Wine Glass and a 3 Year Old Punk


Members of my generation of my family have been visited by a ghost.

This encounter happened when I was 3. I woke up early in the morning

to find a young, very life-like boy in early 1900's French clothing

standing in my closet ( where I kept all my toys).

"These are my toys...this is my room," he said in an annoyed and

aggressive tone.

Frankly, this scared the you-know-what out of me and I ran scared

into my parents bedroom and told them (crying) that there was a boy in

my room. Both of my parents returned to my room to find nothing of the

sort, and the only reason they have ever believed this is that the same

the happened to my older sister before I was born. My older cousin has

told that he was visited by this child, and we now refer to the ghost

as Pierre. My other younger cousin has never been encountered, so I

guess Pierre found his place. Except that my family is French, I've

made no connection between the ghost and my family.

No other supernatural encounter has happened except the eerie event

when I was five. I was in the living room of my house and I think I

was watching television, but I honestly can't remember. In the room,

the couch is directly across the room from the t.v. A door on the left

leads to the kitchen, and on the right side of the room about 15 feet

from the couch is a small, half enclosed bar.

In the bar, there is a glass shelf that holds all of our liquor

glasses (Note: All glasses are upside down and of course empty).

I was on the couch when a crystal wine glass full of wine flew across

the room and shattered on the tile kitchen floor. Directly after that,

the light bulbs in the bar (hung from the ceiling) flickered as the

bulbs shook rather violently back and forth. Our carpet still carries

a stain from the wine.

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The Old Farm House

by STU950341@GCC.EDU

My aunt lives in an old farm-house in Wellsville, NY. The house has a

strange history which I think might have explained what I saw there.

Wheither it was a ghost or not, I can't tell, because I saw it when I was

very young and it might have been the product of my imagination. Anyways,

her house is kind of old, and during the fifties or sixties a young man

lived there with his mother who was insane. One day the man went into

town to get some stuff, and while he was gone his mother burned down the

barn and killed herself. The foundation of the old barn is still there

and my cousin, my brother, and myself used to dig up the old, burnt

animal bones which we thought were dinosaur bones.

One night while I was eight years old, I was sleeping in my cousin's

room, which also happened to have been the old lady's. I remember being

awaken suddenly and when I opened my eyes I saw a black figure that

looked like a shadow, but was standing over me. It had no facail features

but I saw what looked like hands curled and held out over me. The figure

didn't move at all. I couldn't move either. I was terrified and all I

could do was close my eyes. While I had my eyes closed, I thought that I

had to do something, or else the figure would get my brother or my

cousin, who were both asleep and didn't see anything. I still could not

move, but I opened my eyes, which took a great deal of will power to do.

The figure was still there, but it seemed to shrink or move backwards

into the adjoining room, which was kind of like a large closet. Even as

it move away, however, I did not change position or give any indication

that it was anything more than a shadow. As soon as it was gone I raced

down stairs to where my parents and my aunt and uncle were talking. I

couldn't go to sleep that night. Lately, I think what I saw might have

been a shadow of tree from a passing headlight, but the way it behaved

(or the way I remember it behaving) it would have been quite the


Another interesting thing happened at that house, this time to my aunt.

The man who owned the house prior to her was a friendly old man named

Dale. Dale died of natural causes and there is no reason that he might be

haunting the house. Dale was, however, extremely attached to the house,

and as a consequence, whenever something strange (keys missing etc.)

happened in the house they would jokingly make some comment about Dale's

ghost being responsable. One night there was a bad thunderstorm. Mu aunt

was watching TV alone when all of the sudden, the screen went blank and

the TV begain to move slowly toward the wall. My aunt was scared, of

course, but it turns out the storm had knocked over their sattelite dish

and as it fell the cable had dragged the TV toward the wall.

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Friendly Ghost


When I retired in 1987 my wife and I relocated to a small town in

Kentucky and purchased a historical property that was built in 1790 for an

ancestor of mine, James McKee, by master stone mason, John Metcalf and his

brother. The home was a three story structure that had been beautifully

preserved through the years and was a lovely home to entertain in. There

was just one small

problem....The place was haunted!

My wife and I grew quite apprehensive in the wee hours of the morning a

day or so after moving in. We were both awakened by the scuffling,

shuffling footsteps coming from the attic directly over our bed in the

large master bedroom. It sounded as though the ghost was interested in

viewing the contents of some of the boxes we had stored there the previous

day, for we could hear the distinct noise of cardboard on lumber that was

made as they were slid around for inspection.

We prudently decided the next morning at first light would be soon enough

to check into it and after listening for a while, the noises subsided and

we both finally got back to sleep. The following morning I journeyed up

the creaky steps to the dark attic and as you might expect, saw nothing

out of the ordinary. The boxes were unharmed and didn't appear to be

scattered at all.

We chalked it up as an interesting experience and before we had sold the

home and moved six years later, the following incidents took place that

amused us more than frightened us:

Item: On a bright sunshiny day as I was in the front foyer refinishing

an antique armoire, I heard the distinct sounds of footsteps pacing back

and forth with strong, measured paces in the guest bedroom above the

library. I was the only person in the house with the exception of my 2

dogs. The pacing continued for about 15 minutes before subsiding.

Item: on numerous occasions, the spirit has tapped me on the shoulder

(always during the daytime), or whistled as if to get our attention.

Item: Our dog on several occasions was observed in the front foyer

looking into the library toward the large fireplace barking and growling

loudly. Every hair on her back was raised. This was always during the

daylight hours and upon investigation of the cause of her anxiety, neither

my wife or I ever observed anything untoward in the library that should

upset her. After a few minutes she would cease barking, cock her head to

the side as if to understand where the object of her attack had

disappeared to, snort loudly and trot off proudly.

Item: At 5:30 AM. the morning following Halloween, my wife discovered a

candle votive to be lit inside one of the 2 jack-o-lanterns in the dark

kitchen. She thought I had lit it to scare her and I assured her I had

not, and further, there was no possible way it could have been left

burning all night, for the votive would have been used up, and the lid of

the jack-o-lantern would have been charred. The lid was only tanned and

warm to the touch. Hmmmm.

Item: the following Halloween, as my wife and I started upstairs for bed

after the trick or treaters had all stopped coming around; I made a

statement to her that the ghost had behaved himself very well all

night....Before the words were out of my mouth, the grandfather clock in

the foyer at the foot of the stairs chimed 1 o'clock. The time was 10:23

P.M. . The clock had never done that before or since.

These things sound strange, but I can assure you, they happened!

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Phantom Jogger


This incident happened in November of 1994. It was a blustery fall night and I was

leaving my apartment, located on the edge of town, to attend night school. A block

or so down the street is an isolated road that is about a half mile long that

connects with main road leading out of my neighborhood This is the same road that

I used to goto work, school and take nightly walks when I can't sleep. As I turned

onto this road I thought, at first, my headlights flashed onto a jogger. So I swerved

to miss him, but when I looked there was nothing there. After breathing a sign of

relief I continued on my way. Driving approximately 35 - 40 MPH I continued down

this road when I noticed through the corner of my eye some sort of white object

flapping in the wind. At first I thought it was a plastic, white super market bag

that had snagged itself on the side of my car. But when I turned to look at it...

it was gone. I looked away to focus on the road and again it reappeared flapping

in the wind. As soon as I turned to look, it again disappeared. A little confused

as to what my eye was telling me I looked again but this time the white object floated

across the hood my car and floated "straight" into an abandon gravel pit / wooded area.

It wasn't affected by winds that were blowing that night. I wasn't a bit frighten

by what I witnessed but tried to find a logical answer; what is debris or ... something

else? I still to this day can not figure out what I had seen. Was it some white plastic

debris that my car picked up? Garbage doesn't float straight across your car, it

usually rolls up and over. I still continued to drive and walk this area until I

move out the following spring. But I never saw... what ever it was... again.

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My Ghostly Companion

by MLady

When I was five, my family moved from Port Huron Michigan to Portland Oregon. Th We moved into a beautiful Old Portland home, three stories plus and attic.

The year prior to our move, the family who lived in that home experienced a horrible tragedy. Their 5 year old son was hit by a car and killed outside the home. They moved away.

The first night I slept there, I slept upstairs with my sister. I was horrified of the bathroon closet. Inside the bathroon closet, there was a door to the attic. I kept saying there were ghosts up there to my parents. They thought I was just being imaginative.

My mother had a collection of wind chimes, and as she also had a collection of teenage and near teen age children in my brothers and sister, she hung one of the wind chimes on the front door.

At least once a week, those chimes would ring with no earthly reason.

As I grew older, the activity in the home, the non-earthly activity, seemed to focus on me. Mostly it was playful. My room, which I had just cleaned would be ransacked while I was at school. My toys would disappear. Normal prank things.

In my early teens, I saw something in the hallway. A little boy. And I knew his name instantly. His name was David. I walked towards him and poof, he was gone. Armed with a name, I asked our landlord who the little boy was. It appears the little boy who was killed was named David.

My friends and I decided to play with and Ouija board, upstairs in my room. I asked why David was still here.

The board spelled out, slowly I might add, david knew he was dead, but that he wanted to be my friend. He would be with me always.

I freaked out a little. Knowing you are going to have ghost for life is a little strange. But once I got over it, the thought was comforting. David continued to play pranks on my for years, and he still does.

When I started dating, David would signal his disapprova of any particular date by stealing my shoes. I don't mean I lost them. I would place them on my bed, turn around to get something out of my closet. When I reached for the shoes, they were gone. If I broke up with the boy, the shoes would FALL from the sky and land in front of my parents and I.

Now that I am married, David torments my poor husband by stealing car keys, medication, ties anythings small and replacable.

All in all, David is a friendly little boy, who just wants a friend.

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I hear it, but I don't see it


My grandparents owned a Greek Revival frame farmhouse,

built in te 1830's, on Cape Cod. It was passed on to my

mother and two uncles when they died. I remember spending

very many happy summer days visiting there when I was a

child, and I loved waking up in my little dormer room to

the sound of the gulls, the smell of the ocean, and the

sounds of early risers.

After both grandparents had died, our families still spent

a couple of weeks a year there, overlapping a week so that

we could visit together. One year, when I was about 15, my

uncle and his family left to return home about 9:00 in the

morning, leaving the house blessedly quiet! My mom, dad,

and I had been sitting downstairs in the family room, all

reading, when overhead, from the attic, we heard about a

half dozen heavy footsteps, headed towards the stair. We

all sat there, not saying a single word, trying to pretend

we didn't hear, when my father got up, saying,"I'll check

the dining room." He returned, having found nothing. He

then asked my mother and me if we had heard anything. We

both nodded. This is especially remarkable as my dad was

the kind to believe in just about any crazy thing, and my

mom is the kind to only believe what she sees, and even

then maybe not. We all knew there was absolutely no one

else in the house. We settled on the explanation that it

was my grandfather's ghost footsteps that we heard, as this

house was his very favorite spot on earth, and he used to

sleep in the attic, waking early each morning to work in

his garden. I can still remember hearing his workboots

clomp across the attic floor in the early morning.

To this day, both my husband and a good friend have both

heard the footsteps. Both thought another person had

caused them -- persons accounted for outside the house or

in another part of the house. Neither had been told of the

original story. Both uncles think we're completely full of

it, even when mom corroborates the story.

Go grampa!

p.s. A cousin's wife said she saw a lady in black standing

at the foot of the bed one night when they were visiting.

Isn't it ironic that none of us can quite swallow that one

even when expecting them to believe our own stories?

How come I always hear them, but I never see them?

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My personal Spirit Encounter


Hello my Name Is Kevin I have something that is not a story but the truth. Here it is.

I was about 1 years old when my mothers friend who is a Psychic and her friend went into a Quigy board. They found a spirit named Regis who is still to this day their guider through life. Well during this they let out a spirit by the name of Marhta. Martha is a poltergise and despite what the movie say's that is not a demon. A Poltergise is a thief or a trickster. Well we did not have contact with Marhta or Regis until I was about 11 years old when My mother work with her friend in a doctors office..

Martha would call my mother at work. She would talk or even use Morse code. This was fine I even talked to Martha.. But she began to steel from us.. But even though we blamed each other we knew it was her.. This went on for about a year.. Than Martha stopped calling etc..... for about 3-4 months.. She came back but diffrent.. I was in my mothers office when I saw a sphere that was clear almost appear.. It chased me and my mother or her boss did not see it.... Than about a week later I was in school and it appeared again.. This time it was what I would say trying to attack me.. it charged and ramed at me..

This became annouying so I went to my mothers friend and asked her to tell Martha to leave me alone.. It worked.. Than about 3 years later. I woke up and my head was cut open and bleeding.. I did not know where it came from.. woke my mother up and she cleaned the cut and looked to see what cut me.. Well while doing this another cut opened on my cheek infront of my mother.. It just opened out of no where.. at this time we went to the Doctor to get it checked.. he said there was no cut. Blood was just coming out.... This continued for about 6 months..

Than the day I turned 16 I was out with my girlfriend with my license and an old car. Well the car flipped over 4 times. But I was not hurt nor was my girlfriend..

Then about 2 months later me and my family went upstate to the catskills.. Like we did every summer... It was normal until july 23 when I was in my room playing nintendo and a Native American figure apeared through my nintendo on the floor with force and lifted me up yelling "It is my land..... No technology" It was hanging me by my shirt. I was about 2 feet off the ground. I tried to screem and my voice just was no more. I could not talk... I was thrown into a wall and knocked out.. While I was knocked out the other spirit regis came to me. He said that Martha is pissed that she cant get to the other side and it was to late to help her.. He than said "I will try" and I woke up and the Nintendo was never touch and neither was I. I figured that the attack was to warn me...

About 7-8 months later, I was once again attack by this Native American.. When Regis appeared he told me to stand to Martha with Quigy board in hand and write out go back you can make it.. When I awoke once again I was never touched.. I went to my addict got the Quigy Board and waited for Martha. It was about 7 hours later when She came in the sphere shape. I did what Regis told me.. She neglected to pay attaention until I wrote it out.. she than dissapeared instently.....

That was the last I saw her but one more time I was aproched by Regis he told me that it might not hold.. And I must destroy the board I had NO proble with that. So I did.. But since than weired stuff has happened. Which craft books have appeared in my home and Satanic bibles as well.. My Parents and I put crosses in every room and since then nothing and I say nothing has happened...

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A Pastors's Horrid Prayer


When I was younger my grandmother (who is an avid pentecostal

christian) told me a true story that her church pastor, at the time,

told his congregation.

He told of a student pastor who he was in college with that claimed not

to believe in the devil, demons, or evil spirits. He believed that a

truly holy God would not create such a thing and despite the professor's

teachings, he would not agree that they existed.

He eventually began praying to god to show him one of the demons if

they in fact existed. He prayed every day several times a day in hopes

of seeing what he did not believe in. After weeks of this he began to

lose faith in the Lord, so he began praying to the devil himself. He

prayed two or three days straight, several times per day and finally had

just about given up. One evening while sitting at home watching t.v. he

heard a unfamiliar sound that originated at the far end of his hallway.

Still sitting in his chair, he looked down the hall as far as his angle

on it would permit. At the point at which he could not see any further

down the corridor appeared a burnt orange glow that seemed to get

brighter as if it were coming down the hall.

The pastor did not scare easily according to the story and stood fast

as the glow and the now undescribably horrid sounds neared his end of

the hallway.

Finally a figure appeared near the living room end of the hall and the

pastor described to his colleagues the most fear instilling, grotesque

creature that he could muster.

Now, filled with the worst fear he had ever felt he began to pray to

God to intervene and deliver him from this evil beast. He began to

shout,"I plead the blood of Jesus over this home!"

After several of these plees the figure dissipated and the sound muted.

The pastor told his story to all his colleagues, his professor and most

of his congregations thereafter........

This story is true to the best of my knowlege.

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My name is Theresa. One of my experiences happened while my husband and I

were on vacation on Nantucket in 1995. We were staying at the Sherbourne

Inn. There was a little introduction to the Inn in our room which stated

that there was a ghost at the Inn. She was reported to appear from the

waist up and it was said that she had beautiful red hair. Anyway, my

husband didn't believe in ghosts and just blew it off. The first night we

slept there I was so tired that a nuclear blast wouldn't have awakened me.

The next morning, my husband asked me if I had seen the bright light in the

room. Of course I hadn't because I had slept like a rock. He didn't say

too much more about it. The last night of our stay we had packed all of

our hard luggage which consisted of 2 pieces and they were standing right

infront of the door to our room, next to the bed. At 2:30 am I awoke to a

loud bang. I looked over my husband towards the door and my suitcases were

rocking back and forth into each other. My husband woke up and watched for

a few seconds and then it stopped. We went back to sleep and left the next

morning without even mentioning it to the Innkeeper. My husband believes

in ghosts now.

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Haunted Apartment in Okinawa


When my husband was stationed to Kadena AFB, in Okinawa you are required

to live off base until housing on base becomes avialable. We were lucky

enough to find a large two bedroom apartment that was on the third

floor, just outside gate five. Only americans lived in the complex,

Okinawans won't live in a place that is haunted or thought to be, but I

really don't know if that's why they didn't live there or not. Anyway,

nothing weird happened for about the first two months, then on night I

was washing up the dishes from dinner and while I was rinsing the silver

ware, I had accidently put the steak knives in the drainer with the

blades facing up. While I was rinsing some plates and putting them in

the draining rack, I scraped my arm on the blades of the knives. So, I

turned them all over blades down and went back washing dishes. My

husband came in and was talking to me for a few moments, and when I got

through rinsing some dishes and was in the process of putting them in

the rack, I discovered all the knives were turned over again with the

blades up. This shocked me, and I asked my husband if he turned them

over while he was talking to me, and he said that he had not.

The next thing that happened, was around Christmas. My husband was

sitting at the desk working on the computer when all of a sudden he

gasped, jerked his glasses off and scooted his chair back all at the

same time. My son and I asked him what was the matter and he said that

something poked him in the forehead just above his left eyebrow. After

he calmed down, he decided that it was a muscle spasm and went back to

the computer. About ten or so minutes my son, who was sitting in the

front room yelled, "Mom! There's smoke comming out of the bathroom and

it's going up the hall!" By the time I got in there it had disappeared.

I asked him what it looked like, and he said like a grey smoke or mist

that floated up the hall toward the front door and vanished.

Then things would turn up missing, you would tear the house up looking

for them and then you would find them in plain sight. And, I would

always see these dark darting shadows from the corner of my eyes. At

first I thought it was someone passing be the front window, but as time

went on I noticed that there was never anyone there. You could aways

feel the cool breeze sweep across the floor, I seems to just happen to

me. One afternoon, I was at the sink filling ice trays and the cold

breeze blew just on the right side of my face, it blew my hair on that

side and felt like someones was touching me. Now, I know what you are

gonna say, and no I did't have any windows open, no fans going, and

the airconditioner was not on,(It was still early spring). About that

time, eary April, our neighbors upstairs moved on base. Their apartment

stayed empty for three weeks and during that time you could hear

footsteps. The would sound heavy like an adults, or run like a childs.

You could hear furniture being dragged across the floor, rapping,

tappings, and bangings. I thought someone must have moved in and went

upstair to meet the new family, only to find that the apartment was

still empty.

During the last of May we were getting ready to move on base and the

activity increased. I was taking a nap and my son came in and woke me

up. He was a little scared and told me he saw a ghost. So, I got up

and he showed me where he saw it. There is a small hall that leads to

the bathroom and on one side is a small japanese washer and on the other

side is a sink with a large mirror. He was trying to pull out a loose

tooth, he is eleven, and he had climbed up in the sink to see better.

While he was wiggling his tooth, the happened to look up and in the

mirror he could see a greyish thing watching him. It was peeking from

the right side of the washer. He said it was kind of wrinkled and had

black holes where it's eyes were, a slit for a mouth and looked kind of

skull like. He said it startled him and when he turned to look at it it

vanished. He thought he was just seeing something and blew it off and

went back to wiggling his tooth. He looked up in the mirror again and

there it was, only this time it was peeking from the left side of the

washer and again it vanished when he turned to look at him. That's when

he came an got me. It wouldn't show it's self to me.

The next day my son and I was playing a computer game and we heard this

crash come from my bedroom. We got up to see what it was and my lamp

had been knocked off in the floor. Now there is no way it could have

just fell of on it's own, it is heavy about 15 or 20 pounds. We cleaned

up the mess and when my husband came home from work I told him what had

happened. Well, later on that night I got dressed for bed and I decided

to look at my coins, I have several including three mercury head dimes.

I got out my magnifing glass and was digging through my collection

looking for a certin mercury dime. It wasn't there, I found the other

two, but I couldn't find the one I was looking for. So, I tore up my

bedroom looking for it, I went through my nightstand, drawers and under

the bed, but I couldn't find it. I finally gave up and put the coins

away and went to sleep. In the morning when I woke up, guess what, it

was laying on my night stand right beside my head. Now, I know for a

fact there was nothing on there when I went to bed, cause the lamp had

fell of earlier that day and there was nothing left.

The last thing that happened, was when we had moved everything out of

the apartment and all that was left was the gov't furniture that they

were going to pick up the next day. We were cleaning the furniture as

well as the apartment, my husband was in the bedroom and I was in the

hall with the washer cleaning the sink. My husband, had the only roll

of paper towels that we had left with him. I asked him if he had

anymore, he said yes that they were on the dresser. I went to get them

and I couldn't find them, we looked in the bedroom, front room, and

kitchen. He was getting all frustrated, because he couldn't find them.

After a while we gave up and went to bed. In the morning when we got

up, my son was already up and he was eating a pop tart wraped in a paper

towel. My husband asked him where he got the towel from and he said

they are laying by the phone. And sure enough, there they were in plain


One last thing, ever since we moved into the apartment, there was a bad

smell. It was like rotten eggs or sulfur, it wasn't there all the time,

it would just come and go. If it is connected to the hauntings, who

knows. Well, thanks for listening, it wasn't scary, just kind of weird.

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