially loves to give us a hard time.  He believes
that anything left in the upstairs/outside belongs to him, whether it does or
not.  He will give it up but only if you argue with him for it.  "Bless his
heart."  That's what my grandmother, his mother use to say about his tendency
to behave this way.  Go figure.
There are three entrances into my parents home, Kam and I went into the house
via the front door and into the foyer.  From here I could see my youngest
brother, Mark, half asleep on the diningroom floor.   He had swung the TV
around from the kitchen and was dozing in the middle of the day while the
soaps were on.
I didn't bother him but left my son to do that and went into the kitchen and
sat at the table and waited for my dad to appear.  No one comes into the
house that he doesn't hear them and so I waited at the table reading the
Now, my dad is a big man and he can't move through the house and you not hear
him and as I sat reading the paper, I did hear him moving about the upstairs
off the kitchen, for the upstairs/outside also supports an unfinished master
bedroom with bath.
I thought I was very lucky for not only had he not heard my arrival but there
was a chance that I could get by him with the treasures and he would never
know it and I would not have to argue for what was mine.
You arrive upstairs/outside by going out the backdoor which is located in the
kitchen and into what once was the back porch.  It is now a small room that
holds a large freezer and nothing more.  You can go down three steps and
through a hall into the garage or walk past the freezer and take a steep
stair climb to a landing, make a right, up three more stairs.  To your right
is a hallway leading to the master bedroom and bath, but to your left is a
set of double doors that open into the room above the garage.  It is the
The double doors were open and as I stood looking into this sunny room filled
with collectibles and furniture (there is even a full sized billiard table
with slate bed), I was witness to the strangest thing.  A wind was blowing in
this room that was like no wind I had ever seen inside a house.
It is true that every one of the windows was open wide and that outside the
day was windy but inside this room was a wind that moved things.  Not
furniture but paper, spools of thread rolled acrossed the floor, small things
you really wouldn't notice except for the fact that they were caught up in
this wind that was circling the room and making an awful racquet because it
was trapped inside.
Weird!  That's exactly what I thought as I started acrossed the room for my
possessions were on the far east wall and the plan I was formulating in my
mind was that I would way over there and work my way back acrossed the room
and out the doors before dad caught on to me.
I was halfway acrossed the room when the double doors slammed shut behind me
with such force, it made me jump.  I stood there a moment, surprised.  The
room was quieter and nothing was moving about me any longer.  I was compelled
to go back to those doors and open them.  I wanted them open.
I took hold of a door knob, turned it to open the door and it wouldn't open.
I tugged on it and it still wouldn't open.  I remember laughing right outloud
and I remember thinking that I now know what it's like to be in a "B" rated
horror movie and on the other side of the door that will not open when you
want out.
I braced myself and pulled on that door knob as hard as I could and was able
to open it, barely, and not enough to see who was on the other side holding
it shut.  Whoever it was very strong.  Dad!
I called to my dad to quit teasing me and let me out!  No response and the
door would not open.  I loudly cursed my brother, Mark, for holding the door
shut on me and still whoever stood on the opposite side of that doors would
not let me out.
I couldn't think of what I could do to open it and still laughing because it
seemed so unreal, I began to call for help.  What else was there to could only be a room away and if it was him holding the door shut,
my helplessness would appeal to him and he would let me out and we would have
a good laugh about it.
But no one answered and no one came and someone was holding that door shut
and keeping me inside and it wasn't funny anymore.  I took hold of a single
knob with both hands and determination and in that moment the door swung open
as easy as you please and there at the top step reaching for the door knob
was Kam.  I was bewildered.
I asked him twenty questions.  Was he holding the door?  Did he see my dad or
my brother holding the door shut?  Did he hear me calling for help?  Had he
seen anyone at the door?  To all of my questions his answer was, "No."  There
had been no one at the door and he hadn't heard anything.  He had come
looking for me.
I had Kam go back downstairs with me and we went to find Mark.  He was still
on the floor in front of the TV although now awake.  I found out that my
dad's truck wouldn't start that morning and he had taken my mother to work
and used her car.  He wasn't home and hadn't been home all day.
I didn't go into any great detail with Mark or Kam about what had happened
upstairs/outside, since I was still kinda stunned by it all.  But I did talk
to my mother since I was curious to know if she had had anything strange
happen to her in the house.  She has a story to tell, but it is hers for the
I kept away from the upstairs/outside for a good long time and was teased
about it as the tale was told to others.  Sometime afterwards I spent the
greater part of my weekends at my folks home as we began a landscape project
that circled the house.
I often felt we were being watched at our work and my eyes would always go to
the windows of the upstairs/outside...the feeling was so strong.
Years later, I moved back to my folks home for a brief period of time and
whatever was upstairs/outside came downstairs/inside....those tales are for
another night when I cannot sleep and I'm looking for people who have had
similar experiences....just to share.

Grandpa's watching over me!


I live in Washington state. Have lived here
since forever. In 1992, when I was about 9 years old, my grandfather on my
fathers side died from lung cancer. I didnt know him very well, me being so
young, but my grandmother, father, aunts and uncles say I was his favorite. I
never really believed in ghosts until my experience happened. Now I am a
strong believer. I t started out as he would appear to me in dreams, every
night. And each night the dream would become more vivid. I didnt tell anyone
about my dream because my family would probably think I was crazy. But I
figured it out that he was only coming to protect me. Heres how I know:
One night I was coming home from the store and my little sister and my mom
were in the living room. As I was passing my moms room, it was becoming very
cold, I had noticed. As I looked into my moms room as I passed it, there
stood my grandfather, clear as day, I screamed. A pile of something, that had
the wall to support it, no reason, no way to fall, I saw my grandpa move into
my moms bathroom, and as his leg by the the pile of something, the pile fell.
Meaning he kicked over the pile. Ther was nothing to cause it to fall, it was
propped up against a wall, it was stable. I ran very quickly into my room and
began to cry hysterically. My mom soon came in and asked what the problem
was. I asked her if shed heard me scream, "NO" she didnt. I tried to
reconsile what just happened, and I finally came up with the conclusion that
I had seen a ghost. WOW! I told the story to my nana and she is a strong
believer in spirits too, she told me it was going to be ok. Another thing
that would happen, is theres was always this song called GRANDPA by the
judds. And every single time I am thinking of him, that song comes on, every
single time! Slowly but defintile the ghost faded away. But now I think about
it I am even more scared because that day I had a bad asthma atack, and I was
wondering if I might have nearly died, or did die? Someone got any comments?
PLease do comment.

Sharing My Experiences


   i would like to share  with you some of the strange experiences that
my husband and i had several years ago and  see  what your  opinion is
about them (if you have time)  by the way i found your site to be very
  in 1993 after having been married for only a short while, my
husband,mark and  i moved into an apartment in carrolton, georgia.  it
was a duplex style apartment and was fairly new.  our apartment was
nicer than the others in the complex because the previous renter had
been a
carpenter and had  added some extras
to the place--molding, nicer cabinets etc.
why he would improve a rented space tho that extent i do not understand.
upon moving in to the place we found out from the landlord that the man
had lived there alone until he had committed suicide on the patio
outside.  there was a sort of faded stain on the pavement that the
landlord pointed out to us claiming that it was a blood stain from  the
suicide (gunshot).
during the year that we lived there many strange things happened....
  once, we all went to the grocery store and returned home to find a
sturdy piece of furniture ( a bookcase with drawers in the bottom)
flipped over and books all over the room.  there was nothing that we
could find to explain this.
  another time i was taking a bath and the water  came out all muddy
looking like it sometimes does after a hard rain.  it hadn't been
raining but it didn't look too bad so i got in the tub and the water
started  moving back and forth. it would move from one end of the
bathtub to the other.
i got out and called for my husband.  it continued to do this for at
least 30 minutes.
its kind of silly but we talked to the water telling it to speed  up
it's movement  and then slowdown and it did it every time.   then we
told it to stop and it did.  then we drained the tub and ran fresh water
which was not discolored at all .  this time nothing happened.
   at 3;00 am on halloween morning we heard  horrible sounds outside our
window. we opened the window so we could see what it was but we saw
nothing/ it was very windy and we heard a sound i have never heard
before.  it sounded like lots of pigs screaming.  it was very distinct
and plain and we heard it for a good while.  it was not the wind and it
was not cats.  it was very weird.
  quite a bit of stuff happened while we lived the---a hole appeared in
the wall the size of a fist.  doors would slam.  i would wake up at
night to feel a hand grasping my shoulder.  a presence seemed to be
watching us from the kitchen .
  i was not brought up to believe this stuff could happen.  i would
discredit it if it were not so concrete.  but it was. i patched the hole
in the wall, put the books back on the toppled bookshelf, watched the
water move in the tub for an extended period of time .  i can't see how
this could e a flash of imagination.  i was real and it lasted long
enough for me to  know that it was real.
 theres other stuff that happened but  it would take too long to tell
you about it right now.
i appreciate your taking the time to read this.  these experiences  seem
to contradict the faith --- God and  devil and heaven and hell that i
was taught as i child.  i thought that when a person died that they left
this earth.  do you think that these experiences were related to the
suicide?  if so or if not they seem rather pointless to me.  it would be
cool to get your view on this .

Cemetery Story



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