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Here is What I Went Through

By: Anonymous

February, 2000.  .  I'm a 43 year old caucasian male,
married over 12 years and I have 2 children.  I have a college degree, work
as a professional and have no particular religious beliefs.  My only
experience with "ghosts" or entities (I don't know what the heck it was)
happened to me over a period of about 10 months while living in New
Hampshire... about 3 years ago.  I had purchased a large, 2 story, 10 room
farm house which needed extensive repair.  Before we moved in, each night
after I got off of work,  I would spend several hours painting, wall papering
and performing the needed repairs.  My first experience was this:  I was
painting in a closet.  There was no one else in the building.  I was just
doing my thing, when I heard one distinct "bong".  It was the exact sound
that an older mantel clock would make.  I looked at my watch... it was 1
o'clock.  ( most people, I know what it sounds like when I hear song
refrains running through my mind... as generated by my mind.  I've also
experienced "dead ear"... where one ear will suddenly go deaf with a loud
ringing sound... which fades away after a few minutes... these sounds are
internal, again; generated by my mind and are familiar to me.  This "bong"
was EXTERNAL and was NOT generated by my mind.)  I KNEW that the house was
completely empty of furniture... I had carted all the rubbish to the dump
myself.  I continued to paint and soon after, ended my night's work at the
house.  The next evening I was again painting in a closet, when I heard what
could best be described as an old fashioned, electric door bell... the kind
with a hammer that quickly strikes at the bell continuously until the button
is released.  I looked at my watch... it was 1 o'clock again.  I put down my
brush, stood up and made a thorough search of the house for doorbells (I had
never looked for a doorbell until this point).  I also searched the basement
around the furnace, thinking it might have been an alarm bell or some such...
but my search turned up neither bells, wires or any front or back doorbell
buttons on the house.  I heard nothing more that evening.  About 3 weeks
later, I moved my family into the house.  About a month after moving in, my
son (who was about 3 at the time) told us at breakfast that a "woman" was in
his room the night before.  "What kind of woman?" I asked... and he went on
to tell us, with his limited vocabulary, that a woman "with white clothes"
came in and sat on his bed.  I asked if she looked like mommy and he said no.
 I asked if she talked to him and he said no... she just sat there.  I asked
if she walked in or walked out but he told us that she just sat on the bed.
My wife and I looked back and forth at each other and then at our son who
continued to eat his breakfast.  He wasn't upset or disturbed and we simply
moved on to the business of the day...  He never mentioned any other visit
again.  (today, at 6 years old, he says he does remember the woman, but can
offer very little about her)  About a week after this, my wife confronted me
when I came home from work... and told me that all afternoon she heard the
continuous rattle of dishes being moved about in the kitchen while she was
either upstairs or at the other side of the house.  She also heard the
cupboard doors slamming shut...hard.  She told me that she would go to the
kitchen to see what was going on but would find nothing out of the ordinary.
(In all the time we lived in the house, I never heard the dishes or cupboard
doors.)  Over the next month or so... my wife told me that she would also
hear various doors in the house slamming shut but again, when she went to see
or walked through the house, the doors were as they had been.  (I had taken
pains to insulate against the New Hampshire winter cold and wind... this
house was not drafty.  We had candles lit on many winter nights and never saw
them so much as flicker.)  My last personal experience in the house was the
most dramatic.
My wife had taken the children shopping and had been gone for about an hour
or two... it was a Saturday afternoon.  I grabbed a book next and lay down on
top of my bed to read a few chapters.  After a bit of time, I heard the door
at the bottom of the stairs open (doorknob rattle, a bit of hinge work) and
heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.  Our bedroom was at the top of the
stairs and I could see the landing from my bed.  As I heard the first few
steps... I thought to myself that my wife must have come home, but I KNEW
that I hadn't heard the car entering the yard, car doors slamming, kids
talking, etc... all the normal sounds of my family's arrival from a shopping
trip.  I dropped the book flat onto my chest and looked over my feet towards
the bedroom door and stared at the top landing space... all while the
footsteps continued to climb the stairs.  Clump, bump, clump... to what would
have been the top... but nothing!  I got up and went to the landing...
nothing.  I went straight down and through the house... to the kitchen.  I
looked out to our driveway... just my car sat there.  I made some coffee...
went back to my room and about an hour later my wife and kids returned
home... I told her my story... as I've just told you.  I had no other
personal experiences with this sort of thing in this house, nor at any time
before or since.  We moved away about a year later to Florida.  We moved for
the weather, the financial opportunities, to be closer to other family
members but NOT because of any hauntings or the bizarre.  The farm house we
lived in still stands and is well known in the town we lived in... and it
continues to be known locally as "The Cheever Farm" and is located on the
Cheever Road in Dorchester, New Hampshire, about 20 minutes west of Plymouth
New Hampshire.


Workboots and Indian Drums


I've lived in my house since I was born 34 years ago. When I was about 5 years old, I was sleeping on my Grandmother's couch upstairs, when I kept being awakened by the sound of heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs loudly. I was really scared but when I reached for the doorhandle to have a look the sounds stopped and afterward I was too scared to try having another look, so I just listened until falling asleep.....When I was 8, my mother and my older foster sister were returning home one night from seeing the exorcist movie at the movie
theater when things got really out of hand. My younger sister and I shared a bedroom and our brother had the room on the other side of the wall at our heads. We frequently played games of knocking in code and this night we didn't want to play so we didn't knock back. Sometime after the knocking began we heard my brother call to my foster sister and tell her to have us stop knocking, he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. My sister and I said "What!" When she came in to tell us to stop, we told her that we were not knocking and that we thought it was
 him and we were tired and wanted to go to sleep. She almost believed us and went back to the kitchen with my Mom. The knocking continued and my sister and I called to my foster sister to have my brother stop knocking. When she went to tell him he was sound asleep. We told her that he wasn't sleeping that he was knocking and she insisted he was really asleep. The knocking occurred in rhythyms as if it was an indian drum kind of tapping. It even got louder and faster and moved to different walls in the room and to the ceiling. My older foster sister and
 my aunt each slept in me and my sister's beds until we fell asleep. We were so scared listening to the indian drums we wanted to run out of the room but they made us stay there and lay in the beds and listen to it until we fell asleep. After we fell asleep, they got up and went back to the kitchen, probably to discuss the events, when we woke back up to the same noises. Finally they put a mattress on the middle of the floor in the living room and we all slept there together for the entire night. If you know when the exorcist was in the movie theater, you know that was a long time ago and we haven't had any indian drums since then but I have heard of 2 other houses on my street who had the
 same noises in them. Me and a lot of my friends have had lots of different kinds of encounters with ghosts in my house over the years. This story is true and this house really is haunted!

My Fathers phone Call

Let me start off by saying I never met my real father he died when I was
a baby. Any how I have always known about my deceased father his name
was Jerry, now no one in my family talks about my deceased dad and we
don't know anyone by the name of Jerry. One day when I was between the
ages of  8- 9, my cousin my mother and myself were down stairs the
basement singing. the phone began to ring and even though we had a phone
in the basement I went upstairs ( one flight ) to our library to answer
the phone so as to not disturb my mothers song. When I answered the
phone I noticed immediately the static on the line and I knew it wasn't
our phone so I asked the caller to speak louder now from here on out it
gets weird the caller asked to speak to Re-C  My moms nickname I then
asked who was calling and  the caller replied Jerry. I immediately knew
my mother knew of no other Jerry so I repeated the name and the caller
acknowledge that that was his name. I tell him to hold on. I  run down
stairs to where my mother and cousin were and tell my mother to pick up
the phone that she had a phone call and that the callers name was Jerry.
My cousin looked up shocked as did my mother and simultaneously said
Jerry. This all happening within a minute or so. So my mother picks up
the phone and answers the call only there is no one on the line now. I
run back upstairs to the library to hang up the phone and I go back to
the basement and both my mother and my cousin are trying to figure out
if I got the name right. I assure them I did and tell them about the
connection and the static. We all just kinda dismissed the call  only
later when I started thinking about it did I realize that my father
never knew me and died very tragically when when he was struck by a car.
I think he wanted to hear my voice and hear my mothers voice. What I
didn't tell my mother or my cousin is that that caller addressed me by
my name I never told the caller my name but he knew my name.
tomiya pronounced (toe-me-yah)

Black Figures


 Hi, I have sent info before, but I am using a friend's computer today
since the battery in my car is dead...nothing to do with ghosts, I don't
think. Anyway, having read about people seeing "black figures" I thought I
would add my two cents.
 The first time, I was 16, lining in L.A. with my grandparents, who were
out of town at the time. I wasn't drinking, just alone, when I left my
bedroom, crossed the hall into the kitchen, when a figure stepped out
infront of me. I saw the legs and arms, kinda like that famous "Big Foot"
photo. It was creepy, I got a baseball bat and turned on all the lights in
the house and called a friend. Nothing else...
  Then just less than 2 years ago, I had since moved to Corrales, NM.
I was living with another woman. I got up in the middle of the night to use
the restroom. As I came out, through the door, there was another "Shadow
being" right in front of me. I saw it's head and shoulders. Taller than me.
I put my hands up as if to gesture, "Excuse me" or not to run it over.
Since then, here in Corrales I have felt things in the corners, rushing
around the room...and such.
   I bought my own house in July of 1999, and my dog barked incredibly at
one particular corner. My rommmate at the time immediatley burned sage and
he stopped. What are these things ?
I have not seen anything at my place, and the dogs haven't acted weird
since...any ideas ? Someone did say that I might have been "Dimension
Jumping" have you heard of this ?

The church ghost?

While reading electric meters for ComEd, I had my one and only experience in
a long history of believing in ghosts.  I had to read a meter in a church
that I had never been to before. In many buildings the electric meter is
inside and out of the way, which means if you have never been there before
they can be hard to find. I went into this church while working on Saturday
hoping to find a janitor or someone to help me find the meter. The parking
lot was empty but I hope to find someone anyway. After looking around and
calling hello for a little while I decided to look around for just a couple
of more minutes.  I walked down a hallway of classrooms looking in each one,
not finding anyone.  All of the classrooms looked the same, two folding
tables end to end with folding chairs pushed in around them. As I came to the
end of the hallway I heard a noise behind me. It sounded like a metal chair
scraping on a tile floor. I thought to myself "Finally someone is here" I
returned to the room I thought the sound had come from and looked in.  The
chair at the head of the table had been pushed back as if someone had gotten
up from the table. Knowing that the chair had been pushed in just a minute
ago and that no one had had a chance to get out of the room before I turned
around, I decided it was time to get out of there as quickly as possible.

My Tell...


At one time I never believed in ghosts or spirits or anything that is "supernatural". That is until I went over to my friend Sarah's house.It all started back in "96". I had been friends with Sarah all my life (which would have been 15 years then) and she had told me about her house, being the skeptic that I was, I would laugh st her and call her crazy. I never went over to her house much, and when I did it was only for a short amount of time. Well during the summer of "96" I started staying the night with her about every weekend. I noticed when I first went into her living room it was very cold in one particular spot. Right in front of the stairway. The hairs on the back of me neck
stood on end and my arm and leg on the right side got goose bumps on them My friend Sarah and her fiance saw them too.My second experience was about a week later. Me and Sarah decided to call it a night. She slept on the couch at that time because her waterbed mattress had a hole in it. So she pulled out a twin size mattress for me to sleep on. Well the mattress was facing the stair way which they had a sheet over, because Sarah said it felt like someone was starring at her from the top step when she would try and sleep. Anyways as I laid there I looked over at the sheet and all of a sudden it pushed out in the middle. Well at first I thought it was just a
draft or something so I sat there and watched it and it did it again, but this time it shot out even furthur in the middle. I sat there andwaited to see if it would do it again, but it didn't.
My second experience happened 2 weekends later. Me, Sarah and her fiance at that time were the only ones home. Sarah and her Fiance decided to take a shower  and I was still tired from staying up so late the night before that I decided to take a nap while they where showering. I was almost asleep, when I heard the squeak and then a bang of, well like a cabinet door. Thinking it was Sarah and Jake I sat up and walked into the kitchen and I heard it again. So I walked back to the bathroom and asked if either of them were out of the shower. They said no that neither of them had gotten out at all. Well when I got back to the living room I heard it again and I
knew where it was coming from then. Upstairs, in the attic part of the house. See the upstairs to this house is made weird. The Attic and the room upstairs are one big room with a wall cutting it in two. Well the door on the attic is a very small square door that they always keep locked because a bat or two has been known to get into the house. Anyways when I got upstairs I saw the door closing with my own eyes. Needless to say I did freak a little. Well, Jake and Sarah get out of the shower come in the living room and see that I am white as a sheet.
 I tell them and my friend goes and checks it out and says. "you won't believe this when I tell you." I said "what" and she said "the door is locked" (the door has a bolt lock on it that slides side to side)
My third experience turned me into a believer. Me and Sarah where the only two there, besides the dog who was asleep at Sarah's feet. We were talking and all of a sudden we heard a pop can getting knoked around under the couch, we got a little nervous and then to our relief a mouse darted out from underneath the couch. We started laughing and I made a comment about a big old mouse must be what causes the noises we hear ect... Next thing we know we hear this footsteps I mean loud footstep going from my friends' parents bedroom to her brothers bedroom
 at the back of the cabin. It sounded like someone had work boots on and was just stomping on purpose. Well my friend looks at me and says "Now THAT was one big f___g rat!" I said "Lets go outside!"
Thank you for letting me share this few experiences that I have encountered. What I told is just the begining. If you would like to know more, just let me know, every word I just wrote is 100% true! though no one will/wants to believe me!

Christmas Vacation


My husband and I took our 2 children to Florida to visit his parents this
past Christmas. Since his parents live in a small 2-bedroom condo, there
wasn't room for all of us to sleep there. My mother-in-law has some friends
with a condo about 3 or 4 miles from her building and they primarily use it
for furnished rental. It happened to be unoccupied at the time, so she made
arrangements for my husband and me to sleep there.

The first night we went over to go to bed, I noticed some dark shadows
moving around the apartment, but just out of the corners of my eyes. I have
seen spirit shadows before and they do not look like regular room shadows.
They are darker and more solid appearing. I didn't pay too much attention at
first (didn't realize what I was seeing, I guess), until I got up early the
next morning and went outside onto the apartment's small balconey. I saw
something light colored go through the kitchen behind me and assumed my
husband had come out of the bedroom. But when I went back into the apartment
he was in the bathroom and had not come into the kitchen at all. While I was
getting dressed I saw something small and black retreat under the closet
door in the bedroom. I thought at first it was a roach; rare as they are in
nice 5th floor Florida condos it was not impossible. I pulled back the
closet door and there was nothing in the closet but pale gray carpeting on
the floor and empty hangers on the rod. I began to have my suspicions, but
kept them to myself.

That night my husband stayed at his mother's with our younger child and my
oldest son, age 13, came back to the borrowed apartment with me since we
were going fishing very early the next morning. He put his stuff down in the
smaller bedroom then came out in the hallway and asked me who else was in
the apartment. I said we were alone, why did he ask? He told me he had just
seen something go through his bedroom. Well, that clinched it for me, but I
kind of brushed it off, not wanting to scare him. I did leave my light on
all night, though! I saw the dark shadows up near the top of the bedroom
door several times.

The next night when my husband and I arrived I went into the master bedroom
and as I entered the room I felt this wave wash over me - sort of a
combination of curiousity, irritation and loneliness.  "Who are you, why are
you here and where oh where have you been?" I decided I did not feel up to
trying to communicate with this entity on its terms - not that I've ever
been very successful with that anyway. So I sat on the bed and spoke aloud
and told it I was just visiting, with permission from the owners. I promised
to clean everything up before I left (for some reason I had the feeling that
my "travel clutter"  was making it upset) and in return, please would it not
scare me by materializing unexpectedly.

After that evening the place just felt "empty". I didn't see the shadows
anymore and had the feeling that whoever it was had vacated or was just
staying out of the way. I guess we reached some sort of compromise. I told
my husband that I thought there was a ghost in the apartment and while he
scoffed and told me I was crazy, I notice he spent the remaining 3 nights at
his mother's and sent our son back with me. No one has died in that
apartment that I know of but it's in a large building full of retirees and
I'm sure many residents have passed on over the 30 year life of the
building. Maybe someone was just wandering around. I will never know.

Ford Island


I was stationed at ford island, pearl harbor hi. in the early 80's.
I was a corpsman assigned to the hospital there, which at the time was only
an aid station, keep there because of the brig on the other side of the
I spent many nights in this large hospital, alone. They only used a small
area in the ER. All through the night you could hear people moving around, and doors opening
and windows closing.I would walk around looking for the source of the sounds but no one else was
there. Many people died there DEC. 7 and many years after that.
More then one night i woke up tinking someone was watching me, and a few
nights i was awakend by the sound of the ER doors closing by them selves. Ive
never written about this before. There were about 20 others who had duty
there, and some men and women would pay me to take there duty so that they
would not have to sleep there. I was shocked to see that no one had reported
it on your list in hi. Ford Island has had many suicides and strange deaths, from people driving
there sports cars off the run way to a group of ski divers landing on the
rocks just off the coast.

Ghost Magnet


     When I was twelve, my family moved to a newer house about ten miles away
from where i grew up.  The house was seven years old and no one had ever died
there.  From the start, I would hear footsteps in the carpeting and I always
felt that I was being watched, especially when I played our piano.  That was
the extent of my experiences until I was in my early twenties.  One evening,
my sister and I were sitting in the den talking.  It was spring and the
temperature was perfect, so all the windows were closed and the air was off.
Suddenly, in the back of the room where there were a lot of plants sitting
together, one plant in the middle started shaking furiously.  My sister and I
looked at each other and went into the other room.  A few weeks later my
mother and I were sitting alone in the house, when it sounded like someone
very roughly raked fingernails down a couch in the back of the room, which
was in sight, and again a plant that was sitting at the end of the couch
started shaking furiously.  My mother just would not admit that we were being
visited, even though she'd witnessed it first hand.  The last time anything
paranormal happened was on a friday afternoon.  I was in my mother's room
talking to her when I noticed the atmosphere had seemed to have grown heavy
and I got chills.  As the afternoon wore on, the feeling increased until I
couldn't stand to go into the room any longer.  That evening my sister and I
were alone and watching tv.  I had gone to the fridge for a snack and felt
the heaviness with the goosebumps on the left side of it.  I told my sister
that the ghosts was in the kitchen, I could feel it.  A few minutes later, a
picture that was hanging in the kitchen fell off of the wall.  When we got
the nerve up, my sister and I went around to another door in the kitchen on
the opposite side of the room.  We walked in and stood there, seeing and
feeling nothing.  Suddenly the hair on our arms literally stood up and we had
to run out.  Immediately afterwards it left and hasn't been back.  I don't
even feel like I'm being watched while playing the piano.  I guess whatever
it was only wanted to communicate, but I was too frightened.  I have felt the
heaviness with chills in other places, but until the last few years, I hadn't
seen any entities.  I have moved twice, and really don't believe the houses
were haunted, but intermittenly and for short periods of time, I believe
there were entities present.  I have seen a man with long salt and pepper
hair with a dark cloak looking at me with bright, colorless eyes(it looked
like a negative of a photo).  Also, I've seen  a bright elongated white shape
out of the corner of my eye around my bed several times.   The most profound
experience I've ever had was when I was visited by the spirit of a friend who
had died a week before his sixteenth birthday.  Almost ten years later, I
started having dreams with him there and I would wake up  with the most
wonderful feeling of being loved.  During one of these dreams, I was at home
alone during the day and had to sleep because I was working nights.  It was a
little warm, but not enough for the air.  I had two blankets on my bed and
threw one in the floor, and the other was a mess because I had been tossing
and turning.  I finally made it back to sleep and dreamed of my friend.  I
got too hot and woke up to find the blanket I tossed on the floor laid over
me very neatly.  I've had too many experiences to discount anything to just
chance and my mother is finally admitting that she has experienced the

Mt. Lemmon Arizona


I live in Tucson Arizona.  Shortly north of the City Lies Mt. Lemmon.  This
peak is a great pine forested 7000 foot get away from the desert city. I had
my brother and two friends over at my place at about 1AM a few months ago,
and after a few hours of boredom, We decided to go up to Mt. Lemmon and enjoy
some nice cool night air.  (I would often take the 45 minute trip to wind
down and watch the stars, so this is a very familiar place)
    The trip started off very normal.  Our first stop was without
occurrences.  The next stop, I became mildly aware of a presence.  This is
nothing new to me, however, so I ignored it.  By the third stop, we got out
again.  My brother and our friend Steve stayed in the car, and my friend Thea
and I went for a walk.  After a short discussion about friend trouble, she
interrupted and said she kept seeing a shadowed figure from the top of a
nearby peak.  I told her that something was watching us, but not to worry
because I didn't sense hostility.  We started to walk back, and kept hearing
the sound of scattering gravel and an extra set of foots steps on the other
side of me.  This was at first amusing because we knew at this time, we had
gained a friend that was not from around here.  By the time we got to the
car, Thea panicked, and when we got in, my brother and Steve spoke of
shadowed figures they saw.  We smiled, started the car, and drove down the
    As we spoke about what we saw and felt and heard, it was decided we would
stop again.  We pulled off at a scenic view of a canyon area, where we found
a newer model ford Bronco, with the engine idleing, the dome light on, and no
one in or around the vehicle.  This was unsettling, but could surely be
explained, no matter how far fetched the explanation.  We stayed here for
about 10 minutes.  After the first couple of minutes, my brother and I
simultaniously noticed a large dark mass above the peak were we were being
watch earlyer.  Thea saw shadow figures on top of the peak.  I could see the
mass disappear as if moving down the mountain toward us.  Thea said the
figures were walking down the mountain side.  No one was scared at this
point, we were all very amused.  When I could no longer see the mass (I was
only able to see it above the mountain because the sky posed as a backdrop)
we all got a wave of panic.  Gravel started swirling around everywhere, and
Thea and Jason ran for the car.  I was stunned, so I was the last to get
there.  Jason entered the car from the other side, but his heavy trench coat
was flipped over his head as he opened the door.  We started the car and sped
down the mountain.  We spoke with Steve about what we saw, he saw the same
shadow figures Thea had seen.
    We Pulled over one last time without getting out of the car to show steve
the black mass that was causing all of the commotion.  We then kept driving
until we reached the city again.  The whole way down, seeing cars pulled of
to the side, some with dome lights on, never with anyone in or around them.
(This is very odd for 3AM on a Thursday morning, further more, vehicles are
not allowed to park on the road after 10PM)
    The next night, THea and I returned.  We never got out of the car this
time, however.  Every time we cut the engine and all power, we hear a
scratching underneath the car, and eventually, it would start to rock.  We
pulled over 4 times, this happened every time.  Finally, the fifth time we
decided to get out of the car before that happened so we would have enough
guts to see what else would happen.  Once again we didn't make it.  We opened
the doors and pointed our flashlights out side and as soon as we did, gravel
started swirling around louder than before, there was no wind, and we watched
it jump around as if someone was kicking it right in front of us.
    After this trip, it turned out that the breaks in the front left of the
car (Where we heard the scratching from when the car was off) were worn down
badly, however the rest of the breaks were fine.  We stumped the mechanic,
but once again, this is something that may be explained, I just don't know
    I am planning a return trip, well equipped now.  I will bring a camera,
several flashlights, and a video recorder.  Depending on the out come of this
trip, I will forward any eventful images to your site.  I am stuck wondering
two things now.  First off, what is this entity?  There are no local legends
that I have found yet about Mt. Lemmon.  Second off, will it be there again
when I visit next week?  I hope so.  There is so much more I would like to
learn before it becomes just a memory.  If anyone has any suggestions about
this incident, or what it could be, please e-mail me at

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