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Sweet Sixteen...


March 12th, 1994--My 16th Birthday.

It was just a regular old birthday...a few friends came to my house for cake
and ice cream, along with myself, my sister, and my 15 year old cousin.  We
all had our cake and ice cream and decided to go to a movie.  Having had my
"restricted license" for a year at that point, I was of course ALL FOR IT
lol...This would be my first time driving a car after dark without an adult.
Well, anyway, we all head to the local movie theater which is about 20
minutes from my house.  We go and watch our movie, then everyone starts
heading home.  My friend Melissa, and my best friend Kevin and I all piled
into my mothers Crown Victoria and headed home.  We're driving along all
three of us in the front seat of the car, talking, laughing, and cutting up
as most 16 year olds do.  The road we were driving down is called Pine Log
Road.  It's a pretty long road as it runs from Clearwater, SC through to
Aiken, SC.  Probably about a 25 minute ride (if you are actually abiding by
the posted speed limits ).  Well anyway, We're riding along...laughing and
cutting up...when I come to one portion of the road that is down hill, and at
the bottom a fairly sharp curve.  This is one of the few spots on that road
that are fairly well lit that isnt in a populated area, due to the fact that
just at the bottom of the hill and across the street is a concrete plant or
something like that....anyway, its well lit.  I was coming to the bottom of
the hill and all of the sudden, Melissa belts out a Blood curdling scream...I
look back to the road and see a man walking dead center of the lane I am in.
He was wearing an old army type jacket, Camoflauge pants, and had a green
hood pulled over his head.  I of course swerve amongst Melissa, kevin's and
my own screams, run off the road and screech to a halt.  I realized that I
had HIT  the man, and my heart sank into my stomache.  I just KNEW I had hit
him.  There was NO WAY he got out of the way in time....and even though I car went skidding sideways towards him.  There was NO way I got
past him or him past me.  Melissa, kevin and I get out of the car and run
back to where the man had been to see if he was ok, or if I'd killed him, or
what.  When we got to the spot which was about 10 feet from where the car had
stopped...he wasnt there...I felt relieved, but then my thoughts went in
another direction...I KNEW I'd hit him...and besides that...Where was he?  He
wasn't still walking up the road ...he wasnt IN the road....and he wasnt on
the side of the road...I went back to the car and got my flashlight and
started looking...The only place he could be was in the woods on the side of
the road...

Melissa and Kevin and I went into the woods (I mean come on...I wasnt ABOUT
to go in there alone...), and started looking...We got probably about 20 feet
into the woods and then we all stopped where we were.  Melissa turns to me
and says "Maybe we all just imagined it..." and about the time she finished
saying it...we heard a low moan...We all three took off in the direction of
the moan hoping to find the man, because if I had hit him, he was probably in
need of some help.  We all three keep heading towards the moan....but then we
were back at the side of the road...We all stood quietly hoping to hear it
again as maybe we just went the wrong way...and we heard it again....but this
time it was louder.  And it was in the woods again.  We headed back in and
kept heading towards the sound.  We were calling out for him to keep talking
so that we might find him, but the moans were all we heard from him.  When we
got to where we had been after heading into the woods the first time...the
moans stopped.  At this point, we are all pretty freaked out, and none of us
knew what to think.  Melissa is getting really scared and is not bothering
trying to hide it...and I must admit so am I...We all agreed to go home and
call for help because there was no one we could find the man alone...and as
we turned around to head back we saw the man standing at he edge of the woods
beside the road.  Of course we all jump about 30 feet into the air, but when
I shine the light on him, he was gone.  I believe it was at that point that
we all three began running towards the car using several different words that
our mothers wouldn't have approved into the car and high tailed it
to my house.  I told my mother that night what had happened, and she smiled
and said "You didnt hit him".  I didnt understand her smile or her saying I asked her.  She told me that she had heard of a couple of other
times that people claimed to have had similar experiences.  She then said
that it was probably some drunk wandering and that We had just thought we saw
him standing at the edge of the woods....just caught up in the moment.  So I
just chalked it up to it being just that.  An over active imagination.  I
still believed it for a while after that...until I turned 19 and went to the
local college.  I met a girl there named Cayce.  Her older brother had a
REALLY bad car accident in that same spot when I was in middle school.  He
claimed that some man was walking down the center of the road and he swerved
to miss hitting him, and flipped his jeep.  I never told Cayce about it...and
when I met her brother I asked him about it.  He described the guy that I
thought I had hit...same clothes, same dissappearance.  I dunno...Maybe it
wasnt a "ghost", Maybe it was just an over-active imagination...maybe someone
slipped something into my drink at the movies...but if it was...Why wasnt I
the only one to have seen him as I have heard other stories since then from
other people, not to mention the other two people that were WITH me when I
saw him?  Why was there NO MAN around when we went looking?  I mean the woods
we were in werent exceptionally deep or thick...

In my personal opinion...there's no way that it was a MAN I saw that
night...There was NO WAY he got out of the way fast enough....and to this
day...I wont go down that road alone at night...and even during the day I
feel as though someone has walked over my grave when I pass that spot.

Maybe you have a personal take on my story, could offer some insight, or
maybe just have some ideas on how I could find out more about what
happened...anything would be appreciated.

The Lady in a Red Dress


I was 15 years old in 1978, my sister lived in this small house in West
Warwick Rhode Island.  One night she was going out and she needed a baby
sitter for my niece, so I went over there and she was getting ready. I asked
her where her T.V. guide was she said that it was up on the nightstand in her
bedroom, so I walked to the stairs, now as you walk though the archway, you
have the front door to your left and a wall in front of you, you take a sharp
right and there were the stairs, so I started up the stairs and had to take
one more sharp right. Before I took the last step I looked in my sisters
bedroom and saw some lady laying on her bed, I could see her because the lamp
was on in the bedroom.  She was looking right at me with a little smile on
her face, like she was waiting to see what my reaction would be.  She had one
of those bee-hive hair do's with strawberry blonde hair, she was in her
thirties and had one of those old fashioned glittery red dresses on.  You
could tell her legs were crossed because of the way the impressions were in
her dress.  What was really wierd was that I could see she had green eyes,
with such little light on.  Then it was like I blinked and she was gone, so,
thinking I was just seeing things, I walked over to the nightstand and picked
up the T.V. Guide, went back down stairs and sat on the couch looking in the
T.V. guide.  My sister was sitting in the chair putting her shoes on and I
said chuckling, "you know your house is haunted, I saw some lady laying on
your bed". She stopped putting her  shoes on and said "don't say that" I
asked her why and then she said " because we hear people walking around here
at night". I never heard anything more about it, but I do believe there are
ghosts walking the earth waiting for Judgement Day.

The Light


 I live in a very old house in upstate N.Y our grandfather bought it for my husband and I.He
died 3days after .into the week of his death, strange things started to happen .the front door
was opened it for no reason slamed shut,it shuk the
whole house . (there was no wind on that day.]acouple of days latter the
volume on the television shot all the way up.{no one was in the room} that by
the way still happens so offten . or some times the station will change .that
started to spook me . until ,I had a womens sleep over 3 of us were sleeping
in the familyroom,well the light would go on by itself. I woke and it was
off.        I looked over to cindy and amy but they were asleep. so i layed
back down 1hour latter the light was back on it woke me. i thought that some
one was affraid of the dark. so ,Iwent to the bathroom. when I returned it
was off.                                         the next day I ASKED them ,
why , were you turning the light on and off every hour?       cindy ,looks at
me puzzled and said Ithought that was you.  so we went checked the light for
a loose bulb {nothingfound wrong} the plug was fine when we moved it, so that
leaves me to think ghost! these tings dont happen all the time thank GOD .SO
STORY ................

The Man In Black


One night not too long ago a friend and I went to a
known haunted cemetary called the Gates of Hell in
Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  I've always had a fear of
this place, not because of the rumours about it, but
because of the feeling I get whenever I am there (you
know, the feeling like someone or something is
watching you and is following you wherever you go).
I've always had a very strong sense when it comes to
ghosts and things, but tonight it was overwhelming.  I
don't like getting out of the car here, same feeling
once again, but for some reason something seemed to be
pulling me from the car.  I got out and ventured
toward the graves, thankfull I wasn't shaking this
time, and began to walk through the cemetary.  All of
a sudden, I stopped dead in my tracks and started
shaking like a leaf.  My friend asked what was wrong,
and seeing that I was completely unresponsive, reached
for my hand to try to jostle me from my trance.
Meanwhile, back to me, I was focusing on a certain
spot in the forest behind the cemetary, and watched in
frozen horror as a man, I think it was a man, emerged
from the shadowy woods.  I don't know if it was a
human or a ghost, my thoughts are leaning toward
ghost, but whatever it was scared the hell out of me.
As my friends' hand touched mine, I woke out of my
trance, and seeing that figure was still there, and
moving closer at this point, turned on one heel and
sped towards the car so fast I could have won the Indy
500 with time to go around 10 more laps.  As we sped
out of that place, the figure followed us and started
chasing us down the road.  About 2 miles away from
there, our car suddenly broke down and we were forced
out of the car to find out what was wrong.  At that
point, the clouds started bubbling up like they do in
horror films when something bad is about to happen,
and a horrible gust of wind blew us over into the
nearby brush.  When it was all over, we found a piece
of a tombstone with the name, "Johnny" carved into it,
laying as lifeless as its owner on the passenger side
of the back seat.  Since neither of us took the
tombstone, we were at a loss as to what to do with it.
 Unfortunately, we had to venture back there to return
it to its' rightful owner, at least I hope that was
its' rightful owner.

Basement Noises


  When I was about five years old eight people
including myself lived in a home in Rineyville on a
farm. We had this big beautiful white house with a two
car garage. Anyway, in the basment/garage, was a big
section in the back that had a cloth covering it. When
my sister and I would ask my grandfather about it he
would always tell us not to go back there. Well a few
days after he told us that, my sister being the oldest
and the bully, started up with all kinds of things
like there was monsters back there who ate little
kids. Well, one day I was asked to go down there and
get my grandfather to tell him to come upstairs for
dinner. I opened the basment door and yelled down to
him. No one answered. As I started down the steps I
heard a noise, but the garage door was closed and
hadn't been opened. So I started to look around at
yell for him. Then all of a sudden I had this very
uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and chest. My
heart was pounding and the little hairs on the back of
my neck were standing up. If felt as though it was a
little hard to breath. As I rushed up the steps I felt
like someone was right behind me, so I got to the top
of the stairs and I couldn't get the door open. I
screamed and yelled begging for someone to open the
door. Finally someone did, I jumped up the stairs and
ran into the kitchen and there was my grandfather
eating dinner, and he had been eating it for a while
judging by the looks of his plate. I asked him if he
was ever down there and he said no. I told him that I
thought that I heard him in there and he said no that
he was not down there at all that day, he had gone out
most of the day. From that day on, I could not and
still can not go into a basement without getting that
feeling....the feeling that someone is there following
me around the house trying to tell me something or do
something to me, anything is possible. It's like I
always say, you can't be afraid of somehting if you
don't know it's there, but this time I know it was and
still is with me. I never lose that feeling.

A Haunting in New Orleans


I have had many strange encounters with the "spirit world" in my lifetime, but by far the worst experience was when I lived in New Orleans, on the West Bank, in base housing.  It has haunted me to this very day. When I moved into the house, I noticed the linoleam floors were veryyellow in places, which I attributed to a build-up of wax, but was never able to quite get rid of.  I was told later that there had been a fire in the house, but was not given any details. From the moment my children and I moved into that apartment, I realized it had been a very
bad mistake. I had been given a kitten as a present by my brother, and the kitten (later, cat) turned out to be the cat from hell.  He would scratch my children at night while they were sleeping, and when I had him declawed, he would bite them.  He would look at the walls and movehis head, like he was looking at something, and then yowl very loudly.  I finally had to give him away.  After this, I got two more kittens,who would also look at the walls, and stare at other things, like there was something there, all the while moving their heads and eyes to
follow whatever it was they were looking at.  When I would go to sleep at night, I would feel very distinctly that there were invisible animals jumping on the end of my bed, and turning around like they were curling up to go to sleep.  Then, in the middle of the night, therewould come a terrible scream in the night, like the scream of a banshee, directly into my ear, making me jump out of my bed in fear.  ne night the children came running into my room.  They had seen the light switch in the hall moving up and down, and swore they saw two
children, a boy and a girl, playing in the hallway, kicking a ball and laughing.By this time, I had had enough, and asked to move, which wasrefused.  I couldn't say why, for fear of looking foolish.  I then consulted a friend, who claimed to be a psychic.  She told me about acertain phrase to say, and some things to do, which I am not at liberty to divulge.  So when the strange things happened again in the middle of the night, I did what I was advised to do, sitting up in bed.  Suddenly, the whole room seemed as if a hurricane ran through it, everything was knocked down from the force of the wind.  At that very moment, I felt a great relief and a peace, and the hauntings did not happen again.  I now keep a cruisifix above my bedroom door, in the hopes that nothing
like that will ever happen again. By the way, I found out later that a fire HAD been in my apartment; One Christmas eve, a Christmas tree caught on fire, and two children had perished when their parents couldn't save them...I'm still afraid of the dark...

And yet another story


Hi my name is Pat and this story took place when I was a young girl.

I don't remember exactly when it started.  I know I was a young teen
about 12 or 13 the first time I felt a something in my Aunt's home.  In
one particular bedroom upstairs at the end of the hall you would be in
bed alone and you could feel someone get into bed with you.  When you
looked at the other side of the bed no one was there.  You could see the
indent in the pillow as if someone was lying there.  I felt no fear
although being a child I was scared of  something I couldn't explain.
My cousin also would experience this as well.  In the nights you would
feel cold winds, and curtains would move  but no windows would be open.
The hallway upstairs ran the full width of the house.  At different
times you would be setting downstairs in the livingroom and there would
be no one upstairs and you could hear someone walking back and forth but
yet could see no one or explain it.  This continued on for several
years.  When I would ask about it the grownups would of course deny ever
hearing or feeling anything.  My cousin and I became very comfortable
with whatever it was and would speak to it.  Sometimes it would go and
way and some more times it would.
When I was about 18 my cousin and I was home alone.  At about midnight
we hear the footsteps upstairs again. You could tell they were walking
across the hall and stopping for a moment at the top of the stairs.
This went on for about and hour...I think one of the longest time ever.
The way the living room is sat up my cousin was sitting in her chair and
could not see the bottom of the stairs..I was sat on the chesterfield
and had a clear view.  When it made its last trip across the hallway I
heard it start down the stairs..all of a sudden I saw a white hand on
the bannister..I said to my cousin look and then it was gone.  She
didn't see it.  I used to always refer to it as a she I don't know why
but it seemed right.
After that night we never saw, heard or felt anything again.  That was
18 years ago.
Thank you for listening.

Brutus Brutus Brutus


I live near to a school. I know that school is haunted. I even saw the ghost.
It is big, dark, and has a big, ax, with three sharp blades on one side, one
big blade on one side and a spike on top. His ax sometimes chases people, but
if you get off the school block it will stop and vanish.
    He was killed by some person who pushed him onto a stove. Those people
would make fun of him and call him Brutus. He sometimes hypnotizes people,
but they are not usually him victims. He sometimes is seen in the day time.
    One day some of my friends were walking by the school and we heard a loud
scream. One of my friends said "I'm getting out of here" and ran away
screaming. We went up to the door and saw him. Then we saw a person walk up
to the door knock three times and say :"Brutus Brutus Brutus" then Brutus
came out and threw the ax ,but that person disappeared.
    Then next day we came did the knock and he came and we ran. He threw his
glowing ax and the lights flashed out. I heard a loud screaming noise and it
got foggy. I just ran and soon the fog disappeared. I noticed I wasn't on the
school property and everyone was safe. This is all that happened so far.

"Believe it or not, I scared the ghost"


Okay, this may not be scary to you, but it scared the bejeezus out of me. I
had been in my apartment for almost a year. I still live here.  I have always
felt extremely comfortable and happy in my apartment. Especially because I
had just moved out of  my Mom's place, and she and I never get along, and it
was just great to be able to come home to a peaceful, quiet, atmosphere.

One night  I heard a constant knocking on my kitchen window. I had not lived
there long, and sometimes people came by to look for the previous tenants.
So, being a single female living alone, unless someone calls first, I never
answer the door  or the window : ) Unfortunately, a month or so before my
brand new car had been broken into. When I heard the banging outside, I did
not go and see what is was. And much to my chagrin, my car had been
vandalized. So on the night in question, when I heard the constant banging, I
immediately got up ! I did not want a repeat of getting my car broken into.
Bang Bang Bang...I was aroused from my peaceful sleep, I decided to go to the
bathroom before looking out of the window. I was not too concerned, because
at 3:30am, I knew it was NOT for me. When I was in the bathroom, I heard my
microwave oven beep. I was not concerned, because it has never kept time. If
you set the clock, several hours later it will beep beep beep and lose the
time. I left the bathroom walked down the hall and into my dark living room.
Just as I was about to turn the corner to go into the kitchen to look out of
the window, I will swear to this day, I heard a young female voice say, "Shhhh
hhhh, she will hear us". It was coming from my kitchen !  I live alone !  I
had a feeling there were 2 young females and a man in my kitchen. It scared
me half to death. I knew instantly there was no one alive in my kitchen. My
way of dealing with ghost is to ignore them. So, I pretended not to be
startled and proceded into the kitchen, and looked out of the window. Nothing
there of course. And of course, no one was in my kitchen.

I went back to bed, and just laid there until I fell asleep. For several
nights after that, I would hear the banging on my kitchen window. I never got
up to check. After about 3 nights of this, I realized the banging was not on
my kitchen window. It wasn't even on this "dimensional plane". I realized
that if someone was knocking on my kitchen window, it would be much much
louder and more obvious.  Maybe they were knocking on a window that did not
exist anymore...I don't know. The scariest thing happened when one night, I
was once again awakened by the constant banging. I tried to get up only to
realize "Some THING" was holding me down. It was a man ( I could not see him)
and with a husky voice said, " NO ! YOU WILL SCARE HER AWAY ! ". I instantly
knew he did not want me to get up and go into the kitchen because I would
scare the ghost of one of the girls away. He was protecting her. Can you
believe that !!!!!!! I would scare her !!! She is the ghost !!!!!  Silly, as
it sounds, I immediately became annoyed, because I could not believe that I
was being held down to my bed because I would scare away a ghost, and not the
other way around. I don't know much after that, I must have gone back to
sleep. One night after that, I got up to get something to drink and  when I
walked into my kitchen, it was like a walked into a much thicker atmosphere
than any other part of the house. I immediately got a headache, and had the
over-whelming feeling I was not welcomed in the kitchen. Once again, I
pretended not to notice. Took a swig of milk out of the carton, and returned
to bed. I lay there with the lights on until I fell asleep. It was a long
time before I felt comfortable in my apartment again. I am finally feeling
better here. This happened last April '99 and now April is coming up again. I
don't want a repeat performance. I hope April comes and goes without
incident. I told you it would not scare you. But if you have any comments
please email me
I would especially like to hear the comments of Wiccans. Blessed Be.


No Energy


ok, here goes, Iam 16 now, when I was 15 I slept in my brothers room (mine
was still being built) I went to sleep around 3:00 as always (internet
games) I had just fallen asleep when I heard the noise of crkiling
magazine, like someone was steping on it, I had this chill and my whole body couldnt
move, I felt as something was taking my energy, I wanted to swing around
really fast and try to hit what ever it was but I couldnt move, then I
felt my blanket being pulled off from behind, very slowly, I wanted turn but I
couldnt move, I wanted to scream but I couldnt, I just felt cold and
motionless. This has happened to me before, when I used to sleep in a room
(that was later tore down) I was on my bed when I felt like I couldnt
move, my whole body felt weak, like I was being drawn down, like I was dieing, I
tried to move, I strugled as hard as I could and I beat it, that time, I
got up and I could feel myself come back to, I know It wasnt a dream because I
 even thought about it not being a dream



This happened when I moved in with a room-mate in Huntington Beach, CA. My
room-mate was an atheist. Not because of any intellectual or rational reason,
but because she had a troubled childhood. I was living on my own again and
was somewhat anxious to be so far away from anyone I knew. My nearest
relative or friend was 55 miles away in another county. Our newest room-mate,
Michelle just moved in, and she had a troubled childhood and marriage. Just
to give an idea of the pesonalities and troubles in what was our personal
lives. I think all the worry, trouble, sadness, opened a door to poltergeist
activities. I am now Wiccan, at the time I was a Christian, and I was trying
to tell my room-mate, in the usual annoying Christian way, that "Jesus was
the answer to everything".  When she tired of my fundamentalist rantings she
yelled, " F**K you and your Jesus ! "  And no pun intended, but "All Hell
Broke Loose".

Hell broke loose in our house the next day. It all started when I had just
gotten home from work and went upstairs to change clothes. My room-mate and I
were going to go to the mall. It was broad daylight. All of a sudden my
room-mate is screaming my name from downstairs. I came downstairs bewildered,
" Becky, what's wrong?" She swore that she heard me screaming upstairs. She
looked totally frightened. She turned completely pale. I told her to calm
down, and that I had not screamed. And it was probably some children playing
outside. But she was VERY INSISTENT that it was ME that was screaming. And
the screaming definitely came from upstairs. When we could not figure it out,
I suggested we just go to the mall and laugh the entire incident off. After
that the house became very strange. I dreaded being there alone, when before,
I did not even care if I was there alone or not. I began to hate our
townhouse. I could not sleep and Becky was always scared too. Then, Michelle
moved in. One night Becky and Michelle were at the movies , I was being an
anti-sosh, and stayed home to do laundry. We lived less than 2 miles from the
beach and the fog would roll in in the strangest and spookiest way. I was
home alone and had the door open (because I was scared) and I looked out the
door, and saw fog roll in,and it was so evil looking. It was like nothing I
had ever seen. Suddenly the VCR turned itself on and started to rewind !  I
was terribly spooked by now. The evil fog, the VCR taking on a life of its
own....too much. Becky and Michelle finally got home and I told them what
happened. They confessed to me that one day while Becky and I were at work,
and Michelle was by herself, the stereo came on all by itself. Michelle got
up to turn it off, thinking it was only a power surge, and found it UNPLUGGED
! That was enough. We knew from all the horror movies of our childhood that
"Things only get worse from here". Michelle went back to her "bad" husband.
Becky and I both moved out. Something was definitely wrong in that house. And
I will believe to this day, it was Becky flying off the handle about "Jesus"
that did it. I believe it opened a door to this "ugliness". I have one more
story to tell. It is about the house I grew up in....but I will save it for
Comments Welcome

My Jailhouse haunting



    I work the graveyard (pardon the pun)shift at a county jail ( I will not
mention the name because i'm not sure how my command staff would like it )
that appears to be very haunted. One night while on the 12th floor I was
looking for some large trash bags to clean the 2 occupied cell blocks on the
12th floor. I didn't have any, so I ventured down to the 10th floor. The 10th
floor has 3 occupied cell blocks and one vacant (closed for maintenance and
refurbishing) one. I entered the vacant control office in search of trash
bags and other supplies. I was searching for these items when I heard the
tone of the intercom box going off. I looked at the display and it read that
the page was coming from cell # 47( this cell block was supposed to be
vacant). I answered the call and received no response. I hung up the receiver
and got another page from the same cell. I was starting to get really freaked
out and the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up. I turned on
every light in the cell block and the paging from the intercom stopped. I
looked through the control room window at cell # 47 and the light in the room
seemed to only flicker. I got outta there and left everything on. I got up to
my floor and called maintenance to see if there was anyone in that cell
block, to which they replied negative. Later that shift while on my lunch
break, I confided in some of my co-workers who had also witnessed similar
incidents.I have only worked there 3 months, but these occurences were well
known among my more seasoned co-workers. Even when the cell block was
occupied, only the lower level was used. My senior co-workers said that some
jailers have been so frightened that they will not return. I do know that
there is something up there, and I will not return to that cell block by
myself. Thanks and enjoy,  -A.

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