A Guardian?

By: death@kcgoths.com

  I have been reading others stories on this fabulous site and decided to share one of the most significant ones that happened to me.  I have been very intrigued by the paranormal since I can remember, and have been relatively sensitive to picking up others emotions and presences (especially in the spirit world).  When I was 12 years old, a dear uncle of mine passed away due to heart failure.  Previous to this incident he had moved out of his house, and my family had moved in.  The house was just too big for him alone.  Donnie (my uncle), who was also
paraplegic, left some belongings including a few old wheelchairs in the garage.  That evening after his funeral, I decided to turn in.  I really don't know if I just cried myself to sleep and dreaming, or if this really happened but it is still very clear in my memory.  In my bedroom was a door leading off to the garage.  I remember being interrupted by the creaking sound of the garage door, hearing a wheelchair coming up the ramp, and seeing an empty wheelchair at the side of my bed.  At that time a wavery shape appeared and the image turned a little
 more clear...it was Donnie.  He then stood up and told me that everything was going to be alright.  Hugged, pecked me on the cheek, sat back in the wheelchair and it left my room.  I didn't dare tell my mother of this incident, it was hard enough dealing with his death.  I kept it silent for 12 years.  My grandmother and I were sitting around last week talking about Donnie, and I finally decided to tell her about my experience.  This drew tears to her eyes, she had experienced almost the same thing at the same time.  To this very day, I feel like he is watching over my son and I.  Periodically I will see flashes of light in the hallway between my sons room and mine, and feel a
strong presence. My son frequently stands in the hallway talking with his head up like someone is there, and saying "what's that mommy?" while pointing in the air.   A couple of months ago I had a friend visiting back from L.A., I was on a brief phone call when I saw her eyes widen and mouth drop.  I promptly ended the call to question her.  She replied "You have a friend living here, don't you?".  I laughed nervously.  She had picked up several things from this entity.  It was a man, and she had also mentioned something about being of Native American decent.  This is what shocked me the most, because Donnie was native american.  I have never spoke to her about my family in depth,and that was the first time she had been to my apartment.  Obviously, this spirit intends no harm and I feel safe in my home.  In my mind Ithink it is him, so I will let you decide for yourselves.  Thank you for listening.

Another Haunting Experience

By: MagMug6531@aol.com

When I was in my teens, my parents were in the process of renovating our
basement & garage into a family room.  They had the wall separating the two
rooms torn down and the garage door was replaced by a regular door.  My
father had a wood stove installed and a plywood subfloor also to be covered
with carpeting at a later time.
One night I awoke to the sounds of people talking and walking around in the
basement.  I got out of bed and went to the top of the stairs.  The
downstairs was dark.  I called my mother and father, but there was no reply
from them.  However the noise did stop.  I went back to bed.  As soon as I
got into bed, the sounds started again.  Louder this time.  Eventhough the
sound of talking was loud, I couldn't recognize any of the voices or
distinguish any of the words.  I tried to sleep anyway, figuring my parents
has some friends over for cocktails, or maybe some neighbors had company and
brought them over to visit.  My parents were very social and often did this.
The noise was too loud and I couldn't sleep.  I got out of bed and when I
opened my bedroom door, the noise stopped.  All was quiet expcept for the
snoring sounds coming from my parents' room.  I peeked inside my mom and
dad's room and saw the two of them sound asleep!  Heart pounding, I ran back
into my room, jumped into bed and pulled the covers over my head.  The noises
did not return and I fell asleep this way.
I never found out who was having a party in our basement.  Oh yeah, my
parents sold the house before the room was ever finished.

Bissel Park Bread and Breakfast Ghost

By: brando@albedo.net

Hello!Im Brandon and only 10 and im a ghost watcher.I have not had much
luck but ive got a story for you.
I think it was around 1854 when a man I think his name was bissel.
He was rich and had a great servant and he called her up to his room
once to say what a good servant she was and payed her $50.00.
As she walked out the door he got th ax out of his closet and chopped
her head off.And screamed murder.After a few years he died in his office
door where the girl died.They turned it in to a bed and breakfast around
1880.They people that slept in that room and reaported a man and Woman
in there room with axs. After in 1999 i heard that the people would see
blood on the floor.


 Christmas Day!

By: griffia@home.com

I've been a fan of your site for some time...and despite having quite a
few experiences, this is the first time I'm submitting something.  I've
always been very sensitive to things...too many to count.  Luckily I
seem to have the ability to turn this "gift" on and off like a TV -
lately I've kept it off due to being so busy in the normal world...haha!

This happened last year on Christmas Day.  I had always been VERY close
to my maternal grandfather - we did everything together.  I'm 30 years
old now, but he passed away shortly after I turned 13.  I saw him after
the day of his death at my house...and we talked.  He told me he was
doing great and having a good time where he was - and mentioned to me
that he no longer felt 72 and laughed. (He was always happy and
laughing!) I still feel his presence from time to time, I think he likes
to make sure that I'm still being good!  This past Christmas, we all
gathered at my mother's house for gifts and dinner.  There is an old
grandfather clock that she inherited from my grandfather after his
passing.  It is beautiful and quite old - from 1757.  Needless to say,
this clock is non-functioning - it hasn't worked for 50 years...the
weights are out of the clock which would make the pendulum swing and
trigger a chime.  We gathered in the great room where the clock is, and
started opening up gifts.  For some reason, I mentioned how I always
missed my grandfather this time of year.  After I said that, the
pendulum started to sway in the clock...not just slowly - but very fast,
back and forth.  Then a few chimes ringed out of the clock.  I wish I
would have taken a picture of the faces of my family...I think it was a
mixture of fear and amazement.  I just knew it was my grandpa sharing
the day with us and wishing us all a Merry Christmas!!!  Everyone
laughed and until the last gift was opened, the pendulum just swung
away.  After the last gift was opened...the clock stopped dead.  I'm
sure he'll still be around for many more Christmases with us!

Thanks for letting me share this story!

Farm Hand

From: Steve

This story is about the resident ghost on my farm in central Indiana.  He is not a malevolent sprit and comes and goes with no particular schedule. First, a little history about the farm.  The home we live in was constructed in the 1840's and was an underground railway station prior to the War between the States.  There is a room upstairs with a door about 3 feet in height.  The door is fitted very tight into a frame, and opens inward into a bare windowless room about 5 feet in height, and measures approximately 4' x 20' in size.  The barn was constructed in 1881 and was a livery stop on the old National Road(U.S. 40).  Our first encounter with anything out of the ordinary had to do with the room that was used to hide runaway slaves.  As I mentioned the door only opens outward, and fits very tight into the frame.  The door can not be forced to move in an inward motion.  My oldest son was sitting
on a trunk talking to his brother, with his back leaning against the door of the hidden room.  During the conversation he began to hear a sound that he described as that of "coat hangers" rattling together coming from the hidden room.  Suddenly, the door he was leaning againstgave inward towards the room and just as suddenly moved outward to it's original position shoving my son off the trunk.  Both boys flew down the stairs and reported what had just happened.The next incident involved me personally.  I was sitting in the living room during the afternoon, and happened to notice through the open door to the master bedroom the shadow of a man cross the east wall of the room.  Thinking that it was on of our sons, I advised them to please get out of our bedroom.(there are two entrances)  I received no response except that the shadow moved across the wall again going
in the same direction as before.  I jumped up from the chair, and went to the door of the bedroom, and found it to be empty.  Further investigation revealed that the boys were outside in the barn.On another occasion someone decided to practice on the piano.  We inherited an antique upright piano from the previous owner, who was
very emphatic that he did not want it.  We were happy to keep it as my wife is an excellent pianist, and it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  One afternoon while I was alone in the house someone played five notes on the piano.  This has not occurred again as of this writing.The only place in the house that makes anyone uncomfortable is the hallway.  Nothing happens there......you just find yourself scooting along at a quicker pace when you pass through.  I receive the sensation that something is right behind me until I exit the hallway.  We
also from time to time will experience items disappearing only to turn up in plain sight.  We also on occasion will hear knocking come fromthe walls and ceiling. My oldest son, before leaving for college, always took care of our livestock.  He repeatedly would tell me that he would hear footsteps in the hayloft while he would be working down below.  He also reported that the stall doors would open and close while he would be in the barn.
  I would account this as being caused by the wind except that the stall doors slide, and are not hinged.  I told my son that the next time he heard footsteps to tell me right away and we would check it out. The opportunity came early on a Saturday morning.  My son woke me up and said that someone or something was in the hayloft.  I jumped out of bed and through on my clothes and picked up my pistol and portable radio(I am a deputy marshal).  I went out to the barn and stood outside the door directly in front of the only possible exit from the barn loft except for moving the massive sliding doors at the top of the ramp.  I announced that who ever was in the barn was trespassing and should come down pronto.  Honestly I did not expect any response.  To my
surprise almost before I finished my warning we heard what sounded like one of the horses running across the barn loft floor and something slammed into the wall of the barn with such force that the barn gave a slight shudder.  I promptly radioed to dispatch that I had an intruder in my barn and soon two deputies arrived.  Together the three of us searched the loft......you guessed it there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary.  This causes me much torment from my fellow deputies even today. The really extraordinary event happened a few nights later.  We were all asleep, I have no idea what time it was when suddenly I woke up for no reason.  I couldn't help but feel that someone was in the room besides my wife and myself.  Looking towards the foot of the bed I was
shocked to see a man with longish red hair and a beard wearing a green checked shirt, slowly moving across the room.  Thinking that it was an intruder I grabbed my pistol and instinctively covered him.  I then noticed that I could not see any body from the waist down!  The apparition never looked at me it just kept moving across the room.  It's movements were of a slight side to side motion, giving the impression that it was walking with a slow shuffling type walk.  The ghost continued across the room and passed through the closet door.
 I just sat there in disbelief.  I tried to convince myself that I was dreaming, even though I knew I was not.  Some odd notes to this experience are that the room was pitch black, but I saw the apparition in full color, as if he were the only thing in the room that was illuminated.  Also odd was that for the duration of this event I felt nothing even close to fear.....only amazement. Checking with the two previous owner of the property, they reported on occasion hearing music in the house and feeling uncomfortable in the hallway.  Other than these reports they experienced nothing exceptional.  We have also discovered the existence of another spirit.......that of a horse that on occasion can be seen briefly walking the fence.  I will also add that while typing this narrative I heard a loud pop
right behind me.  The sound that you hear when a light bulb blows.  Oh well, we haven't had any thing occur for a while......maybe someone is reading over my shoulder.


Who Took My Brush

By: jaschdl@defnet.com

I'm 30 years old,,I should tell you right now that I have personally never
actually experienced anything that you may have,,,the only thing that
happened to me was one morning as I was getting ready for school,,I had a
brush in my hand and took it into the kitchen with me,,I set the brush down
on the counter,,poured myself a glass of orange juice,,went back into the
bathroom,,,remembering I layed the brush on the counter, I went to get it
and it was not there,,I looked all over for it,,,well, after school, my
Mother asked my sister and I, which one of us had put the hair brush in the
refrigerator,,,yes, a skeptic can say that I did it in unintentionally and
forgotten about it,,,but, I don't think so.  Most of what happened in our
house happened to my mother and two sisters,,,just a few times to my Dad,
that we know about. Nothing (really) to me or my brother. Although I did
feel pressure on the back of my neck when I would leave my bedroom and walk
down the hallway,,Most of the time I would run,,,as soon as I was out of the
hallway,,,the feeling would go away,,,I'm  sitting here thinking of which
story to give you,, I think this is one of the scariest:  My sister and I
were in our teens and home alone,,we had gotten into an argument earlier
that evening. We were both in the living room,,me at one end watching
television and she at the other,,sitting on the floor listening to the
stereo with headphones on. "Someone" touched her on top of her head,
softly,,pushing her bangs into her eyes,,,she swung her arm up, thinking it
was me picking on her,,and she said "Don't touch me!" and looked behind her
and saw no one,,,she ran over to me and asked me if I had done it,,I of
course said "No!" and she told me what had happened and we sat together the
rest of the night until someone came home. We don't know any of the history
on the house or land,,we no longer live there and ironically, we were told
that a Pastor lives in the house now,,we often wonder if they have ever
experienced the same kinds of hauntings,,,and often thought of going back to
the house to find that out.  There is more to tell,,,just don't have the
time tonight,,,Haven't read your site yet,,,I will, only because this
subject interests me!
I'll be back for more.

Hair Pulling

By: Mysravin@aol.com

Recently I have had some strange things happening in my home.  It doesn't
seem to matter what time of day or night these things just happen whenever.
It does always seem to start with the odor of stale beer, though I nor anyone
here drinks at all, I can smell a strong odor of beer and friends have also
complained about the smell shortly before other things happen.  Cupboard
doors open, lights brown out, and my hair has been pulled many times.  I have
also sensed someone standing near me, and have heard sounds as if someone is
rattling coins in their hand.  Also have 3 cats and a dog who all seem
reluctant to enter the kitchen which up until recently was their favorite
room in the house.  I have had to move the water dish to the laundry room
because several times as a pet has been drinking they would suddenly dash
from the kitchen either whining or with tail bushed.  I have had many strange
experiences in my life so these don't really bother me too much (I simply
tell it to stop it, or say not now, and it will quit for a while), but it is
bothering my friends who visit.  I know the history of this house and know
that noone has died here nor have any traumatic events occurred here.  I feel
the strangest thing is the smell of beer, and my full grown adult friends
being afraid, when Debbie's hair was pulled she about jumped out of her skin
and has not been back since, (she insists that we go out or that I visit her
at her house),  The animals are definitely uncomfortable, and my 12 yr. old
son seems almost oblivious to these occurrences, only a few times has he
mentioned being bothered by the cupboards or the lights and has not mentioned
the smell or the hair pulling at all.  My sister is coming to visit in April
and if these things are still occurring I am confident that the two of us can
put a stop to it.  I just thought I would share these events with you and ask
for any input that your readers might have.  They (or you) can e-mail me at
MysRavin@aol.com with any comments or suggestions.

Harrisonburg Graveyard

By:  Mkleiper1@aol.com

In 1970 I heard a upperclassman tell of a moonlight night and footsteps
approaching that scared the blitz out of him and his girlfriend on Graveyard
hill.  There was no way anyone was hiding or approaching because the
moonlight was so bright it was like day.

In 1972 I personally heard similar heavy footstep sounds approaching myself
and a now ex-friend  by the light of a full moon.  The only explaination.  A


By: Tweeder50@aol.com

A few years ago I had the weirdest experience of my life, and I have never
been able to explain it.  I have only told a couple of people, and they think
I was imagining things.  I am normally a very rational guy, good in school,
and very religous.  So there is no reason for me to make this up.  I was
hoping you could read my story and tell me what you think.
    It was late at night and I was alone in our house with my Dad.  He was
already asleep, and I had just closed my door to go to bed.  I turned off the
lights and got into bed with my two dogs.  Less than a minute later my two
dogs both started barking.  When I sat up to spank them I saw a figure on the
floor of my bedroom.  It was a black silouette, and it appeared to be
kneeling.  My dogs jumped off of the bed and began running in circles
barking.  The weird thing is that they were running right around the figure.
If it weren't for that I might think I was imagining things.  Withing seconds
the figure vanished.  Faded is actually a better way to describe it.  Once it
was gone my dogs quit barking.  I know it could not have been my Dad because
my door was closed and he doesn't disappear.  :)  The previous owner of the
house had her husband die while she lived there.  Before this incident
happened little things had happened before.  The main thing was that my alarm
clock would go off in the middle of the night, or when I know I had set it
that night, it would be off in the mornings.  I always thought maybe my
brother was messing with me.  So do you think I'm crazy too?  Or does this
sound like the real deal.  After this incident no other hauntings ever

My House is Haunted

By: Kyhillhop@aol.com

I love the house I live in, my father purchased the house as part of a farm
in the 1970's. The farm connected to his farm.
The tenants had reported several unexplained things in the house, my mother
just thought they were not telling the truth.
I moved into the house 10 years ago, and boy, they were not lying!
I hear footsteps on the stairs at all times during the day. Not to mention
the unexplained loud noises coming from upstairs!
My dog will not sleep upstairs and refuses to go up alone. Recently a shelf
fell from my daughters wall, the next day it was back up! I accused her of
putting it back up, she swears she did not. I did not push the issue ,
thinking she would get scared, we lied and told her my husband put it up!
several times my daughter has come to the bottom of the stairs to ask me what
I wanted, only to find out i was not the one to call out for her. And just
the other day I thought I seen my daughter come in from the back porch only
to find her laying on the couch sound asleep.
My baby looks up at the stairs and smiles and laughs and nothing! This is so
weird that i take him in another room!
The house is was built in the early 40's on the foundation of a two story log
The house and farm had been in the same family for years when my father
bought it.

I have lived with ghosts

By: Tigger2094@aol.com

The house I grew up in was in Jacksonville, FL.  My mother told me there used
to be a big field that was turned into an air field for one of the world
wars.  I don't know who the ghosts were that lived in the house, but they
were friendly.  My family believes in ghosts because of their various
experiences, and we were all talking, cousins, my sister, and my parents, one
night about the ones that live in the house.

When I was about a year old, my mother said, her and my father were laying in
bed when they heard me cry.  As my mother was going to check on me, they both
heard the back door open and close again.  When they checked the door, it was
the way they left it:  chained and locked from the inside.

My mother got a sense one day that something would go amiss.  Someone
actually told her to get out of the house, as soon as possible.  She went
down the road and took my aunt to the store.  When they came back, the door
was kicked in and jewelry, the 1920's era police gun that my great
grandfather gave her, a tv, and vcr were missing.  I was about 10, and when I
came home that day from school, I saw police cars around the house.  If it
weren't for that voice, my mother, who was home alone, would have been hurt,
to say the least.

As I got older, I remember seeing shadowy figures standing by my door and the
door to my sister's room.  Every once in a while, I would see someone in the
living room, but it was not a person.  I would hear footsteps.  They were not
the creaking of an old house; I could distinguish between footsteps and
boards creaking.  One night, I was laying on my bed; I guess I was about 13
then.  My dog was in the room with me, asleep.  All of a sudden, she stood
up, looked at the wall behind me, and started her low growl that tells when
someone uninvited is in the house.  When I looked behind me, I only saw a
shadow for a second, and then it disappeared.  I would see the ghosts only a
few times since that night, not like I had used to.  I moved a couple of
years ago, and so far, I haven't seen anything.  I can sense something around
me when noone else is, but that was the extent of my most recent encounters.

A Haunting in Massachusetts

By: MsMMoge@aol.com

 I have a story for you and your web site. Massachusetts, in the township of
Groton, off of old Nodd Rd., there was an old house. My grandmother and her
family lived there. She was alone ,on several occasions, watching her soap
operas. She claimed to hear footsteps. When she would investigate ,no one was
there . She said she had many times turned the outside light off only to find
it on in the morning. My aunt Nancy awoke one night, to whom she thought, was
my uncle being cute by blowing in her ear . She turned to find no one there.
When my sister was 5 years old, she was sitting at the top of the staircase
playing. My uncle and I  were in an adjacent room where he was building a
model car and I was watching. All of a sudden, we heard my sister upstairs
screaming and then she started to sob. We scrambled up the staircase to ask
her why she had screamed. Her reply was that my uncle Paul was there with his
scary Halloween mask on. She said that after she screamed that he immediately
went through a whole bunch of junk stored at the top of the staircase and to
the right and proceeded right through there she said. She was pointing
directly at the wall behind the junk. My uncle and I looked for my uncle up
there. I found his mask in his room. His radio was on but turned down to
nothing. He was not home at the time. My grandmother told us that he was at
work at the time and he had not been there since earlier in the morning. Keep
in mind this took place in midday. My grandmother was convinced that my
sister had seen J.J. the ghost. She claimed that a man named J.J. and his
wife and child had lived there. She said J.J. had lost his wife and his
little blonde-haired  daughter in a car accident. She said he had been so
struck with grief that he shot himself in the head in the very room that my
uncle and I were in prior to rescuing my sister. Incidentally, my sister
happened to be a blonde-haired child. This is probably why J.J. appeared to
my sister. Anyways, this is a true story. The old house does not stand there
anymore . I believe the gas furnace had some kind of problem that caused the
house to blow up or it may have been arson. I'm not sure about that part but
I do know a new house was built on that same spot. I cannot tell you if J.J.
is still there because I do not know the new tenants/owner. He was when I was
a child of nine. That was over 20 years ago.

Pocono Paranormal

By: Wyytchy99@cs.com

I actually have a couple of stories that happened to me.  I used to live up
in the Pocono's, (in Pennsylvania) , a place that is kind of known for their
ghosts.  I was about 9 or 10 years old when I was first contacted consciously
by a ghost.  Me and my sister were coming in from outside, we had just got
done playing basketball, it was about 9:00pm or so (it was at least dark out
and my parents went to bed already) As soon as we came in I saw my sister
gazing in a panic at the television screen, at first I didn't really pay any
attention until I saw her loose all the color in her face, so immediately I
looked at the TV.  To my suprise there was a young girl, teenage years, with
long straight hair, with absolutely no color, it wasn't white, black, tan,
not even gray.  It's kind of hard to explain, I have never seen a color such
as this.  She was on the inside of the TV facing out.  She was pounding her
fists on ther screen and yelling but with no voice, I couldn't hear anything.
 She only lasted for a moment or so and then slowly faded away.  Once it was
gone we just stood there so scared that we couldn't even move, my body
finally broke in and I ran to get the remote to turn the TV off but again to
my suprise the TV wasn't even on.
Another time would be when my dead grandmother came to vist me.
Me and my family were having a lot of money problems and just regular
ordinary problems that every family gets to experience.  I was again about 9
years of age and oddly I  comprehended and understood what kind of
"sufferings" my family was going through, therefore leaving me to worry.
One morning I woke up pretty early (the sun was just about coming up) and I
was just sitting there all alone in the living room contemplating all the
problems, and starting to worry, when all of a sudden I bright ray of sun
shine landed upon a nativity set that once belonged to my grandmother.  All
of the blinds and curtains were closed for we close them every night, and no
one had yet woke up besides of me, to open them.  As I was staring at the
nativity set in amazement I felt I warm sensation being pressed on my back.
I wasn't scared at all I actually felt relief, I suddenly stopped worrying
and thinking about any kind of problem.  My mind was completely set at ease.
I knew automatically that it was her, I don't know how to explain how I know,
but I just do. And to this day when I start worrying about something a little
too much than necessary I always feel that warm hand.
Unfortunately not all of my stories are that pleasant.
A couple of years after my first encounter with the TV girl, I had another
fright.  Me and my brother were walking in the woods, just kind of exploring
and being typical kids.  We were about half a mile into the woods when all of
a sudden this grayish, translucent figure started to approach us.  We weren't
quite sure what or maybe who it was so we sorta stood there in amazement (you
know the mouths dropped to the floor, the eyes bugged out, and the body very
still).  When they figure got about 15-20 ft. away from us we could tell that
it wasn't "someone" rather something.  We automatically started to run as
fast as our little legs could run we could see the thing catching up to us
when we just stepped one foot out of the woods and the thing just stopped
dead in it's tracks and then disappeared, me and my brother ran in the house
to tell our parents but of course they didn't believe us and told us we were
imagining things. So we just let it go.
Another time would be when we were "skipping rocks" into this pond, that
rested only across the street and behind a building, when we looked behind us
into the fields to find Indians, but they weren't "normal" I guess you can
say.  they were a good 100 yards away, so it wasn't completely detailed.
They were solid not transparent but only the upper half of their bodies were
there.  And the bodies were at least 1-2 ft. above the ground.  They just
stood there watching us.  And I guess they were trying to tell us not to go
into that area that they were because we never went even a foot past the pond
not even when our dogs ran away into that area, but the dogs also returned
immediately. They didn't approach us, and we didn't approach them we weren't
scared, I really can't remember what we were feeling but I know we weren't
scared.  The Indians stood there with their deer, which also had only half of
their bodies.  I'm not suprised that they are Indians.  Indians lived there
long ago, I mean the place is called Tobyhanna (tell me that ain't an Indian
Another time with an encounter with an Indian was at a place where my mother
worked, She worked at Shawnee (another Indian name) and there was a fountain
infront of the building where I saw I translucent white women, kinda swaying
in the wind (although there was no wind)  she just stood there looking into
the water, whenever I tried to approach her she would disappear.  There were
many witnesses to this women, she would always show herself to the guests.
Behind the building was a small river and on the other side of the river
nothing but trees and bushes.  When me and my sister were sitting there just
our feet in the water I would see this floating head, I don't know if it was
transparent or solid, it was kind of hazy. And the head had a bunch of red
and black feathers behind it's head, had black, RED, AND WHITE, FACE PAINT
ON.  We only saw ahead but there may have been a body but covered by the
bushes.  The head just stayed there watching us, again probably just
protecting their "Sacred Land."

A few years ago me and my parents moved to another area.  We moved into a
very old house, it doesn't look old because it was refinished.  The house is
really 100 years old.  Many people have lived in this house.  Just a year ago
I started practicing witch craft, and into things that help you free your
mind (Tarot Cards, learning how to tap into my psychic side, meditation,
etc.)_And since then I have become very perceptive to the ghosts in my house.
 We have at least one in each room.  The one in my sisters room are little
children and an older man that for some reason tends to scare me a little.
The children like to play at night time, they run around like crazy, you can
hear them from downstairs.  The one in my room is very nice and they come to
me in my sleep, They let me know what is going to happen in the near future,
just little stuff, like what's going to be on TV, when dream about a movie,
even if it hasn't been seen in a while, it will come on. they told me my
sister was pregnant and was going to be a boy even though we were all hoping
for a girl. Like I said it's just the little stuff.. They also like to
rearrange my furniture and watch TV.  When I am sleeping they turn the TV on
and off. In the den is a middle aged man who wears suspenders and a cowboy
hat, black pants, and a dirty white shirt.  He leans on the fire place and
watches us pass, and then if we are going upstairs he comes out and follows
us and makes sure we make it up the stairs all right.  Once when I had a
broken ankle I was trying to walk up the stairs and I started to fall back,
all of a sudden I felt something push me forwards.  So every time I make it
to the top of the stairs I turn around and say thank you.  The one in the
basement is an old bitter man he doesn't like to be bothered with, so he some
times scares me a little.  The ghosts in my house are all good spirits, I am
sure of that because every month I do a ritual type spell to cleans the
house.  The spirits in my house have only scared me once.  That was when we
had a not very nice person living in the house, he was very manipulative and
took advantage of us, and later to find out that he raped another person in
the house, so lets just say he's a bad person, but me and my family don't
have a good judgment of people.  But the ghosts would try to scare him, which
they succeeded in but to do it they also ended up scaring myself , I sort of
got in the way I guess you can say.  But once they scared this bad person out
they came to me in my sleep and apologized (I guess) because one morning I
woke up and never got scared of them again.  And they always let me know if
they don't want someone to be in the house.  Like I said they come to me in
my sleep.  They tell me they don't like them and the next morning I wake up
and dislike them myself..
It is a shame that there are some ghosts that do scare and harm people, but I
am glad that is mot my situation.  I'm not expecting you or anyone to believe
me, I'm not looking for an approval, I'm just here to tell my story.  I've
sort of given up on trying to make people believe me (what can I say they are
very simple minded[they don't want to know])
Well I thank you for listening to my experiences and I would like to hear
what you have to think!!

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