Black Cape


the story begins in what i believe was the spring of was a nice
day and my friend and i decided to go this time i was
working at an historic site as a tour guide.the tall old structure of a
house was downtown and since my friend had never been inside i easily
talked her into going.after making a quick stop in on my boss to
asertain weather or not it would be alright to go in there by ourselves
we waited for the tour that was already in progress to let me
make this clear as possible,no one had ever reported any strange or
ghostly occarances in the 120 year old house.though many had attested to
the creepy feeling one would get when in there at night or when
alone.well finally we went in.i gave her a tour of the first floor
without a boss came in to cheak up on things(he always did)and
i saw him leave as we two prepared to go to the second floor.the doors
to the place are always locked to keep strangers out.if anyone would
have come into the house i would have heard it.the floors are really old
and friend and i mounted the staires,which go up to the second
floor twice,so to speak.the main part of the staircase goes up to a sun
porch the you turn around and go up 4 more steps.we turned to the left
to go into one of the rooms.i stoped to turn and say something to
her.from that angle you can see a portion of the hallway down stairs
including two doors.out of the corner of my eye i saw what looked like a
big black cape like coat move swiftly into one of the rooms.i dont get
easily scared but my friend does so i said nothing and moved quickly
into the room.when i turned to talk to her she looked scared i asked
what was wrong and she told me she had seen it to!after that she was
freaked so i had to remove her from the house.but let me state with this
strange object niether of us heard anything.....the room ironically
enough that the figure had gone into leads to the room a man died in!


My True Stories


   I have had strange things happen around me since I was little.  But my
favorite story is the one my grandmother told me that happened to her.
   My grandmother grew up in Warrington, England and lived there until she
met my grandfather during WWII.  It was about a week or so after her sister,
Hilda, died.  (My grandmother was the youngest of 9.)  It was late at night
and my grandmother was sitting at the kitchen table talking with Hilda's
husband/widower.  It was getting quite late and my grandmother decided she
should head on up to bed.  She started up the stairs in the dark, thinking
she didn't need to turn on the light.  She was about half-way up, when she
decided it was really too dark.  But insted of going back down the stairs to
flip the switch, she leaned over the banister to reach the switch.  She lost
her footing and almost toppled over the railing when she felt hands on her
hips steadiing her.  She managed to flip the light on and swung around just
in time to see Hilda running up the stairs in front of her wearing some kind
of coat.  My grandmother followed her dead sister into a room....there was
nobody there, but the coat that her sister had been wearing was hanging in
the closet, swinging on the hanger.  My grandmother said that she wasn't
frightened by this, because she and her sister had always been close and she
knew Hilda would never hurt her.  But it still gives me goose bumps just
thinking about it.  My grandmother and Hilda got into an argument shortly
before Hilda died.  My grandmother was so mad at the time that she told
Hilda that she would dance on her grave wearing a red dress.  Hilda died
suddenly...there was no warning.  But my grandmother felt so bad about what
she had said that she never wore red again.
   I'm glad I got to share this story.  My grandmother passed away 5 years
ago.  While on her death bed, my mother and I heard her calling out to Hilda
and my grandfather as if they were in the room.  I believe they were there
to lead her to heaven.  During that time, I always had the feeling of being
watched from grandma's backyard.  I felt there was someone (not unkind)
watching me from the corner near the house.  I was pretty sure grandpa was
there (he died 3 years earlier)  but I was possitive when my daughter came
out the back door and she looked into that very corner, smiled, waved, and
said "Hi."  I asked her who she was talking to, she didn't seem afraid at
all.....she said she was just saying hi to that man over there.   My
daughter and I were the only living people in that yard.
   I know that my stories are not scary.  But it makes me feel better to
have some kind of proof that we don't just end up as worm food and that
there is some sort of life after death.  I have a few other stories, but I
will put them in another e-mail.
   Thank you for making a web site where people can share their experiences
and feel that they are not so alone in these feelings.

What To Do


I am an honest man. I'm not the one who lives for the excitement of lies and fabrications, but i dont know whether to be scared or laugh. I live in Tyler,Tx. the apartment ..townhouse ..complex I live in use to be an old indian site. Which some parts as you may have guessed are burial grounds. I am not for sure where or as to what part i may be living on..but it is freaky. I have lived here since November of 99 and today is February 25 or something like that.
 Since we first moved in..we knew it was strange, but nothing out of the ordinary. Noises got louder...sounds of water running came louder and more and stopping..starting on its own...voices chatting at late hours of the night...consistent thumps at consistent times of the night...This was getting weird or strange...but it gets even better. One girlfriend notices a grey crown moving above my head a few times.. another girl starts feeling presences..We challenged the spirits to do something to prove themselves...well..they did.  We came home from work on night and a chair had been moved to the center of the room facing another chair..But it was an out of place spot that no human would be in...the next day our fridge door was open problem...the next day comes and we notice an almost empty bottle of ajax liquid dtergent on the counter wit a spoon that had gooey goo from the ajax. the deal is..we dont own any ajax... and why was this on our counter like it was??? This girl is over and she pulls the covers over her..and the spirits move the covers off of her...My roomate and his girlfriend are lying
in his room..when.. something stops the minidisc player completely...rustles throught the room with ambient light and thoughts of seeing a hand rustling the clths hanging from the ceilings are seen....They start making more noticable noises upstairs when we are downstairs...and then tonight...a few of us are on the couch watching a movie when....i feel someone tapping me on the shoulder..but the thing didntfeel like a normal tap of a human..and there was no possible way that anyone could have done this to me. I jumped and cussed the spirit.It
scared the hell out of me.I left the scene for a few and went back with a native american talking stick and told them that i wasnt scared  of them...Just dont touch me..and we could get along fine..if they wouldnt touch me..What to do??Please..I cant let go of this feeling and i want to.


I Know I am Not Crazy


to whom it may concern,i had an experience while i was sleeping and i dont know if it was a ghost or an angel.i had a dream that i was in bed with the covers pulled up over me because i was i use to do when i was a kid.i remember the window on the left the dresser and door to my right and the closet with a light on facing me.a person came in the door. i felt it was a woman.she walked around the bed watched me sleep.all the while i had the covers pulled up and my eyes closed.i could see her through my closed eyes.her legs were paralyzed from fear in my dream.i told her in my head to go away your scaring me.she said dont be scared i wont hurt you.she did leave,after i said something in my mind.but when she opened the door to leave i got up enough courage to open my eyes.i saw a woman dressed in 1800's clothes.with her dress that goes all the way to the bottom and all the way up her collar and wrist.but she was silhouetted (she was all black) and this white glow was all around her.then i woke up.i found myself still paralyzed and couldn't remember where i was for awhile.  i later had to get up for work and went to work for an 8 hour day. came home remembered everything about the dream and drew it on paper.that
happened 8 years ago and i still remember it.very unusual for me.what do you think it was. just my over active imagination or something else.  would love to know what you think.been wondering about it ever since.

Hot Quarter


     I had a strange experience back in October of 99. I have a desk in my
bedroom where I like to spend my quiet time. It is in the corner of my
bedroom,and looks out my window.     One day as I was sitting there, a quarter fell straight down from the
ceiling onto my desk. It was hot!!!     I got up and went to my bedroom door, which was closed. I opened it and
walked out. My husband and daughter were both sitting in the living room.
    I questioned them closely about the quarter, and they both denied any
knowledge of it. I believe I would have heard the door open or shut if one of
them had threw it.     Also, it fell straight down, not at a angle or any thing. And it was hot
to the touch.    Weird, huh?




    This is the first of many things that i realized are not explainable.

    My frien d chris ,his brother,the cat,and I are the sole witnesses of one
short  alert by a poltergiest.We were bored so we just stared into space (
this was after i became a wierdness "magnet " and I  think that was a factor
in this all ) , and then i decided to make fun of ghosts , which at the time
was funny to me  ,  and then it happened...a bloodcurtling scream rang out in
the hallway, right outside the door! and we knew it was no joke because no
one else was home ,and because of the shaking bodies that were us
...something was shaking us. and then with a bang the door flew open and then
shut.then we found the cats hair singed and the mark was shaped like a hand...
this  is a true story as unbelievable as it sounds.
thanks for lisening.

Unexplained all my life


My experiences started when I was about 3 years old, we lived in a very small
old house in Paso Robles Ca.  My dad told me when when I was older things
that happened in this house.  I would go in to my parents room to the closet
and point to the corner and cry, they couldn't see anything but I guess I
could but do not remember what.  My dad told me he could hear foot steps
outside his window on the gravel, look out and know one was there.

I joined the navy in 1985 and got married shortly after that, we moved to an
apt. in Chula vista Ca. and had a baby.  We had a two bedroom apt., things
started happening when the baby was young.  Her bedroom was always Ice cold
even during the summer.  I opened the blinds during the day and closed them
at night, but every mourning they would be open when I went into the room.
My baby cried all the time when she was in there, she hated that room. We

We moved to New Port Richey Florida in 1990, lived in another apt.had another
baby and things still were happening.  I never felt comfortable there.  I
would see black things dart in the corner of my eye, coldness in certain
parts of the house.  My neighbor upstairs had books fly off her dresser and
door knobs turn, knocking on the doors.

Then we bought a house, the lady we bought it from, her husband died in one
of the rooms, the room was off the kicthen, my son would sit in his highchair
with his hands covering his face and then peek out and point to the corner of
the room that the man died in.  I got the chance to talk to this lady again
and she said her husbands favorite chair was in that corner that my son was
pointing to.  I believe the old man's spirit was sitting there.

Then I moved to South America and we lived in an apt. that had wood floors
and wood furniture.  We were walking to the kicthen when my husband said "
Did you see that?", you got to understand my husband dosen't beleive in
anything he can't explain or see.  Of course I didn't, he said the chair
pulled out by itself and moved the table slighty.  We moved once again back
to the states.

My sister in law see's a women in her bedroom at night, and shadows on her
My brother in law see's a man in a dark cloak on the streets all the time.
My Friend lived in a house where she would see a man walk up her walkway and
ring her bell, but, noone is there.  She says this happens twice a day,

Well, there you have it!

Experiences Happening all the Time


Hello ,, my name is don and i have a few stories to share with all you ghost hunters and readers.
Here is the first one ..It was back in 1995 and i was living in seattle washington at the time.I was around the age of 22. it was forth of july and i was with my girl friend. at the time i was into the gothic scene and so was my girl. we used to go and visit the cemetary around the seattle area with friends and by our selves. one of them was the cemetary close by capital hill in seattle. capital hill being a famous art and music area for a freaks geaks and stoners. This cemetary was very special since brandon lee and his father were burried there. well
 this 4th of jusly night my girl and i were extreamly bored and we had a few crakers with us. and we had the greated idea to spend the rest of the 4th of july night at that cemetary with brandon and all his new friends in that cemetary close by capital hill in seattle washington.   so we went and tress passed of course. i tmust of ben around 8 or 9 pm. and we safely succeeded this plan and project. parking the car far away so no one would get the idead of tresspassers. we got in the cemetary and had a good time ..letting of lady fingers., spinners , a few
smal rockets and other colorful crackers. to my opinon we were sharing this fine day with the dead,and we both had and i still have no guilt on doing this.actualy i think it was very nice,but you couldnt explain that to the cops. so my girl and i and about 1000 dead people including brandon and his father enjoyed the forth of july as well. after celebrateing this we took a rest on a popular grassy family knoll my girl and i used to have picnics at ,,during the day of course.we kissed and talked and laughed about all sorts of things and had alot of
 respect of our surroundings,,in fact the dead must have been quite used to us cause we visited this quite often bringing flowers and gifts to brandon his father and other fav graves that caught our interests and spirit. so while we were hanging there just sitting there not so much in the dark since there was moon light giving us serenity. my girl caught a glimpse of a lady running about from tree to tree and from bush to bush and from grave stone to grave stone. watching us. and peeking over every obstacle in it s way. well i ahd to see this for my self, and with a little trust and belief i saw thsi my self..WITH MY OWN EYES. i actualy saw a womennning about 50 feet away from us and this grassy hill knoll thing..there was a road that wrap around this knoll and led up and around other knolls and to the front of the gate. it was quite intersting and cool. to see this. we just laughed and smiled..we had the idead that this lady was very interested in us  since we problay woke them all up.. we were not high or drunk at the time of this sighting..about an hour passed and then we were very startled to see a car soming around this road that was even closer that the lady was. it even had a spotlight shinning all over the cemetary . and the
spot light was headed our way. the car drove right passed us and the spotlight even was on us for more than 3 secs enough time to see us .a bigh ole spot light ,, and the car kept going, this was a cop car and for sure the cop would of saw us and stop and took us to jail for all sorts of arogant charges. but he or she did not and kept going . we had came to the concluison that the ghosts in the cemetary had protected us from the cops light and made us invisibla so we would not get caught. cause for a fact the cop would of stoped . we were ver y scared
from this and we left soon after wards not testing the situation any more..the ghosts did not bother us at all but the cops did ,,and that was the last thing i wanted to do was go to jail and pay for a big ol ticket.
there is another story ..i was living in fort wort at the time and iwas about the age of 9 or 10. a friend ad  i was walking down our street in our neiborhood. this was wabout 81 or 82. w e had walked passed our neiborhood play ground which was very spooky at night cause there was a huge land of tress behind it and in the day time we had forts and trailsthat led every where and there were many tales of a ghost man that lived deep in the woods in a old abandoned house. well any ways we walked passed it and something caught my eye. i saw a swing on a swing set just swinging by it self, like a kid was on it or something, and it was not windy what so ever ..well i pointed out this to my friend and we were extreamly spooked by this. and we step closer,, ther were streets lamps the light the street so we could see this very well. and the closer we got we could both see there was soemthing very small that was sitting in this swing while it was swinging. it  must have been about a foot and half foot tall. and it was balck and very small. not the size of a child . and it was jsut swinging away like nothing i picked up a rock and threw it at the the swing . it hit the metal park and a big CLANG came out of that and with this noise, that little
black thing jumped off and ran back in to the forest. we freaked and ran off and never stoped unti lwe got to my house. now i figured it must have been some kind of creature from beyound having a goodimewith the swings. it must have watch the other children and wanted to try this . i feel kind of sory for it now.. i would hope later on it came back out to enjoy a nice swing on the set late at night.well my mom and her sister when they were kids use to hear a female voice calling their names out loud at their home and it was nothing alive they did all the investigating . my father and his friend saw a a green glowing haze form int oa face and then laugh at them in the
dark long ago and he saw many other ghosts in his life. my grand mother and grand father in the 1950's saw a ufo take off from ground way up north texas. my brother has seen many ghosts in his room and stuff.
i have many dreams of people like a little girl that was killed,,n my dreams talking to me telling me that she is alright and that i am to. and the way i talk to her is by anserwing a toy telephone in this dream.
i guess in my dreams i can talk to the dead and communicate with them. i had one the other day .
and every now and then i see children in the corner of my eye, and then disapere. the other day my new girl friend and i went ghost hunting taking pics in the cemetary here in fort worth hope ing to catch some stuff on film and we ask for their permisson and said our prayers and all that . the phone rings alot with no answer on the other line. i hear knocking and sounds in my home with no one here. sometimes i hear people calling my name . and once i heard just out side my windown or what i thought was outside my window it could have been in my room or in a
the other dimension a littlegirlher dad what i was doing and he told her i was scrathing my head, and it had been about 20 min seicne i woke up and i was laying there in my room and i had to scratch my head cause it itch and i heard this, and i looked out side my window and no one was there. and there was no little girl in my room or my home.i have had a death exprience once and since then i have been more sencesitve to all this.
most of the things that have happened to me other than the minie me ghost playing on the swing i never get scared from it . well i hope you enjoy my stories and share this with othersand have good life and a great millenium thanks ,,DON 2000 feburay 29


Was it a ghost?

My story goes back some six or seven years now.  Let
me preface it by saying that at the time I had been
having some instances of precognition and had decided
to investigate what might be causing this.  My next
step would have been to see a medical doctor, because
it kind of scared me and I really wanted an
explanation.  As it turns out, I learned that having
been struck by lightning some years before, and also
having had a grandmother, aunt and cousin who were
"intuitives" gave me a predisposition for psychic

At any rate, in early 1994 a good friend of mine was
in the hospital in a coma.  He had become ill suddenly
and refused to see a doctor until he was unable to
resist and his family had him taken to the hospital by
ambulance.  He slipped into the coma on the way.

My husband and I went to visit, and naturally spent
our time talking with his wife (who was by his side
every evening during his 4-month stay in the
hospital).  From time to time I would wander over to
his bed and pat his leg or rub his arm -- not really
knowing if he was still in his body or not.

When he finally woke up (about 11 weeks into his stay)
we went to visit again.  He told me that he had kept
having a dream in which I was a nurse and came to his
room to help him.  My friend eventually got well
enough to come home, but never really seemed to regain
his strength.

I drove by their house every day on my way home from
work, and one day, about 9 or 10 months after he
returned from the hospital I started to turn on the
street that would take me past there.  A voice in my
head said, "No, don't go that way.  Ben is dead."  I
had such an awful feeling in my stomach that I didn't
make the turn and took another way home.  When I got
home, the answering machine light was flashing, and I
knew it would be Ben's wife telling me that he was
gone.  I played the message, and sure enough, Ben had
died about an hour earlier, a massive heart attack.
The ambulance had just taken his body away.  I would
have seen it if I had gone down the usual street.

I didn't question why I had known these things, but
went on learning more about metaphysics and trying to
train my abilities.

One night, about a year after Ben's death, I had a
dream that I was sitting in my car on the side of a
road.  I saw Ben walking toward my car from the
opposite way.  I looked at him and thought, 'What's
Ben doing here?  Doesn't he know he's dead?'  He came
up to my window and told me that he was looking for a
light.  I checked in my glove compartment and under my
seat and on my key ring looking for a light of some
kind that I could give to him, but nothing I found was
right.  I asked him to be more specific, but he said
he wasn't sure what it was he needed, all he knew was
that he had to find a light.

Of course, when I woke up and thought about the dream
I knew what "light" he was referring to.  Over the
next six months I researched things that could be done
for those who had passed over to the other side.
Eventually I found a nice candle/prayer ceremony which
I performed for my friend Ben.  In it I asked that he
be shown the light and the way to go towards it.

About a week after the ceremony I had another dream.
In this dream, I was seated on my living room couch
and Ben came in and sat down beside me.  I started to
tell him that I had performed this ceremony for him
(by this time it seemed normal in my dreams to talk
with Ben even though I knew he was dead), but before I
could say more than a couple of words he burst into
tears of pure joy!  He thanked me, he said he had had
no idea of what had been awaiting him while he spent
time between worlds.  He was so happy and so grateful
that I cried with him.  When I woke up, I had the
dried tears on my cheeks to prove it.

I was visiting his wife a couple of months after the
time of last dream.  I didn't tell her about any of
this, because I was afraid she would think I was
crazy.  She told me that she had frequently seen Ben
around the house 'out of the corner of her eye', but
when she turned to look directly at him, he would be
gone.  She thought she heard him calling, or smelled
his cigarette smoke -- and her mother and two sons had
had the same experiences.  It seems though, that it
had all stopped at around the same time I did the
ceremony.  They didn't know why, but they all felt
that he was finally at peace.

So, you tell me, was I dreaming, or was I talking with
a ghost?

Was it a wraith?


I work at night and one of my parents drives me to work.  Every night I
get up late and go to work late.  Anyway, this is what happened.  I sat
in the passenger side of the car and just stared out the window like I
always do.  Watching everything pass by me.  I put my attention on the
radio and suddenly noticed something in the corner of my eye.  When I
looked out of the window, there was something quickly going past my
window.  It looked like a large gust of white fog.  It had the same look
as when you pour milk into water.  It was flowing like a cloud but went
by very quickly.  I saw it pass a lot of cars and disappeared ahead of
some other cars.  Then about 2 seconds later that car tried to pass the
red light but a pick-up truck came from the intersection and slammed
into its side.  I didn't find out anything else until the next morning
when my dad picked me up from work.  I asked him about what happened and
he said that when he drove through there again, there were fire
trucks,ambulances and the entire intersection was blocked off and he had
to go around.  The reason I believe it was a wraith is for the simple
reason that I had believed in them since I was a little kid.  Another
incedent occurred months ago when my family and I were looking for the
car keys.  As I searched on the mantle, the picture of my girlfriends
grandfather fell over face down.  I immediately got a bad feeling and
thought to myself that something would happen to him.  I told her and
she told me that he was sick.  A week later she called me,crying.  Her
grandfather had passed away.  I believe that I have seen many ghosts,
had many visions about things and had lots of deja vu.  I never bother
to try to explain I just live with it.

My Weird Story


I wanted to send my stories so that I could share them with
everyone :-) Enjoy!

I live in Texas, where along the border especially, legends are
passed on through generations. One particular story my father told
me happened to my grandfather (who seems to attract
unexplainable things :-)).
On one occasion my grandfather was traveling on a bus from San
Antonio to somewhere in Texas(it has slipped my mind). His seat
was next to another passenger who was ill. The bus driver had
asked him to sit with the ill passenger and keep an eye on him.
Well, at one point the passenger got ill and my grandfather told the
bus driver to pull over.  So the bus driver pulled over out in the
middle of nowhere and the sick passenger got out of the bus to be
They waited and waited and about 15 minutes later my grandfather
went out to check on him and he wasn't there. Both him and the
bus driver looked all around the bus but couldn't find anyone.
So when the bus reached its destination my grandfather gave the
bus driver his address and phone number so that if he heard
anything about the ill passenger.
About three days later they found the ill passenger crazy, he had
gone out of his mind. Legend has it that when people are
possessed they tend to go crazy. My grandfather never found out
what the passenger saw or what happened.

Another story occured when my father was a young boy, my
grandfather and grandmother were sitting outside on the porch after
my father and his brothers were asleep. They saw three nuns
gliding up the road to the church. He swears they were literaly
gliding b/c the loose dogs, where biting at what was supposed to
by their feet but nothing was there. My grandfather got dressed and
got into the car and proceeded to look for them and could never find
them or any trace of them.

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